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by ROBERT MRVELJ - 12/01/14 2:02 AM
Heres a question if GOD and LUCIFER are indeed mother and son if had 2 sons and 1 daughter together and conceived JESUS CHRIST if i were LUCIFER in human form powerless for time being if i in distant past created planet earth, purgatory, hell and music if i did create all that and GOD created univers, heaven and angels if i did love GOD for what seemed like forever
if i were in reality over 100 million years old would you felt surprised if GOD felt sad and lonely much before i came and if then had family if felt happy so much and if felt i wanted others to have chance to be happy too if created you humans because i deep inside wanted to see if you could try be happy not fight and if you would not be afraid of loving eachother if even a mother fell in love with her son/daughter or aunt falling in love with nephew/niece or 2 cousins or brother and sister falling in love same wiht uncle and niece even father and daughter if all not being married and testing if mother had feelings for son if she was married to a man for the time if she would make choice between remain married to the man she married or divorcing and love her son even more like when girlfriend loving her boyfriend if mother and son and brother and sister were in heaven if both were happy if did things together even sleeped together and took bath together i would think thats nice some still loving eachother no matter what anyone trying to say if loving eachother for good times and bad times if few do ever remember meaning of those words if some just got blinded by media, alcohol/sake, fear and law
same would be if 36 year-old woman fell in love with 16 year-old boy if i would try protect them letting everyone blame me if i wanted many to be honest not deny feelings and accept if even 24 year-old woman and 15 year-old boy fell in love if they even were like friends for long time if did some things together if the woman did like the boy because of how he is thats not wrong if she spent time with him if they bonded they could trust eachother not needed to feel afraid if only thing that stood in the way was law and overprotective parents if law was created to make sure some couldnt feel happy if knew that would lead to cheating and breaking commandmetns and some wanting to blind humans and misguide everyone even deeper if sometimes if even sister loved brother so much but couldnt be married to him or even make love to him and he love her too if because of law and many badmouthing incest was making sister afraid lied to herself tried to find someone else and if got married hoped she could forget him and that she not have problems but if she werent able to forgot her brother and if that lead to cheating if drank alcohol/sake could bring out bad thought and make one cheat and if sometimes because one hasnt found the one right for her if the brother would been the one right for her while someone else not loving brother or son that way if younger woman loving slightly older man or two women loving eachother sister or mother or not being related if many of you can deny it but if you couldnt hide it forever and that you would risked dying miserable and alone and if you were a sister if you deeply loved your brother but not being honest because many would badmouth you if fear made you hesitate and you cheating if was married if your brother never breaked any commandment if he went to heaven while you went to hell if that would make you unable to be reunited with brother and if you didnt break commandments if never cheated if divorced instead and if both of you were in heaven if i asked you two to be honest if you do love eachother and that i and GOD would support them all the way i guess i would sound like an psychologist and counsceller in this one and i think that i would start apocalypse if there was something that would happen within 5 months or 4 years if apocalypse didnt begin if evil so-called gods would been free everyone getting ensalved and suffering fate worse than death i wish it wont happen i trying to leave earth through death and if i am LUCIFER and if i did say the truth i do need to hurry and dont blame me if you end up in purgatory or hell after death on earth think over what you have done in your life if wishing to go to heaven and i do intend to apologize to GOD for making her feel little sad, lonely and depressed wishing to make her happy and cheerful again thats all bye GOD BLESS YOU AND MAY LUCIFER BLESS YOU TOO.

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by Anonymous - 6/30/15 8:10 AM
You need to set that pipe down brother, take a few hits of fresh air, est a sandwich, and get some rest,

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