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by Shanty - 10/06/15 9:48 PM
What does this mean I wake up each morning at the same exact time. I have an idea of what it means but I was wondering your opinion please

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All the same

by Riley - 1/25/13 12:40 AM
I've spent a good time reading this and like all of you are followed by 123, I'm a high school student who finds this number to repeat more than anything else, clocks, license plates, bank receipts, hell even my dice rolls are 123... but one thing i have noticed is all of us seem to see it on clocks, why would we all need to be paying attention at the same time? also 1+2+3= 6 any thoughts? maybe the number has been 6 all along.. tho so far 123 has no positive or negative in my life, I'm only intrigued to find there are others like me :)

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by Cody Nicole - 9/01/15 8:02 PM
I as well see the number 123 mostly on the clock. But I just think it strange that many of us but probably only a certain few of the billions of us see this sequence. I wonder if it means something good/bad is coming. And we're the select few to have knowledge. For me this has been going on for months now. It's amazing and confusing all at once. I just hope that what ever is about to happen is good for all of us who see this number sequence.

RE:All the same

by Anonymous - 9/11/15 6:53 PM
I've just been reading through this feed as many years ago I started realising I would look at the time during the night at 1:23am and then it became more reoccurant and I would do it throughout the day too. My boyfriend said it was probably because I was subconscious about this number and I just happened to be looking at the time when I knew it was subconsciously there.
Then we're were on a return flight home and k clicked on the screen to see the remainder of the flight and it was 1:23 - I quickly nudged him to show him it wasn't interested head and because I wasn't conscious and I wasn't just time keeping. Then tonight I've looked at the time - what do you know - it was 1:23. I looked into numerology and found out my "number" was six - then seen in this thread people making 123 add up to 6?? Is this related??

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im seeing numbers

by Anthony Moaremoff - 5/08/15 3:23 PM
I keep seeing the numbers 1,2,3,4,. all together, for example I look at clock to see what time it is and it will read 12:34. Why? it's been going on for about 3-4 years.

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RE: im seeing numbers

by angel - 8/28/15 10:26 PM
I have the same reoccurring situation, but it's always 123, no matter where i am i see the number. It's weird, right now it's 1:23am crazy huh


by Daniel - 7/27/15 1:21 PM
04-20-99 the date of the Columbine shootings. 4+20+99=123

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by Darren - 7/25/15 3:40 PM
Why is this number so important , recently i found out that i was a medium , ok that took a while to sink in , but its true , i can actually communicate with spirits , i have the gift of knowing , however i do not know what this repeated 123 means , its not just clocks its everywhere , and seems to be when i am thinking of the spirits , here is just one example , 2 weeks ago i went with my pregnant wife to the hospital for checks , the number calling board was stuck on 123 , the place was packed and it was chaos , ok so thats not strange really , but this is , 2 weeks later we went back to the same place for more checks , the system was working fine this time so my wife got a ticket and yup it was number 123 , impossible odds of that happening , but it did , last night i was playing a game online and i was just about to quit when someone or something told me to keep going , i looked at the time and it was 1:23 , ok not a real sign as that happens twice a day , but with in 1 minute i won 123 dollars exactly ..... more...

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by Kenny (kennykline99) - 7/14/15 2:43 AM
(Im sure i have Lotz of typos sorry...)I my self have also been seing that number! It started in my 5th period class the bell would ring at 123, then ever since i ALWAYS i would garentee more then once a day i see it either on a clock, a game, how many messeges i have or just random things popping up, and honestly i feel this is a cool subject we ALL have in common! First we know we will never be alone if this is bad, we all got this! But what if its good? I have made mistakes in my life. But im the oldest brother and i do feel that i am important some way or another, we should all right down whats going on in the moment, do this for a while then fine commen factors, sort threw it.... Maybe we can come up with a scientific reasoning or biblical... This could be serious or something to discover...

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I constantly see 1, 2 3 as well especially after my father's passing

by Lynda - 6/21/15 7:57 AM
I read RJS thread below and immediately started crying because I have felt since my Dad passed that the 1,2, 3 had something to do with it. The thing is that I wasn't close to my father. Not sure if he is protecting me in the afterlife.

