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J Preston Eby

by Anonymous - 5/23/06 10:37 AM
Have you read J Preston Eby? Google him. You will love his teachings

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RE: J Preston Eby

by Anonymous - 3/04/09 3:36 AM
No, I'm reading the course in miracles ( the advents of a great awakening)

RE: J Preston Eby

by Kevin Skof - 6/18/09 9:28 AM
The Course in Miracles is an evil book. It was written by a woman who claimed to have visions from Jesus Christ. Her Jesus was a demon. The demon told her things that where unbiblical. For example: He told her that the cross was foolishness. He also told her that nobody is a sinner.

I advise you to throw away that book, but if you want to keep it, read and learn more about your Bible first.

RE:J Preston Eby

by Embarae - 6/06/14 5:01 AM
I am studing on the writings of J Preston Eby and I find it fascinating to the least. He gives scriptures which I see and read in a different level of maturity. Praise God for bringing His people though and teaching them in levels of growth. Spiritual ears and spiritual eyes. It is a spiritual move of God. Lot of people out there have a piece of the puzzle. It is not Christian to damn another for learning. If it does not feel right in your spirit then seach it out and let go. God will not let us go to far off the path of righteousness. He will correct us.

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