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7:17 am/pm

by Anonymous - 10/28/14 11:39 PM
This has been happening for quite a while now that when ever I check the clock its always 7:17, I've even dreamed about this time but mom says its nothing I can't help but being worried, it scares please!

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It's on my arm?

by Anonymous - 10/18/14 1:30 PM
my dog jumped on me and left a couple of red marks on my arm that look exactly like the number 17....I've been telling myself for hours it is nothing, but what if?

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by Anonymous - 10/12/14 6:57 PM
I wish I could describe my experience, but it's so hard. It's basically what all of you are saying and ugh, Day after day, I tell myself im so stupid for thinking it's anything, but then it'll pop up and haunt me. My life is such a wreck right now, i'm scared im just imagining things. i dont know what to do. It started in seventh grade, and four years later, it still haunts me every day. I can't take it, I cant.

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by Steffy - 2/17/14 9:44 AM
I have been haunted by the number 17 since I was 17 years old. I'm however born on the 24th of August (and now I'm the 317th comment being posted)... It goes in waves with me...some weeks the number doesn't contact me at all...other weeks it contacts me every single day several times... It can be the time of the hour, or the fact that I received number 17 as my employer's number at work, that my uni started on the 17th of october, that there are 17 metro stations to my university...and so on... I don't know what this means and it feels a bit "silly" (or even ridiculous) to think "I'm the chosen one", I mean then we're all the chosen ones right?! I'm just happy to see I'm not the only one... I also see the number 17 in relation to "4" and "47" all the time... Does anyone have this experience as well?

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RE: seventeen

by 17 - 10/12/14 6:48 PM
Hello, oh my gosh, this is exactly what is happening to me. 17 and 47 more recently. For years, it's been driving me crazy, I can't even explain it. Sometimes I tell myself I'm stupid for believing it's anything, but then it pops up again, I have no idea what to do..


by Gail golden - 2/24/13 3:47 PM
I see the number seventeen every day in so many ways, I always happen to look st the clock at 17 min. After the hour. I was born on April 17 th and read that people believe Jesus' birthdate was April 17th. I can't explain it but I feel this is very significant in some way, and feel I have a power that I am not using. I have always felt this way my entire life, like I have a power I am not using or are aware of.........noticing more as time goes by......

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by Pun the Ja - 10/01/14 1:03 PM
Yes I know exactly what it means to you. Nothing. You are so desperate for something to be real in your life that now you are grasping at total nonsense and hoping above hope that it will somehow mean something to you, and it never will. You can follow all kinds of new-age nonsense, and some people talk such a good game that they will make it sound real and rewarding just as long as you give hem your soul. Doesn't that sound familiar to you? The devil asks you for your soul and you get whatever it is you think you need. My advice to you is, run the opposite direction as fast as you can to save your soul. Do you really want something real in your life? Go to a Bible believing church. Not a denominaton, but a church where the Word of God is taken to be the truth. You will find yourself there, and if you don't, then you can simply walk away. What have you got to lose besides your mortal soul? By the way, I made up the goofy name so I would sound real to all of the kooksin this conversation.

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born march 13 1951

by carol - 5/28/14 7:09 AM
Someone told me they seen the number 17 dancing sll around me said it was going to be something good was going to happen to me ?

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RE: born march 13 1951

by Anonymous - 9/10/14 7:15 PM
17 in the Roman Numeral XVII is an anagram of the Latin word meaning "I have lived" which is a transposition of "I am dead". I'd be prepared.

17 in my path view everyday

by mark - 8/03/14 12:08 PM
My nanna mary lived accross from my home since i was a teenager at number 17,she passed away an was creamated on the 17th have them both documented not long after my first son was born on the 17th.then a few years later both on my other two children was born different years on the 17th,years later my first dream of my nanna i had standing in my kitchen she walked in my front door holding my kids hands im shocked in my dream coz i new she passed then she walked up to me hugged an kissed told me she loved me,then i suddenly woke up went into my loungeroom my tv screen was blown but there was sound later i realized it was the 17th.years on i constantly see the number evn my new partener our due date of our baby was also the like some input of the strong connection i have with the number

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RE: 17 in my path view everyday

by Daddio - 9/10/14 7:08 PM
So what is the point of all of these things that you make into the number 17? You can take 1592-1673-1737-1853-1943- or any of many other numbers or dates that mean absolutely nothing, and the sum of the 4 separate digits will equal 17. So how is it that just because the numbers equal 17 they are in any way significant to anyone or anything? What makes them numerology or significant to numerology?

