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I was to

by Anonymous - 5/25/16 10:44 AM
Feb 13 2004 at mid night and I'm still alive and kicking

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number 13

by Daniel Charles Basham - 5/13/16 11:30 AM
Over the last few days the number 13 has appeared and stood out to me on several occasions the same as other numbers have done in the past.

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I was born on Friday the 13th

by Mahogany - 5/08/09 1:35 AM
I am thankful to the author of the post above! I was born on Friday 13th and can not fathom equating such negativity and bad luck to my existence. I will say this though: there seems to be a HIGH, MIGHTY CALL on my life that I not only asked for or desired. However, along with that call has come a great deal of tests and challenges. My father is a pastor and I grew up in a very spiritual home. I have made some choices, good and bad, that have affected my life negatively and positively (like everyone else). But for some reason, God has decided to share things with me in visions and dreams. Tears are streaming down my face as I type right now because often times I feel somewhat isolated and called to something that most won't understand. God has also given me an incredibly soft heart, which causes me to sympathise and empathise on a very large scale. As I prepare for the LSAT in June, so that i can hopefully start Law School in the fall, I am reminded that I already have 3 degrees and attempted a Ph.D. ... more...

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RE:I was born on Friday the 13th

by AquaDave - 4/26/15 5:45 PM
I was born Fri 13th I was 13 Fri 13th both were the only Fri 13th those years

RE:I was born on Friday the 13th

by Anonymous - 5/30/15 3:41 PM
i was born friday 13th 1995, at 4:45 .. 4+4+5=13

RE: I was born on Friday the 13th

by Anonymous - 6/23/15 5:51 PM
Brother when I read this it made me feel like I was reading something about myself. I was not born the thirteenth I was born June sixth 1989 I am currently 26. June the sixth is the 157th day of the year. Add it up, 13. My name Dustin Dartanion Sawyer is reduced to thirteen, I am 5"8 I weigh on average 157 pounds. All of this is thirteen. My mothers birth year is 67. Up until 2013 all of this went un noticed. That year for me was torcher it was as if I was going through some kind of purgatory. Everything I had done came back at me a broke me down inside to nothingness. My friends would ask me hey man you remember when we stole this or broke that, and I felt my insides twist and I began to change from there on out. I was having a consciousness awakening. A gift from god that I'm almost sure all thirteens have. I opened up to people like never before I lost lots of my friends because I tried to correct them teach them what they were doing was wrong and it affected more than they understood. Prayer and a bible... more...

RE: I was born on Friday the 13th

by saw13 - 9/08/15 3:14 PM
I was born on 13 of Jun. I feel like you

RE:I was born on Friday the 13th

by johnny 13th - 11/20/15 11:50 AM
I discovered the source of number 13 in my life. Born on Friday 13th 1953 I am no novice to this number. I have kept a log and evidence of 13 and it cannot be a coincidence. My great grandfather was a 33rd degree mason as was my father. 3 years ago I went to the local cemetery office to confirm a close relatives grave plot for the funeral. The large cemetery book was brought out and in big block letters was my familys name and masonic block 13. 13 is attached to large trees around the grave plot. I knew i had found the source for the number 13. On the way home I was almost killed by a woman texting driving head in my lane on a blind corner of the roadway. Several days later a large number 13 was painted on the roadway several hundred feet from my home. Since then the number 13 has been fairly constant in my life. Last week I was inspecting a piece of equipment I had purchased used. The serial number on the data plate was number 13. It gets much more weird but I will leave that for another time.

RE:I was born on Friday the 13th

by Bev - 11/20/15 7:34 PM
Born: 11/ 02 / 1976 .... Iv NEVA been 1 to emphatically result to numerics or astrology; but since of recent,many recent occurrences have left me dumbfounded to the extent where I 2nd guest my own free will that guided me previiusly. A few ppl circumstances unnaturally. So I have to stand firm in my beliefs, because it does not waver that I belive In a Loving God and JESUS Christ who is our Savoir.
Brings me back to my spritual attacks our my lives and its detergent from my purpose. I'm standing on God's promises,seriously believing for supernatural interventions and deliverance from these circumstances. I believe the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous of heart and his ears are attentive to heir prays. I am part of the Kingdom Power not by choice but by Family accident due to early years in my life. SO TO GOD BE THE GLORY; FOR I KNOW I AM NOT A VICTIM; BUT AN AMBASSADOR OF MY LORD JESUS CHRIST. I HAVE NO FEAR OF MAN; THO MY SALVATION THRO CHRIST JESUS. Thnk you Lord ,for your continual blessings and mercies. AMEN!!!!😇

RE: I was born on Friday the 13th

by mason - 2/03/16 4:37 PM
believe me 13 is good luck ask any Jewish they will tell you that, i will give you proof take anything you love and write in the back 13 and then you will see the ......

