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by Jonny - 5/25/10 7:55 AM
It is next to impossible to use words to describe what has happened to me. I can only see meaning in numbers. I was diagnosed with Bi-polar (manic-depressive) disorder when I was 18. 11:11. This means 'synchonisation to me'. To are the following. I hope it helps someone somewhere.

0 = unity
1 = beginning
2 = relationship
3 = change
4 = control
5 = change of spiritual path
6 = ...... meant to mean reaction/responsibility
7 = Communication/Thought/Heaven/Peace/Consiousness
8 = Prosperity (Not always in a good way)
9 = Completion/The End

Thank you for taking the time to read these.

I love you.


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by Melissa - 1/14/16 2:05 AM
I think this will help me alot. Hope you better soon though! And thanks for taking the time to write it

RE: 0

by Anonymous - 6/26/16 2:31 AM
Insightful, no words to say. God is with you.

RE: 0

by Magenta - 12/07/17 6:10 AM
Thanks Jonny...hope you are well 😇

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by Morgain - 12/05/16 5:05 PM
101 = perfection within duality

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by Phillip - 9/07/16 9:13 AM
Past, living moment, future

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by zee - 6/14/16 5:17 PM
101=christian in english ordinal a1b2c3

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maple leaf

by Canada - 6/01/16 9:52 AM
wow really good who ever you are

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by Anonymous - 1/03/16 5:59 PM
I don't know where I got it. :(

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name number 101

by Christie - 12/08/14 1:14 AM
My name number is 101
I was born on 3/29/1970
It was Easter Sunday that year.
My husband,Matthew's name number is 79.
I have another number 1532 it's referenced to as barber, I actually was a licensed hairstylist. I don't remember how I got 1532. I happened to come across an article about Mary Magdalene possibly being a hair dresser!neat coincidence ✌💕

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RE: name number 101

by Anonymous - 11/18/15 6:02 PM
Im Joshua also known as 101

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by Pinky - 10/12/14 5:55 AM
Hey guys me too always see 11 11 and 101..

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RE: 101

by Anonymous - 10/08/15 2:11 PM
I too have been sieng 11:11, it was three days in a row, than the enemy attacked me but didnt win and after that day I seen it again next day. I looked up the biblical number and remembered what I began to pray about, and message said to be careful what we think or it will manifest and become true: to keep thoughts right, and it also meant Angels watching over me, I love you Lord God, u are worthy!


by Mona - 9/14/15 10:06 AM
Back in 2001 I lived in apartment 101 and I woke up smoking weed and thought that something was going to happen to my sister she said I gotta go to work an I ran out the door behind her following her to her car begging her not to go an she did anyway so I went back in to our apartment 101 an shut the door I was blacking out so I went over to eat sum cold chicken out the refrigerator and drunk water didn't feel it go down so I was losing my strength and as I was going down a light bulb flashed in my head an I begin to call on JESUS God and gained my strength I received the gift to speak in tongues I been cleanses delivered an fill with the Holy Ghost all in one day so 101 means everything to me etc.

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by Bill - 12/25/14 8:16 PM
I met my wife on divorce 101, her first flight to meet me was flight 101, we got a motel room and it was room #202, we agreed that made perfect since because we were together now... long story short, 101 kept popping up during our time together and we both knew it was our number. Sadly to say, she contacted an extremely rare form of cancer, only known case in the United States. She passed away on the first day of spring on Sept. 23rd, 2011, I had gone to the mall to top off my attire for the funeral and with everything I had purchaced it came to $101.23... about a month after the funeral I got to wondering about how many days starting from the 23rd as 1 24th as 2 and so on clear to the first of the new year and guess what??? 101 day on 1-01. So to me the #101 has a lot of meaning and I'll never think that it is just a mear freak of nature... it is from God.

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RE: 101

by Anonymous - 8/24/15 9:47 PM
im so sorry,do you know about the alkaline diet? I hope u be okey.greets


by brother - 6/01/15 6:01 PM
Christian =101 in English ordinal

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by Davi - 12/07/14 3:28 PM
E seu eu dissesse para vocês, que o numero do meu nome é 101, oque será significa?

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by Jaresiah - 10/26/14 2:08 PM

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by Pinky - 10/12/14 5:59 AM
Hey i am from India and I keep seeing those number and see my last post time it was 5.55

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I would love to speak to you all!

by JC Johnson - 6/07/12 3:30 PM
I have written about this number in my book woman vs womaniser & the journey it has taken me on.I have seen this number for years & wondered about it's importance and relevance in life. I would like to discuss it in depth with anyone else who has experienced 101

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RE:I would love to speak to you all!

by R - 9/06/14 8:34 AM
Two years later I'm experiencing the 101 and would like to talk to you.
my email is loganultima

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same subject ..

by ribal - 10/22/13 5:22 AM
i seee also that number is been like more than 5 years and im reallly confused about it and i was readin all these comments in here but i feeel like there is somethin about it hope one day to understand what does that means

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by Steve - 7/18/12 7:03 PM
I found this sight because I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced seeing the number 1101 as often as I do. I see it daily in the most random places.

