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New Ebola Vaccine: Gematria: NAIAD = 222 - GSK = 222 - RFID = 222 ..TOTAL = 666

by Frank McCarthy - 11/29/14 6:52 AM
New ebola vaccine: naiad + gsk + rfid = 666

english gematria a=6 b=12 c=18 rtc ..Naiad = 222 gsk = 222 rfid = 222 ..Total = 666

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RE:New Ebola Vaccine: Gematria: NAIAD = 222 - GSK = 222 - RFID = 222 ..TOTAL = 666

by Dale - 12/13/16 12:13 AM
patents for this vacine were applied for 5 months before there was ever a case of ebola in the U.S.

RE:New Ebola Vaccine: Gematria: NAIAD = 222 - GSK = 222 - RFID = 222 ..TOTAL = 666

by Dale - 12/13/16 12:40 AM
Would the order not be virus, vaccine, patent. Why would you be looking for a patent on a vaccine for a virus that was non existant in your country but that convieniently shows up 5 months later. Trusting your government, aka, placed puppets for those who actually control and call the shots, is probably the most foolish thing to do. The Hegelian dialectic is what you have at work here. Cause for concern and skepticism? You damn right there is!

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The Left behind series

by Anonymous - 12/01/08 9:14 AM
if you haven't read the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins you should look into it while it is set in the future it has many biblical facts and good lessons!

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RE: The Left behind series

by Sword of the Lord - 3/15/11 4:21 PM
You are so confused! You cite bible verses but they don't back your statements. You say there is a rapture, but don't depend on it. You relate a rapture to Soddem & Gommorah and to Noah's ark. Those are not raptures, that is God showing mercy to His people. The people who listened and were led away, not taken up. These were not physical raptures in the sky; God says He will gather His elect from the four winds and we will be with Him AFTER that Tribulation (Mark 13). Read that whole chapter! If you are God's, He will show you. You are all over the place. Prophecy is Not the forum for misleading people. too many Christians are using bad interpretation or simply what they pick up on TV or from thier deluded churches. If you want the truth, read the King James Bible and Pray God gives you wisdom. In the end, it will be "Christians" who will be our worst enemies with thier false prophesies and their ideas of "Rapture" before God's time. It is not up to us when we are taken by God, but He will.

RE: The Left behind series

by Anonymous - 10/20/16 8:34 PM
There is no rapture. If want to believe that there will be then you must also believe society will fall back to a slave society. Those verses say kings,mighty men important people freeman and slaves will hide in the mountains and pray for them to fall on them and hide them. Most of revelation is about events that already have taken place. About an apostasy already taking hold

RE: The Left behind series

by Anonymous - 10/20/16 8:37 PM
Also john tells us that he is our partner in the tribulation! Does that mean it's still happening? No...it was about an apostasy already taking place in ephesus at his time. Not some future date

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by peace - 8/30/16 8:44 AM

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by Bro Danny - 3/07/11 6:15 PM
Let us be cautious not to consider other mark possibilities, for they are out there. Also, be advised that those who are saved will NOT participate in the mark as they will be Raptured prior to the beast identifying himself. I speculate that we are being conditioned to accept the possibility of aliens or life in outer space. This is the vehicle that Satan will use (after the Rapture) to unite a chaotic and lost world. He will use the premise that visitors from space have taken your loved ones away. Be aware that once the Rapture occurs and you are left behind, it will be impossible for you to remember what you have previously heard pertaining to salvation. The Word tells us that a delusion will overcome the world and my point here is; that if you think you can wait until the Rapture happens and then accept Christ because you now truly know that God exists... well, it'll be too late. The end time signs are out there, let the Holy Spirit open your eyes. Amen.

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RE: Rapture

by seth - 8/06/16 8:53 PM
Delusion already my friend if you believe that garbage

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Six hundred threescore and six.

by Anonymous - 2/05/11 1:43 AM
6+6+6 = 18
1+8 = 9

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RE: Six hundred threescore and six.

by wiser=74 - 8/06/16 8:34 PM
How bout Nehemiah 7 v 18 six hundred threescore and SEVEN
Read please then read Ezra 2 v 18

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It's an Alphabet of foreign language

by Hesa - 4/29/16 10:49 AM
dear readers,
666 in Latin alphabet is actually words/symbol of foreign alphabet and language.
John when he saw the symbol in his revelation could not understand the words so He with all his knowledge tried to mimic the symbol with the nearest Latin alphabet.
and Chi Xi Stigma is the best matching alphabet form of Latin. When it was and it is and it will still be actually an Arab alphabet (you read it from right to left) and in English it means "In the name of allah" pronounced as "Bismillah" and followed with a symbol of two crossed Swords.

