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Properties of the number 15






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11 Comments for Number 15 Symbolism, 15 Meaning and Numerology

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by Sunlight - 4/03/11 3:02 AM
This site is wonderful really! Thanks very much!!!

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RE: wonderful!

by Anonymous - 8/06/14 4:28 PM
The Holy Spirit had me to research the number 15 in preperation for the atmosphere of year 2015. Thank you all for sharing!


by Anonymous - 7/27/14 10:20 AM
Represents encounter with enemy which you will win.

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by - - 11/29/11 5:37 AM
15 has popped up lots of time for me very recently, the earth passes 15 degrees of Aquarius on my 15th birthday, my girlfriend is recieving subtle 15-related 'signs' and... form what im reading 15 relates quite frequently to Satan, in the bible, as mentioned it refers to Satan 15 times, in tarot cards the number 15 represents Satan... there's so many coincidences i'd like to go into but... it's really creeping me out to be honest. if anyone finds any more information on '15' please, comment. thanks.

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by Odey - 3/16/14 9:23 PM
Weird you replied at 7:15

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by Anonymous - 9/27/13 9:58 AM
A demon came to me with some kind of seal or a shield with the number. 15

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by Anonymous - 10/27/06 1:31 AM
it's a great article im amazed

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Re: 15

by Immortal #6 - 6/28/13 11:02 AM
15 is the result of 5! (5+4+3+2+1). There are 15 permutations (ways) in which you can arrange the 5 elements. 15 is also the sum of any 3 numbers in a line of the Magickal Luo Shu Square (magickal square of Saturn). Saturn is related with the earth in that they are both of the element earth. 1+5=6 and 6 is the number of the sun. The sun has a strong correlation with the earth because of its esoteric symbolism. When looking at the symbol of the sun, there is a dot in the center of the circle which corresponds to the center and the earth element. Also, the solar plexus is our third chakra which is yellow or gold in color relating to the sun but is where digestion occurs and is again of the earth element. 6 occurs in nature all around us on the planet earth: honeycombs, snow flakes, sides of a salt cube, and when we look at the sun we may see a six-pointed star. Please feel free to add on to this information.


by Anonymous - 12/05/12 7:46 PM
helpd me out on a project!

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