RE: I was born on Friday the 13th

by Anonymous - 5/05/16 3:25 PM
I hear you clearly .. born on Friday 13 as you were. What you describe is how I would exactly. All is well kindred spirit. Every gift, every perfect gift is from above, it comes down to us from The Father of Lights .. where no variance nor turn of shadow is seen.

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All the time I look at my watch, car clock, vcr clock, microwave clock, at all times of the day and night. The time shows 13. 6:13, 12:13, 3:13, 8:13. So on and so forth.

by Gus - 3/18/16 2:44 AM
Anyone please help! What does that mean? Since this been occurring, ai been having the worst of luck.

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RE: All the time I look at my watch, car clock, vcr clock, microwave clock, at all times of the day and night. The time shows 13. 6:13, 12:13, 3:13, 8:13. So on and so forth.

by Anonymous - 4/25/16 9:55 AM
I'm EXACTLY in the same boat with you for about 5 years and I feel I am completely insane now!
Still searching but no clue...

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by Anonymous - 10/02/15 10:37 PM
I was born on November 13, 1985. 11/13/85. My 13th birthday was on Friday the 13th. Now my 30th birthday will be on Friday the 13th. I've never really thought anything of it till a few months ago I keep seeing it everywhere. I find myself checking my clock exactly at that time atleast a few times a week. Waking up out of sleeping and its that time. I came across this forun looking for some answers of what's going on.

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RE: Coincidence?

by Jerry - 4/11/16 3:14 PM
13 means Blessings from God
I don't put a lot of stock
In Coincidence
I prefer Gods Will for Me
13 appears everywhere in My
Life it Has for Years
In My sixtyfifth year I now know what it means
Blessings from God
I accept those Blessings
I am a follower of Jesus
I will use those Blessings
For the Highest Good of Myself
The Universe and Everyone Concerned

living with 13

by Anonymous - 4/06/13 8:54 PM
i was born on a friday the 13th. i have 13 birth marks. my father has 13 siblings and my wifes father has 13 siblings.My grandmother died when i was 13. i was babtized at the age of 13. once on a friday the 13th i was injured and recieved 13 mother and step father was married 13 years when they devorced. i started dating my wife on a 13th (unknowingly).this number has randomly shown up in troubled times in my life like some kind of message. at least once a day i will see this number in a signifacant way. always waiting to figure it all out. maybe its god telling me something, maybe i'm reading to deep.

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RE: living with 13

by Anonymous - 4/11/16 12:01 PM
God telling You to get ready to receive his blessings

RE: living with 13

by Jerry - 4/11/16 12:02 PM
God telling You to get ready to receive his blessings

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when my son passed away , I woke up screaming 13

by Jennifer - 4/08/15 9:32 PM
After that a few weeks, months the number 9

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RE: when my son passed away , I woke up screaming 13

by Jerry - 4/11/16 11:40 AM
Become a follower of Jesus
Tell those negative spirit's
To leave that their not
Welcome Ask The Lord to send
Pure spirits

Strange things occuring. . .

by Anonymous - 9/03/15 7:18 PM
Ever since 7AM, weird things have been happening; a projector screen suddenly falling, books flying off a shelf, papers falling off a desk, a projector refusing to turn on, and then the light-bulb exploding, etc. . One strange thing has happened every hour, and then on the thirteenth hour, it doubled. It has been fourteen hours. The doubling continued into the fourteenth. I have reason to suspect it will double again at 8AM tomorrow. I am concerned that strange things will continue to happen, and double exponentially, until every minute will contain some strange occurrence. This will take four days at this apparent rate! (It will actually be 64, but close enough.)
If you have any clue as to what this means, please let me know. I have tests coming up, and a lot of important meetings.


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RE: Strange things occuring. . .

by Jerry - 4/11/16 11:18 AM
Become a follower of Jesus
Tell those negative spirit's
To leave that their not
Welcome Ask The Lord to send
Pure spirits

Not Psalm 13

by Suz - 3/09/16 8:48 AM
It's actually Psalm 14 and Psalm 53 that include the line "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God." It is not found in Psalm 13 (as stated in the fourth point under the subsection Bible in this section on the number 13).

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born. feb 13friday 1981

by mandi - 3/04/16 11:52 AM
What about the night templers?

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its my birthday

by Anonymous - 12/03/14 7:44 AM
my birthday is 1/13/01 should I be worried?

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RE: its my birthday

by Anonymous - 1/14/16 5:35 AM
the date of you comment says 01/02/2004

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10:10 11:11 12:12

by Revelation 1122332211 - 1/12/16 10:14 AM
I AM all that is was and ever will be.
100% Good
100% Evil
100% Darkness
100% Light
100% Positive
100% Negative

The Father of the Beginnings Created the Elohim, the Heavens, and the Earth
I can now understand why humans want to flee or attack when around me.

