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The number 13

by Nate - 9/09/17 1:42 AM
Infamously as well, Hitler escaped death when he left a speaking engagement 13 minutes early. Considering the amount of jewish tie-in with this number I find this relevant.

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RE: The number 13

by Anonymous - 10/13/17 9:32 AM
Will pray for understanding that surpasses all underwings!!? Through GOD

I was born on Friday the 13th

by Mahogany - 5/08/09 1:35 AM
I am thankful to the author of the post above! I was born on Friday 13th and can not fathom equating such negativity and bad luck to my existence. I will say this though: there seems to be a HIGH, MIGHTY CALL on my life that I not only asked for or desired. However, along with that call has come a great deal of tests and challenges. My father is a pastor and I grew up in a very spiritual home. I have made some choices, good and bad, that have affected my life negatively and positively (like everyone else). But for some reason, God has decided to share things with me in visions and dreams. Tears are streaming down my face as I type right now because often times I feel somewhat isolated and called to something that most won't understand. God has also given me an incredibly soft heart, which causes me to sympathise and empathise on a very large scale. As I prepare for the LSAT in June, so that i can hopefully start Law School in the fall, I am reminded that I already have 3 degrees and attempted a Ph.D. ... more...

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RE:I was born on Friday the 13th

by Anthony christopher mccarthy - 1/22/17 6:05 PM
My name has 13 two time my phones was just charging I picked it up at 13% I was born Friday the 13 of July. I bought my first brand new vehicle. It had 13 miles my first serious relationship I'm still with this girl she was born the 13 my first pet dog was born January 13 and I got the best of the litter. I lived in my first house for 13 years. I'm Christian I believe in god very very much. I love Jesus Christ with my whole heart. I joined the army January 13th 2010 I had a extremely hard time there also.... almost every time I check the time it lands on a 13. My 13th year of life was really rough. But the Bible says what the devil has plans for evil god can make for good. I was diagnosed with add I was dropped on my head a couple times as a baby. I have a scar on my eyebrow from fighting my brother as a kid long story short I should have lost my eye. I believe god chose me for some kind of strange purpose. I don't know what it is but I'm 26 now which is 13 twice. And I've have 3 car accidents and was robbed.... more...

RE:I was born on Friday the 13th

by Zarate,Erica - 1/25/17 4:04 AM
It is Good that you accept your birthday at friday the 13 cause you pray to even if it is an unlucky day you shall be the one who believes friday the 13th is never that lucky

RE:I was born on Friday the 13th

by prachi Gupta - 3/04/17 1:59 AM
I am lucky. I was born 13 February 1999 .

RE:I was born on Friday the 13th

by I was born on Friday the 13th - 6/06/17 4:27 AM
i am only 14 and i seem to be very soft hearted and love to dwell on facts especially about love.i don't know what to do sometimes but the Lord always finds a way to help me even in the darkest times.

RE:I was born on Friday the 13th

by Anonymous - 8/23/17 6:27 PM
I was born 31373 i don't have bad luck believe in God

RE: I was born on Friday the 13th

by Anonymous - 9/29/17 10:30 AM
You are truly blessed by God. I can feel it through post. Keep on doing what your doing. We need more people like you.

RE: I was born on Friday the 13th

by Anonymous - 10/03/17 8:29 PM
13 happens to be a blessing to not superstitious.its funny how people can be afraid of a number but think he'll is not real.

RE:I was born on Friday the 13th

by Anonymous - 10/05/17 12:56 AM
Will pray for you’re peace. I was born Friday October 13, 1995

RE:I was born on Friday the 13th

by Anonymous - 10/11/17 12:45 PM
i was born october friday the 13th

RE:I was born on Friday the 13th

by Anonymous - 10/11/17 8:54 PM
I was born Friday the thirteenth at three in the morning, am 13 years old,have red hair and a black cat and I keep miraculously escaping death
but I´m not a witch i swear
And I really think it´ll only make a difference in your life if you think it will.. I know that´s confusing but I have no idea how else to say it..sorry

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All the time I look at my watch, car clock, vcr clock, microwave clock, at all times of the day and night. The time shows 13. 6:13, 12:13, 3:13, 8:13. So on and so forth.

by Gus - 3/18/16 2:44 AM
Anyone please help! What does that mean? Since this been occurring, ai been having the worst of luck.

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RE:All the time I look at my watch, car clock, vcr clock, microwave clock, at all times of the day and night. The time shows 13. 6:13, 12:13, 3:13, 8:13. So on and so forth.

by re: chester grimes - 8/29/17 8:35 AM
th moon covers on average 13 degrees per day and 13 lunations a yr

RE:All the time I look at my watch, car clock, vcr clock, microwave clock, at all times of the day and night. The time shows 13. 6:13, 12:13, 3:13, 8:13. So on and so forth.

by Jeremiah - 9/06/17 1:57 PM
I was born on Jan 13 the mother of my children April 13 a love I had a deep a connection or possible past life soul mate passed away June 13 everyday I see 13 on clocks marking my time of arrival and departure from work and home it seems to have a significant impact on my awareness of what's going on around me

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Im born on the 13 of august 1993

by Berlynne rose mckelvey - 8/30/17 8:22 AM
Dose my birthday mean any thing

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I Was Born 13/04/64

by Caroline Roberts - 8/17/17 12:57 AM
I was born on the 13th and I consider myself very lucky my best friend who we met when I was sitxteen was born 13/04/64 in the same hospital He very lucky 2 🍀 Zodiac twins ..our paths in life are very much the same..

