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by Dennis Cooper - 2/11/16 9:05 PM
I have seen this so often, daily - I mean not one day passes without this or the time being 12:12 when I look at the clock. Even my wife is always noticing and saying how oddly weird I run into this. I am really actually struggling with this right now daily. It will not and does not cease. I wonder, am I of the tribe of Judah? Am I of the 144,000? How is that possible? I will say this, My coming to truth through Christ Jesus was an act of the Holy Spirit in which I was not really seeking God, but He did, in a very powerful and miraculous way save me, That day changed my life forever. I mean it changed everything just like that. Will someone help me understand? In my heart, I feel it is about the end being near . I have heard Christ within me, and nowadays when I see 144 or 12:12, I just laugh a littlle and praise my Father

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by Julie - 5/24/17 10:06 PM
Oh wow, this is quite amazing!! I have been seeing 144 for three years now. I'm in agreement with you all. Three years ago, almost 4 Abba showed me His Sabbath and feast days. Out family had been forever changed since. I could go on and on about this. But it looks as if we're being called, possibly as the 144,000?! Every time I see it, I just praise my Father. Maybe we could get in touch via facebook?
My name on fb is Julie saucier Dennis Stewart.
Shalom shalom mispocha in Yeshua our Messiah!

RE: 144

by Anonymous - 11/13/17 2:59 PM
Google numerology and Spiritual numbers. It's one way psychics talk to their Spirit guides... 😎 Your probably going through a spiritual awakening. And Don't get scared, that's a waste of power

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The number 144 and any relevance to history. As I have been called “144” by an elder whom I greatly respect

by Martyman F - 10/09/17 3:58 PM
Please read my topic as to why I asked about
The number 144 and if there was any relevance with this number and history

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by [email protected] - 9/12/17 6:22 PM
I am 144 = Jesse Cattoir

Ajna Chakra 144 x Crown 1000 = 144 000

“There is an angel within the monkey struggling to get free, and this is what the historical crisis is all about.” ~ Terence McKenna

"You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms." ~ Terence McKenna

Give me shout :) If you want to chat (^_^)

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I'm Just Saying

by Idk - 8/03/16 6:01 PM
If you are a follower of The Most High don't use astrology when trying to explain this 144 thing. It is witchcraft.

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RE: I'm Just Saying

by Anonymous - 6/21/17 10:31 AM
Being a witch isn't a bad thing...I'm just saying

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Almost relieved I'm not alone!!

by Anonymous - 2/11/16 1:58 PM
I thought 144 just ceased with no messages here for so long.
I too have noticed recently it has become more prevalent day to day to me the beginning of 2016 but still no clear understanding what the message is about. Could it have anything to do with the 9th planet discovery or most recent gravitational waves? Sounds pretty far out there for reason....then again what is reason?
Soon and very soon!

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RE:Almost relieved I'm not alone!!

by Bigchiefprince79 @gmail - 6/19/17 12:57 AM
Add me as friends so i can unite with my brothers n sisters i been wondering out here by myself 4 eay 2 long

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Meaning of 144

by Willow - 6/16/17 8:42 PM
I've seen this for a decade. I asked God and he said it means you belong to me

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Psalms 144

by Anonymous - 7/12/16 1:41 PM
Psalm 144 is all you need too know. Turn off the news.
Spend more time with your loved one. Enjoy the life God gave you.

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RE: Psalms 144

by Anonymous - 6/16/17 8:25 PM
That's the warrior psalm

144 is 72 times 2.

by Mike - 5/04/17 8:37 AM
1.) 6 days of creation = 144 hours
2.) Minutes in the day = 1440
3.) 12 x 12 = 144
4.) 360 x 4 = 1440
5.) 360 or (3 + 6 + 0) = 9 and 144 or (1 + 4 + 4) = 9
6.) The word "Light" in Gematria = 144
7.) The rosicrucians think that there exists in the Universe 144 different atoms, though science has not yet discovered them.
8.) 144 is a Fibonacci sequence number in position #12
9.) Revelation 14:1 = "Then I looked and saw the Lamb standing on Mount Zion,
and with Him one hundred forty-four thousand who had His name and His Father’s name written on their foreheads."
10.) 72 x 2 = 144
11.) 72 degrees is considered room temperature.
12.) The precession of the equinoxis move 1 degree every 72 years.
13.) There were 72 languages at the Tower of Babylon.
14.) According to Kaballah there are 72 names of God.
15.) 72 virgins each Muslim martyr will receive as companions in Paradise.
16.) 72 degrees in each step of Jacob's Ladder.
17.) In Islam, 72 is the number of sects or denominations that are doomed to Hell,... more...