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RE: 10:10 11:11 12:12

by 3.14 - 1/12/16 10:19 AM
Then there is Zero where duality no longer exists---The one and only true reality.


by Sherry - 1/07/16 5:45 PM
Such a bad sign for me, I have seen the number 1313 3 times now on different occasions and it always means something bad is going to happen and it does for me...

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Number 13

by Baby Chick - 10/28/15 6:29 PM
Its a bad number,never say it!!!

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The Number 13

by BlueDADdrew - 1/17/15 7:01 AM
I have researched the number 13 for 4 years now. I never really cared about the number until I saw it in the eyes of Katy Perry during the Video E.T. After that I began searching for the truth behind the number and it led me to Genesis. genesis led me to THOTH and THOTH led me to the Earth Energy grid layout seen from above. A bunch of way lines, but right smack in the middle, over Africa, there is a pyramid. I call it what it is... The pyramid of the Gods. The number 13 has been associated with many Satanic beliefs, but the number itself is not Satanic. If you see the number, then you are waking from the death known as life, and you are preparing to rise to life. See, I have not blinked for four years now. I do not know why or how it's possible I do not blink, but I do. My eyes never dry out. I can blink, but I don't. I find blinking will create the possibility of missing something while living life. I was impressed by this site, but the number 13 is not, under any circumstances, the path of good or bad, it... more...

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RE: The Number 13

by Anonymous - 9/28/15 1:45 AM
My only child recently passed away, she was my best friend and loved by all. At only 22, exactly 1 month before her 23 birthday, she got into an accident on Easter Sunday, she lived for 4 days and died on April 9. I was told that she should not have survived at the scene of the accident, as no one sustains this type of injury (her carotid artery was severed) I was told she should not have made it through surgery (less than 1% survive this type of surgery)but she did. The first time I got to see her, as I walked towards her ICU room, I glanced up and noticed the room number was 13. For a brief moment I thought, unlucky 13. After her funeral, my husband and I were overwhelmed and could not escape the number 13 as it appeared everywhere, so much that we began to think that maybe she was trying to tell us something. Beginning with her room number, 13, she was buried on April 13, there were exactly 313 entries in the guest book, a total of 3,313 dollars were donated, after placing a down payment on the plot... more...

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by angelina - 12/01/14 9:26 AM
i see 13 everywhere. the past year. even though there are a lot of coincidences like im born on 31, my daughter 13, but just a year ago every time i look up, 13 is there

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RE: why

by saw13 - 9/08/15 3:18 PM
I happen as like you

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Lost 13

by Cici - 7/31/15 12:38 PM
Everything about this is really interesting I was born on 8/13/94 and back then I would notice the number 12 this was when I was 15 but then it stopped and this past year I kept seeing 8:13 my birthday and then after awhile I'll just end up seeing 13 everywhere and it boggles my mind on why I keep seeing this number! I'm a person who's somewhat shy and self diagnose anxiety! I'm indecisive so my situation in life is what this Number means i.e..renewal,birth,death etc. I'm the type of person that scared of change. I tried talking to spirit guides, I tell them to communicate with me and give me a sign but I preferred in a dream but nothing happened. Do you know how to contact them? Lol sorry if all this is solo long to read!

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RE: Lost 13

by Anonymous - 9/07/15 10:10 AM
Dear Lost13, I was born on Feb 13. I considered it my lucky number since I started noticing some things over the years. I won't go over all the cool things that have happened but suffice to say that it is God's way of encouraging us to go forward. Take a step in a direction that you are being led into. Don't ask spirit guides. Ask God Himself then just relax and take a step of faith. Don't worry if it's the wrong step, He will honor your decision and help you know if you need to go in another direction or stay the course. It's OK if you make a mistake. He will help you find your path. The important thing is that He loves you and has a good plan for your life. Don't be afraid...or just go forward in spite of being afraid...just don't be paralyzed by fear. Jesus loves us and will never fail us. Blessings to you!

The Number 13

by Allen Hill - 8/11/15 3:20 PM
justin,this happened to me in 1990. I saw the number 13 time and time again every day. I saw other numbers on signs and on my watch, too, but the number 13 was extremely prevalent to the npoint of distraction.

One late night as I was driving toward downtown Atlanta on Peachtree Street, I saw a black man hitchhiking. I never picked up hitch hikers before, but I picked this one up. What made it even more strange is that I am white.

I told the man about seeing the number 13 so often and he said one thing. He said "There were 12 disciples and Jesus made 13".