Here is an image of the bismillah followed by crossed sword —> Xلڑكی (read right to left)
Here is an image of 666/Chi xi Stigma in Latin -> χξς (read left to right)

and Remember John did not know about Arab alphabet but He only saw them as symbol and try to match the symbol to Latin.

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by flywell - 4/06/16 11:45 AM
666 is my numbers

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mark of the beast

by wallace - 11/21/13 7:33 PM
The mark of the beast is quite plain when it's read as it is in a Bible that is considered by the governments as 'official'.
The word 'receive' basically translates as {to give , to set smite show with the palm of the hand } . Mark translates as ID and the forehead is the face .
We currently ,on a world wide scale are implementing digital and facial recognition to be used for personal identification . This very system is now in the process of being used to exchange cash.
This is the translation of the KJV which is protected by the Queen of England .
Where in the blazes this idea of the veri chip and the like got translated out of the original texts is beyond me .
By using the digital and retinal screening , which is now on the new phones also it will cause painful and infected sores .they have found the gene that causes itching and are now developing medication to help eczma sufferers . It is through this suffering they will attach bionic hands and biometric eyes that will be monitored and ran through your... more...

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RE: mark of the beast

by prospect - 2/04/16 9:53 PM
The names of Babylon=177 the mark of the beast=177 opposite the body of Christ = 177

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by Aib - 7/10/10 2:54 AM
The alphabets letters position from 1 to 26, where A=1, B=2, C=3...Z=26 gives each word a numerical value. use this english Alphabet Order and multiply them by the number 6. Then you get a code:
A=6, B=12, C=18, D=24...Z=156

in this code:
New York = 666

US of America = 666, American Beast = 666, Mark of Beast = 666, Verichip HID = 666 (HID = Health identification),Man Medical Chip = 666, ID Chips Mark = 666, Man Radio Chip = 666, Beast Man Chip = 666, Dollar Sign = 666, US FEMA Camp ID = 666, Dragon Marked = 666, Dragon Brand ID = 666, Satanic E Brand = 666 (E=electronic), Satans RFID = 666, RFID Body Tag = 666, RFID Scanner = 666, Satanic Mark = 666, Digital ID Chip = 666, Monetary = 666, Greedy Banks = 666,

go to youtube and search for "ZenArrow" for more information

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RE: Gematria

by Anonymous - 9/14/14 11:08 PM
To anonim: Chi doesn't have a sound like Chart, it has a sound like Key. Same for Xi. They carry the same sound. Your conclusion is bogus. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Savior of mankind. Stop trying to spread confusion.


by 643 the 117th prime number - 2/04/16 9:44 PM
The bible says count the number six hundred threescore six
How many letters is it ? 23

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Beware of people using Greek, when they know no Greek

by Gary - 10/07/15 1:23 PM
This essay could only be written if one already assumes that the RFID chip is the mark of the beast. Revelation 13 makes no reference to this sort of thing.

The author argues that the KJV is correct with "in" and then argues that that implies insertion. But "in" is an archaic use of the preposition in the older versions, when “in” could be “upon” or “on” - as in the sentence that Jesus “sitteth in the right hand of God” in the Apostles' Creed.

The author of this post does not read Greek, as is clearly seen by depending on the King James and the Strong's Concordance. Greek readers use a proper dictionary, not Strong's.

For example: epi/επι does NOT mean "in", "into" or "among" in this sort of context, where it is followed by the genitive or accusative case. Epi + cheiros in the genitive case and metapon in the accusative case means very clearly "upon, on the surface of" the hand and "upon, on the surface of" the forehead.

Charagma does not mean "bite" but "mark, brand [like branding... more...

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RE:Beware of people using Greek, when they know no Greek

by Anonymous - 11/13/15 12:46 AM
So "in" meant something different in the 17th century? Were "on" and "upon" used in the same way? Otherwise I don't follow your logic.

I don't see where the author implies anything about sigma. Here are the various representations of sigma: upper-case Σ, lower-case σ, or in final position ς. And stigma: upper-case Ϛ, or lower-case ϛ. So I can see how you might be getting confused. This is all verifiable on Wikipedia.

