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Revelations Truth

by B - 3/25/12 2:39 PM
Just from watching the Verichip video I got an eerie feeling. Never nor shall I ever have a chip embedded in me for I serve my Lord Jesus Christ and will not be decieved by the devils sly tricks on the world. I pray everyday for my faith to strengthen so I will be prepared for the Tribulation. I will not succumb to something like this, ever.

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RE:Revelations Truth

by Mikey AUSTRALIA - 5/08/12 3:21 PM
first the elite will create a catastrophy type situation probably using the H.a.a.r.p. W.M.D. to bring America to its knees.Possibly electrical blackouts blameit on the sun. the thing is they have 2 main agendeas unite Mexico USA Canada,to 1 state and intro Verichip

RE: Revelations Truth

by helena - 5/30/12 3:39 AM
people who are christians should stay strong in prayer that they should not be deceived by the enemy reading da bible nd praying will make them have the spirit of discernment

RE: Revelations Truth

by Anonymous - 6/28/12 8:09 PM
amen...The Lord hears the prayers of a righteous man!! Stay strong, shun sin, pray always so we may be one of those that will Sup with the Lord. Prepare for the tribulation to come. If possible get extra food and water so you will not have to take the mark to eat. God will be with us but he has allowed those that are seeking and watching for his return to know we may need to prepare some for what is to come soon.

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