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"The Mystery of 123"

by RJS - 3/12/14 7:48 PM
I've been getting 123 messages for approximately 15 years. I call it "The Mystery of 123." They occur almost daily: license plates, addresses, times, page numbers, and money amounts etc... Although I'm a curious person, I've never gone online to do research on it. I'm surprised to see, that I'm not alone in receiving this numerical sequence. Wouldn't it be wonderful, folks, if we were ordained for something special? In any event, it's nice to know that I'm not alone.

I wish that I could tell you what it means. I've spent a lot of time pondering it. I've only come to one conclusion. Of course, it's personal opinion. I think that it's some kind of communication from my guides. It's as if they want me to be aware, in that moment, that I'm not alone and am being watched over. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but it's happened too many times to discount it. Now, I feel comforted by the 123s. If only I could use them to win the lottery!

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by RJS - 4/30/15 4:56 PM
I wanted to give you folks an update. I finally found out what my 123s mean. A few weeks ago, I was looking at my dad's memorial online. His birthday caught my eye: January 23rd. And then, I knew what the sequence meant. I started receiving the 123s before he died. He's still, somehow guiding me. The answer was always there, but I wasn't searching in the obvious places. My "mystery" has been solved.

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123 321 420

by Anonymous - 4/03/15 11:01 AM
I found God about a year ago. It took me about 8 months struggling with sin to really make progression and cut out a lot of bad habbits. I have had some really bad trips.. probably a few months ago i started seeing these numbers daily. Its hard to explain but i can tell everyone commenting knows how uncoincidental it is. As of recently i have been remembering my dreams every night. They are never good. Not scary or nightmares but just never good. I just dont know what to think. Everyone has their own opinion but i just dont know what to think. Seeing that so many people experience the same thing makes it even weirder to me. I have accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior and dedicate my life to His work. For some reason i just dont feel good about it. Not like anything particular bad has happened i just dont feel good about it. I use to smoke weed a lot. Ive stopped for the most part but i do end up smoking like once a week. Please reply with any insight

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RE: 123 321 420

by Anonymous - 4/19/15 1:06 PM
My friend began to notice the numbers 123 and so often he felt that it's highly uncoincidental that he can't go a day without 123 being everywhere he go's even when he isn't thinking of it, he strongly feels like some unseen force is influencing him to notice it like he's ment to see it, I have an idea it's something to do with mocking of the trinity by by evel entities, I know 666 , 333 and being scratched showing 3 scratch Mark's close together as a sign mocking the trinity which makes me wonder if 123 has the same demonic meaning and power? I don't believe in the devil and spirits that claim to be demonic are just a bully using other spirits energy to enhance his to gain the energy to scratch and move items claiming to be a demon just to try to scare off the living, it is strongly believed that one specie of alien from biblical Times that feed on the human souls, don't donate your eyes as a donor because you will be with black holes if your astral is seen, anyone who wonders why some spirits are seen just... more...

123 I always seam to see.

by Swiftypig - 3/17/15 2:49 PM
I always seem to see the numbers 123. On clocks mainly. I thought today I would see what this could mean. Then it dawned on me that if you add up the numbers you get 6. That is my favorite number. Always wanted 6 kids but only got 3. It just seems so strange the particular numbers that follow me around. Not sure what to make of this.

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by Ereven Ereven - 11/21/14 10:11 PM
Easy as 1.2.3. I believe my guide put me on a new simplified path. A couple days after I saw it my hotel room was 321. After going through a crazy soul searching experience I had to go back to the same hotel. This time I was in room 213 and I really wasn't even suppose to be there. I was crashing the party so to speak.

1234 was always my favorite time as a child. 123 was the start of a new beginning for me. Before seeing 123 I was seeing 444 556 and 333 a lot.

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by William - 11/15/14 5:41 AM
Hey all!
Yeah, 123 keeps occurring in my life too. For starters, my zip code is 123. I've been involved in a 'guess how many beans'-competition where the answer of course was 123. Clocks, license plates etc say 123. But the most poignant thing was when I looked up my favorite verse in the Bible....
'I tell you that, if these would hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out' Sends chills down my spine. page number? Not five, not six, not even seven point nine but....123!

