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RE: 117

by Anonymous - 1/13/18 3:33 PM
In this number,it is a guidence number, muslims pray 5 times in every 24 hours those 5 prayer when added together made up 17 ra'a everyday except friday which 15 ra'a,there 17ra'a multiplied by 7 days is 119 minus 2 in friday that makes 117 ra'as,in every ra'a we recite a cahapter of the Quran called the 7 oftrepeated,in which it says O God guide me to theright path

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by CuriousCat - 11/27/16 11:41 PM
Hi all,

My birthday is 117 and i was born 117 minutes after noon and see this number everywhere, all the time. I truly belive it has a special significance in my life but not wuite sure what it is and was looking for some answers.
Thank you for your help
God bless

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RE: 117

by Anonymous - 1/13/18 3:26 PM
In this number,it is a guidence number, muslims pray 5 times in every 24 hours those 5 prayer when added together made up 17 ra'a everyday except friday which 15 ra'a,there 17ra'a multiplied by 7 days is 119 minus 2 in friday that makes 117 ra'as,in every ra'a we recite a cahapter of the Quran called the 7 oftrepeated,in which it says O God guide me to theright path

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Sacred Light Codes

by Anonymous - 3/31/11 11:08 PM
How serious is sacred light codes especially the codes 117/171/711/77. The latest purification that happened took place on March 11, 2011 which is 711. You need to understand Hopi Prophecy to understand about the great purification happening to humanity as we speak. Most Great events of human history have those 5 light codes present. Light codes are messages from God, to you personally as well as globally.


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RE: Sacred Light Codes

by Laurence - 4/26/11 11:14 AM
Hi! Michael,

It is written in the Book of Revelation that the 9th Manifestation of God, Michael (Also known under the name Baha in his 1863 manifestation) comes back near the end of Times.
Revelation12:7 says: "And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,"
As we are getting closer to 12/21/12 (333/9), it is conceivable that the purification process is already started and that Michael (The 9th Manifestation of God) is already amongst us.

In addition to the sacred Light codes of 117/711/171 and 77 you have already mentioned, some numbers are constantly “flashing” at me as if they wanted to tell me a story or showing me the way; those are 127, 227, 22 and 71.
22 is the last chapter of the book of Revelation, Revelation 22:7 says: "Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book".
Those numbers or codes may be showing the path to the fulfillment of the Book of Revelation, this is the Truth I am working on.

With L.O.V.E


RE:Sacred Light Codes

by Tessa - 11/30/14 5:50 AM
I was born on 7/11 I see it all the time I feel like its guiding me. I was searching about the subject and i found this.

RE:Sacred Light Codes

by James - 12/02/17 4:36 AM
I may be late to the game. But my Birthday is 7/7/1992 and I was wondering if anyone ever figured out the 7/7 meaning . VeCaue I seem to have gotten exponentially more aware and merged with god than most that are going through the awakening.

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by Craig - 9/19/17 1:38 PM

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117... Everywhere

by Ben - 9/16/17 2:58 PM
Ive seen this number throughout my life, whether glancing to a clock to see 1:17am, 13:17pm, Seeing a page number at 117, or in any other circumstances whether mathematical, literal, visual or spiritual feeling, I see this number again and again. I don't believe its psychological. I did some math and I believe the number 9 is connected. 117 divided by 13 is 9. 6X3 (666) is 18. 1+8=9. I wonder if there is some connection with the number 117 on a biblical or philosophical level, regardless, this number as power (117) and I believe the only way to be closer to this number is to have it tattooed in order to see it constantly. I have heard that the number is linked with Angels guiding you to your destiny, maybe we all have a destiny regarding this number, or maybe it is all purely psychological and our brains pick apart the number from a billion others. But I believe that the number 117 has biblical and apocalyptic links, maybe with a comet (as mentioned above in the article) and I believe it is a sign from a higher power. I recommend all those with the same link to take up the tattoo so we maybe marked for whatever sign we are receiving. Paranoid ramblings, maybe, but see it as a sign, and clearly Im not the only one!

