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Properties of the number 1001




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19 Comments for Number 1001 Symbolism, 1001 Meaning and Numerology

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by anonymous - 6/21/10 5:10 AM
I always look at the clock at 10:01am/pm. 1001 was my registration number for my athletics club for 10yrs (and possibly 1 month)this freaks me out, as this was a big part of my life. I want to understand why i always see 10:01, i just keep telling myself that it's become a routine time for me to look at the clock, maybe subconciously i think 'i wonder what time it is' and look at the clock at this time? But today, in maths class my friend asked someone the time and they said it's not me - is it something around me??? or just a coinsidence?

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by Michael - 7/15/14 6:57 AM
Just did a search for this, been seeing the same for many years now as well. I usually have a pretty sweet day when I catch it... prolly just a psychological thing

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by Jdel - 6/25/14 11:42 AM
And I thought, I was the only person in the world who's experiencing this... Maybe we need to investigate more... Let start with "When did it start happening?". As far as I can remember, mine started when I met my fiance 7 years ago.

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by The Anomaly - 11/28/12 7:21 PM
10:01... I have always seen this number, for as long as I can remember. It's not that I haven't seen the other numbers -- that would be silly. But it's always managed to catch my eye. Or rather. It would just happen to be the number displayed when I turned to look at a clock, or a television, or even a string of code. I never presumed much of it. But I sit here now, many years later. And I still notice it. 10:01. I happened to stumble upon this site, in search of some kind of meaning behind it. I have learned a couple of things here. And have likewise stumbled upon a group of individuals who have noticed the same thing. Suppose it does have some deeper meaning than some random coincidence. But what?

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RE: 10:01

by Anonymous - 6/02/14 5:52 PM
i always see this time everytime i look at my clock its always there and when i leave go to look at my clock but dont then come back and look its 10:01 is anyone out there know what it means??


by Bob - 1/07/13 9:34 PM
Earlier i got a phone call and the number that came up was you guessed it 1001
Any ideas on what it means

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RE: 1001

by Anonymous - 2/23/14 9:06 AM
Me too.


by prasad - 11/17/12 2:03 AM
daily i had seen this number in clock,tv,cellphones,car number.while i see this number i get special boosted,i do know get the answer mean please call me+ 91_ 8608836943

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1001 is a special number

by NumbersGuy - 10/27/10 11:34 AM
Numbers we consider lucky or unlucky are 7, 11 and 13. They are also amongst the first 6 primary numbers. Because they can not be wholly devided they are special or magic/lucky numbers. Kind of like geometries-out-of-time. They have a special place. The number 11 has a place in every language on Eath meaning one left over. 12 means two left over. The Hebrews and the acient Arabs new that 1001 was a magic number. The Arabs still reveer the number. To the Jews the word means symmetry or perfection. What do the "lucky" numbers have to do with 1001? Do the math 7x11x13=1001

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RE: 1001 is a special number

by Anonymous - 2/18/12 12:08 AM
And 7+11+13=31. And in Hebrew 31 is the number EL, God. So, 1001 really is the number of The Prince.
The Prince of Holland was born on 27-4-1967 and This man was born on 22-01-1970 at 1:10 a.m. and this was precicly 1001 nights.
So, this is the dude who will bring God into this world.



by Azim - 1/04/12 12:25 PM
i see 10:01 a lot too!! couldn't find any answer. As there is a long list of alike, i thought i would get the answer. Can someone please explain.

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by KyaniteFox - 9/26/11 9:59 PM
1001 is my bday, addresses ive lived at, time on the phone, etc. I began to see 12:34 often and things began to happen. I manifest my own awake spiritually. This site will help you guys out alot! Come join me. Starseeds
Search me by name and i'll be glad to answer any questions I can. ^_^

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These numbers

by Javaughnte - 1/18/11 8:43 AM
Yeah first it was and still is 117 know it's this one. What's going on?

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by Clark - 12/02/10 3:57 PM
I see this alot

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by Anonymous - 5/21/09 7:03 AM

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RE: io

by HouseJustice - 3/19/10 9:08 AM
It could mean:

"End of the Beginning" (ie "10/ End" of the "Beginning/ 01" =10.01)

But I am not a certified numerologist. Ask the United Nations