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33 everywhere

by Gaurav - 11/16/11 9:18 PM
As a kid I used to pray to live only till the age of 33 as I was sure that that way I wont have to see the deaths of my dear ones (My parents, sister,pets). It reappeared again as the roll no of the only girl who was true love of my life. Lost her company due to my extreme shyness. But then the number started appearing again and again every where. The receipt of tax filing had written 33 on it. My guitar cost me Rs 3300. Every time I look at a watch it's 7:33, 11:33, 10:33, 4:33, 3:33. My debit card has it's cvv as 333. Often the random pages of books I open are 33. Number of the vehicles have 33 80% of the time. One day I was working in office and didn't see 33 the whole day. I was just thinking in my mind that,"Today I didn't see or hear 33", just then my colleague said he had received 33 records that day. One day I was about to get change from a grocery store. The I amount I was expecting was 30 but then I thought if the shopkeeper gives me 33 Rs back I would consider it as a sign from God that I should get back to my girlfriend. I lo! he gave me back 33 Rs. These are only the most significant incidents where 33 or 333 has appeared in one form or the other in my life. I also checked this page for the meaning of this occurance. And seeing this page I get the feeling that I belong to a certain unknown community. By the my date of birth is 29-Sep-1982 and I dont see any connection here.

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RE: 33 everywhere

by Anonymous - 8/04/12 4:07 PM
gaurav am honestly the exact same a wonder if we are destained 4 sum thing i also wionder if we are connected in sum sense , av always been diffeernt , a felt selected if u no wot i means , my birthday is 26.11.87 btw

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