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I was born on 13th July

by won - 7/24/17 9:52 PM
my old mather was born on July 13th ,I was born on July 13th
home number is 13,and may apartament number is 13 too.why ?

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I was born on Wednesday (3) July 13th

by Urban - 7/12/17 9:12 AM
I'm that person who at least check my watch many times a day and at least 3 times I 'be the same same number

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Friday the 13th

by Saul - 6/25/17 1:00 PM
Every 6 years my birthday falls on Friday the 13th pretty fascinating

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I was born the 3rd month, 13th day at 3 p.m

by Sa - 6/10/17 10:11 PM
I also turned 3 on Friday the 13th and 13 on Friday the 13th. Strange things seem to happen quite often. I feel cursed an blessed at the same time my entire life

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RE: I was born the 3rd month, 13th day at 3 p.m

by Ryan J P Baker - 6/13/17 5:26 PM
Your not alone


by Evangelist Alfred Mensah - 6/12/17 1:01 AM
When the Israelites got to the wall of Jericho, the most high requested them to go round the wall once everyday but on the seventh day He asked them to go round seven times which in total makes it 13 and indeed the great wall collapsed. So i see it that the number 13 is a time when God shows his supremacy over the devil and proves His existence to His children by crushing the head of the devil. Thank you all. On Facebook i am Evangelist Alfred Mensah

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by Robert - 1/07/17 12:16 PM
13 has been showing up since January 3rd
Too many to say.What does this mean?

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RE: 13

by Anonymous - 5/21/17 6:29 PM
more than 20 yrs ago I was offered the chance to leave the Earth at the 13th hour ... 'they' were offering that same chance to others and said that if we did not accept the invitation to leave, we would only remember the encounter as a dream ... perhaps you declined the offer and since we are getting closer to the 13th hour you are now remembering it

13 Popping up

by Eric Dominguez - 5/16/17 11:22 PM
I see 13 everywhere now since I took off for college. Videos games cards, random events, like driving to go to study at friends house that lived on 13th street before I found out what street it was on, plus a car was driving 13 mph on a 30 to that house which was strange. So one day I bought a lottery ticket from box 13, it was called "break the bank" (I didn't win), but I got 6/30/17 as my lucky numbers on game 2 and the top number was 13. There was 2 games and opposite of 13 was 31 on the opposite game (game 1) on the bottom. I see it everywhere and don't what omen it's trying to telling me

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Interpretation of my dream!

by Talitha - 4/20/17 11:50 PM
No.13 repeatedly appeared in my dream with month of May marked in circle.

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RE: Interpretation of my dream!

by Anonymous - 5/13/17 7:20 PM
Are you ok?

I am here now do not worry your hearts

by C E 2017 - 5/04/17 10:43 AM
Born on MMOTHERS DAY May 13th 1956 Planets, stars, Moon, Sun were all aligned perfectly. Astrological number is 4 Persue Copernicus's model for validation and celebration, The Son, King, savior of heaven and earth has returned with love, peace, hope, and move of all love, but do not be fooled or be a fool, Evil will destroyed. Ya-weh ****++++

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Keep seeing number 13 or 1 & 3 over the last 6 months or so

by Benjamin - 4/20/17 10:32 AM
Was out walking today in the countryside and decided to take my phone out and looked at it and it said 13:13. But as the subject says I have been seeing quite a lot of the numbers 1 and 3 over the last 6 months. 911 is also another one.

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13 follow me

by SANTOSH ANAND - 3/21/17 2:37 AM
Last few years 13 follow me. i see it about 10 times in a day. its caused me worried and not feeling alone but a strange feeling.What the hell it means ????

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RE: 13 follow me

by Anonymous - 4/14/17 9:39 PM
I see it everywhere all the time. It hunts me down. Its so bad I put tape over the digital number displays of my cell phone and clock radio. I basically refuse to look at clocks . If its not an actual 1&3 ,it will be a series of numbers that add up to 13. 9:13 is a terrible time to see bc it contains 13 twice (9+1'3=13) it goes on and on and on. 13th verses in the bible are often bad

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My number 13

by Magma - 4/06/17 7:31 AM
Ciao! I want to know why i saw 13 everywhere. In all the love story. In all of my biggest decision. Or when i m going to die: was the 13 of (i don t remember the month) when i did an accident with car, but i m alive. My grandmother gift me a number 13 (il pendolo di una collana) and the other grandma, is called lucia. Santa lucia is 13 december. The last time that i have noted 13 is this morning when i saw that there was an extintor number 13, when i was passed another time, this extintor didn t was located where i saw that. And a lot of other stories. People that are my friend saw this, and, sometimes, coincidences, start to saw 13 too! Why? I m a little scaried by this because it s a big big responsability.