There's also an interesting note on the Wikipedia page for digamma: "The name 'stigma' (στίγμα) was originally a common Greek noun meaning 'a mark, dot, puncture' or generally 'a sign', from the verb στίζω ('to puncture')." Notice the use of "puncture". The mark left by a needle prick is usually a "dot".

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The truth

by Avichayil (Yisrael) - 10/10/13 8:11 AM
Islam is the beast and the anti-messianic community revealed in scripture and the hebrew language refutes a different doctrine concerning the beast. You have to understand the hebrew alphabet and the phonetics with its meanings. In hebrew Islam is Eslam, and spelled with the aleph, the yod, the mem, the lamed and the mem. The phonetic aleph means oxen, which is a bull and bovine animal; the beast is a bovine animal. The next phonetic yod means hand, and third phonetic is the mem, which means water, and the fourth is the lamed, and it means to teach and the last phonetic is the mem, which is water. Therefore the government of the beast is their doctrine (koran) that is all over the world. The book of revelation says that harlot (the covenant breaker) was sitting over the water, which represent all the nations of the world. The catholic catechism (universal doctrine) says that catholics adore and believe in the god of the Muslims and that they (the Catholics) are one with muslims (Islam, the beast's governmental doctrine which is all around the world).

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RE: The truth

by Gary - 10/08/15 7:37 AM
You clearly have not read the Catholic Catechism. The paragraph reference please?

Rather, you have depended on a viral post, invented as a joke by the satirical site National Report, in which Francis supposedly said Islam and Christianity worship the same God. You have been taken in by a scam.

I am not Catholic, by the way.

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by Tim - 8/20/15 10:00 PM
First off 666 is a man's number, so stop fitting every stupid thing into 666 that you can find. Cute purple dinosaur=666 and Barney is a dinosaur, or a "beast"....
Secondly, no English gematria has any Scriptural support. Why multiply it all by 6? Interesting results, but so does qaballah.
Now, to my actual point. I like the combo of X-mark (Chi), eXi Solutions (Xi) and Somark (close to stigma) logos but wondered what the significance of the name was, as it seemed less obvious than a huge X and capital X for eXi. I think I found it. Soma in Greek means flesh, but also slave, and is the drug used in Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World [Order]" to subdue the masses, causing them to indulge their flesh and become slaves to the government.

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by The Hired Help - 8/22/10 5:18 AM
You are all being deceived.

By dead religions and superstitious beliefs.

There are NO gods. None. Never.

Wake up people. You can achieve so much.

Stop wasting your lives on foolish notions.

Do something real. Something constructive. Break the brainwashing.

Some of you could do with learning how to spell correctly.

When you have mastered language, why not try more things that are real, not imaginary.

Message ends.

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RE: WARNING you will burn in hell

by steve child of the one true king jesus my lord - 10/09/14 5:35 PM
That's the best lie Satan has .god will let you believe that if you want to.because he loves us so much he gave free will.to believe in him or not.but for you .if you are real so is god.and hell will be your eternal home your father Satan is proud of you. Butt you may still have a chance please read romans chapter 10 verse 9/13 if you will do what it says you can be saved. Just because you don't believe in heaven or hell does not mean that your right I guess you have never been wrong about anything .my name is Steve saved by the blood of jesus saved by faith I pray nothing will go well with you until you ask Jesus into your heart.I will always pray for you and that Satan want take you its up to you I pray in Jesus name amen don't believe the lie of satan


by steve child of the one true king jesus christ my lord - 10/09/14 5:54 PM
Respond to comments your so sure there no hell what are you hiding from .you can't hide from God or your father Satan Satan has you just where he wants you on the highway to hell this song is for you acdc highway to hell that's for you that's your song don't mater if you believe it or not that's where your headed

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Mark of the beast

by charmaine - 7/21/14 6:33 AM
Helo againe there is n New World Order comeing where you and your familie is going to be in danger because of the sisterm the sisterm is die verichip together with the sunday law. How do I know that is because I have ask God to show me the truth in his word and have study the word of God for a very long time dilanly and my findings was write because before I have study the word I did know nothing but as soon as I studied the word God showed me what is happening now is so because I new about the chip before the chip has ever been made or that there was any talk about the chip. And now I know what is the mark it is sunday law because a mark means something that can say to who you belong or fall under. Let me ask you this what is the mark of God what makes you if your a child of God to show you are when you have the mark of the kingdom of God. What is God mark of athority no 1 His God no 2 of what of heaven and earth no 3His seal of aproval is saterday sabbath. So my friends what is the mark of the beast the... more...

