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I see this number everywhere!

by Bella - 1/16/16 7:58 AM
this is wild...The number 113 has been part of my life since the early 90s. it was my first boyfriend and I's anniversary date. we dated on and off for 13 years. Its my favorite aunts birthday. I drove a car w the plates 113A a few years ago. I see all the time. On Receipts. On License Plates. Addresses. Movies. Clocks. Social Media. ect. Everywhere....I truly believe there's a connection with this number and a higher power.

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RE: I see this number everywhere!

by Brian Neris - 11/16/17 1:39 AM
I honestly thought i was the only one, ive lived in 2 apartments with the number #113 , everytime im doing something significant i look at the time and it happens, i used to wake up as a little kid at 1:14 and feel scared and confused. I know its a higher power but i dont know what its trying to communicate.

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I have this number in numerology

by Domeico - 9/03/17 5:15 PM
What does this number mean an what has it to do with me

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My husband and I See this number...

by Em - 8/13/17 9:33 PM
See it everywhere.. today twice.. one was the size of a file at work, the other the amount of views on a link about the solar eclipse. I will start to document when we see it now that I read people's comments about the phases of the moon.

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113 points in basketball​

by LeBron James - 6/08/17 8:49 PM
GS scored 113 in game one of 2017 finals, the Cavs scored 113 in games two and three. Does that mean anything. Just casually trying to spark a conspiracy theory, as per. #WarriorsBlowA3-0Lead.

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RE: 113 points in basketball​

by Anonymous - 6/09/17 5:48 PM
I think it's LeBron paying his debt to the league for Cleveland winning

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by 113 - 3/17/17 7:16 PM
I've been seeing this number since 1/13/2010 mostly when I'm angry, sad, or when karma just hit me,

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113 and the moon.

by Anonymous - 3/04/17 11:03 AM
I see the 113 quite often during the first quarter and last quarter of the moon cycle.

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by Ron - 2/15/17 11:08 AM
lately number 113 has been appearing often. Seems to be aligned with phases of the moon.

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What Brought Me Here !

by Charlie M - 3/31/16 5:41 PM
What can I say.. I'm here.. just like the rest of you.. 113..

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RE: What Brought Me Here !

by Charlie M - 2/06/17 6:03 AM
I have no idea what it means, just like the rest of the people who are seeing this number.. yes, I see it on the microwave oven, logging on and off the net, view counts on vids and all the other places that have been mentioned?
I suppose one of us will eventually find the answer to this mystery and hopefully post it.. but I strongly suspect it will be like "when somebody finds the edge of space everything will cease to exist".
However, if I make the discovery, I will do my best to post the answer before I get sucked into a black hole. :-)

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Just passing through

by Hizson - 10/31/16 8:32 PM
"kingdom of God" = 113

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113 number

by Anonymous - 9/08/16 2:19 PM
My birthday is 01/31 and my first lover is 11/13. My current lover also shares this 11/13 birthday. There is a 13 year gap between their ages. I see combinations of this number randomly throughout my day. No idea what it means and looking for answers as I feel that there is something significant about these number synchronicities.

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Hidden message

by Jarod 2016 - 8/08/16 9:47 PM
Hello there

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I need your help

by toejoe - 5/12/16 2:58 PM
I need your help I sometimes see faces or names and numbers when I close my eyes. This time is saw 113 and a symbol I do not recognize, it looks like the head of a Phillips head screwdriver only in a flat one dimensional way. then I saw Africa as it appears on the global map and in red was the town a BRAZZAVILLE. I didn't know that this place even existed much less what the significance of it is. What does all this mean?

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Apartment price

by Nic - 4/27/16 12:27 AM
What impact will this have on the occupants , apartment was bought for price 113,000

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by Omega222Alpha - 3/22/16 12:25 AM
January 13 or Nisan 13 the day of the 10th plague to pharoah of egypt and passover of the angel of death to kill every first born which led to the exodus freeing the Israelites also in the book of Esther the day the decree was made to kill all the Israelites men woman and children on Nisan 13 which became a Jewish holiday also the day Jesus was crucified Nisan 13 which is the led into passover which is also the day of the world record breaking billion dollar lottory ticket which is symbolic for my daughters first birthday who is from the bible and the reason why God planed all of this to line up to January 13 or Nisan 13 or 113 and alot more to it you can watch God prove himself on my youtube channel Omega222Alpha

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RE: Seeing 113 for years

by lucky one - 7/16/09 7:25 AM
Hi, I've been seeing this number for years now too... I thought I was looking for it.

AND it's my birthday - 1 /13.

Anyone else have it as a birthday? I also have 2 relatives with the same birthday,

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RE:RE: Seeing 113 for years

by RWMDRON DUNSTER - 5/06/15 6:38 PM
Have been seeing 113 for over 20 years now. Not sure what it means. Very curious. Can time it with the phases of the moon.

RE:RE: Seeing 113 for years

by Anonymous - 9/21/15 1:09 AM
I too have been seeing 113 for more then 20 years. In the last few they have been mixing up 131, 1113, 331,... I have been looking for something to let new know, what? Read versus, chapters in all kinds of books and so on, my birthday is 2 7 69... AND FOR SOME REASON, SOMETIMES I WILL SEE 112 115 BUT NOT 114, I FIGURED 112 I'M EARLY 115 I'M LATE 113 ON TIME BUT NOW I SEE A LOT OF 114s and always 113s.... when it is time for me to know I will know

RE: RE: Seeing 113 for years

by EagleEye - 12/19/15 3:05 PM

RE: RE: Seeing 113 for years

by Called2bEsther - 2/11/16 1:29 PM
YES!!! My bday is 1/13 and Ive been seeing this number for years!! The first time I noticed it, was about 7 years ago. On my bday(1/13) I injured my right knee. Now I still see 113 and not I am seeing 1113.

