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by Semantic - 6/27/17 10:38 AM
loose of her denoted as "D" in MD.CCLXXVI @why

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Morning Star 13

by Anonymous - 1/24/11 7:07 PM
I have been seeking truth since a child. I have always questioned myself and my environment. I could easily go into a ten page essay with several links to verify my ideas about certain information. However where is the truth in man? Man has all the functions and acts as a virus or parasite. We have extensive documentation on how violent we can be and no one questions this because we see it everyday in the smallest and biggest of ways. All information is man made. The bible is the word of "men" not even one person. The way the King James version has been delivered is in a sense to create the notion that the bible itself is comparable to any social networking site. Someone shares a thought or experience and then friends comment and relay their own. I personally believe I am doing myself and humanity a good deed by not subjecting myself to the ramblings and rumors in any religion or "religious texts."

I came to this site curious about myself. I am young woman with an intricate past. The synchronizations in my... more...

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RE: Morning Star 13

by Dennis - 4/21/17 7:08 AM
Throwing away religion is not a bad thing if it means an organization that is corrupt to its core (most religions). If you don't like something about the Bible, just start a new church, right? However, the Bible is much, much more than you know. Yes, it takes faith to believe it was divinely written through men, but only when you read it do you get to the truth.

I was an atheist for 17 years and "knew" the bible and all religions were too. 8 years ago, ironically, after searching for ways to debate theists, I decided to make inquiries into many subjects. I delved into it with the intention to understand the world and ventured down many rabbit holes. It took me about 7 1/2 years to wake up to the fact that everything was connected and all roads led to Christ Jesus. I don't expect you to understand, but I pray that you will one day soon. I know my past self (who died with Christ after I was saved) would have never guessed I would say what I am saying now. The more you read the Bible, the more you will understand the world, then and now. Good luck.

RE:Morning Star 13

by Kevin - 6/25/17 9:06 AM
Thank you for your research and this was very helpful for me, because i been trying and trying to understand, and i know some Priests is saying it wrong to me, i feel much more better understanding some areas , which Catholic church always hidden it's true nature of The Word Lucifer , and i don't know why Baalzebub was in my head for the past 22 years, but why , i don't know why, but i have to ask, is Baalzebub a good thing ? is he a part of God , seats with God , or ??

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by Sherry - 12/27/16 12:51 AM
It has several interpretations. Light bearer or Light bringer is what scholars have told me. The Apostle Paul states Satan can masquerade as an angel of light. People need to be aware that Jesus spoke over and over ......Be not decieved.
I would take that to mean Satan is going to link his being and name up so close to Christ, that people will be deceived.

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by Sherry - 12/27/16 12:46 AM
I do think it's quite funny, of all the ones that have posted, as if they have the ABSOLUTE authority to say it's not the right translation. I would love to know what authority do these folks base it on? I never knew anyone gave them the authority to change the Bible. All of the church fathers said it was Satan. I will trust their advice before any random person .

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by Diamondbright - 1/13/10 2:44 AM
Clearlight is right - associating Lucifer with Satan was the biggest theological translation blunder ever. St.Jerome , when translating the bible from Greek to Latin made this mistake, and it was not corrected till the 20th century. The phrase "Oh Lucifer, how you have fallen from the heavens" in the bible was refering to Venus, the morning & evening star, not Satan. Lucifer is related to Lucent, Lucid, Lumeiescent, Bringer of Light - whereas Satan has to do with Deceit, betrayal, shadows, obscure, distortion.

Lucifer is related to the Promethean spirit of rebellion agsinst tyrants, oppressive authority. The oppressive powers of the ancient church dispised the Prometean spirit, and thus by keeping the mistake in the bible could make rebellion (Lucifer) an act of evil influence. Several new versions of the bible have already corrected this blunder. Do not give Satan a chance to equate himself with justified rebellion, do not associate him with Lucifer any more.

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by Nicholas hugh merriss - 10/14/16 8:51 AM
marius got it right. the rest are erroneous lies to keep you in check .sleep is where you'll never find him .her hand yearns.


by Nicholas hugh merriss - 10/14/16 8:53 AM
some of you all are funny ,like an unflushed urinal...