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Jesus will return in the 7th month

by Anthony M - 7/05/17 5:44 AM
Jesus said He is the first and the last,The Y in the year is January the 2nd Y is February the 3rd Y is May,the last Y is July.Jesus will return in July. Jeri28:16,17

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RE: Jesus will return in the 7th month

by Anonymous - 8/20/17 3:29 PM
He didn't.
*No man knoweth the day nor the hour of the coming of the Son of Man. Not the angels in Heaven but my Father ONLY.

The meaning of 117

by Truth In Plain Sight/All Is One/The Beginning and End - 6/11/16 5:10 PM
This number 117 holds a lot of priceless information, knowledge, and wisdom of this universe we are all experiencing, RIGHT NOW. The truth is in plain sight, but it's up to you to discover it! You might have to dig deep into history, mathematics, and conduct lots of critical thinking to find the answer, but ill spare you some time. this is what i have found so far....

First of, let me just say that I feel that the numbers we all continue to see again and again, the events we experience, perhaps even our whole lives, are guided, influenced, and participating with alternate or "divine/greater" dimensions & realms...

In one perspective 117 represents the beginning/end... of any and/or all things and cycles. it can be considered as a "reference point" for the infinite universe we live in, that allows us to "divide" things and give us greater understanding. Imagine a circle, where does it end or begin? any point you want to use (free will), that reference point can be explained with 117. Using this... more...

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RE:The meaning of 117

by Tadhg - 7/07/17 12:23 AM
I can't say precisely when it began, maybe 18 months ago, but I began seeing permutations of 1 and 7, most often 117 everywhere. I've always had somewhat of a split personality, infrangible faith on the one hand, and a desire to hold myself to account. Right brain dominant, but not but so much. I've been hemorrhaging memory lately, but, despite it's been far from an easy life, I always felt blessed, not especially (or not as someone special or gifted). Some of these are among the few memories that I still have going back to childhood. Fast forward about four decades, beginning about 2014, adversity like I've never experienced in my life started welling up. And it's been trench warfare since. At first, I thought it was a spiritual awakening of some kind. I'd started Controlled Remote Viewing, rather than reading about it. That led to Zener cards, mediumship. Not the sort of thing you'd expect of a lapsed Catholic and former Irish Republican with socialist leanings. Years ago, I was treated intensively... more...

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by Anthony M - 7/06/17 5:50 PM
Ail of us who sees 711 or117 or 911 is just to remind us that if we examine.ourselves and repent Jesus will grant us 711 or117 or 911 Jesus is saying 711 is Eternal Life because Eternal is 7 & Life is 4 and He Romans 6:23 6+2+3 3+2+6 is 11-11 The # 3 represents Holy.Spirit, so these are the three ways God is represented here,also 911 is Psalms 91:1 Everyone is just guessing so let us all wait on the Lord and be of good courage Isaiah 40:31 Please remember G M C God is Gracious Merciful and Compassionate God Bless

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by Anthony M - 7/06/17 4:28 PM
Can I say this.please, Jesus say He resist the proud but gives grace to the humble. I think we should be grateful and thankful to the Lord that He was Gracious to us by revealing the.year and the month to us,because He clearly says no one knows the day or the hour.So all we need to do is Repent and set our houses in order to meet Him in July this year not on 7 neither 11 none correct. May God bless us all while.we wait patiently.and Hold Fast 44

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by Anthony M - 7/05/17 8:35 PM
Revelation.has 10 letters Genesis has 7 so 10+7equals17 this is the year we are in Revelation reveals .Jesus says I am coming quickly 4 times,in the word you have uly Jesus wrote these words.So July is July So we know the Year & the month,because no man knows the day or the houri hope this helps.Because.The Holy Spirit reveals this to me

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by Holly - 7/05/17 5:35 AM
This will probably never see the light of daybut......Never have I heard such misinterpretation of God's word. To begin with Israel is not born in chapter 12, and the Rapture does not happen in chapter 12. Israel is, was, and always will be. Additionally, God does not work on our time schedule (winter, spring, summer, fall). In The Book of Leviticus 23 God sets aside days of His Holy convocation, days which we are to keep, His calendar as it were.
There is NONE who know the coming of the Lord, no man, no Angel no not Jesus, ONLY the Father, Matthew 23.
P.S. 7-11 is a grocery store...the Bible says, for those on earth during the tribulation will have NO PLACE to hide least of all a man made brick and mortar structure.
The above facts are not doctrine they are God's words! READ YOUR BIBLE FOR YOURSELF. Do not be fooled by the enemy. Jesus loves you. If you accept His love and follow Him He will give you true wisdom from Heaven.
Whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10:13

