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Properties of the number 119




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by G - 11/07/09 7:03 AM
I became a born again Christian 3 months ago. About two weeks ago I started noticing the number 119 everywhere. First it started with Psalms 119 I heard it on the radio, during service, through a friend within a 2 day period. So i decided to read it. I then googled it and found out that Psalms 119 is the longest chapter in the bible with 176 verses. i also found out that 119 Tauri is the largest star known in the universe in the constellation Taurus, i am a taurus. I went to dinner with my family and the total came out to $119.19, i was in shock. So i decided to play super lotto, idk, and when i saw the results the only numbers i got correct were 1 and 19, 119??? i was freaking out. i told my mom about all this and was going to show her something on net using my phone and i scrolled down i stopped on my contacts, I have 119 contacts! i dont know what to make of all this. My mom told me that 11/9 is coming up this monday and that maybe something will happen that day. I guess I'll have to wait and see :-S

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by Rolandah Alexandria - 4/02/16 6:32 AM
Rolandah Alexandria Newhouse is 119


by Anonymous - 4/25/16 8:58 PM
Same here with the 119 & 911... Been constant for a few years now!

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Actually Scary

by David - 10/31/15 8:15 AM
I've seen the numbers 119 @ 911 so much for so long that i have been going crazy in my mind trying to understand it. I'm a Christian , and have doubted numerology. I have to look at it more. I get such vivid dreams that have let me know our impending issues coming up in my life. They have all been spot on. Spot on. Are the occasional voices me being crazy? I try to ignore, needs to stop, doesn't help. I know i should open up and accept, but is it letting in something bad ?

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RE: Actually Scary

by Anonymous - 4/02/16 6:23 AM
My name on my birth certificate is Rolandah Alexandria Newhouse... 119 is the numerology for it and I am also a Christian. But God gave us numbers and astrology for a reason... Song be afraid of it. God is giving you signs xx


by Dr. Saad Naji Al-Azzawi - 12/19/15 10:09 AM
If this number 119 is divided by the natural numbers 2,3,4,5,6 then the remainder is 1,2,3,4,5 respectively
Is there another number having such property?

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by Micky - 8/31/15 12:34 AM
I see this number every where... it started with 1111 then continued on to this. It comes to me many ways too like, 1109, 911, 1019, etc.

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RE: Crazy...

by Wowzers - 11/25/15 10:35 AM
Exact same thing and numbers. Also 33 on time. What the heck is this???

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by Victor - 10/28/15 1:20 PM
The Devil

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Number 119

by Chris - 9/17/15 5:37 AM
I read a news article today that states Obama and Netanyahu are having a meeting in Washington DC on 11/9...went searching for the prophetic meaning of this number and found this website. The meaning is clear to me now.

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what about this?

by Anonymous - 9/03/09 6:02 AM
I stayed in room 1119..on a project

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RE: what about this?

by Anonymous - 6/14/15 1:37 PM
I had a dream that people were writing mean things about God and that made me really sad. I hope 119 doesn't mean im one of those people.

number 119

by angel - 2/21/15 10:35 PM
I started painting them on walls a year ago and hear things spiritually and have seen things

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RE: number 119

by I can tell the same story and we have been chosen. - 6/04/15 3:05 PM
Name is Benjamin


by Anonymous - 5/03/15 8:01 PM
I have been seeing this numbers for many months now. I am a man of God and serve him. I was born 11,19,1976. We bought a home about two year's ago. We were doing a short sale and time was of the essence and we needed to find an inventor home. The one that we found and qualified for was lot number 119. We didn't no how we would come up with all the down payment money. But things fell in line and the mortgage company called up and reduce the down payment.

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by his humble servant - 6/04/09 12:07 PM
119 = Psalms of David

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RE: 119

by Hotep Ashe Agu - 1/30/15 12:49 PM
My birthday is 09.11.1991
119 1119 have been following me for the past 2-3 months.
Had a small epiphany last night while watching a video on numerology and personal year numbers.

