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i seek guidance

by g*** p**** n*** - 3/20/14 6:47 AM
I was born 15 of august st Mary's day my mother is heavily into the dark arts for I am pure of heart my father is spiritually in tap with himself also for I have just found recently not.knowing for after 13 years my mother scares me how deep her dark arts have destroyed many ppl and she as tried to.influence me join at a young age but have denied for my heart is pure I have a black dot in the Brown part my eyes and from a very young age something has befollowinme where ever I have lived the same presence heavy very heat not dark I have moved mylife reason being a woman stole my father 13 years younger than my dad 13 between me and her also so my.mother moved far away And then abandoned me when I was 13 I have suffered a heavy sad a depressing past and beenon drugs to escape my pain spookilu 13 Years later miraculously now! I have awaken and cleaned myself with a very strong positive aspect in life I am doing so well in my job life and money.. a complete turn around but here some things... more...

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RE: i seek guidance

by Anonymous - 3/14/15 6:01 AM
You convinced yourself it has rules your life and you will find any relation you can to that number. I dare you to find red cars, suddenly you'll see them everywhere.

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by 13 - 3/13/15 12:59 PM
13 is everything
13 is love
13 is life
13 is everything you can imagine
13 ruins people
13 tried but you failed
13 will try again in 30 years
Be ready

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August 13 vs November 13

by Aaron Schultz - 3/12/15 6:56 AM
I was born August 13th when in reality I was supposed to be born November 13th is that a bad thing? I had almost died the day I was born and its a miracle I'm alive today. I myself have suffered a horrible life and have struggled with depression and socially-unacceptable-obsessions. Am I really blessed? I'll be turning 17 this year and then 18 next year. By then I'll be on my own. What am I to do? Is this all a hoax? Please help.

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13 OR 4?

by Ehecacihuatl - 2/03/15 10:29 PM
How do I know whether my path number should be read as a 13 or as a 4?

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RE: 13 OR 4?

by Anonymous - 2/13/15 12:44 PM
one plus 3 equals 4. When figuring your life path you add the month you were born with the day and the year. Example: 08-19-1960, zero plus 8 plus 1 plus 9 plus 1 plus 9 plus 6 plus zero = 34. Then add those two numbers to equal 7, (3 + 4 = 7). The life purpose number is 7.

Mother Mary

by Ezekiel - 4/20/14 7:43 PM
I was born on Friday May 13 1988 at 8:08 I weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces. What is my purpose and path.

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RE: Mother Mary

by Anonymous - 2/13/15 12:39 PM
8 I understand is symbolic of power and abundance. I was born in the 8th month, August. 13 is 1 plus 3 equaling 4. Four is the number for solid base and foundation.

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THE END...13

by t1nation - 11/01/13 1:38 PM
This year I've been seeing the # 13 quite often. I became curious and decided to do some digging. I found that this is the year of the Jewish door (2013). What this means is that this year marked the END of a 10 year drought going on in Israel. Anyone who is fimiliar with Jewish beliefs know that the blessings of Elohim (GOD) come 1st to the Jews (Israel)and then the Gentiles (everywhere else). There are many "so called" meanings for the # 13 but the long and short is that the # 13 represents the end of a thing, good or bad, and the beginning of something new (Abundance). If you are seeing this # on a consistent basis and are curious as to how its meaning applies to you just think of what memories/emotions are evoked around the time you see this #. For instance if you are in a relationship it could mean the end of something involving that relationship and the begining of something new. THERE'S NOTHING LUCKY OR UNLUCKY ABOUT THE NUMBER 13, just positives and negatives depending on the situation surrounding the #, the same as anything else in life.

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by Anonymous - 1/21/15 7:45 AM
I thought I'm unique every time i see the number 13 on the clock sometimes if i wake up in the middle of the night or on what ever i'm doing.I even share my experience to my wife very time it happen.I even record how many times it happens in a day or so even try to get numbers from it to play i wish this is good luck for us.

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The Number 13

by BlueDADdrew - 1/17/15 7:01 AM
I have researched the number 13 for 4 years now. I never really cared about the number until I saw it in the eyes of Katy Perry during the Video E.T. After that I began searching for the truth behind the number and it led me to Genesis. genesis led me to THOTH and THOTH led me to the Earth Energy grid layout seen from above. A bunch of way lines, but right smack in the middle, over Africa, there is a pyramid. I call it what it is... The pyramid of the Gods. The number 13 has been associated with many Satanic beliefs, but the number itself is not Satanic. If you see the number, then you are waking from the death known as life, and you are preparing to rise to life. See, I have not blinked for four years now. I do not know why or how it's possible I do not blink, but I do. My eyes never dry out. I can blink, but I don't. I find blinking will create the possibility of missing something while living life. I was impressed by this site, but the number 13 is not, under any circumstances, the path of good or bad, it... more...