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by Charmaine - 7/21/14 5:19 AM
Helo let me tell you something the mark of the beast is only the sisterm that's going to help with inplementing the worship of the beats it is the sunday law that is the mark of the beast first let start with what isthe worlds laws of sunday and what is the law of God what is the 4 commandment and who ghange the saterday law to sunday law tjek it up people you are being decieve and be prepare to die for christ because we will live in a world with satans one world sisterm God bless

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Slave numbers

by Anonymous - 5/10/14 8:22 PM
What is the number of your name? The social security administration is already in 168 countries and trying to get everyone enumerated. Chargma was also (not refuting this article yet) a mark that Roman slaves carried with the seal or stamp of theor master. It was made of clay, metals such as gold or silver depending on how rich their master was. It had a list of duties they could perform. Now this number of a person's name will be linked to a database which contains information on that person which is then linked to an implanyed or tattoed rfid device in which people will not be able to buy or sell with. You decise your master the Babylonian gov't or Yahushua. Which person's seal do you carry?

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by Anonymous - 4/03/14 9:13 PM
first and foremost, there's no such a letter as "STIGMA" in the greek alphabet! not even to argue with you over the rest of this thing!

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RE: stigma?

by Anonymous - 4/08/14 8:51 PM
Not in modern Greek but stigma was a letter when Revelation was written. Do a little research.


by Anonymous - 10/28/10 5:19 PM
"They (CIA & FBI) wanted us to use Lithium as a battery source. I needed a temperature change to cause current to flow to charge the battery. So we began to investigate where in the body does the temperature change most rapidly. It was determined there were two places in the body that were ideal for the microchip. One was just below the hairline on the forehead. The other place was the hand, right hand preferred because most people are right handed." -Carl Sanders, Senior Project Engineer of the RFID chip


Carl Sander's testimony about the Radio Frequency IDentification chip (RFID chip) on youtube /watch?v=cBVxycZ_j4U

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."-Revelation 13:16-17

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Re:testimony about the rfid chip

by Alf - 3/05/14 10:09 PM
Does anyone know where I can find the study (some doc) about human temperature mentioned by Sander?

I think is crucial question, in order to estabilish if Sanders is 100% aware about what he said.

Re:testimony about the rfid chip

by Anonymous - 4/01/14 4:40 PM
Ed grech the beast

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by anon - 4/03/13 3:00 PM
you can make numerology for almost anything to make it related to the bible, the devil or the number 666. example.

Given: Barney = Cute Purple Dinosaur
Prove: Barney = Evil

Proof: U = V in Latin
Cute Purple Dinosaur = Cvte Pvrple Dinosavr

Roman Numerals: D=500 C=100 L=50 V=5 I=1

Cvte Pvrple Dinosavr





Proved: Barney = Evil

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RE: seriously

by Wild Child - 2/20/14 9:27 AM
I agree, the end of this age, the one of greed, self ego, Eco destruction, corporate rule, GMO, VACCINES and government education of our lambs must end. But can you step away from your latte and American idol long enough to see the silver lining of hope for a new dawn? one without persecution for an ideal or a crushing demise for speaking freely?

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a thought

by AAA - 12/03/13 3:36 AM
everyone in the world, not some ppl in USA, all those in Kenia and China will have to get it too during very short time. It's not possible while we have all these international borders. Think of that.

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RE: a thought

by Thinking - 12/18/13 10:53 AM
Not so sure. The world is smaller than you think. Kenya already has one of the largest mobile payment systems in the world (M-Pesa) and it's attached to a national id or passport. Think about that.

Stigma is not Sigma

by Brian - 12/01/13 11:42 AM
There is no such Greek letter "stigma" but is "sigma" they are not the same thing. Sigma is in fact the first letter of the Greek word stigma, but then sigma is also the first letter of the Greek word for savior and salvation.

What is your authorization to alter the sigma to stigma to make your point?

Misrepresenting facts does not further the cause of Christ!

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RE:Stigma is not Sigma

by Brian - 12/03/13 12:36 AM
Someday I will learn not to be so hasty with my words. It appears there is an archaic Greek stigma usage. With the numerical value of six I do believe. I apologize for jumping to conclusions based on what I know, versus what I do not. ;-)

Obama in Jerusalem Friday lines up with "Skull & bones" = 13.

by Frank - 3/20/13 5:53 PM
Take note of the severe occult numerology incorporated by satanists into Barack Obama's visit in Jerusalem this Friday.

