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by ROBERT MRVELJ - 11/18/14 7:47 AM
I want to ask you how much is true would you think LUCIFER/satan really is pure evil even evil at all if its true or just made up stories and if something else caused everything over thousands of human years if i am LUCIFER in human form with my potential locked and restrained by chains making me powerless while in human form when alive on earth if death is
only way for me to escape and be free heres an question if GOD and LUCIFER are mother and son and if started family together if had like 2 sons and 1 daughter if also conceived JESUS CHRIST would you feel shock and speechless if it was true if you just heard what some made up or assumed GOD is a man and that GOD is father of JESUS but if LUCIFER is the real father if even Mary never knew before was told the truth if even something no one but GOD and i knew if there was so-called evil gods that wanted to concquer earth, purgatory and heaven and enslave humans and angels if they had won if no one could hide or have anywhere to run to if GOD and i had to lock them away in a little world created to repress them make them powerless in there and never able to even slip out if i thought everything was taken care of but if one left true form and took control over a human body switched to new over and over while plotted and how to break seals that kept the so-called gods trapped and if you humans empowering corrupted politicans and freemasons/illuminati had something to do with it if for that reason time is running out and if i had to resort to starting apocalypse officially no matter how much Mary would plead to me to not end life on earth if GOD would understand that if apocalypse would sadly be only solution if at least sparing innocent humans and many other humans if i felt i had responsibillity to end things if also humans wasted their chances if continued to cheat continued with violence, killing and stealing and billinairs not want to end poverty for those reasons i would let apocalypse begin if i predicted war would still exist after year 2000 after birth of CHRIST if i created humans over 100000 years ago if it was so long ago i barely could remember anything of it if humans and angels werent so much different if GOD created angels if i based much of humanity on how angels are you could hate me if you want to but i will not stop if thinking i cant let everything slide ignoring theres suffering if ending life on earth so every innocent human who lived in poverty would get to be in heaven free from worries of hunger able to enjoy much and do fun things and have some friends even befriend an angel or two if i had two options apocalypse or go down to earth again and take more with me this time not take chances
but if GOD never wanted me to leave her again i wouldnt have wanted to and let instead apocalypse begin before time running competely out and we all being doomed or having to fight them again and if i would felt rusty
i hope it wouldnt come to fighting if i returned back to being LUCIFER not a human illusion thinking im a human if some wanted to keep me alive if knew i am LUCIFER and if some tried to scare GOD if said im dead as for creating you if you would ask why i created you i would say its kind of out of curiostiy of what would happen how the outcome will be humanity if you achieve true peace without me holding you humans in the hand if you could give up violence and war even not break the commandments again not killing for sure if cia did kill for sake of protecting people i woild let them go to purgatpory if giving them little mercy but if killed in cold blood and liked killing that kind of human would only negatively influence everyone in heaven, purgatory and of course earth if i would feel i had to punish many to get some to straighten up a little if GOD felt she never could punish anyone not even slap me if she was little upset would you be surprised if GOD was that much kindhearted if i had to try takecare of most upholding that justice being kept if even punish some humans and if convinced GOD she had to also fight the so-called gods if wanted everyone to live and innocent humans and angels alikenever suffer for ones lust for power and dominance and killing anyone who dared to speak back and too GOD i want to say im sorry if i hurt her feelings or made her feel pretty much lonely and depressed and hoping to make it up to her and aboout me as LUCIFER if you say that im evil what can make you sure its truth if its not some that wants to look good to gain trust if even tried to twist truth of GOD somewhat and making up few false words and if JESUS was someone who could have stopped them so if they souht to destroy him that they wouldnt been having reason to panic it would say much if they thought that death on the cross would silence people not disobeying but if that never stopped many believers and tried a back-up plan its scary if they could scheme very much i hope innocent humans and angels will never suffer if after i return to heaven and try clean up mess and set things right thats all i wanted to say bye GOD BLESS YOU AND MAY LUCIFER BLESS YOU TOO.

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by Anonymous - 7/19/15 9:23 AM
You are really really high. You're an idiot.

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