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The Devil DOES NOT HAVE A NAVEL!!!!!!!!!

by Veronica - 4/12/16 7:19 PM
Lucifer morningstar can't have a navel!

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re: lucifer

by Sophia - 8/16/09 11:44 AM
Christians are so ignorant. Jesus Christ is a SON GOD. Lucifer is the morning star Venus, ruled by Ba'al the god worshiped for a time in the middle east and Egypt. Venus rules Taurus, the bull as in the Age of the Bull. The Bible is an ASTROLOGICAL book. Why are Christians aka agnostic aka Cretins too stupid to recognize that Jesus Christ was no more real than Horus, Buddha, Mithras, Zoroaster, Attis and all the other sun god he was based on.
The end of time, or eon refers to the end of the[cosmological] Age of Pisces, which we currently live in. It will end in about a 100 years. Then, bc of the precession of equinoxes, we will enter the Age of Aquarius aka Saturn, who, in Greek mythology, killed his father Chronos aka time. Jesus the fish or fisher of men represents the Age of Pisces. The fish is also assoc. with Venus, hence the term Friday is from 'Fria' a the name for Venus. Hence 'Good Friday' when Christians eat fish.

The Bible is not LITERAL fact. It is heavily plagiarized from other... more...

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RE:re: lucifer

by FRED - 6/27/12 3:17 PM
2 19 A=1 D=4 A=1 M=13

RE: re: lucifer

by Anonymous - 10/19/15 11:28 AM
Great Speech. Right on.

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by LUCIFER/JEHOVAH - 8/11/15 1:13 AM
I speak of what i think, feel and believe you can go ahead and laugh at me all you want you can mock me all you want and you can insult me all you want but you wont break me so here goes nothing i guess. Im both LUCIFER and JEHOVAH thats who i really am as for GOD she is a of course a woman and she is and was my real mother she gave birth to me and she lost her virginity to me and i gave her my virginity i have no father really. GOD have like 12 sisters (one of them being her twin sister) and they all have the same mother but have no father. GODs mother namely my divine grandmother developed incredibly strong feelings of love for little old me but i was at the time foolish and stuborn maybe ignorant too i rejected her i ignored her and i pushed her away but i think she still likes me still wants to be with me. I think my divine grandmother loves me even to the point of obsession and she not wanted to give up on liking me if she even would said something i cant imagine loving anyone else would ypi felt amazed... more...

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by ROBERT MRVELJ - 11/18/14 7:47 AM
I want to ask you how much is true would you think LUCIFER/satan really is pure evil even evil at all if its true or just made up stories and if something else caused everything over thousands of human years if i am LUCIFER in human form with my potential locked and restrained by chains making me powerless while in human form when alive on earth if death is
only way for me to escape and be free heres an question if GOD and LUCIFER are mother and son and if started family together if had like 2 sons and 1 daughter if also conceived JESUS CHRIST would you feel shock and speechless if it was true if you just heard what some made up or assumed GOD is a man and that GOD is father of JESUS but if LUCIFER is the real father if even Mary never knew before was told the truth if even something no one but GOD and i knew if there was so-called evil gods that wanted to concquer earth, purgatory and heaven and enslave humans and angels if they had won if no one could hide or have anywhere to run to if GOD and i had to lock... more...

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by Anonymous - 7/19/15 9:23 AM
You are really really high. You're an idiot.


by ROBERT MRVELJ - 12/01/14 2:02 AM
Heres a question if GOD and LUCIFER are indeed mother and son if had 2 sons and 1 daughter together and conceived JESUS CHRIST if i were LUCIFER in human form powerless for time being if i in distant past created planet earth, purgatory, hell and music if i did create all that and GOD created univers, heaven and angels if i did love GOD for what seemed like forever
if i were in reality over 100 million years old would you felt surprised if GOD felt sad and lonely much before i came and if then had family if felt happy so much and if felt i wanted others to have chance to be happy too if created you humans because i deep inside wanted to see if you could try be happy not fight and if you would not be afraid of loving eachother if even a mother fell in love with her son/daughter or aunt falling in love with nephew/niece or 2 cousins or brother and sister falling in love same wiht uncle and niece even father and daughter if all not being married and testing if mother had feelings for son if she was married to a... more...

