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Properties of the number 108







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Number 108 in dreams

by Florida - 4/10/16 9:31 AM
For the last several nights, I've had normal, non scary dreams where the number 108 appears on signs, receipts, t-shirts ECT. Nothing big or different has happened in my life really. We have the same worries other people have with money! Any insights?

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fibonacci sequence

by Anonymous - 12/13/13 8:22 AM
108 phi code

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RE: fibonacci sequence

by Anonymous - 4/01/16 9:27 PM
It means youve completed a cycle of karma and have had a rebirth of ego. You are now free because you chose to let go of a karmic cycle! You should no longer think you are doomed to repeat the same cycle over and over, youve finally earned the lesson and forgiven and let go of the emotional baggage, you have placed your faith and worry in divine hands and you were released from a karmic cycle. Please try to strive towards dharma cause the universe can only give you what you believe you want or need. I think of it as divine and a miracle, definitely auspicious! Death and Rebirth

feeling a calling towards the number 108

by Bay Area, California - 2/14/15 2:28 AM
experiencing a connection with this number. If you have anything recent to add please let us know

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RE:feeling a calling towards the number 108

by Gracef8 - 2/22/16 12:45 AM
What is this? The Universe has been sending me this number for many years, Way before the 11:11 phenomenon, I saw 108.

RE:feeling a calling towards the number 108

by Alicia - 3/16/16 4:19 PM
I saw this number in my dream a few nights ago...I lost my husband of 14 years to sucide about 2 years ago...I dated a few people but nothing serious...met this guy about 2 months ago and had this dream with him in it and I kept seeing the number 108. ..I feel so connected with him like we have known each other forever...what does this number symbolize? I never heard of it before the dream...and now when I Google it seems pretty popular. ..

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