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IBM & The Holocaust

by Ahava - 11/15/11 10:02 PM
I just found the Book- when the Jews in the Holocaust were Tattooed wit these nUMBERS-WAS THIS ALSO A mark OF THE BEAST-(cOMPUTER)- I WAS JUST PUTTING THIS TOGETHER TODAY???The Master Computer in the EU Bldg is called the BEAST-that's the Intials of what it stands for.Is the Sawstika the Image?? Rael Maitreya also uses the Swastika in his Symbol at the UN???
Did you read that the Former Peruvian Sec Gen of the UN-Javier Cuellar was abducred by ?Aliens? & told to unify all nations- bring World PEACE (False) & Protect the Environment (GrrenPeace/Pne World religion0 headed by the Vatican).The UN-UK Royal Society & Vatican are working to gther to ready the World for Alien Invasion-also programs on Nat'l Geographic Cable TV has programs preparing the Public for this Scenario (Nat'l Geo- owned by Rupert Murdock)???? Please RSVP+ ASAP=hwat do you think????

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