2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8
9 + 1 + 1 = 11

11 + 8 = 19

1 + 9 = 10
1 + 0 = 1

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iam getting happy when i see 119 since i was child i thought that is my nomber 119

by Anonymous - 10/01/14 12:15 AM
i see 119 evrywhere , my pohone nomber is +...119
my bank card ends with 119 i saw this nomber evryday and i feel my silf happy and strog. but iam muslim and i am not against of God
but i dont know i love to be like super man and iam not normal guy i know that i blieve that iam not normal. and i love 119 it is my nomber

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by Anonymous - 11/12/12 11:39 PM
My son was born exactly 119 am in the morning 24 years ago. I am forever seeing this number. I dont know the signuficane behind it.

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RE: 119

by Anonymous - 8/25/14 12:29 PM
so does wid me i am gettion this number every where. well, when i am out of my home. i usually se this number on bikes or in clock

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Good number again

by Anonymous - 7/27/14 10:17 AM
119 - double 11 (11 9) and (1+1+9). Break the rules and laws to fulfill your desires. Used against evil; as evil doesn't understand laws and rules and is controlled by them.

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119 is judgement

by Anonymous - 5/28/09 4:04 AM
Yes, this is a very mysterious number. Look at its factors namely 7 and 17 both of which have significant meaning; 7 representing goodness in the world and good things to come, whilst 17 represents ill fortune and even death (Roman numerals XVII may be rearranged as VIXI - "I have lived"). The two numbers are therefore conflicting just like good and bad events in this life.

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RE: 119 is judgement

by Anonymous - 8/06/13 5:03 PM
Hey guys 119 means IO or XO which stands for the # 10 which also stands for (XO)=IO=66=OCTOBER THE 10 2013 = 10/10/2013=666 GO look on the front of the HOOVER DAM

Name & Birthdate sum 119

by Bradley - 3/30/13 1:17 PM
My 1st name adds up to 31, middle name is 22 and last is 35. All of these put together equals 88. My Birthday sums up to 31. 4/14/1993 4+1+4+1+9+9+3=31. 31+88= 119 I happen to see this number a lot along with 31 and 88. I haven't found anything yet where they use the whole numerical value of your name and birthdate together. Just a little curious if anyone notices anything strange about this. It'd be nice to know

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yep... me too!

by Anonymous - 2/01/13 4:58 AM
This all started a long time ago and only today did it occur to me to hit the web up for an answer. My phone number,locker number, at home and at work objects have it on them, a call will come in at 11.19 and ill save the number yep.. 119 in my address book. Like others on here I attributed it to moving in the right direction...rightly or wrongly! friends even joke about it! Maybe we are all mental. Maybe not. Does anyone know if there is any link with numerology?

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im not alone, as u also experience the same mysteries.

by freakin' face - 11/11/12 5:11 PM
like most of u, this number also disturbed me a lot.. still dont know what the meaning. but i know it mystery.. seen this number so many time. every time i saw this number, i just said to my self, "oh its gonna be a fine day today"... its weird as this number is been following us like forever. even my birth certificate number is 911. still looking for an answer...

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The Answer to the Mystery

by Anonymous - 10/29/12 5:55 PM
Please, see this playlist and you will understand:


You will not believe it, but seems as if we would have there the answer to the mystery, seems as if it is all about about the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 and the time of the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus, a divine message of universal import.

God bless you.

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looking 4 answers

by DaDee - 8/16/12 9:30 AM
3 years ago I was in a horrible car crash, a truck hit me going 6o miles per hour. i was in the passenger side. the truck hit my side and t boned the small car. I survived with a broken leg and some cracked ribs. there soon after I noticed every time iIchecked the time it was 11:19,11:09,9:11. I thought it was weird but didnt think much of it. It has been 3 years and I see the #s every where so today I wanted to know what it might meaan and seen I am not the only person. which makes me feel a little better about my sanity.

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119 i see it every day

by devante - 7/04/12 10:25 AM
119 I seem to see this number at least three times every day weather i am looking to see what time it is or any thing that has to do with numbers i dont no what this means and i am seeking for an answer hope it means something good is coming for me...

