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117 Quiz

by Raven - 7/01/15 2:31 PM
I received the number 117 with the word quiz attached to it. Yet, i'm not sure what this means?

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by Anonymous - 5/29/15 4:50 PM
I have played halo for my whole life and not until recently have I been haunted by this number. I noticed that my birthday is January 17 I live at 117 grand and halos main characters number is 117. On top of that I see the number everywhere I mean everywhere I'll be driving down the road and see it. I'll be lookin through ingredients and there's the number. Math homework pages being assigned like this, 116-118 and specified to not do 117. It's everywhere and I don't know why!

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RE: 117

by Anonymous - 6/05/15 8:57 AM
The number 1 means unity and 17 meaning overcoming your enemies. I've noticed the same number 117 for quite some time. You'll have noticed that that Master Chief has always overcame his enemies and that the U.N.S.C. has finally united do to first contact with covenant, but seeing this number over and over again makes me believe something major will be happening soon. Revelation 1:17 also means "do not be afraid, I am the beginning and end."- God

117 has haunted me for years! Mostly indifferent

by Albert - 3/13/15 8:24 PM
It wasn't until years after the constantly ever-present number 117 first appeared that I was able to associate it with the date of the death of a loved one.
The day she died fell on a January 17th. That day was significant as a connection to the "other side".
She had been "out of it" for about a week, heavily medicated, at her aunts house and daily visits by a hospice nurse.
I was watching television, I guess waiting for her to pass, when I heard her voice as if talking with someone. I opened the door to her room, she was sitting up with eyes as big as silver dollars. I asked who she was talking to? She said you know! She described a woman in a blue flowing garment across a river. My fiancée said "No, you can't take him yet"? "It's not his time".
I asked whose time? She replied "yours" meaning me. I asked her if she would like to take a ride on our motorcycle (knowing she wouldn't be able to do so) She replied "yes, she would love that."
I told her I was going to shower and when I returned we would go... more...

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RE: 117 has haunted me for years! Mostly indifferent

by Suzy - 5/15/15 7:06 PM
I am the same way, since I was about 16 years old, I'm 58 now, I wish I knew what 117 means, it drives me crazy

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by Kilpatricon - 5/03/15 11:35 PM
Anybody else play Halo. Kind of interesting to me is the battle of good vs. evil and the fact that the Master Chief's number is 117. Been seeing this number for years. Don't know why but I hope to find out soon.

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by Bronze117Bomb - 4/08/15 6:43 PM
I was born 1/17/78. I have been seeing the number 117 for MANY years now. My addresses, etc. have been 117 and I was born 4:17. I have experienced extremely odd/rare things & it is still continuing. E-mail me with your similar experiences.

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Haunted by 117 fir almost 10 years

by Michelle - 9/07/12 1:07 PM
The number 117 has been showing itself to me since I was about 16 years old. The longer time goes by, the more often it happens. People have a hard time believing me. They say I'm searching for the number because it sticks out to me now. I finally proved my point when 3 of my sisters and myself went on a road trip to FL. We were talking about having good/bad luck on the trip when we were just leaving. I said hopefully I won't see the number and they gave me crap about it. We each took 2 hour driving rotation. I was last. Less than 10 minutes of trading off, a huge tank truck merged in front of us. I looked up and on the back door it read, 117. I showed my sisters and their jaws dropped. I used to think 117 was connected to an old boyfriend bc that was his birthday. We dont have any contact anymore and the number still appeared everywhere. Then I thought it was a sign of something is going to happen. Now, I think if I see it I'm on the right path. It's a sign of you're on the right track, keep going. That's my... more...

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RE: Haunted by 117 fir almost 10 years

by Gabrielle - 3/19/15 11:01 PM
I just turned 16 on November 2 and just today i have seen the number 117 three times in this one day. I found it odd and I hope this numer leads to something great.