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by Anonymous - 6/30/15 8:10 AM
You need to set that pipe down brother, take a few hits of fresh air, est a sandwich, and get some rest,

Lucifer, Morning Star, Venus, Baal, Astarte, Apollo, Artemis

by Ctc - 6/11/15 11:31 AM
All are just phases of one-Venus.

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by Anonymous - 11/07/14 5:30 PM
LUCIFER in Greek is EOSPHOROS, meaning, morning bearer.
JESUS was called in the new testament in Greek, PHOSPHOROS, meaning,light bearer.Very differnt words and not the same person.
Gnostic like to say they're the same, but that's evil.

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by miki - 9/24/13 11:53 AM
It means the number of ancient evil gods is really few, but they change from one epoch to another. For instance Lucifer/Ashteroth was at the Garden of
Eden, and becomes king of Tyre and is said to have been born after the Flood!

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RE: Lucifer

by illach 7:06 - 7/02/14 4:57 PM
The Grand Architect has ground the Truth into a fine dust and sprinkled it evenly over the righteous and the wicked during the Age of Man. Who is one to say whether the other is right or wrong based on what dogmas they allow their own lives be run by? And if God is indeed almighty and all-seeing why is it then okay to sin in privacy just as long as you turn up your pipes in public and profess your everlasting love and devotion in a secret attempt to offset your own sins?
Letting your love for God to manifest in public displays (whether written or in person) is a form of self promotion and therefore a mixture of Pride and Vanity. God should not be the vehicle but rather the destination.
What little my life has delivered is enough to know in my own right that if there is indeed Hell, we're all going there. One sin is not unequal to another. If you let your own judgment overcast the God's command based on your needs and situation-based interpretations then Hell is exactly what you're committing to. God's... more...


by Charles Chilcott - 5/24/14 9:49 AM
Lucifer, alias the Devil, was a word the ancients used when describing the planet Venus as it neared earth after a fifty-year jaunt around the sun.

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Venus is Love

by Venus and Jesus are then one - 10/27/13 11:40 AM
God created all things and all things are created of God!! All things therefore were created for his glory!! To God be theory in all things!! In Jesus name I pray Ahman!! Jesus shall return and we all shall bow down before him every knee shall bow!!! to God be the Glory!! Jesus is Lord of Lord and king of kings and I Venus am Love!!

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Barak (Hebrew: בָּרָק‎‎, Tiberian: Bārāq, "Lightning; Shine") rather Barack

by Richard Spurlock - 7/29/11 11:44 PM
Firstly, Jesus tells us who Satan remains: Luke 10:18-20 (King James Version) 18And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning [Barack] fall from heaven.

Matthew 24:27 (New International Version) 27For as lightning [Barack] that comes from the east [Kenya, East Africa] is visible even in the west [United States, President of], so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

Judges 4:6 (King James Version) 6And she sent and called Barak the son of Abinoam... [Anagram: Abinoam = I AM in OBAMA]

Finally, why would a devout Muslim from Kenya, Africa, name his Muslim son after a Hebrew or Jewish war hero? And why would Barack's devout Muslim step-father rename Barack Hussein Obama, AKA: Barry Soetoro?

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RE: Barak (Hebrew: בָּרָק‎‎, Tiberian: Bārāq, "Lightning; Shine") rather Barack

by mweta - 9/24/13 12:21 PM
Barack doesn't always mean lightning, it also means blessings. Lightning in Canaanite (Kipare, Bantu language of people close to Mt Kilimanjaro) is ki-meleko, and that leads back to the god of fire, Molech. As for Obama, he stems from Abimelech, the friend of Abraham and a bit of a rival, or foe (especially at the time of Isaac). Obama (that is, O(f)-Abimelech, shortened, O'bama) is lifted in order to lift the curse on Canaan, so that the black man becomes the equal of others in the world, but was linked to Abraham (via a Jewish mother) for strategic purposes (one can only guess at issues here) for instance making it a point to go after Osama, and having a heart for Israel that isn't just foreign policy, as it could perhaps have been harder to be accepted across the US without that element.


by sisto - 12/21/12 3:21 AM
Ignorance of history has carried this tradition onward throughout the centuries you want to know how the transliteration of haylel came to be Lucifer? Look In 4th century Christianity research Lucifer of Cagalari..... have fun.....