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by Anonymous - 11/02/14 1:55 AM
Hi.. I have woken up at exactly 1.23am two nights in a row, both times with a banging headache, like the headache has woken me up at exactly the same time both nights . The numbers 11 and 12 have always been significant to me. I've lived at 3 number 11 addresses and now am at the 2nd no 12 address which is all total coincidence (no other addresses in between) I also got married 12/12/12.. My birthday is 4th of August which is 4 + 8 = 12.. I don't know if this means anything? Lots of weird things have been happening lately, I think or dream of someone who I haven't seem for years, I don't even know why but then I see them. Weird. Any suggestions?

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123 club

by russ - 10/16/14 12:47 AM
we should have a 123 club

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123 or what comes first

by randy - 1/31/13 8:12 PM

Add these numbers up horizontally vertically or diagonally
The year is 2013

This number has been in my head since I can remember

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RE: 123 or what comes first

by tom c - 9/05/14 2:38 AM
when you say "add up vertically" do you mean add each column?


666 ?

RE: 123 or what comes first

by tom c - 9/05/14 2:42 AM
...........of course the same results if you multiply 1 2 3.

The fact that the same result can be derived by addition or multiplication makes 123 a rather special number.

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123 is a Curse

by Demetrius Dyron Dupree - 6/08/14 9:01 PM
Word to the wise, these numbers *** are no good. Prepare your self for the worst. However, you will never see it coming. Just embrace yourself!!!!

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RE: 123 is a Curse

by tom c - 9/05/14 2:36 AM
I respect your opinion, but do you realize that the initials of your 'name' are D D D which, in number form is 4 4 4, and as someone else here pointed out: 444 = 123 + 321.


by David - 8/30/14 10:03 PM
ok now I am really freaked out. I have been seeing these numbers for over 10 years now and thought it was just all in my head. ever since it started I felt like a spirit or something was trying to give me a message or something the few people I have told this to think I am waked, but 1, 2, or maybe 3 people think there is something more. I would see these combinations of numbers every where, addresses, amounts of money, change, I was in new York a couple of years ago and the address of the fire station right across the street from where the twin towers stood is 123, I thought maybe my brain was just programed subconsciously to look at the time to see 1:23, 3:21, 11:23 excetra , but sometimes I will look at a clock were the time was not correct by 3 hours and 21 minutes and it was 1:23
so what is up with that. I bet whoever was comment 123 was like whoa, ha ha I am comment 128. I am a very spiritual person and in my late 40's with very little computer time, I would have to say maybe about 123 hours total on... more...

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RE: 123&321

by tom c - 9/05/14 2:08 AM
Hi David.

You sound like me some 20 years ago: I had spent a great deal of time and effort trying to grasp biblical number symbolism, and one day I could have sworn I was being guided by saints or angels dressed like ancient Greeks: that's how numbers can affect the mind.

One day, when trying to understand Revelation 13:18 (666 etc) I multiplied 13 by 18, and got 234. Then I added that to its reversed version 432, which I thought was rather good, but of course the original manuscripts didn't have verse numbers etc.

For certain reasons, I only use Greek or Latin alphabets.

As for 123: Ever heard of that great numbers guy, PYTHAGORAS? the one who constructed a triangle with ten pebbles? A design called the Tetraktys?

Using the 23 letter Latin alphabet (no j,u or w) I find the number for a name as follows: example; 10 letters: PYTHAGORAS

P Y T H A G O R A S = 15 22 19 8 1 7 14 17 1 18

their sum is 123.

But there's nothing spooky about numbers: Gemetria, as used by John Dee of London (1527 to 1609) is a very powerful mind exercise.


tom c


by bob - 5/31/14 6:32 PM
I started seeing this number from 2 years, 1:23 3:21 2:31 ect.. even the phone number of the manager of the company i worked for was ending by 321, actually since i started seeing this number i faced many bad things, so when i look at the number i feel bad, and i still seeing this number till now.

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RE: 123

by Anonymous - 8/04/14 9:28 AM
I don't believe that seeing 123 is a bad thing , if someone is thinging it is , they could be mistaken conforter for something that is going wrong in their lifes, at least that is how I look at it ,

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meaning of 123

by Mickey Torres - 3/16/14 12:06 PM
In short, the message ,123 came to me in 1990 ... I was awakend by something or someone placing what felt like an opend hand on my chest. I woke up , sat up and heard a clear voice say FOCUS ONE TWO THREE.... I was in a remote area sleeping with no people for several miles...What i believe it to mean is the TRIAD and the secret of life and the path to become a PURE BEING ...The path from physical to spiritual to Pure Being...