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by Anonymous - 3/10/15 7:30 PM
My birthday is 111770, these numbers follow me everywhere, I'm beginning to think its not a coincidence. I see them at least once a day.

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RE: 117

by Anonymous - 3/11/15 9:27 PM
Same here. No reason behind it as far as I can find out

No birth connection but, I still see it

by Anonymous - 2/19/15 7:53 PM
I just read most of all the comments on this site and I just realized that there are other people out there that see "117" I have never really talked/told anyone about this and just today I randomly searched its meaning....I believe in God and the bible..and Jesus Christ as lord and savior..I'm 17 years old and I started noticing it around 2010ish. I have no birth date or any connection like that but I always see the numbers 5-10 times a day, and even sometimes I will think my phone is vibrating and look at it and there will be no text message, but the time is always 1:17. I will also see the number in random places like when counting money or in math problems etc. I don't think it means as much as some people thinks it does on this site. I just think of it as a good luck number, or something like that. P.S. Maybe I will use it for the lottery one day who knows.

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I need help/advice

by faniekoekemoer - 2/15/15 8:01 AM
Its been long now, long time that I see the number 117, i will see it everywhere. And Im tired of it. I lost my faith in God do to people. I try to read the Bible, but I realy have difficutly to understand why. Why does things happen to me like it does, and still I see the number 117 every time. Let me give you an idea of my life. I was born 1986 August 15. My parents loved me very much, but my father didnt realy liked me. I end up losing my whole business in 2012, and Im not realy a person people like to stick with. People put me aside, not for what I say or do, people just dont want to mix with me. I have no friends, never had a woman in my life. For instance when I go to public places there will alway be at least 1meter distance from me and other people. Lets asume that I go to a place like a bar, and I will go sit by people, people will get up, one by one, and leave me alone sitting by myself. If I go to a restuarant people will always have phisical distance with me. I get bullied every day, by peoples... more...

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RE: I need help/advice

by Anonymous - 2/18/15 9:26 AM
Just remember that there's always someone more alone and more in need than yourself. Pure religion is to visit the orphans and widows in need. (see James 1:27) I bet you'd find satisfaction and companionship in that.

Somthing big is up with this freakin number!

by Quinntal - 1/18/15 7:53 AM
I have had this number shown to me in many different crazy ways since 2007 but, I have never seen it presented in the way That the movie Judy moody and the not so bummer summer did it. I bought this movie for my little girl after she just caught the end of it on Disney. After watching it with her i realized some strangeness. First of all the neighborhood and house alone was entirely alluring to me as if i HAD to be there. The house itself with its red door has the adress 117. Later in the movie the girl judy gets her hand stuck to a table abd her aunt has to free her. When she finally gets unstuck her brother says, "Wow and it only took one hour, seventeen minutes and fourty-five seconds." There is somthing happening with these haunting digits and I dont think we're the only ones thats aware....

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RE: Somthing big is up with this freakin number!

by Lynne - 2/01/15 2:14 AM
My son has been seeing the number 117 pop up, everywhere, over the last 2 years of his life. His tickets into concerts, his seat numbers, the time stamped on a parking ticket...countless other ways! It's actually becoming quite funny, and now I see it popping up everywhere! We did read in Angel Numbers, that it's supposed to tell you you are headed in the right direction with your life! Two weeks ago, on 1/17, he met an individual who is literally creating his career! He had just graduated from college this last May, and was floundering! Now, a very clear picture is happening! I truly believe the number is a positive thing!!! :))

My birthday today 1/17

by Sergio - 1/16/15 11:24 PM
I've been seeing this since.. 13-14 years old.. So it's been going on often. I usually only notice it when I'm doing things right, for the most part, i think it's guiding me... But I'm still unknown about this.

I find it fascinating.

