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Properties of the number 113






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Recently #113 more often

by RWMDRON - 5/09/15 11:39 AM
The #113 has been real frequently showing up. Multiple times.

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RE: Seeing 113 for years

by lucky one - 7/16/09 7:25 AM
Hi, I've been seeing this number for years now too... I thought I was looking for it.

AND it's my birthday - 1 /13.

Anyone else have it as a birthday? I also have 2 relatives with the same birthday,

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RE: RE: Seeing 113 for years

by Anonymous - 8/23/12 7:32 AM
Yah I do.and the time I was born is 311. Which is 113 bbackwards. Weird isn't it.

RE:RE: Seeing 113 for years

by Bonita - 6/27/13 3:54 AM
I had this dream yesterday morning and it was flashing the number 1113 off and on.
Searching for the meaning and praying for revelation and understanding.

RE:RE: Seeing 113 for years

by RWMDRON DUNSTER - 5/06/15 6:38 PM
Have been seeing 113 for over 20 years now. Not sure what it means. Very curious. Can time it with the phases of the moon.

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by Anonymous - 4/21/15 6:34 AM
Ijust had a dream of going into a shop and seeing a very pretty thing for sale for $113 and i didnt have enough....then the price vhanged to 339? And in real life im about to buy my first car....but is that dream a good thing or a bad thing?

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113 reapperance

by RWMDRON - 4/14/15 5:58 PM
I have been seeing this number quite often for the last 20 years. Don't know what the connection is but it is quite interesting.

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113 symbolism

by Mike Sta Clara - 3/24/15 5:02 PM
Dear Bros, 113, 11:13, 13, .... It' s where i live everyday, everytime. That means that We have a Angel in comunication all the time, Saying: - It will be hard... Be strong... We are here taking care of you. Everything goes well at the end. Like allways been. Trust. Now on when i see 113 i smile above.

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Club 113

by Anonymous - 3/19/15 4:18 PM
After 10years of seeing this number everywhere and searching for a meaning as to what it's all about? Seeing on here so many others have also been going though the same thing with the numbers 113 makes me now question even more than ever and yet there really is no point because where would you find such answer to such a thing? Google...HA if only it was that easy! Personally I believe it's a sign much bigger than we will every know. Peace x

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Seeing 113 for decades now.

by Sinza - 7/24/12 9:41 AM
It was the room # where I first had sex, then my work ID #, then it started showing up everywhere. I don't think I'm looking for it, but it always shows up on anything with a number. Clocks, computers, sales slips, mail, money, in adds. I saw it today in a ad for a new digital watch. I've tried to figure out all the things it could mean, just becuse it's being thrown in my face so much.
One-one-three, one hundred thirteen, one thirteen, eleven three

1:13am, 1:13pm, 11:30am, 11:30pm
113 seconds = 1minute 53seconds
113 minutes = 1hour 53minutes
113 hours = 4days 17hours
1/13 Jan 13th, 11/3 Nov 3rd
$1.13, $11.30, $113.00, $1130.00, $11300, $113,000
113. , 11.3 , 1.13 , .113
If it means nothing then fine. If there is something to it please help figure it out.

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RE: Seeing 113 for decades now.

by Anonymous - 1/09/15 6:29 PM
I see it all the time on everything. It follows me! Jim

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Welcome to the 113 club!

by Edward - 12/07/14 12:33 AM
I was born on 11/3. Married a girl who was born on 1/13 who lived in a condo unit #113. In our divorce I got the condo #113. I see it in the clock several times every day, 1:13, 11:30, 11:13 etc. Two years ago I ran the LA Marathon, took a photo at the 5 mile marker, noticed a month later the timer said 1:13.33. A couple months ago some friends brought me to a dodger game, as we sat down I pointed out the next section was 113. They said see, you're not cursed. Five minutes later some other people said we were in their seats, turns out the tickets were for section 113!!! Best story is at a restaurant a couple years ago when a waiter checking my ID claimed his girlfriend always saw the number 113. My friends at the table thought it was funny until the Bill came and it was $113.31!!! Everyone was in shock, even the waiter!

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RE: Welcome to the 113 club!

by Anonymous - 1/09/15 6:26 PM
I see it all the time! Jim

Number 113 lucky?

by sara - 12/04/14 9:36 AM
Hi, im moving to a 113 street number, I have read it is considered to be lucky. Any comments about it? I have had a period of bad luck, toxic relationship, financial ruin through nasty divorce. Im hoping this new number will be more fortunate for me and my business going forward.

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The times when I you 113

by glider - 11/15/14 6:53 AM
I want you to remember the next few times you see 113. What sort of situation were you facing at that time, or were you having any problems in your life when you saw 113. It would be good and more insightful you are able to share it here. I usually see 113 when it's an important day for me, may be when I am nervous about something, or when I am making an important decision. But the problem is it doesn't make in any sense. It doesn't really point you anywhere, or may be we are not yet able to see...

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Number 113

by John - 5/16/12 9:57 AM
Wow! I thought i was really the only one. I was born on 11-13-64. I notice 113 a tremendous amount of times in the last couple of years. I usually wake up at night a couple of times a week at 1:13. I see it around all the time, when just glancing over at the clock. I told my wife and kids and they just think somethings wrong with me, but i try to point it out to them when i see it. I feel there is some significance to it but am not sure what. Glad I am not the only one.

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RE: Number 113

by Anonymous - 11/07/14 2:10 PM
I'm so happy I found this website, it's kinda been a scary thing in my life that I at least see the number 113 once or twice a day, my address, my seat number at a sports stadium...anything! For the longest time I had this belief that 11/3 or 1/13 (November 3 or January 13) will be the day something big happens, cause to me....any you probably understand too, this number can't be coincidental.