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7+4 I met the Angel Gabriel at a 7 11 Gas station on aTuesday night 2015

by Anthony M - 7/04/17 7:29 PM
The Lord.told me in April 2015 that 711 place of protection

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117 has haunted me for years! Mostly indifferent

by Albert - 3/13/15 8:24 PM
It wasn't until years after the constantly ever-present number 117 first appeared that I was able to associate it with the date of the death of a loved one.
The day she died fell on a January 17th. That day was significant as a connection to the "other side".
She had been "out of it" for about a week, heavily medicated, at her aunts house and daily visits by a hospice nurse.
I was watching television, I guess waiting for her to pass, when I heard her voice as if talking with someone. I opened the door to her room, she was sitting up with eyes as big as silver dollars. I asked who she was talking to? She said you know! She described a woman in a blue flowing garment across a river. My fiancée said "No, you can't take him yet"? "It's not his time".
I asked whose time? She replied "yours" meaning me. I asked her if she would like to take a ride on our motorcycle (knowing she wouldn't be able to do so) She replied "yes, she would love that."
I told her I was going to shower and when I returned we would go... more...

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RE: 117 has haunted me for years! Mostly indifferent

by Anonymous - 1/21/17 12:05 AM
See it everywhere. Especially sports on TV. Everytime I glance at the TV I see someone wearing a number17 Jersey. My name adds up to 117 and was born on the 11/17.what does this mean?

RE:117 has haunted me for years! Mostly indifferent

by Anonymous - 3/23/17 7:48 PM
Where in the bible does it use 117

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Light Symbols

by Anonymous - 4/13/11 8:21 AM
To all that are experiencing the spiritual light code 117 which is the light code for this time along with 171, 711, 77. These codes are of God.

ASLEEP: To be spiritually asleep one will see only numbers. People will use these numbers for material gain and will not see numbers as profound spiritual messages. To stay on this course humanity will lose their material gains because of a lack of spiritual understanding. This will repeat itself until humanity awakens to the spiritual truths of God. 99% of humanity is asleep.

AWARE: Some people become aware of numbers and begin to sense something is mysteriously going on but chose to brush their experiences off as coincidence, a fluke, synchronicity, interesting, and remain tied to materialism to avoid any further discomfort. Humanity remains asleep.

AWAKE: At this point one begins to realize that numbers and letters are related and are a part of sequence of codes but still one does not now the meaning of such codes. For some this is out right frightening and... more...

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RE:Light Symbols

by Anonymous - 11/05/15 11:08 PM
Psalm 117 says it all

RE: Light Symbols

by love it - 3/08/16 5:57 PM
The numbers and letters generation =351 using English ordinal the authorized king James version= 351

RE:Light Symbols

by Nunitak - 8/11/16 4:04 AM
Yeshua = 1117 Do it, see for yourself.

RE: Light Symbols

by CLEOPATRA - 11/01/16 12:25 PM
Yes, i will

RE: Light Symbols

by Anonymous - 1/17/17 8:41 AM
I have been showed pretty frightening and amazing dimensional pathways which could not be easily explained in mere words. But I have been writing about such experiences when it does happen, and I try to write in the ablative and dative cases (or try to follow the best grammatical rules that I could fathom). By being spiritual, it also needs (as they seem to me) conveyance to the majority of the concerned public especially in the dire end times. They're pretty dangerous for me, at least, because of people not being able to understand it and believe anything instead which might be opposite or bokonism. Thanks for this forum. May God, the true God whom you might have got the connextions with, guide and help you/us more so that we can do something about it. Perhaps to turn to Jesus or proclaim the message(s) in thr bible.

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lets do this is good faith

by TheGreat117 - 1/29/16 10:42 PM
everyone, I have strong faith in this number, its all I have, is faith. My life has been lonely, Ive been tested, ive been saved, and ive had a life that seems so strange, yet so privileged, that I cant deny the greater sense of eternal significance my life has. The number, speaking from personal information and experience, is significantly influential. Of course I have always been curious throughout my life, with exposure to the bible, but that does not make me bind myself to any title or side with religious affiliation. Sure, I could be crazy, but im a nice and reasonable guy, sure my life isn't comparable to some ideal standards or fairytale heroes, but it is definitely.... amazing. We are generally lonely, it seems, based on the comments. 117, in memory and as seen randomly, causes me to stop and listen. something that is not easy for most. It is for those who understand. The word God should not apply, but you know what you know, if you know what I mean. The word "faith" does seem practical for... more...