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RE: My birthday today 1/17

by Quinntal - 1/18/15 8:00 AM
HOLY CRAP IM STARTING TO FREAK OUT! How did YOU comevto that conclusion!? Because that EXACT thing was said by me conscience voice. (You know the voice that tells you to avoid the dark ally) Its so incredibly amazing that you would view the number in the same way i have been for years now. :-D

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I may be able to help

by [email protected] - 11/07/09 6:52 AM
Today is the day 11/7 and I have found this thread. Coincidence? Well I dont beleive in that anymore, nor do most of you. Your not crazy by the way, you have been chosen. I know not who he is, but he has a plan, and hes using 117 to guide us. I would like everyone who wants or needs to talk to someone to message me. I know what its like feeling you cant talk to anyone without them thinking you are crazy.

My email is in my name, As well I would like to point out that I may be able to answer some of your questions, But I dont know all and as such I want, nay I NEED to hear some other theories and ideas so again feel free to tell me.

P.S. The man with the book knows what the 117 means, but he has no idea why. His book yields no answers. Your gonna have better luck with me.

Be well

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RE: I may be able to help

by Michael - 12/24/14 11:54 PM
So i just need someone to talk to. I feel like these numbers are leading me
to you. I followed the numbers and it lead me to you. Have you seen the
show touch? I feel like that show is on the right track. My mom has been
seeing 711 for years. Then here recently iv been sseing 117. My daily sales
goal was at 117% then i was grabbing a shoe for someone and the last 3
digts were 117 i looked at my phone and it was 1:17 a.m. then i looked into
the number found the site with your email and started reading. Then i
looked at the time. It was 1:27. Then i read the next comment and it was
the one with revelations 12:7. Added info. My mom married on 7/11/11 bc of
the number 711. That marriage didnt last but it was a major part of my
life. Forgive me. My names michael. Haha. Its just crazy... hopfully youve
seen the show touch and you get what i mean by i feel like i was meant to
find you. Watch the first episode before you reply if youve not seen it.
Its on netflix. But yea. Have a merry Christmas and thanks for reading this

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Light Symbols

by Anonymous - 4/13/11 8:21 AM
To all that are experiencing the spiritual light code 117 which is the light code for this time along with 171, 711, 77. These codes are of God.

ASLEEP: To be spiritually asleep one will see only numbers. People will use these numbers for material gain and will not see numbers as profound spiritual messages. To stay on this course humanity will lose their material gains because of a lack of spiritual understanding. This will repeat itself until humanity awakens to the spiritual truths of God. 99% of humanity is asleep.

AWARE: Some people become aware of numbers and begin to sense something is mysteriously going on but chose to brush their experiences off as coincidence, a fluke, synchronicity, interesting, and remain tied to materialism to avoid any further discomfort. Humanity remains asleep.

AWAKE: At this point one begins to realize that numbers and letters are related and are a part of sequence of codes but still one does not now the meaning of such codes. For some this is out right frightening and... more...

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RE: Light Symbols

by Gi - 11/06/11 2:49 PM
Michael do you think dates like this one tomorrow 11/7 have some meaning?

RE: Light Symbols

by Anonymous - 11/22/11 11:27 PM
From reading Michael's entries you need spiritual development to understand the message of 117.

RE: Light Symbols

by Anonymous - 11/22/11 11:27 PM

RE:Light Symbols

by Olv - 12/08/14 9:39 AM
I keep seeing 117, 171, 717, 771, 317, 917, 17, 017, 1177, 1117.. for sure i dont understand what they are trying to communicate to me, so confused, please help me understand these messages. Thx

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Sacred Light Codes

by Anonymous - 3/31/11 11:08 PM
How serious is sacred light codes especially the codes 117/171/711/77. The latest purification that happened took place on March 11, 2011 which is 711. You need to understand Hopi Prophecy to understand about the great purification happening to humanity as we speak. Most Great events of human history have those 5 light codes present. Light codes are messages from God, to you personally as well as globally.


