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Name of antichrist !

by Anonymous - 2/16/04 5:33 AM
I have recently calculated the number of
the beast after nine years of research.
Author of The Revelation Study Guide.

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RE: Name of antichrist !

by Anonymous - 7/08/04 1:58 AM
I feel that the antichrist does not
come from a powerful family. I fel that
he is an absolute unknown.
Jesus said, "did you expect to see one in soft
Also he will be under the curse of conia. Perhaps he will branch off from the dubois whom when exiled to France, were later (1666)
exiled from france to New York.

Antichrist probally comes from California, The San Juaquine valley is
similar to valley of Megiddo and leading
supplier of planets food
If he does
not live here, he will still, at some time show an interest in this area.

Antichrist was probally born on October
3, 1968 in Hanford California.

RE:I know who the antichrist is

by Anonymous - 8/15/04 11:00 AM
I would like to inform you that your 9 years of calculations are off. Try the date 7/13/88 at exactly 1:13 pm ( 13 day,hour,min) Then you will find your antichrist.

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