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RE: lets do this is good faith

by oh - 12/27/16 5:45 PM
God the Father =117 in English ordinal

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I want to know more

by Andy - 12/05/16 1:19 AM
I saw this number in a dream a few months ago, and adding it all up equal to 9. I have also added my birth date until i come up to one digit and its 9. I was working in a school that i am hoping to teach in next year and i saw this number again at the back of the school building. i was only there to help them cleaning up the desks, i was just helping a friend.
and now, i can't really forget about it. i need to understand more about this number. in my dream, the number was carved under a doormat. i am trying to make sense of my dream, but somehow, i cant remember all but just the number under a doormat.

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I see 117 everywhere

by Curtis - 11/21/16 6:50 PM
Ever since I was a kid, the number 117 is everywhere I go. I Looked at the time after listening to a good half an hour of music and the time was 01:17. Also started watching a new programme and the door number to the guys cell was 117!? What scared me the most was my date of birth equals 117, January 17th, 1/17... Now that was a huge wtf moment for me when I first realized.

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117 everywhere it's scary

by Eli - 6/01/16 8:13 AM
Literally 10 minutes before going on here, I came with my uncle to his hernia surgery and his pre-op blood pressure read...... 117/69. Like seriously? That's insane, I see this number everywhere. A few months back @ the DMV I picked up a number and guess what....G117. I even took a picture of it to show my sister. I'm definitely a halo player and love the game, but this is something else. I go on Facebook and at least one article will have 117 comments. I just wish there was more clarification to this. What are the odds of getting 117 on a blood pressure and 117 @ the DMV. Wow!

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RE:117 everywhere it's scary

by Jefferson - 9/28/16 2:26 PM
"barack" in the English Gematria system equals 117

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I started seeing it everyday for 6 years

by Taijrosen - 9/23/16 6:03 AM
Ever since ive been seeing this number ive had extremely good luck, i didnt have to try in highschool and in sports and everything was just moving along, i am not religous but i feel as though im being guilded toward success, i literally cant stop seeing it. Ive also know that on the 17th day each month, i have a bad feeling all day and i know something bad is going to happen by the end of the day, such as last september 17th i found out we bombed russian allies in "accident" and it strange because i feel as though i can slightly see the future. I can go on and on about this number and how it changed my life, but if you see it too then you aren't alone!!

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by Anonymous - 8/28/16 10:35 AM
It's the height of Earth's dome: 117 meters.

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by MILK MAN - 8/12/16 12:33 PM
Every day for the past year the number 117 has popped up. I haven't told any one about this because at first I thought it was just a coincidence. But that soon changed when I started the seeing the number every when I would least expect it, and its driving me crazy. what does this number mean? I find it very interesting that other people are seeing it too.

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by Re - 8/21/16 4:09 PM
117= God the Father
117= the seal of God
177 the body of Christ

117-- it's everywhere

by Call me whoever - 7/27/16 10:34 AM
I see 117 everywhere too. me and my bro used to play Halo (the ending even made me sad) But it's on ski lifts, on TV, clocks when I wake up, my phone, number plates... He went to university. . Guess what the area's phone number is? 0117. Help. Me. Someone.

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by allang - 10/08/11 1:33 AM
the first cab i drove was 711 and i was in it for ages. that was back in 1989. I've been seeing those numbers, or reversed, ever since. I'm not a christian, but i like to believe there's some kind of god. you know, if there is the frustration in my life may make sense. i think about knocking myself off most days, and the other day hit one of those lows. i asked for a sign and came out and watched an episode of Mash, and one of them said they'd been working or whatever from i think it was 6am to "11.17". Why 11.17? Why not ten, why not eleven. perhaps it is god.i hope it is. it's better than just rotting in the dirt.