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My lucky number I guess

by Wolf - 1/13/15 9:41 PM
Lots of good stuff in my life seems to be focused around the number 13. My best friends birthday, the day I got my first puppy, the day I graduated, the day a personal problem just disappeared. It's wonderful. I hope it continues. May be my first tattoo because of what happened today. I'm not superstitious perse but I'm keeping it in mind. :)

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by angelina - 12/01/14 9:26 AM
i see 13 everywhere. the past year. even though there are a lot of coincidences like im born on 31, my daughter 13, but just a year ago every time i look up, 13 is there

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RE: why

by Anonymous - 1/11/15 11:27 AM
Omg!!! The same thing happened to me!Last year I moved to a different state and everything started from there. My new mailbox was #13, I was taking test/ my computer was #13, I would need a gas/my pump was #13, I was 13th in line, it was 13 min to something. It continued happening through the whole last year....weird!

its my birthday

by Anonymous - 12/03/14 7:44 AM
my birthday is 1/13/01 should I be worried?

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RE: its my birthday

by Anonymous - 1/04/15 11:02 PM
no need to be worried 13 is a very beautiful and powerful number, its gotten its bad name from those that are trying to corrupt everything true. no worries. the only numbers that are weary are the numbers 666 and 66 , dont worry.

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this last year I see the number 10/13 everywher?

by justin - 12/25/14 9:33 PM
I was taking care of my dad for the last 4 months and bin and I see the nunber 10/13 everywhere. I believed I was seei.g it cause it was my bday and I thouggt it was cool. Every morn and night I can randomly look at ny phone and see that the time is 10/13 didnt bother me, so I was f.b. sone frienda pics and they are uploaded o. This date, I told my dad about it he was noticing ut also, he passed away in my arms at my job on nov. 6 2014
Since then I see this number more tha ever before address, telephone numbers, time, I feel like I am going crazy! My question is what doea it mean I do t feel it to be bad- I almost feel it has sonething todeal with ny future and really need help figuri.g it out
Any reaponces are welcomed thanks!

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13th psalm

by Nope - 12/23/14 11:12 AM
The 14th Psalm vs 1 it is wrtten: The fool has said to himself, there is no God. U have some wrong info above!!!

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13 is good

by Anonymous - 11/08/14 7:13 PM
I personally think 13 is a good number. If you observe US symbology /symbolism 13 is literally everywhere, from stars on coins to steps on the pyramid of the all seeing eye on the $1 bill. To building designs in Washington and the number of stripes on the US flag etc etc. Obviously it's for a reason, due to the historical significance of the number regarding the original 13 British colonies. But still, the fact they symbolise this number so much I find it intriguing and it makes me appreciate the original planning behind many US designs when I spot examples of it.

I don't believe in superstition etc, but I still enjoy looking at symbolism, and how people or nations can construct powerful meaning behind things such as numbers. I guess it's always been human nature to construct unusual belief in things at times, and that is still evident today in many aspects of society despite us still technologically advancing as much as we have in the past century.

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by Rob - 8/19/14 4:45 AM
Belive this or not. My gran was born Nov 13th, my mum was born Dec 13, and I was born on Jan 13,, I was 13 on friday the 13th, my dads parents lived at number 13, and I now live (at a diffrent) no 13, and this house was bouht pre built and I didnt know it was going to be 13, they even asked if I wanted it or not as some people don't. I've often wondered if there is some reason, but I think just a very random set of coinsidenses. I have never found any bad vibes from this if anything I've been quite fortunate at times. Just thought I'd share with this page as seemed relevent and it had been in my mind a lot recently, hench how I ended up on here.

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RE: Coincidence?

by lee - 10/24/14 12:42 PM
I was born on 13th I left school may 13 same day my mom died my father died 2013 also my relationship of 17 years ended 2013 people say its coincidence im I dont think so


by loulou - 10/21/14 11:47 AM
I first noticed it when i. was 26 and had to move into a house id frequented 13 yeas ago when i went through 1 of most traumatic times my 22 year old traumatic tizmes and was caught pregnant at 13 years old by the 22 year old bloke who lived there. it was the 13th dec i moved in anhouse number was 265

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by Stephanie - 9/21/14 6:57 PM
Yesterday I discovered that God had my life planned so perfectly before I was born because he showed himself fully to me when I was 13 years old just when the year 2013 on January 1 came to existence, also my home number is 1313. God had it all perfectly built for me. I discovered in here that the number 13 represents purifying and the new reborn spirit. So I understood it all. Also I understood just about a week ago that God named me what my name is (Stephanie) my mom was walking and she found a golden bracelet on the floor and it was Stephanie on it also she found another object with the name Stephanie on its front being the card for a maid. The meaning for the name Stephanie is Crown or Victory why? Because God had planned my victory but not my victory but His victory and His crown not only mine. Oh how great is God. So might and incredibly loving. No one can compare his power and his mercy to anything at all. GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY! HE WHO WAS AND WIL BE FOR NEVER AND EVER.