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The 144 Connection

by Sarah - 10/12/16 12:32 PM
I've been to this site before and I'm back again finding comfort in stories from others who share the '144' phenomenon. I started seeing the number everywhere just before 2012. I had become really interested in the meaning behind the 144,000 in the book of Revelation and how that could tie in with the Mayan calendar ending in 2012. I then started seeing 144 and other variations EVERYWHERE. I noticed my license plate number was 144, I saw it on receipts, on clocks, other license plates, and all over the internet like many other stories here. After it haunted me for a few years, I decided I'd associate it with love and take it as a nod from the universe that I was in sync. Shortly after deciding '144' meant love to me, I received a paycheck for $144 on Valentine's Day. The 144 sightings slowed down quite a bit in 2015, but they seem to picking up again now in late 2016. I'm about to move into a house with the address of 4441 and feel this is a good sign! I'm still unsure about the significance of all of this... but I can't deny my connection to 144.

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RE: The 144 Connection

by Arash Jalalipour - 1/17/17 3:08 PM
I died on that day and came back. Internal bleeding. I saw the Almighty, check out my video.

"Mark of the Beast" = 144 (Simple Gematria)

by Πριγκιπας Ποπηελ - 1/05/17 4:43 AM
"Mark of the Beast" = 144 (Simple Gematria)
"Shin Tet Nun" (Satan) = 144 (Simple Gematria)
"Crescent Moon" = 144 (Simple Gematria) & 666 in English Standard Gematria.

The number is not all good.

King Harry IX = 144
King Henry IX = 144
Messiah Harry = 144
Messiah Henry = 144
Harry Lucifer = 144
Henry Lucifer = 144

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RE: "Mark of the Beast" = 144 (Simple Gematria)

by Anonymous - 1/06/17 1:28 PM
Sorry Not for you

the language of live

by bryan - 4/21/16 7:28 PM

“For every discordant energy that is created through disease, fear, technology and toxins, there is a harmonic frequency that restores the balance of God’s creation.

The frequencies of the Language of Light can help unscramble the disharmonic wave patterns (13) and can break through these unnatural rhythms that have disturbed your energetic fields (44) and your atmosphere.

The Language of Light is a higher form of communication with Source Creation. In the higher realms it is geometry and rays, in the mid realms it is frequency and sounds. As it comes down through the realms it is what formulates the original ancient and indigenous languages. It is from these languages that our newer languages have arrived.

The Language of Light is uncorrupted; it is pure Divine Light and Love.

Language is how you communicate with each other. The Language of Light is how you communicate with God and God with you.

Your ancient relatives the original star families, the Atlantians, the Lemurians,... more...

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RE: the language of live

by Anonymous - 11/01/16 10:58 AM
Thank you Bryan


by Anonymous - 11/22/10 8:26 PM
Recently, my wife and I were playing a racing game and both did a race back-to-back and both ended at 1:44.44. Pics to prove it. Down to the milisecond. Since then, we have been getting the same numbers with everything. 222, 333, 444, 555, etc... Anywhere fom room numbers at hotels, times on the clock, to totals on all sorts of different things. Just thought we would share with everyone else's experience with 144, I hope it is not nearly as big of a deal as some might believe.

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Re: crazy to find this site

by Sebastian - 10/27/16 8:55 AM
I believe we are seeing this numbers because we believe in the one and only Most High God (YHWH) and Jesus our savior. I also have been seeing all sorts of numbers last couple of years (mostly a sequence of the same numbers, like 22 or 22:22. not only 2's but also every other sequence). Lately i have been seeing higher numbers (in the 7's, 8's and sometimes 9's). I know this sounds like i am crazy, but i'm fairly sure i'm not.

Now recently, while i was researching on the web i came across a site which perfectly linked the prophetic weeks and day in Daniel with obama the antiChrist (look up the evidence that he is). The article predicted that the 3th october would be the sounding of the 7th trumpet. And i came across the article on exactly the 3th of october. A sudden realisation gripped me that i was living in sin for so long and refused to accept the Lord as my saviour (i did al sorts of dirty sin: jerking off a lot on all sorts of pornography even while in a relationship. I used to drink and use drugs... more...

