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Agenda 21

by Jo.e - 10/07/17 11:30 PM
the Lord came to my home and explained, you are number 3, he was careful to point out 3 = 2 + 1. the context was unclear apart from various word phrases previously discussed. the sentient point is a mentioning of what and how our population is to be controlled. the fact is too many people exist on Earth today due to a lack of planning. the Planet is in Crisis due to how decision makers have cared for our g.Host (1%... you know them "Christly types..."). the fact was called to attention that hormones can be controlled with genetics, hence an on-off reproductive pill becomes the choice of who get's the mark...

...and that pubescent teens would learn sex education by watching live child birth with parent(s) before the advent of "junior" getting high etc... as with public schools in America today and yesterday

in this paradigm, Vertical Industries begin to adopt couples specifically to help continue the act of population for "civilized" works worthy of sustenance. the facts for "Indio" being in need of repair, that choice should remaining gives parson reason to care for partridge (for example: Equal Pay for Relative Energy is Aura Technology...#Electron Neutron Proton.

hence the movement of Earth causes a redistribution of priorities among communities hell bent on surviving the Planet (which is) pending wobble and Weather Emergency.

also, in this case... at the age of 21, the choice of service to community, versus the adjunct reversion to indio become the solvent reason to care for currency = robotics forces us to care for one another, or as the oceans die, so does all humanity.

the choice is animal (Indio - Fish) or civilized man (huenam ~ Android) @peepholes

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