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119 is folllowing me.

by seeker - 6/26/12 3:51 AM
This number has been following me all my life. Born November 9th (119), our home phone number used to xxx0119, when I enrolled in school my student ID xx119. and when one of my best friend got his car, it was 0119. and like many of you, i have many many time seen 119 when I look at a clock or PC. I feel like it is trying to tell me something but dont know what or why..I am still seeking. And just as I thought I am the only seeing this, I found this site Searching in Google...

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Experiencing 119 911 & others such as 111 333 Multiples of 11

by Chiefandme0203 - 6/02/12 10:59 PM
Not long after a wreck, started praying blessing over my home trying to get out the evil that drove me to my wreck. Saw square root symbol as a reflection of light in my eyes (square root of 3 is irrational has no end, Nor does the Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and saw a sword while praying at river one day then Started being prompted to look digital media like praying one morning something urged me to look at stereo in truck CD player was on track #3 at 3:33am on 333rd second (square root of 3), then clocks at times like 1:11 2:22 3:33 4:44 5:55 2:11 3:11 4:11...11:11. 11 is a prime number also Revelation 11:11 But after three and a half days, the spirit of life from God entered them, and they stood up! And terror struck all who were staring at them, this verse speaks of the two witnesses killed by the antichrist. Started reading tags such as AW26043-Thus Add Wisdom 2 6-Man(on 6th day God created man) 0-all around the world 4 3-Father, Son & Holy Spirit. All this prompting thing gave me a strong sense of... more...

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by jimbo - 5/08/12 2:25 PM
Hello I have seen multiple numbers in the past up to the point where I was certain there could be no coincidence.. growing up as a kid I didn't see it much but eventually I started seeing 1111 or 111 everywhere then when when I was 17 I saw the numbers 911 everywhere and I mean everwhere... to the point 95% of the time I looked at a clock it had the numbers in it... well to make a long story short I was on probation and 2 weeks later I got into trouble and was sent to a grouphome and detention centers for over a year straight and I'm not a bad kid.. I was raised with respect and love for all.. I just liked to smoke weed... but anyways when ever I see 911 I expect trouble... think about it.. 911 tons of people died. The only time you call 911 is in times of trouble... I have seen it a few times along the years repediatly and I steer clear from anything that could possibly get me caught up till the numbers go away and my life has never been better I am head lot attendent/ used car assistant manager for three... more...

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RE: ?

by Maestro - 3/08/11 2:46 PM
Here is the deal. I'm born Muslim but recently moved to the US to study. However, lately I've been very spiritual and I only pray directly to god outside of religious authority.

Ok to get to the point.
During tonight I went to sleep reading a book and I woke up at 1:19 AM. The funny thing is that I was woken up by me (getting an erection). It was so intense I woke me up halfway and I could feel it clearly. I am also a virgin and in the last month I've been seeing this girl who I really do like (no jinx) and we just hit it of, and I've been having these confused thoughts about survival or spiritual realization. Maybe this was a green light or a disconnect from the lord? I do not want to worry but I can't help not to. Lately I've been seeing 444 as well and that was more intense and in broad daylight as well as a whole other story :P

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Since I was 13

by David Kotaska - 2/25/11 2:09 PM
I am now 19 years old... and since I was 13 I have been seeing the number 119 everywhere. It all started when I was playing world of warcraft when it first came out in 7th grade. My buddy asked me what my highest crit was and I said 119. and for some reason i started making a song about the number 119 and how it was my highest critical strike. I started chanting it and syaing it over and over again just being a little dumb kid. karl and I (my buddy) started to laugh at my ridiculis song and the fact that it was such a random number. From that point on we started to see the number 119 EVRYWHERE! Like evrytime I look at the clock, or stay at a hotel the room number is 119, randomly counted the ridges on a quarted which is 119, uhh answers in math class would come up to 119, uh gas prices, candy prices, miles on my car, time of the day. So I would call it out whnever I saw that. soon enough evryone at my highschool knew about the number 119 and how I always see it. and they always ask... like random little kids... more...

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