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I see this mumber

by Tatewatie gopee - 9/23/16 5:03 AM
My mother had passed away when I have been seeing this number

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Why no one listens

by Anonymous - 9/21/16 5:23 PM
Not one person I've shared with really takes it in...
I've had many crazy forthcomings of the 144 in
Recent years, and tryied too share some even
With pictures too... If ya don't got it I guess ya don't get

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by pradeep - 8/08/16 1:39 PM
I'm very much interested in 144 num...I very confused it is lucky number or bad number for me...becoz I'M 22 years much of time 144 number is comes to my like my puc roll number is 144 and my percentage is also 44 percent....then I joined degree(bsc) my registered number is also's tremendous number for is it happens I just think about it....can u pls anyone tell abt it

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RE: luck

by Anonymous - 8/14/16 12:37 PM
What are you saying?

Saving ourselves

by Mercedes - 7/25/16 2:34 AM
If any have been following the UK leaving the EU, we have a fight on our hands as our new Prime Minister is delaying. We have 144 MPs who are FOR leaving the EU. I believe they are the ones to lead us out. The EU wants/intends to have an atheist nation called the EU where all previous European countries will not have their own parliament & where there will be no religion. The time has come!

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RE: Saving ourselves

by Anonymous - 7/26/16 8:22 AM
Your right. Thankyou

Sator ring and 144

by Ted - 8/28/13 9:27 PM
I wear a ring on the middle finger of my right hand than has the SATOR palindrome on the face, 2 ancient Christian symbols on each side, a star with the center punched though to view the inside with ring off. Scribed inside are the numbers aligned this way, right to left: 12, 1/11, 2/10, 3/9, 4/8, 5/7, 6/6, 7/5, 8/4. Any way you work these number you get the number 144. This was described as a healing ring. And you wouldn't believe me if I told you how it works or how it came to me.

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RE:Sator ring and 144

by The Unknowing 1 - 7/17/16 9:08 PM
Yknow something I have been seeing 144 for oftentimes now-And I think to myself:"Have I Lost My Way in My Spiritual Accordance" A Voice replied to answer me,"Yes,yes you have" He then told me of How to Believe,Know,and Rely on the Lord Father-Yeshua to provide for me a unfortunately,My Mind could not even Hear or heed these doings...Though the Holy Spirit Also told me I Was of the Tribe of the 144,000 No Matter what/which side I'm on(Good or Evil)And GOD Shall CLAIM ME as His Own Inevitably....

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This is what's going on

by Light - 6/28/16 9:44 PM
Psalms 144

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by Anonymous - 6/21/16 12:16 PM
Can anyone share a new event, with the direction of 144
That we're headed

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i see the number many times each day.also numbers containing 1s and4s

by john - 11/02/13 2:27 PM
It started happening when I become more faithful in the belief of god, I no there got to be a faith couldnt be stronger now

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RE: i see the number many times each day.also numbers containing 1s and4s

by Anonymous - 4/21/16 7:20 PM
Same here its amazing


by Nown - 4/05/16 1:59 PM

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The number 144

by Keith Norris - 2/14/16 11:23 AM
I don't know if anybody is aware of this fun fact about the number 144 in relation to the year 2016 and the 2160 year age of a zodiac sign or house. If you take the zodiac age of 2160 and the year of our present day 2016 and subtract 2016 from 2160 you will find it equals 144. If I didn't know any better I would say that we are living 144 years in the past and we are at the end of Pisces. Just thought this was interesting to share.

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RE: The number 144

by Anonymous - 2/15/16 12:56 PM
And a 9th planet has been found.

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by Mikey - 2/04/16 1:39 AM
I saw 144 3 times today back to back and it spoke to me ... I know it was not mere coincidence that I feel the same way as you do about Hilary Clinton and yes I'm worries something is coming closer and closer ... God bless

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What's going on in this world?

by Anonymous - 2/02/16 10:45 AM
I've haven't seen any new posts, I've seen
Less of the 144 message ,in the last part
Of 2015. I'm now seeing it alot more and
Feel I should prepare.. I hope this world
Will get on the right path soon.. I think Hillary
Clinton will be elected pres. Even if no one
Votes for her. One government.. I'll just live
In peace and wait and see.. Wishing everyone
The best.. God bless us
Vote no for Hilarious Clinton

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144 injured

by Anonymous - 4/16/13 7:56 AM
The number of injured in Boston blast was 144 as of 4/16/2013 am.
I am hoping for more discussion on this board soon.Share your thoughts and experiences not just revolving around this number either.Everything...please ya'll!!!!

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RE: 144 injured

by Anonymous - 10/29/15 7:35 AM
Our 1st black president is the 44th president....and will be the last

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