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number 13

by Voltaire B. Abelgas - 7/13/12 7:52 AM
i have 4 sisters and 9 brothers and i am the youngest of em all,..and im so lucky as member of mama mary mother of god the 13

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RE: number 13

by Anonymous - 1/01/13 6:31 AM
I am born on january 13 1983, I have o neagative blood and am learning a lot about myself in the last year! I will be 30 this year 2013! I have recently discovered a photo of my self where I have a very detailed image of a serpent on my shoulder! The number 11 is a reoccuring number in my life! I have been through a very diffcult life I am female and seem to have a appearence of tempation! I have a heart of gold and will do anything for anyone I feel pain of people I never judge or think I am better! I always look at the good and shine light on everyone! They say I am a shapeshifter which I beleave I can feel it n see it! Also can see a lot of different things! My family is 3 years apart mom n day then my sister is 3 years older n brother is 3 year younger! My name is has 4 characters in each fist middle n last name ! I meet my true love on 11 11 11 and made love for the first time of existence! I at one point of my life took myself n family n friends for granted with the temptations of evil! At a very early age I matured quickly and I learned a lot in the road I lead of destruction ! I should of died more then enough times but something always happened to take me away from the dead ends I encountered! I look at life for the better of people! I love making people happy and showing them what's real! I am a women of honesty love and solitude! I am laying here beside my true love , he's sleeping ! His name is amrow sohdi n I love that my first name is jody ! Soon I will be jodhi sodhi! We were destined to be together with our white shepard! My first trip I travelled to india with my love to take his moms ashes ! I am I feel connected n free there when I hold my love it feels like I have known him forever ! We r blessed to have such mystical powers and. Just the power to love is the most wealthiest ability on earh! Xo godbless!

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