That was all he said. I stopped when he said he was at his destination and he got out.

I think the man was possibly an angel. Hebrews 13:2 "Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it."

The number 13 has shown up many, many times in my life. Sometimes for good; sometimes for bad.

Search "What Is Biblical Numerology?|How Numbers Are Used in the Bible" by Matt Slick.

I believe that God was trying to get my attention to make me a Christian and to open my eyes to some things.

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RE: The Number 13

by Anonymous - 9/05/15 12:11 AM
Recentley a very good soul dear to my heart passed. I felt soul bonded with him. I was confused on what this greater attraction was. We talked deep. I felt his pain, knew what he was up to miles away. Even had a vision of his passing before it happened. We all have a purpose great or small. We run into some people for a reason. Even if it is just for a moment. After his passing I was torn. I broke hard. Felt like my chest was caved in there after. Physically felt my heart hurt. It has been almost 2 weeks and it just got worse. Since his death I have seen the number 13 everywhere. I asked for an answer to what our soul purpose was.
I beilive as well that God is trying to reach me. I cried of happiness.

Garrett and I talked of deep troubles. He was plagued by to many demons in his life. He was so kind hearted just torn down by deep struggles. All I ever wanted was to save him. But looks like he helped saved me. He talked of Faith and how important it was to him. He helped me get over my fear of death. A... more...

born on 13

by Halloween - 8/25/15 2:36 PM
mom, three sisters ,son.. niece born on the 13TH... I was born on Halloween..

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this last year I see the number 10/13 everywher?

by justin - 12/25/14 9:33 PM
I was taking care of my dad for the last 4 months and bin and I see the nunber 10/13 everywhere. I believed I was seei.g it cause it was my bday and I thouggt it was cool. Every morn and night I can randomly look at ny phone and see that the time is 10/13 didnt bother me, so I was f.b. sone frienda pics and they are uploaded o. This date, I told my dad about it he was noticing ut also, he passed away in my arms at my job on nov. 6 2014
Since then I see this number more tha ever before address, telephone numbers, time, I feel like I am going crazy! My question is what doea it mean I do t feel it to be bad- I almost feel it has sonething todeal with ny future and really need help figuri.g it out
Any reaponces are welcomed thanks!

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RE: this last year I see the number 10/13 everywher?

by Jim - 8/08/15 4:54 PM
10-13-2015 will be when the 7th Seal of Revelation is opened. It will also be the day that 144,000 Saints get sealed by God. This date is also celebrated as Columbus Day, the 2nd Monday in October, when Columbus (Jew) made his first landing in the Bahamas. He was also responsible for bringing many ships over that were carrying JEWS so the could flee during the Spanish Inquisition.

August 13 vs November 13

by Aaron Schultz - 3/12/15 6:56 AM
I was born August 13th when in reality I was supposed to be born November 13th is that a bad thing? I had almost died the day I was born and its a miracle I'm alive today. I myself have suffered a horrible life and have struggled with depression and socially-unacceptable-obsessions. Am I really blessed? I'll be turning 17 this year and then 18 next year. By then I'll be on my own. What am I to do? Is this all a hoax? Please help.

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RE: August 13 vs November 13

by Anonymous - 6/29/15 8:49 AM
This is not a hoax. You came here right on time. Keep reading, keep listening. Question everything. Then when you are tired, sleep. Do it all over again the next day. This is a good life. Depression and anxiety are hell yes? You need to get out of those states yes? The only way to do that is to PAY attention.


by 13 - 3/13/15 12:59 PM
13 is everything
13 is love
13 is life
13 is everything you can imagine
13 ruins people
13 tried but you failed
13 will try again in 30 years
Be ready

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RE: 13

by Cut off at the Knees - 6/29/15 8:45 AM
I'm pretty sure numbers don't really matter when all is said and then done and then said and done again.

13th dec 1985 is DOB so is that is lucky or unlucky

by santosh - 5/09/15 2:25 AM
13th dec 1985 is DOB so is that is lucky or unlucky

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RE: 13th dec 1985 is DOB so is that is lucky or unlucky

by Anonymous - 5/12/15 12:49 PM
i was born on august 13th


by Anonymous - 5/10/15 4:02 AM
Now to Bring 888 to our world and fight of all the fallen. They are ALL under my feet as found in Psalms 2. Be WISE oh Kings! FEAR the LORD. KISS the SON. WE are all on the same team. Why don' we just get it! Knowledge is Power. For their is Power is the Word and the Word of GOD is it. Only speak what that which one wishes to come to past for Words will clean up the atmosphere and New Life Will come into being. Amen

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by Anonymous - 5/10/15 3:52 AM
The Word of God Is True and has cleaned all the generations of the past in my blood. I AM a new creature Amen 33, 88

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