Friday 22 March 2013 = 3.22/13 = 3.22/2013 = 3+2+2+2+0+1+3 = 13

3.22 = "Skull & Bones" + 13. Skull & Bones = 666 13 = Death.

3.22 is a satanist misrepresentation of Genesis 3.22.

"And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever"...

"They" (322) have perverted this scripture, and claim that they are "gods".

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RE: Obama in Jerusalem Friday lines up with "Skull & bones" = 13.

by Alice1333 - 8/27/13 7:55 AM
John 10:

34 Jesus answered them, “Has it not been written in your Law, ‘I SAID, YOU ARE GODS’?


by Nanette - 8/22/13 12:44 PM
Years ago I had a dream that I was at the beach and I saw a red cloud... Then I saw people at the beach running and shouting stigma, stigma!. I woke up from the dream to use the bathroom, when went back to bed; I continued the dream by running along with the crowed. I realized this beastly creature chasing me... Before I knew it had caught up with me,n held me really tight and couldn't free myself, then I started praying and calling the name of Jesus, then it released me. I never knew the mark of the beast had a name stigma until one day watching a christian channel and heard. I was amazed.

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Chip Or Not to Chip

by Buzzbait - 6/07/13 7:39 AM
There certainly MUST be more than just getting a "chip" in the body to constitute eternal separation from God in Hell. My goodness, you could be wrestled to the ground and have such a thing "forced" upon you. Or have it secretly installed without your knowledge during an operation,ect. I do not believe the Lord would condemn an individual in such cases. There is going to be a conscious "acceptance" of allegiance to the BEAST and His system for this to become a sinful act. Plus a warning from God of doing so from one of his endtime prophets to reject the BEAST mark and system will surely make those who do WITHOUT EXCUSE.

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Re:chip or not to chip

by Servant - 8/05/13 6:30 PM
There is a possibility here that the mark could be introduced first and then after the abomination, when the man of sin and false prophet take over and an image is set up that the name and then number of the name of the beast are required to buy or sell or trade. Those with the charagma or mark could then be given the option of being grandfathered in if they pledge their allegiance.
Perhaps then, those who are sure they are not risking anything who take the RFID mark will possibly have a choice to make.
But, possibly the electromagnetic radiation from the image causes the self powered li ion chip to rupture and a sore develops on the skin, and the choice is revealed. Perhaps. This is only a hypothetical senario.

this scares me

by noname - 12/01/11 5:26 PM
i had a dream and 444 upside down looks like 666 and now i am very scared as ive seen 44 and 4.44 for 2 years now its gone,i had a dream and 2 triangles top to top like butterfly wings and the chi sign with the curly stave like the one above was next to a 4 which makes it 3 of six,im not working so im reall scared how will i get help,im also sick ive asked my doctors and a consultant can i go back to work all three said no not yet ,how can i get work insurance ,,national insurance cover for work without a doctor saying i am fit,,,i am scared my family i worry for the most ,,me if i was alone i would get out of here like tomorow,,,how will i pay for the rent...i am at the end of my thether i get dreams very vivid i seen the lord ,,i climbed a dna bridge an dropped off to have a black cat like whisp of blackness pulled from around my neck..then i was woken up,,i stood another time infront of a orange sun about 40feet across it was vibrateing my whole body ,it seamed ablaze yet was watery like a ponds surfave or... more...

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RE: this scares me

by Anonymous - 3/13/13 3:11 PM
1Jn 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

RE:this scares me

by Dayze - 4/01/13 8:12 PM
The other poster is correct, get away from negative people, don't watch violent movies, it makes the cells vibrate at an energy frequency that is negative, that can be eaten by energy vampires, energy parasites, that is the energy frequency they need...that is the energy frequency the satan needs to embody into solid form, (like a Genie needs humans to feed off of their energy to embody into solid form) If satan (shitan) and his followers can get people to be in fear, worry, stress, anger, grief, pain, those energy frequencies are the low, slow, frequency and that is the energy frequency they try to create in people around them, so the people's cells put off this negative frequency, so satan and his worshipers can drink it like a milkshake through a straw.
Get a Kurlin camera and go to a large gathering and take several photographs, you will see the straws put into people around them.

Look up Psychic vampires, energy parasites, and see how they work.
Creating these energies in movies, and the news, provides... more...

RE: this scares me

by Steven Newsom - 6/15/13 12:37 AM
I live in Bagwell, Texas. Look me up on facebook. I know the Lord Yeshua. Maybe you can hear me preach the truth and the Lord will heal you.

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