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by Limbo - 8/02/12 4:56 AM
I see 11 everywhere. I feel something is haunting me. Sometimes i see 66 or 666 after consecutive randoms of 11 and multiples of. I pull up at fuel bowser 11 without paying attention. I watched a september 11 video and logged out at 9:11. What is happening to me. Should i be concerned. I feel like i am in another world.

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by Mehrob - 9/14/12 11:32 PM
I was pretty plseaed with mine. I did not agree with everything but they spoke of how I spent a lot of time around the water and I do love swimming and fishing and just being around water in general, I thiink it is very peaceful. I love to go to the water where I can just sit there and it feels like the water is washing all my problems away. I guess with one of those readings they are not exact but I was surprised at the accuracy about the water. I guess you just take a chance on a reading really. Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are way off.

Lucifer jezebel

by mindmansion - 11/14/08 8:39 AM
Last few years I have been stumbling in the darkness being disobedient to god and under attack by satan.but then I started seeing 11:11 every where wich prompted me to seek answers My spirit new it was christ calling me back I have recently been reading almost exactley the same bible versus you have mentioned above I beleive i am being shown that the 2nd coming is near and that we christians are to wake up repent and to prepare ourselves to be strong spirit warriors Praying and waring in the spirit realm and ready to feed starving souls with the bread of life. what do you think of oprah winfrey she is leading many weak minded women into darkness with her new sattelite radio talk shows.read 2ndTimothy chapter 3 it describes her to a t. she has denied christ as the one way to the father and tells her listners there are millions of paths to god she says that we dont need to beleive in god but just feel him search on youtube see her statements she has the largest audience in history and an ability to lead the most people into darkness in this day?? god bless a brother in christ Jesus

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RE: Lucifer jezebel

by violet - 7/22/12 11:17 PM
11:11 is a starseed activation code.

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by ALIEN WOMEN - 3/21/12 11:08 AM

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by Jennifer - 6/25/12 1:54 PM
Genesis clearly states how God made this vast creation. He created man to multiply not be here as a result of punishment! We are his creation in wonder ugh.. its so easy to see and no words to explain

Childeren of the unnameble

by David de Ruiter - 5/09/12 4:27 AM
Jesus died for our sins. So also for the sins of the fallen angels. We are on earth to learn. Every creature is made by God. So every creature can try to live a good or a evil life. People need to better themself en help others progress.

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by rob - 5/31/11 10:10 AM
help me i want to believe in something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RE: life

by someone - 10/03/11 5:09 PM
the truth does not yield to belief, yet belief must always yield in the face of truth. Find the truth then and you will be able to have faith in something because you know it is true and does not require blindness. I didnt think it was possible, it takes a long time to filter out all the b.s. but the process is just as necessary for most as is the answer. there is no evil there is only love.. just as (lit.) there is no darkness for it is only an absence of light, and an absence in itself is not a thing. it is simply "not". yet the light is. let this analogy erase any idea's youve had about darkness having will or power... darkness is nothing and so possesses no quality. the humans will soon know everything and it will be shocking for the unsuspecting, but hold the head up high... this is all according to plan.

Lucifer fallen?

by Satan - 4/28/10 11:45 AM
...guys, come on. I haven't fallen... sheesh!

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RE: Lucifer fallen?

by Anonymous - 7/05/11 4:01 PM

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by Nirnif - 7/05/11 4:01 PM
Why all this old book stuff to prove the (non)existence of Lucifer and the likes? I don't even believe the trash printed today, let alone something from ancient, ill-translated badly copied worm infested documents. Evil is in the heart of man and it was not put there by any demon or god.

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lucifer (666)

by unknown alien - 3/09/10 2:02 AM
who is this they speak of....Lucifer.......try out this riddle .....he is born on 10-24-61 at 10:24 pst........

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RE: lucifer (666)

by kate - 2/14/11 9:37 PM
who is write like that................plus.........

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