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RE: Sacred Light Codes

by Anonymous - 4/21/11 2:52 AM

The oneness of humanity. One needs to accept the oneness of all 9 Manifestations God that they are delivering the same message accept to a larger audience as humanity populates the earth. To say one Manifestation is greater than another will cause confusion and prevent ones spiritual growth. The 9th Manifestation of God talks about the different stages of spiritual quest which are THE GARDEN OF SEARCH, THE CITY OF LOVE AND RAPTURE, THE CITY OF DIVINE UNITY, THE GARDEN OF WONDERMENT, THE CITY OF ABSOLUTE NOTHINGNESS, THE CITY OF IMMORTALITY AND THE CITY THAT HATH NO NAME OR DESCRIPTION. This particular book has 117 verses. A friend bought this book for me. At the time of purchasing this book he said "I know this book is for Michael". He was and still is a non believer in the messages of spiritual light codes but the book he purchased for me has 117 verses and talks about the Tree of Life. It is very difficult for people to accept new teachings.


RE: Sacred Light Codes

by Laurence - 4/26/11 11:14 AM
Hi! Michael,

It is written in the Book of Revelation that the 9th Manifestation of God, Michael (Also known under the name Baha in his 1863 manifestation) comes back near the end of Times.
Revelation12:7 says: "And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,"
As we are getting closer to 12/21/12 (333/9), it is conceivable that the purification process is already started and that Michael (The 9th Manifestation of God) is already amongst us.

In addition to the sacred Light codes of 117/711/171 and 77 you have already mentioned, some numbers are constantly “flashing” at me as if they wanted to tell me a story or showing me the way; those are 127, 227, 22 and 71.
22 is the last chapter of the book of Revelation, Revelation 22:7 says: "Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book".
Those numbers or codes may be showing the path to the fulfillment of the Book of Revelation, this is the Truth I am working on.

With L.O.V.E


RE:Sacred Light Codes

by Tessa - 11/30/14 5:50 AM
I was born on 7/11 I see it all the time I feel like its guiding me. I was searching about the subject and i found this.

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A huge solar flare will hit Earth on May 4th, 2013, knocking out the worlds power grids...

by Anonymous - 3/18/12 12:43 AM
A giant solar flare hit Earth in 1859, and it is known as the "Carrington Event". It is agreed by NASA and the US National Academy of Sciences that another "Carrington Event" like the 1859 giant solar flare would end civilization as we know it....Millions would die.....(No electricity for months or maybe more than a year....) No electricity means no money, no food or water, no anything. It is also ironic that the US 1896 5 Dollar Education Note which had the theme of "Electricity as the Dominant Force in the World" had it's final design approved on April 10th, 1896. May 4th, 2013 is exactly 117 years and 24 days after that currency approval date in 1896. If one multiplies 17 times 117 and uses that result as years, and subtracts those years from the year 2013, one comes to the year 24.....That is for the 24 days after the exact 117th year anniversary of the 5 dollar education note that was just mentioned. (Remember it is exactly 117 years and 24 days from the 1896 currency approval date until May 4th, 2013. There are more reasons involving the number 17 and other issues that point to the May 4th, 2013 date that I can not go into here that involve proven information from God.

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RE: A huge solar flare will hit Earth on May 4th, 2013, knocking out the worlds power grids...

by Anonymous - 10/20/14 8:25 PM
Hebrew for 2012 is 5772,or as Hebrew reads from right to left
The reciprocal for 117 is 5772 + 2775.

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by mike - 9/29/14 3:27 AM
I noticed two basic things pretty much everyone in here has included in their posts: family and memories.

