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Properties of the number 100







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There was a $100 dollar what does it mean

by ron coop - 7/09/16 8:27 AM
there was a $100 dollars on my walk in a wind of 45 miles a hour i had prayed to GOD to show me if he was still with me with all my hurting, i went out in the storm and there it laid,not moving in the wind, i told my wife i should go look again there laid a $10.00 bill what does it mean,i think GOD is showing me somethink.

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by Anonymous - 12/06/15 9:50 PM
riding an elephant

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how to interpret the meaning of phophetic word that was given to me.

by Theresa - 3/21/15 3:27 PM
The one line in this prophecy that was given to me says. " You have believed for a city limit sign, city limit sign in the town you live in and many other surrounding area, behold God is granting you a more than a conquers status

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Momentary Moments for Just A Little....(RE: While I Wait)

by Mystical Numerology (Clock Numerology) - 11/16/11 3:40 AM
1:00 PM = 13:00

13 seconds = 0.0036111 Hours
--->361st Day = 12/26 (dec 26/Leap Year)
--->12:26 PM = 00:26

God = 26.0 (english)
Whom is Yehoshua HaMashiach? = 260 (english gematria)
--->Jesus the Messiah (Hebrew Language)

13 seconds = 0.00216666 Minutes (not 2 min 16 sec)
---->The Father of the Universe = 2016 (reverse eng. gem.)
---->Who is the Messiah's Father? = 2016 (reverse eng. gem.)

2160 years for every Zodiac Sign (ie Procession of the Equinox)
Square Root of 13 = 3.60

He who created the Universe = 360 (reverse english)
360 degrees in the Universe (sphere, egg, etc)

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