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New Beginning

by Pablo - 3/14/14 9:47 PM
I had a child within a relationship that was horribly toxic. this led to a nasty custody battle filled with with repulsive false allegations.
my child was born Sept 13th. I ended the relationship 4 months later (1+3) on Jan 13th 2013. This was 13 years after my mom died. I decided to take legal action March 13th 2013. March starts with the letter M, the 13th letter. Our family was her, I and two boys-4 (1+3).
I was cleared of all allegations in a landslide by the courts on and given full parental rights on March 12th. The next day the 13th was the first day in over a year that I was truly felt free. Free from the energy sapping negativity that engulfed my soul during this ordeal. Free from the anger and hatred I had for this person. Free to move forward and provide the best possible chances for my child to love and be loved.

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RE: New Beginning

by Anonymous - 9/14/14 7:20 PM
I was also born sept. 13th

Number 13 and Numerolgoy

by Kolla Gangadhar - 7/31/14 9:11 PM
My wife Joga Sucharitha was born on 13-07-1956, 13day is said to be very dangerous for the country, People, she along with her father( family) T. Bhoj Raj Yadav and their gang have been destroying India, Indians, all Indian Constitutional Institutions,me,my son, my daughter and committing crimes for more than 50 years for that what is the remedy ? how to save India, Indians, all Indian constitutional Institutions, me, my son,my daughter she along with her gang destroyed still destroying with weapon of POISON. God save us from Joga Sucharitha, T. Bhoj Raj Yadav and their gang.

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by MH17 flight 777 - 7/24/14 4:32 AM

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August 13

by J - 6/18/14 3:50 AM
Mary Agreda's vision of the Virgin Mary's assumption is at 3pm August 13th, Friday. I was born 3am August 13th, Saturday. The 13th is my spiritual day. No bad juju here. This was interesting read.

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missing history

by dereck - 6/13/14 12:22 PM
Friday the 13th of october 1307 king robert bruce of france with the help of pope clement V ordered the acquisition and apprehension of all nights templar at the heigth of the orders influence and prosperity

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My 13 expierence

by Anonymous - 6/12/14 10:31 PM
So 10/13/12 date my fiancé and I started dating, 6/13/13 my bestfriend/little sisters mom passed away, 13 days after my fiancé and I rolled his pickup truck, and finally 8/13/13 my youngest son was born so idk if it's good or bad

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Friday the 13th

by Madilyn - 6/10/14 7:20 AM
I was born on Fri 13th, married on it, passed the bar, graduated, took the ACT and got a top score (35/36) so it is a lucky day for me! I dream of the number 13 all of the time. Just found this website so I am excited to read more about it.

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The 13th

by Gemma - 6/05/14 12:42 AM
13 was my lucky number at one time. Then My Mother died on August 13, 2007. I have meet men with the number 13 as their birth date, only to be lied to and deceived. I now met a man over the interned, It was May 13, 2014 in California and the 14th in NY. I feel I should stay away from him as I have strong premonitions of bad things to hurt my heart. I don't know if I should continue talking with him due to a number. He says it is his lucky number. Is he telling me what I want to here? 13 is not always bad for me, only when it is about men! My Husband left me January 31, 2013. My best friend who is a male died August 18, 2013. But when i gamble and play 8, 13, 18 , I tend to get lucky! When it comes to Love, should I stay away from 13, it seems I have lost so much on it! And now try to avoid it. Confused, HELP

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The Number Thirteen

by Theophrastus - 2/02/14 7:37 PM
Those born on the 13th are under its sign, but it is a predisposition not a fate that we have no control over. Thirteen marks a point of inflection or change. Coming to a 13, we determine whether that change will be good or bad. If we are aware of this predisposition, we can control the number for good in our lives. Surrendering to evil with a 13 predisposition is very dangerous, but using its power creatively can lead to great success.

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RE: The Number Thirteen

by Anonymous - 5/24/14 12:31 AM
I was born October Friday the 13th. My oldest daughter was born January Friday the 13th. My youngest was born the year 2013. I was married on June Friday the 13th. The number 13 follows me everywhere I go. I am truly obsessed with this number. Great things always happen to me on the 13th. It's my favorite number. I see it in everything clocks, all my addresses I've ever lived at always equal 13. All my friends nicknamed me Jinx because everything unlucky to everyone else is lucky for me. 13, black cats, broken mirrors, ect. And the funny part is most people's favorite number 7 haunts me as well. I hate 7 nothing good comes from it. It's my unlucky number for sure. All believers I tip my hat off to you we all gotta stay in this together cause the rest of the world thinks we're weird.