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by MomLovesTrance - 7/27/14 1:18 PM
I'm not religious but I'm spiritual. I don't believe in any one God but i believe in some form of higher being. I've been into astrology, reading dreams, tarot, aliens, my whole life. As a child i would see things that others might say my eyes were playing tricks on me but even after blinking and looking away, the things would still be there. I have crazy dreams of what seems like the future, and i have deja vu all the time! I feel i have a deeper connection with spirits and this world than most people. Just today i saw 1117 in two different spots simultaneously @11:17am. Yesterday my boyfriend of 9 years bought wedding rings and i started to feel unsure about everything. Should i feel slightly better now that the universe might be telling me that I'm on the right path and to not worry? I'm not 100% convinced because it's in my nature to be skeptical, but my first and last name does equal 711. And my 17th year was my happiest year. I'm 27 now. Usually i would see 1111 more often in the past. What do you think is the difference now? Is something going to happen on November 17th? I need more answers. I'll bookmark this page and report back. If anyone that shares the same beliefs as i do and wants to talk more email me!

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RE: 1117

by Anonymous - 9/28/14 10:09 PM
My birthday is, 11/7/84. This number has been all over me, especially as of late. It has led me down a special road that has been littered with special knowledge and information. I once saw the number in 5 places at the same time. when I saw this sequence 5 times at once, my knees buckled. I'll never forget it. I am a big skeptic of whom believes in science and rational, with spirituality, not necessarily related to one God. This number is being investigated by NASA and has universal significance. 117

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Other meaning and occurences of #117

by Jaroslav - 8/03/14 10:06 AM
This number is the basic number of the Maya calendar,based also on the Sunspot cycles-magnetic fields,13*x9* in 1 day...Maya calendar:117 double is 234,double of that is 468 and then, 936 and then, 1872,multiplied by 10 is Maya cycle of 18720 days,and multiplied by 100 it is 13 Bak'tuns or 1872000 days... Furthermore,Pentateuch,or 5 books of Moses has 5850 verses,what is 117 Jubilees x 50 years for 1 Jubilee... Psalm 117 is the shortest chapter of the bible with only 2 verses...Psalm 118 is the cenral chapter in the Protestant(Western)bibles...Psalm 119 is the longest...Plus,the Maya knew 13 layers of heavens(13 houses of zodiac) and 9 gods of the Underworld(planets in our Solar system)...13x9 can be seen all over the world! This number is ASTRONOMICAL/COSMOGONICAL and COSMOLOGICAL!!!

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RE:Other meaning and occurences of #117

by Anonymous - 9/28/14 9:52 PM
Born 11/7/84. The number has consumed me beyond understanding. I believe in science and rationale. I've been examining it's significance, diligently. It is beyond special. I am exceptionally gifted of whom borderlines genius intellect.

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going on 3 years now

by Matt - 1/13/11 3:09 PM
For the last 3 years of my life I have been seeing this number (117) all around just like everyone else seems to have been on this site. I never really worried about why I was seeing it all the time, I always just thought it was amusing that I would notice it as much as I did/have. As far as some numbers game/hidden meaning behind it, I really believe that is all well and good, it could even be right. It could also be wrong though. Maybe it is something that we notice now subconsciously because we have seen it so much. I personally am a Christian, and believe the Lord reveals himself in many ways to us. Could it possibly be through this number that we all seem to see every day of our lives? Perhaps, but I feel that if the Lord is trying to give you a message it may be more direct than some puzzle that we feel we need to solve. We have to keep in mind that the Lord presents us with opportunities to bring glort to him everyday, just like we see this number everyday. That is what the number 117 has become to me.... more...

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RE: going on 3 years now

by Anonymous - 8/16/14 5:40 PM


by Anonymous - 7/19/14 12:43 PM
I was born on January 17th at 1:17am. I have always thought this was very unique and the odds of such a thing happening are miniscule. I feel like I see the numbers everywhere but its sporadic. I just want to understand its meaning and how it pertains to my life and path.

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Me & 117

by Alexander the Great - 11/22/13 8:11 AM
I would say I have an interesting relationship with the number 117 and I think this is the best place to maybe discover and share what this number means to me and perhaps to all of you. This is my story...

