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999 same .999 is =to one

by Michael - 9/24/16 6:26 AM
The power of 666 is basically a hex .. The number is there to trick people into thinking they are demons or antichrist .. basically some Jews are messing with people really bad to turn them against Christ .... Or blame Christ for losing their minds .. Jesus loves you and encourages people to obey his commands but more importantly try n change the world for the better ... A lot of people with 999 is infinite meaning forever ... Let's says 666 means 18 or 2/3 of 1 meaning not complete or meaning 2x3 =6 it's still a 6 or 6x6=36 x6 = 216 try 2 x 16 =32 3x2=6 it will drive you crazy if u don't stop and get self identified and actually has nothing to do with God .. God is one on one relationship through mind and soul not stupid numbers .. If u wanna stick with spiritual and superstitious numbers then 999 is good cuz 1000- 999 is the number where 1meets1 like man nearing God ,also people being born in the latter half of 20 century are a lot more soft and kind hearted

Nichola tesla says 3x6x9 are the keys to the universe meaning it basically can be used with and for anything .. Sadly the Jews I believe have messed with the bible and when they gave Jesus a crown of thorns it means a circle of headaches if people being born today are like or good hearted as Jesus Satan wants you all confused and to trick you .. People who see Jesus completely knows he is in his father and his children are in him and they like him were born at the turn of the century .. Satan try's to trick lie and trick and deceive you Jesus won't ... Or his father .. The bible is knowledge but it is merely words .. Build a relationship directly with Jesus or God personally

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