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Properties of the number 1008




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15 Comments for Number 1008 Symbolism, 1008 Meaning and Numerology

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by Matt Ray-a - 10/09/15 11:18 AM
I just found out, I was born at 10:08 on 10/08. mother named me in English the HEBREW equivalent of the number 1008. That is just cosmic! The fact that the next phrase "YOU COMPLETE ME" (1008) also means I complete the composite "sonship" that is likened to the Transfiguration. The whole world is waiting for this "second coming" and the "Elijah" figure to explain the rest of the passages of prophecy. The truth "amen of amen" is I know it, but only because of HIM that showed it to me. Praise Jah you people!

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RE: 1008

by Anonymous - 5/14/17 6:26 AM
That's exactly the same for me! Born 10/08 and that number keeps presenting itself. There was one point that I would see it every single day for months and it has started again.

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by Satish - 5/30/16 1:46 AM

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1008 in cell phone commercials

by Anonymous - 7/16/13 6:02 PM
I have been seeing 10:08 over, and over again in certain cell phone commercials. Always on the phones clock, 10:08; keep a look out for it

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RE: 1008 in cell phone commercials

by Anonymous - 12/17/14 10:23 AM
Yes! I've noticed the same thing and wondered about it. . .

meaning of 1008

by shri - 11/26/12 12:43 AM
I always found 1008 around me;what its mean for me.

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RE: meaning of 1008

by roman dela cruz - 11/02/14 2:55 PM
Same here.forabout20years now. I think it is a a radio channel for a higher path.either that or a guardian angel. Happy to hear this is among other people.God is Real

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Jesus Ain't No Incense Burner

by Chris Landreth (clock numerology) - 11/15/11 10:36 AM
10:08 PM = 22:08
What is the Number of Yehoshua HaMashiach? = 2280 (english gem.)
--->Jesus the Messiah (Hebrew Language)

22/8 (aug 22) = 234th Day
The Number of the Messiah = 234 (english)

228th Day = 8/16 (aug 16)
--->816 seconds = 13:36 (min/sec)
--->13:36 = 1:36 PM

One Hundred Thirty-Six = 260 (english)
Whom is Yehoshua HaMashiach? = 260 (english)
God = 26.0 (english)

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by Sean - 8/26/11 9:52 AM
Shiva is part of the hindu trinity it is how the hindu's see God or the Divine (to them there is only one God which reveals his/her self in many forms depending on what is required - a christian similarity is God showing him self through an Archangel for example). he is called the destroyer as it is the cycle of creation, he is also the bringer of Light and the destroyer of ignorance (which is equivalent to sin in christianity). Shakti is his consort or wife (basically his power which is feminine) Shakti (also called Durga, Kali, Pravati) is the Goddess Destroyer of Evil (not the evil goddess of destruction). In her form of Kali (which is a scary but sacred image) she is reviling her self as the master over evil and is standing on a demon of ignorance. the story says that she will destroy all the ignorance and evil in man with her weapons of Light.

The 1008 is referring to the 1008 names of the Mother Divine. Hindus don't see God as Male. but as both Male and Female at once. they believe God ultimately... more...

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meaning of 1008 number

by Anonymous - 5/26/11 4:20 AM
we have very short n sweet reason why bramhans use 108

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by Burlik Voln Gharst - 3/23/10 4:40 AM
She who is Queen = 1008
She who is Female = 888

PS- The Feminine has it -everytime! LOL

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by Voln Gharst - 12/30/09 11:16 AM
There are 1008 Names for the Shiva

Matteyia = 1008 (Hebrew)
You Complete me = 1008 (Hebrew)

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