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death follows me

by Adam - 3/22/17 6:41 PM
i never knew about the # 13 until i found out about the connection with me and it . i was born feb 13 . i see it everywhere but the worst time was when i moved into my 1st apartment where a baby had died and the mother was arrested i soon found out my mailbox # was 13. i also have a friend whos grandpa was a medal of honor recipient born on feb 13 and a accident occured by exit 13 the car was on fire and burning with people still in it it was very bad and a pistol i brought is numbered 13 because those parts are the best and also my friends grandpa his old place was right in front of my ex's house where very bad things were happening.than another ex has a daughter born on feb 13 she lives close to my other unfortunate ex when you open her front door you see the street of my unfortunate ex right in front of her apartment.i am pretty amazed i see it on the news associating with death and i killed my first big game animal when i was thirteen shot it right in the heart.im gonna join the marine corp its been a dream for me since a kid naturally im a amazing fighter ive hurt people fighting very badly and im a sharpshooter ive always wanted to do something righteous naturally .i never knew about the # 13 until i was 20 .ive had a very hard life and still trying to complete my dreams due injuries but its lookin good and i will execute gods will on earth and yes ive always felt like this since a child .

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RE: death follows me

by Anonymous - 3/22/17 6:42 PM
also i recently got a job on the 13th very creepy

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