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RE: 1101

by Jon - 8/22/13 3:56 AM
Today is first time its ever entered my thick skull to google the significance of the number 101. Apparently I'm not alone. Until today I always wondered what it meant. I see it in digital clocks, I open a book & its page 101, I rent a motel room & get 101, I'm a passenger in a car, look out the window & see the building is 101. This went on for years, its tapered off now, I don't know why, maybe I finally listened to angels or they gave up on me, but I still consider 101 to be my number

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by Morpheus - 7/11/12 7:08 PM
I am a dreamer, I remember dreams most everyday for as long as I have a memory. 101 is the only number I have ever been told in a dream and knew it was important but I can not for the life of me figure out what the meaning is.

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Re: 101

by Morpheus - 4/28/13 2:39 AM
I think I have it figured out, it is indeed very simple. From one, to everything, back to one. All is one - peace.

God spoke first...then light

by Martha - 7/28/12 7:42 AM
God *said*...128Hz = 11 (if one follows numerology) = Perfect A

"Let there be *light*..432Hz is the frequency of light = 9 = perfect C


AC...hum...alternating current, flow...waves..up and down.. Draw the number 8, the symbol for infinity. Do you see the top flowing counter -clockwise and the bottom clockwise?

Sound and light. Remind you of lightning? Ever see ball lightning? I have and it is astounding. The flash and the sound happen simultaneously.

Those are the only true frequencies...all the others have to be rounded up or down.

Total = 20...God's Algorithm/God's number...the shortest route to create order from chaos.Discovered by Kent State math students using a LOT of computer time. His SOLUTION...5x4.

5 is the number that appears in the center of the "Yin/Yang" symbol. Aether...the fifth element. The "heavenly" element. Represented by a 5 pointed star Or the symbol of man...head + 2 arms, 2 legs (extremities move)...Vitruvian Man by da Vinci.

From a book called The Secret of Light: "There... more...

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RE: God spoke first...then light

by Anonymous - 12/26/12 3:33 PM
CORRECTION: In 1973, in Akita in Japan, the Virgin Mary appeared to Sister Agnes Sasagawa and for this day she received daily messages in these appearances. The statue of her convent, an exact copy of the Our-Lady image of all Nations, poured tears on 101 occasions. Just like the appearances in Amsterdam, the messages of Sister Agnes refer to the Virgin Mary like redeemer with the Christ. One day, her guardian angel appeared to her with a Bible opened. When Sister Agnes recognized the passage of chapter 3, verse 15 of the book of the Genesis, the angel explained to her: "There is a meaning to the number 101. It means that the sin has entered in the world by a man and it is by a "woman" that will come the salvation. The zero between the two 1, represents the God eternal, being of all eternity until the eternity. The first 1 represents Eve and the second, the Virgin Mary." The Father Yasuda, the spiritual director of Sister Agnes, commented that this passage of the Genesis is considered as the first gleam of the salvation, the first promise of a Saviour, made by God. It is also the first verse of the Bible referring to the Immaculate Conception of Mary, who never was under the domination of Satan.

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by jeannie - 10/12/12 7:17 AM
seeking the meaning behind 101

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strange appearance

by Pamela - 9/08/12 7:31 AM
I had the number 101 along with chinses symbol sudden appear on my forearm, what does it mean?

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by iris - 8/15/12 5:06 AM
hi i c almost every day those mantion numbers. Lyk 11:11 .. 911.. 101.. 10:10.. 12:12 specialy 11:11 i see it im my digetal clock evry day . you guys confusing ppls .they are just a number nothing much. DON'T WAST YOUR TIME

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Mainly 58 (RE: A Pair of Two's)

by Mr. Mike "Dilly Dally" Emerson - 4/08/12 6:54 PM
10.1 minutes = 10:06 (min/sec)
10:06 is opposite 2:54 on a clock face **identity below**

2:54 (min/sec) = 2.9 minutes
00:29 = 12:29 AM
12:29 is opposite 6:31 on a clock face
6:31 (min/sec) = 391 seoconds
--->Yeshua = 391 (hebrew/greek)

1:01 is opposite 11:59 on a clock face

1159.0 (seen below)
What is Yeshua's Number? = 2259 (jewish)
--->22:59 = 10:59 PM

101 seconds = 0.0280555 hours
--->28.50 minutes = 1710 seconds
--->17.10 minutes = 1026 seconds
--->1026 is opposite 2:34 on a clock face

The Number of the Messiah = 234 (english)

IESOUS = 888 (greek/hebrew)
--->hr/min/sec hand at 8/8/8/ = 8:40:40
84040 seconds = 23.3444 hours

Yehoshua HaMeshiach = 754 (hebrew)
754 seconds = 12:34 (min/sec)
12:34 AM = 00:34
34 x 34 = 1156

11.5666 minutes = 11:34 (min/sec)
11:34 PM = 23:34

GOD = 86 (hebrew)
86 seconds = 1:26 (min/sec)
1:26 is opposite 23:34 on a clock face

GOD = 354 (greek)
3:54 PM = 15:54
154 seconds = 2:34 (min/sec)

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number 101

by mary - 1/02/12 8:12 PM
was born on 1/01 at 1:01 and my name ismary,little spooky

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101 !!!

by Anonymously Known? - 11/08/11 12:19 PM
I don't know if this means anything, but I was jus sitting here minutes ago and thought of the coming YU55, and thought of - Y=25 U=21, 25+21=46, 46+55 = 101 Not sure if it means anything, I don't know.

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RE: 101 !!!

by Anonymously Known? - 11/09/11 7:09 AM
Welp, Asteroid YU55 must have been a Doomsday joke on the world because nothing happened, and here's why : 101=lol (LOL).