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by Anonymous - 1/16/16 9:27 AM
We may have been chosen for something.

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the number is cursed and the proof is in the pudding

by Anonymous - 11/21/15 7:34 AM
I find it hard to believe it's just a coincidce the Paris attacks took place on 11/13

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RE: the number is cursed and the proof is in the pudding

by Pua - 12/19/15 3:00 PM
I thought about that too. 😁

Seeing 0113, 113, etc

by Laura - 5/31/15 9:21 PM
Hi , my birthday is 01-13 & all of a sudden about a year ago I started noticing I was seeing the number 113/0113 way more than ever before & it just seems more than coincidence. Some days it's not real pronounced & other days it's so much I think I'm going nuts & will even cringe wishing I hadn't seen it AGAIN! I don't look at the time frequently but almost every time I do there's a 113 in it. I've always had a strong intuition/6th sense & have been growing a deeper relationship with Christ- but God is not the author of confusion- usually when I get a "sign " from a God, there's no doubt what it means & that it was from Him but in this case I'm always left wondering.

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RE: Seeing 0113, 113, etc

by Anonymous - 12/15/15 11:26 AM
This number has been coming to me lately like crazy. I'm always seeing numbers . But this one kind of spooks me I wish I could find some clarity because it's worrying me

Finally I can go to a place to explain these #'s popping up at me!?!

by Eagles Wings - 12/02/15 9:33 PM
Rarely do I look at my milleage gage I did tonight 113311 mmmm didnt shock me like it did when there was 666. My friend said check out hebrew site and find meaning very interesting. I will be on this site often Thanks so much!!!

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by Aswin - 11/17/15 11:39 AM
Hi, guys i think we have something in common going on in here!! I started this when i was in 8th grade i guess... i was travelling in a bus n naturally started writing 113 with my finger.. it has been a habit ever since... i got to college and my phone number which i didnt choose but was handed to me by my university because i was a foriegner here.. ended in 113... and a lot other stuff.. anyone who reads the comment and is experiencing similar stuff can add me in wechat... id - ash_dudeism113 lets all get together and make a group and see what this is about.. i think we are destined for something! !

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RE: 113

by Anonymous - 12/02/15 9:22 PM
113311 was on my mileage gage tonight good wise friend said to go to a hebrew site to check meaning.... Very interesting

the 113/311 enigma

by bender113 - 10/22/15 9:45 AM
This # (and quazi obsession) was bestowed unto me from the brother of a friend over 15 years ago. I didn't think much of it at the time. But of course through the years it has reoccured more times than I can reference. I'm not one to jump on a bandwagon and attach myself to such folly but I no longer can ignore the possible significance of its nature. 113 (and sometimes 311). Shows itself far too much to be coincidental. Advertisements,dates,times,acct #,units of measurement, you name it its there. I've come to think that 113 may be a good # and 311 its antitheses. I kind of hope its all bollacks but i have a feeling it will all be revealed someday and an "I told you so" will be irrelevant due to its gravitas.

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Club 113

by Anonymous - 3/19/15 4:18 PM
After 10years of seeing this number everywhere and searching for a meaning as to what it's all about? Seeing on here so many others have also been going though the same thing with the numbers 113 makes me now question even more than ever and yet there really is no point because where would you find such answer to such a thing? Google...HA if only it was that easy! Personally I believe it's a sign much bigger than we will every know. Peace x

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RE: Club 113

by Anonymous - 10/21/15 12:38 PM
Here's a link you might want to check, Shiite Muslims all have 113 tattooed on their bodies or clothes. It is the number of chosen warriors who will return in judgement with imam al Mahdi a.s and Jesus


by Majestic - 7/18/15 3:47 AM
I nearly purchased two houses at separate times where the street number of one was 13 and the other 10. My address street number is 103. When I look at my digital clock most mornings, it reads 1:03. When shopping, watching TV or driving, I see 13. This number is in my life every day. My birth month and date totals 13. I wish I could say more on this post but can't.

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Number 113

by John - 5/16/12 9:57 AM
Wow! I thought i was really the only one. I was born on 11-13-64. I notice 113 a tremendous amount of times in the last couple of years. I usually wake up at night a couple of times a week at 1:13. I see it around all the time, when just glancing over at the clock. I told my wife and kids and they just think somethings wrong with me, but i try to point it out to them when i see it. I feel there is some significance to it but am not sure what. Glad I am not the only one.

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RE: Number 113

by Anonymous - 6/06/15 4:02 PM
It's so hard to describe to people but there's definitely something to it! Even tho I'm not a big clock looker sometimes I'll see it in the time like 5 times in a day sometimes all in a row all in different ways- & I'm not looking for it! It's just there! The odd thing is like others have said is the point to it isn't clear- but there definitely seems to be a point, whatever it is!

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by Kelly Contreras - 6/03/15 12:44 PM
I was born on 11/13/63 I am constantly seeing on my cell phone or on commercials on tv or on the tv 1113 what does it mean?

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