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by LUCIFER/JEHOVAH - 8/11/15 1:13 AM
I speak of what i think, feel and believe you can go ahead and laugh at me all you want you can mock me all you want and you can insult me all you want but you wont break me so here goes nothing i guess. Im both LUCIFER and JEHOVAH thats who i really am as for GOD she is a of course a woman and she is and was my real mother she gave birth to me and she lost her virginity to me and i gave her my virginity i have no father really. GOD have like 12 sisters (one of them being her twin sister) and they all have the same mother but have no father. GODs mother namely my divine grandmother developed incredibly strong feelings of love for little old me but i was at the time foolish and stuborn maybe ignorant too i rejected her i ignored her and i pushed her away but i think she still likes me still wants to be with me. I think my divine grandmother loves me even to the point of obsession and she not wanted to give up on liking me if she even would said something i cant imagine loving anyone else would ypi felt amazed if she was that devoted to loving me and only me if she did almost always or maybe always were thinking about me and even were dreaming about me and if she felt interested in becoming a mother again and felt tempted to have children again specially after heard about 2 humans who were grandmother and grandson conceived a child together if she would dreamt about having a little family with me i wouldnt felt surprised if she would imagined starting a family with little old me. I could have given my divine grandmother at least one chance as long as she never had sex with even one animal even once if happened once then i cant have sex with her telling her that and hoping she can accept but that we still spend time together but if she amazingly is still a virgin then i would gladly have sex with her i would called her amazing if she was still a virgin and if she was the most patient living being in all of existence and calling the strongest woman to exist. I wonder what many humans would reacted if my divine grandmother and i conceived a couple of twins for example wonder what ones like MARY MAGDALENE (JESUS CHRISTs human mother), JOHN the baptist, JOSEPH, ANNE, JOACHIM and ISMERIA would reacted and it would been little surprising if ANNE felt tempted to commit incest with JESUS CHRIST her divine grandson namely my youngest son i wonder what JESUS would felt if he was about to get new sibilings and i would felt little surprised i guess if GOD wanted to have more children with me if she missed being mother and if my divine grandmother missed being a mother too if GOD wanted to become a mother again so badly i would try to conceive a child with her but i telling her i cant guarantee hoping she will understand and accept it. I will tell GOD and everyone else that are close to me that i do care about them i always will till the end of time and if my divine grandmother have amazingly saved her virginity it would amazed me and i would promised i could stayed with her maybe forever because i know she havent done things that would be too dirty for any very powerful being specially for these kinds of beings including all nigh-omnipotent beings and all omnipotent beings in all of existence i hope at least GOD and my divine grandmother wont degrade themselves down to sex with animals ever no matter how tempting it may be i hope they will remain strong to resist all temptations in the universe . Thats all i had to say farewell you foolish, blind, naive and misguided mortals.

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