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I live at 113

by Defender - 10/28/14 7:52 AM
Ive been living at 113 for 21 yrs now and it seems that all my life ive been a loathed black sheep in all of society, its too much to even dare and explain but being a Christian and never believing in luck should atleast inform you of the severity of the situation for me to even attempt to look this up?

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We could figure it out

by glider - 6/30/14 11:20 AM
I want you all to be aware of when you see 113 next time. In what situation do you see it. Bookmark this page and post if you find any similarities or just share when was it or what was happening around or in your life when you saw 113. I've been seeing it too for a long time now and it's definitely no coincidence. We will probably figure it out if we all collaborate. Again, please do bookmark this page and remember to share it the next time ... From what I read on the top of this page, it is related to some sort of sacrifice. Hope you would help.

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RE: We could figure it out

by Anonymous - 9/07/14 10:12 AM
I've seen 113 my whole life in addresses I've lived at and so on... I have a tattoo of it done on 1-13-12. A Friday the 13th. I also except for the last five years have always had a dove living near by me. This description is so interesting to me. My ex who has a phd in math said we see number patterns based on our subconcience.

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It is the end.

by Anonymous - 7/27/14 10:09 AM
If you want to end relationship with someone, trick him to read number 113; I didn't tested if it works if you'll say it loud.

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113 every where

by Harold - 5/07/14 1:13 AM
I have a 'll ing story of seeing 113 probably thousands of times in the last 15 yrs....I plan to read all the stories here ..then I'll take the time to send you mine

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RE: 113 every where

by glider - 6/30/14 12:00 PM
Look at the time

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131 1113 113

by carol - 5/22/14 7:05 AM
I love people don't believe me about this number. but if they're with me all day they will see this number show up in all different places and then they believe me. m
.y mom passed away about 6 years ago her birthday was 131hi


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113 1113

by carol - 5/22/14 7:02 AM
I have been seeing this combination of numbers for 2 years now. all the comments that everyone said about this number happen to me also I can't believe it I thought it meant to play the lottery number but I noticed the number is in the Bible verse 11 3 I think it's God's Way of telling me everything's going to be okay

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by JAMES - 11/03/09 9:31 AM
113 is the date and the longitude and latitude of the 113 mile rock that will hit the earth in the wake of the "wormwood star", which is also "planet-x". This star will pass thru our solar system beginning in May 2012. Jan 2013 (113) is your warning. google planet-x and see for yourselves. "let him that has eyes see, and ears hear" God Bless you, you are going to need it!

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by JDT - 5/21/14 8:03 PM
I love this answer. I really feel like I am cursed and crazy. I am serious. I feel so much and then so little.

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I've been searching so long now

by Chrono113 - 9/21/13 5:03 PM
I was born on 8-13-81 been seeing the numbers 113 my whole life on RPGs hit point damage when I look at the clock at random pause tv time left u guessed it 113 . Time on gas receipt 113. My wife's cousin died of cancer we were good friends he always said he was proud to be a carpenter like Jesus . Went to his funeral out of town got a hotel room it was 113. I end a call with people duration on phone when the call ends 113 multiple times a month. I made ps3 name chrono113 because I feel the number is linked to me somehow. It makes me feel happy when I see it. People thought i was crazy when I'd tell them until they were around when I'd see 113 and they'd see its always around me. God bless and remember to follow Jesus word ! The world is leading us astray we must remember earth is ur trial u fail u go to hell and we are running out of time to just change later. Nows r time to read the bible and research the truth. Please search Fallen angels on earth on you tube and Steve quails and Stan deyos websites you will be amazed!

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RE: I've been searching so long now

by Anonymous - 5/21/14 7:58 PM
me too. What does it mean. I was born on 1/13, my son was born at 3:39 113 times 3. I see this number everywhere. What is happening, am I crazy. I didn't think until now to actually look this up. This has been going on for years.


by Ray - 5/02/14 1:35 PM
1/13. I get the same thing but I have four close friends born on the 13th 7/13,8/13,9/13,10/13

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The Number 113

by Jayson - 12/16/13 3:58 AM
Hi everyone, my birthday is 1/13 born on a Friday the 13th, I have been seen this number about 10 to 15 times a day, I am not sure if someone is trying to tell me something, but its really hard not to take notice of this happening to me every single day for almost my whole life, I've been trying to find meaning to this sign being displayed over and over again to no avail. I am glad to see that im not the only one, and i was wondering if there is some connection to all of this.

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by Abby - 1/11/13 11:31 PM
hello, fist of all
my birthday is November 3rd, 1994
[11,3 ... 19+94= 113 ...
and in the past week I have been seeing the numbers 113 , 11, 33, and also 12 and 13 every where !!!
I feel all warm and giddy inside when I see these numbers, not sure why.

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RE: hi

by Mario - 11/30/13 12:55 AM
Please email me! We NEED TO TALK! thirdeyevisionAToutlookDOTcom
I promise you won't regret it. (Im a year older then you, not some old man haha)


by blue feathers - 7/24/13 2:20 PM
see it every where

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my b-day

by Anonymous - 1/16/13 10:44 AM
i was born on 1/13/01 and my 20 year old sister was born on 1/31/93 my sisters first 3 numbers of her date of brith is the time i was born omg

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by abby - 1/11/13 11:35 PM
k so I tried sending this like 2 min ago but it wouldn't let me send it..
TAKE A LOOK AT MY FIRST COMMENT BELOW , take a look at the date and time... TOLD YOU !! AHH

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