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RE: meaning of 123

by Anonymous - 6/30/14 8:30 PM
yes same exact accurance execpt I saw the hand before it went thru my window where I slept close to, I also heard a voice say my name; I ve been #running into #123 for the Vpast couple months everywhere from reciepts to awakening time n micowave cooking its crazy-/- I dont think its a bad thing not if ur saved but if ur not dont be surprise if u start having issues it is a test n confirmation that God is with u do not b decieved or fear to move forward


by Caitlin - 6/25/14 9:30 PM
I get the same thing. I always see the time being 1:23 or 12:23 for example. I try telling my boyfriend but he doesn't understand. I also was Wathing music video with him once and on the girls phone it was 123. I don't know what it means but it's been happening for a couple years now. I don't see it being a bad thing for me, but who knows. But I do feel like I get weird signs since then.

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by Ray - 5/26/14 11:23 PM
I have seen this for years now. It haunts me but I believe 123 is a positive thing as changes are happening and nothing but good will come out of it. My life has only got better since seeing them. Unless something bad is going to happen ? If so I will post ......123 is growing in numbers .... 321 however sounds like it's decreasing and preparing you for a count down to something.

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by Shawn - 5/12/14 12:21 AM
i have 5 children one born on 1/23 one born on 12/3 my 3rd son had 12.3 in his birth weight my forth SS# ends in 123 and my oldest just got a cell phone guess what the last 3 numbers are yes 123

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On this number 123!

by Cory - 12/18/10 11:47 PM
So today I was at home and my friend came over and we decided to go for a walk it was 12:30 at nite and we were walking through the city of Salem, Wv when we notice this strange person walking buy with a strange look to them his person walked into a little food mart, as we looked back and watched the guy walk in the store he looked at us as he was going in and we kept walking and as soon as I looked strait ahead and looked back the guy came back out and was heading towards us so we walkd faster and the guy started walking faster we didnt know what too do, no stores were open by now and the streets were alomost pitch black, but the guy turned off a side road and as we walked we seen a white object waving its hands almost a blur cause it was dark so we turned around and went the other way as it walked towards us like it was maybe warning us, so we were setting their and for some odd reason te number 123 came in my head and I thought does that mean two things have happened is their a third bad thing? But I kept... more...

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RE:On this number 123!

by john stephen hughes - 3/06/14 7:40 PM
01•23 all the time and I get goose bumps and and see and feel things touch me I'm not scared as I have had a lot of deaths my date ov birth 25.01.1986.I'm 28 and I've had an un loving life and lived pure stress and missery from care sytstem to prison then repeated sentences and family dying one after the other then I fort he was going to have a child then that died aswell before birth I'm cursed with bad luck and cry inside but I'm strong and always look to the skies and ask for a break

RE: On this number 123!

by MT - 3/16/14 1:28 PM
I posted previous but after reading everyone elses comments I have to say more... My message came as a clear voice and it said FOCUS ONE TWO THREE and I was awakened first by a hand on my chest....I was not long after that that I had a quad by pass and I am a Commercial pilot and flying was my life dream as a child... I woud see in my dreams the places I would go and see...I knew when I got sick that if I believed and wanted to heal myself I would go on to contnue my lifes dream, and I have ...Since forever I could remember I knew I could make things happen if i truley believed the outcome... A book was written about this subject called "THE SECRET". It has to do with FOCUS, which was in my message...I believe this saved my life once and it had to do with 123... In short my girlfriend was part or a lot American Indian and on this day she beged me not to go on this flite... I had to go an as I left she was histerical... This was not in her caracter... Long story short I had a paticular reacuring problem with... more...

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by me - 3/05/14 12:39 PM
well i´ve been seeing the number too.. and now my post is number 123..

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RE: 123

by Anonymous - 3/05/14 12:40 PM
okay it wasent ha ha


by jason - 2/10/14 9:46 AM
my brother died 11 yrs ago. I dreamed last night he was showing me our old house and property next door. I didn't see him, but knew it was him. Before I woke he said did you know the house# was the same as the day I died-- I died Jan.2,2003 -123 and we lived on 123 Floyd. I had forgotten and had to look up the old house

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