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Saurian infiltration

by Logic - 3/02/17 7:10 PM
If a nation's citizens do not fully support the effort, then that nation will ultimately lose any war with an equally powerful and especially more powerful outside enemy no matter how hard the "government" might fight. There are many in high-levels of government who may be unknowingly serving the alien (saurian) plan simply because they are "following orders" from their higher ups, powerful government officials who may be either sell-outs to the conspiratorial or even 'alien' plan in exchange for certain promises, may even be implanted or controlled mentally through some method of alien technology which is a well documented fact among abductees as we shall see, or who may be going along with the "plan" for fear of their jobs, their families, or their very lives if they do not cooperate. Then there are those in the media who are being used by these draconian powers, whether consciously or unconsciously, to desensitize a whole generation of young people and condition them to the idea of hominoid "reptilians", which are presented through various media programs as being harmless and friendly. Just look at the incredible financial gains of those who promote this idea through the different facets of the media. Are they being 'rewarded' for their obedience? The Cosmic Grand Deception pt. 2 PLEASE REMEMBER while reading these reports (Files) that one should not "condemn" any human or group of humans who may be exposed in these writings for their part in becoming caught-up in the "Grand Deception." Although humanity as a whole is to some degree responsible for "opening the door" for this infernal invasion and infiltration of our society, we also acknowledge that many who are caught-up in the alien scenario are involved in it out of ignorance, having been told that the saurians are only here to lead the human race into "enlightenment". This is a farce in that the occult teachings which the serpent races have inspired certain groups with are simply methods of alien "control", or rather alien-inspired methods of releasing one's control over their minds and bodies so that the saurians and their non-physical "allies" (i.e. the fallen angelics or "infernals") .

In ancient times the Creator placed a judgment and a curse upon the serpent race which will eventually be fulfilled (it is now in the PROCESS of being fulfilled). God would not have placed such a judgment upon a creature unless it/they themselves had a free will - in this case a free choice to reject the Creator and turn to the evil one in exchange for power over the human race, the earth and beyond. The serpent race was the only other physical race, other than the human race, which could have rebelled against the Creator as it was originally the most intelligent and advanced by far of all the members of the animal kingdom, and the only other creature other than man with the ability to "reason". Unlike man it/they possessed no eternal soul, but nevertheless were very close to man in it's ability to intellectually discern the various workings and complexities of nature. Of course after the absolute corruption of this "race" such intellectual knowledge was horribly corrupted to serve the serpent's insatiable lust for power and control. Just as the Creator does not wish that any human soul be destroyed by these draconian powers, neither do we. Any exposition which we may present for the purpose of exposing any human or human group involved in the alien "Grand Deception" is not designed to condemn to destruction the humans involved; but instead to warn them and to wake them up out of the trance they are in, which in turn is the result of the continual "raping" of their minds by the "controllers". It is our hope that they would turn from the Serpent and begin trusting in "The Lamb" of God, who came to this planet for the express purpose of crushing the "Beast" or the "Serpent" and its power over the human race.

She is a Saurian demon period. I did not read this I know this . Something wrong with her neck always wearing turtle necks.

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RE: Saurian infiltration

by Logic - 3/03/17 6:28 PM
She works for Soros. Valerie Jared evil Saurian Parasite. Moves in with Barry and Mike , how nice.

RE: Saurian infiltration

by Logic - 3/04/17 9:16 AM
When my spelling seems wrong use your brain

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