My whole life has revolved around this number. I have many examples of this number being relevant in my life but the most solid ones are that I was born 7 pounds 11 ounces, last 3 digits of my driver license are 117, favorite video game character (HALO) IS #117, MY BIRTHDAY adds up to 117, and on. It is obvious that this would be my favorite number. Now, up until this year, this number didn't hold much significance besides that it was a common number that popped up on a weekly basis, and that it was my favorite number.

So at the beginning of this year, 2013, I was a hardcore atheist, very scientific, and did not believe too much into spirituality, besides having a strong appreciation for the beauty of nature and its mysteriousness. Little did I know I was on my way to a spiritual crash course. Fast... more...

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RE:Me & 117

by Alex - 7/07/14 7:17 PM
I am still experiencing 117 in a very bizarre fashion, in ways that are not because I am looking for it but because it is brought to my attention from things that just happen. For example, more than 10 times now, I or someone will ask what time it is and it is exactly 1:17. I can say it has been brought to my attention thousands of times in the past year since my spiritual awakening. Everything I have researched has led me to believe this number absolutely represents the beginning and the end of cycles and is certainly involved with spirituality. I believe that 117 is not only a good sign but one that will enlighten the world. To know I am not the only one experiencing this and discovering similar truths makes me think we all have something in common. Why us and not everyone else? What can we do about it?
Well, i think we can enlighten people of its significance and in a way share how there are things that happen to us that derive from something greater than us that we are currently unaware of. Its not about... more...

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by Anonymous - 6/24/14 7:50 AM
The 13 moon calendar of the Mayan's ended on Baktun 13 and the Gregorian calendar will fall 3/3/3 9 which is 9x13 is 117, the new calendar a calandar of the equinoxs is in BE 171. Solar calendars which are of the Creator do not collapse.

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by brandi - 2/20/13 10:30 AM
I see this number everywhere also. My fathers has been a police from before I was born till now and his badge number is 117. i have been seeing it so much and now it like I see it even more. I think that maybe we are Gods chosen ones.

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RE: 117

by Anonymous - 11/18/13 12:14 AM
I see this number everywhere. I'm not religious but it's starting to freak me out. It comes up with me all the time and it's always either 117 or 17. I'm glad I'm not the only one but I want to know what's going on. I've been seeing it for years and it always comes up.


by L - 6/03/14 5:03 PM
Hi, I also see either 17 or 117. I know this sounds strange, but I have had people tell me that I am from the fairy world (as in a previous life). It sounds crazy. But maybe those of this from this world have a connection to this number? It is an important number in angel numerology meaning that one is one the right path and making positive choices (both 17 and 117). I probably sound nuts, but there has to be a reason I see this number so much, and it is so nice knowing I am not the only one...

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So interesting!

by Lesley - 6/03/14 4:59 PM
Hi there, just looking through the comments. I had no idea that there were so many others that had this number as a significant number in their lives. It's more than a coincidence. Maybe it is meant to bring us together, among other things. My email is lesley_jardine22 if anyone wants to get in touch. I think that this is a good forum here though to talk as well. Thanks!

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This must be a special number...

by Lesley - 6/03/14 4:55 PM
I see this number all the time. It has been "my number" for many years. I saw it about 15 times today.Here is what I read about it from a link on angel numerology:

Angel Number 117 is a message that you are heading in the right direction in your life, and this has been achieved through your positive affirmations, intentions, actions and expectations. We create our own realities and you have managed to consciously steer your life in a very positive direction and have good reason to feel optimistic and happy with yourself as you have achieved a great personal success. When you expect great things, great things happen.

Angel Number 117 suggests that you are on the ‘right path’ on your life’s journey. The angels support and encourage you with your life purpose, and you have good reason to be optimistic about your chosen direction or path. Listen to your intuition and higher-self and take appropriate action as only you can serve your soul purpose and fulfill your destiny. The angels encourage you to... more...

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