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death follows me

by Adam - 3/22/17 6:41 PM
i never knew about the # 13 until i found out about the connection with me and it . i was born feb 13 . i see it everywhere but the worst time was when i moved into my 1st apartment where a baby had died and the mother was arrested i soon found out my mailbox # was 13. i also have a friend whos grandpa was a medal of honor recipient born on feb 13 and a accident occured by exit 13 the car was on fire and burning with people still in it it was very bad and a pistol i brought is numbered 13 because those parts are the best and also my friends grandpa his old place was right in front of my ex's house where very bad things were happening.than another ex has a daughter born on feb 13 she lives close to my other unfortunate ex when you open her front door you see the street of my unfortunate ex right in front of her apartment.i am pretty amazed i see it on the news associating with death and i killed my first big game animal when i was thirteen shot it right in the gonna join the marine corp its been a... more...

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RE: death follows me

by Anonymous - 3/22/17 6:42 PM
also i recently got a job on the 13th very creepy

13 in our modern alphabet.

by Biker Ron - 3/09/17 5:58 AM
In our alphabet the 13th number is the letter "M". Many bikers wear a ring with 13 in a diamond shape with a skull on either side of the ring outside the diamond. There can be several meanings depending on the individual. Some dark, others neutral in nature. 13 can mean you ride a Motorcycle, and/or you have committed a Murder, your drug of choice is either Meth or Marijuana. In my case, I ride a Motorcycle and my date of birth is also the 13th. I am not superstitious.

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August 13

by J - 6/18/14 3:50 AM
Mary Agreda's vision of the Virgin Mary's assumption is at 3pm August 13th, Friday. I was born 3am August 13th, Saturday. The 13th is my spiritual day. No bad juju here. This was interesting read.

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RE: August 13

by Elena Catherine B - 2/26/17 1:06 AM
I am also born on August 13th. I enjoyed this post as well. 13 is my lucky number. I am also appreciative of learning all of this. I also have a twin.


by Anonymous - 9/22/16 3:01 PM
My birthday is on the 4th month and the 17 day, i see this as 17-4=13 and bad luck is my thing i belive in the 1st and 2nd superstition on this website

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RE: 13

by Anonymous - 2/01/17 9:37 AM
I was born On A friday the 13th In October. And year 2017 my bday will fall on A friday. I don't think 13 is evil. And i can't stand when people relate it to be so evil. Ridiculous. Stories get told over time and people just go with it. I'm not evil, in fact I feel very spiritual and close to our Maker. I'm very in tune with the Universe. I have precog dreams all the time to warn me of whats to come in my personal life. They are sketchy dreams that I have to piece together. But it is a true gift..and I'm glad I have it. I feel special, like having a higher purpose to the Universe. What it idea. But i feel it. I'm no specific religion..but I do believe in a higher power, the ONE responsible for everything. 13 is not evil. Just because the bible portrays it that way, means nothing. It's just another book written by people who told stories over thousands and thousands of years.Imagine how much that story could change over time. No one in todays time knows if the stories are legit, we are made to believe it that way when a man at a podium says so.

secret of 13

by Anonymous - 6/21/16 10:00 PM
My birthday is on October 13th. Same as many of you, this number is playing a lot with me. The sum of letters of my wife's name when she was single is 13, so as the same on other girls that I become close with before.My wife's birthday is 11 adding to my birthday is the birthday of my daughter 24. I acquire a lot with size 9by13 adding it still 9+1+3=13. Part of it is my small house constructed 9by4 which is 13. Too many time I always met this #13. From a place that I went,a room number. Seems like there is a pattern....

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RE: secret of 13

by Crystal clear - 12/10/16 1:35 AM
My name is crystal and the number 13 appears to me throughout every single day. I also was born on march 13. I was getting baptist they said I was the 13 person in line to get baptist and god also appeared in my several dreams speaking to me. I just letting u know god is sending us a message telling is he loves us and he is with us always. I go to church and they always mention verses that are in 13. Its not coincidence its a message from God.

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The 13 is revealing

by BIshop Matthew Addae-Mensah - 1/01/13 4:31 PM
I see the number "13" as a blessed number. I was born on 13-12- 57. Jesus Christ appeared to me physically and gave me revelation of what was going to happened in the world on 13-10- 76, 7+6 = 13. I was baptized in water on 13-02-77. I entered into Bible College on 13-03-83. My first child Karen was born 5-09-85, 8+5= 13. Great things happen to me on 13 th. To me God has blessed me with no 13th.

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RE:The 13 is revealing

by Big Red Hawk - 11/03/16 11:34 PM
It's true, there is no 13 solar month, however, there is a 13th. lunar month. That's why there are 13 astrological signs. Most people forget Gemini is the twins which account for 2 in 1. 12 signs but Gemini makes it 13 actually.

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that's me I was born in a military hospital 13/03/2003

Plz explain wat it means

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birthday 13/03/1987

by Manoa turaga - 10/13/16 1:48 PM
Fill me in more for me to understand

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