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by Anonymous - 3/08/13 3:03 PM
Always seeing 1's, 11's and 7's (777) or unusual sequences. once it was all 1's on a license plate in front of us at exactly 1:11pm - husband was with me as witness -after 12-12-12 - stopped seeing quite so many 11's (although it still happens) and now I also see 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 - once all the same day, every hour, by accident - so bizarre

I have tried to dismiss as coincidence, but it keeps getting more elaborate

sometimes it's the time and temp and speed at the exact same time as well (like when I'm driving in my car) - - and a few times it's happened at an exact moment I hear a significant phrase on the radio (i.e. "the end of the world as we know it") or thinking a specific thought/question - which was totally unsettling

I have shared these experiences with a friend who agrees many of these are amazing.
one day while on the phone with the friend, was also reading and discussing biographical info about Nostradamus (I don't get into him or his predictions, but was curious about his life) - was noticing his "les propheties" was published in 1555 - and was thinking this may have been intentional for occult reasons. As I was contemplating the "555" part when at that very moment a loud distinct burst of thunder struck!! - we had been having rain but no thunder, it was the ONLY thunder of the entire rain event. at that very moment the thunder stuck, the clock on pc was 11:11 am. I am not kidding. my friend on the phone is a witness, he also saw the clock and was unsettled. Found this site trying to research occult/numerological meaning of 555 - for the thunder made me think God was trying to get a message out! ? definitely more to the world than satanists/atheists would like us to believe.

these "coincidences" often feel like God may be trying to speak to us in the only way possible - our 5 senses plus thoughts (6th sense?) - Frequently they feel like affirmations - esp. when the numbers are seen at the same time I happen to hear a specific bit of info. it's not all the time - and I can't make it happen, but I am just not able to buy the "scientific" explanations about how these things just SEEM like they are more than coincidences!!

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Re: 555

by Anonymous - 5/03/13 6:59 PM
im not sure what this means but i too see numbers mostly in threes like 555 etc.. maybe you can look on a hebrew or jewish web site for meaning of numbers.

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