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by Sarah Anne! - 5/30/16 6:20 AM
Now if this is not proof I'm not sure what is......just looked at phone to see the real time and this page time is off by an hour!! I live in Illinois so it could be a different time zone, but I posted the last post exactly at 7:11 am CRAZY!!!! Wow....


by Me again Sarah LOL - 5/30/16 6:24 AM
Happy Memorial Day!!!! 💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️

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by Anonymous - 5/29/15 4:50 PM
I have played halo for my whole life and not until recently have I been haunted by this number. I noticed that my birthday is January 17 I live at 117 grand and halos main characters number is 117. On top of that I see the number everywhere I mean everywhere I'll be driving down the road and see it. I'll be lookin through ingredients and there's the number. Math homework pages being assigned like this, 116-118 and specified to not do 117. It's everywhere and I don't know why!

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by Lekeshia Turner - 4/10/16 11:41 AM
1111,711, 117, 1107, 1177, 1117, I first saw the number 1117 on a speeding ticket that I received back in 1996 which was my first day of meeting my first love. I saw the number again in 2005 when I reunited with my first love right after I tried to commit suicide. I started seeing the numbers again. My first love ended his relationship with me for spending too much time with his mother and his sister. I was so lost and lonely at that point and he was always at work or with friends I was going through a horrible depression and didn't know how to cope with it so I spend time with his mother and sister. They took away my pain and despair.

I became a vegan, lost a lot of weight and just felt so healthy.

Well, I moved back to the state that I had came from back in 2007, I met a guy out at a club who became my friend, he introduced me to his friend. I spoke to the guy on the phone and the guy immediately told me something about myself which shocked me. He just said that the spirit told him to tell it to me. It... more...

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I need help/advice

by faniekoekemoer - 2/15/15 8:01 AM
Its been long now, long time that I see the number 117, i will see it everywhere. And Im tired of it. I lost my faith in God do to people. I try to read the Bible, but I realy have difficutly to understand why. Why does things happen to me like it does, and still I see the number 117 every time. Let me give you an idea of my life. I was born 1986 August 15. My parents loved me very much, but my father didnt realy liked me. I end up losing my whole business in 2012, and Im not realy a person people like to stick with. People put me aside, not for what I say or do, people just dont want to mix with me. I have no friends, never had a woman in my life. For instance when I go to public places there will alway be at least 1meter distance from me and other people. Lets asume that I go to a place like a bar, and I will go sit by people, people will get up, one by one, and leave me alone sitting by myself. If I go to a restuarant people will always have phisical distance with me. I get bullied every day, by peoples... more...

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RE: I need help/advice

by Anonymous - 1/10/16 9:48 PM
Its never meant that im on the right path to me. To me its always there as a reminder to stay positive because if i do something good will happen soon. 117 can also be used to bring those who have been marked by it together.

RE:I need help/advice

by Anony Mous - 1/26/16 4:15 PM
I have also been seeing the number 117, and 420 EVERYWHERE. I am a believer in Christ so I reject most things to do with numerology. However, I want to learn more about what this could mean.

RE: I need help/advice

by KIP - 2/13/16 8:26 PM
I know what 117 is

RE: I need help/advice

by Steven - 3/21/16 10:05 PM
I was saved by Christ, at home in 1991, born in 1970. My life has been full of paranormal activity before and after. In my search for answers to "who were the

beings I saw as a child" I fell away from believing in Jesus around 1999 believing new age lies that these beings were "dark and light, bla bla bla past life

regression garbage". (They are the off springs of the Fallen Angels spoken of in the KJV Bible. TRUE, thats why God destroyed so many people in the Old

Testament as they were tainted seed from fallen angels, but on with 117) I also believed a lie that Christians could not have demons. When saved my mind was

freed greatly, but there was always something that was not right, leading me into bad situations, keeping me in cycles that would destroy whatever efforts I was

putting forth, be it loosing jobs every 3 or 4 months and watching people just turn on me in mass for no reason. I thought it was a certain large well known group

of organized people operating, gas lighting and gang stalking me.... more...

RE:I need help/advice

by Steven - 3/22/16 9:34 AM
and in today's YouTube news, "Massive Fish Kill In Western Australia 17,000 Dead Fish "Hosea Prophecy"
Stopped, and End of the line for the fish. No more. Not going to continue or happen. End is near. End is here.

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