I might be the 17, I was born January 17th 1983 during a blizzard under a new moon.

by Anonymous - 7/20/14 9:08 PM
sister, nephew, and mother born on 17ths of different months... could probably fill six hundred characters of Jan. 17th, 17s... related to me.

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MH17 Downed passenger plane

by Anne - 7/20/14 6:12 AM
Flight MH17 first flight was July 17, 1997 then 17 years later it crashes on the 17th July 2014. 17 is a significant number in my life as well.

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born in 1988 may 17

by Arun - 5/22/14 2:38 AM
born in 17 may . what it means for me ..?

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by 17 girl - 1/14/13 9:28 PM
I was born on August 17, 1993 OR 8/17 for that matter. I think this is awesome, and it starting to make sense to me now. So thank you.

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RE: 8/17

by Anonymous - 4/23/14 3:22 PM
I, too was born on August 17th, but in 1957. I see the number 17 and also 817 on a regular basis. I graduated high school in '75. my year of birth transposed. Seventeen was the number of the Banks residence in Mary Poppins. The credit score on the credit commercial is 817. Seventeen is used all the time on tv shows. I also take note of numbers pertaining to my family members. I have my daughter who is "number conscious" She was born on 10/13/87. Halloween transposed. She celebrated her 13th birthday on a Friday the 13th! I feel like I am strange because I take such notice.

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What is 17 for me

by Zeril - 11/29/13 6:48 AM
Well, I was born on January 17.I have realized that I have very strong healing powers. Not only that, every single time I move, I always see that number 17. It literally felt like a curse since I was always lonely. But it turns out to be my luck number and have been very special for me until today.

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RE: What is 17 for me

by Known as the Tue - 4/03/14 10:03 PM
I seen that the number 17 has brought you strange coincidence's. In life you hear many stories that are truth in other places of life. Other existences. If you research you will find the the number 17 1-7 means that your a king of some kind. Where you are now is the place the king call destiny. Our king, all the humans all persons are watched by Tue kings that see and take care of their selves. They watch their selves and listen and watch their selves choose another with tears they think about how one day they might see. Grined at by the choose king of the people disrespected called out of our names. Told to side like the rest pushed to hold position and as we watch and continue se e them rip apart are kind in the wakening. It is now time. We stand united. Stand against them with us as a king of who you are. You are 1 king/7 you are not a soul you are a Seth and Seth is your king teach your children, friends and family members. You are under attack Osiris, Isis and amen ra say you your children ,... more...


by AnnMarie - 2/10/14 12:13 PM
Ok i really dont know what all this 17 talk is about. If its good, bad, or what ever. But if it makes any of you feel better, my birtbday is 7/17/1977, i was born at 8:57, and i weighed in at 7 lbs even. I have seven kids, one of my numbers on my social security card is 7. What ever it may mean im satisfied with it.

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RE: 7/17/1977

by Robert Oaks - 3/31/14 2:09 PM
I was also born on 7/17/1971, my great grandpa 7/17/1907, my niece is 7/17/1998.


by Anonymous - 1/14/14 6:37 PM
this is my life. it happens every day to me. at first i thought it was a coincidence but as it started to intensify, i couldnt ignore the signs. i told my friends and family but most of them see it as a funny joke, something that they laugh at. it is starting to seriously frighten me. one of my closer friends experiences this with me. i have done minor research and it means that you are forgetting something important, but i think it is something bigger than that. i have always been agnostic, but these occurences have been so rediculous it is hard to believe that a higher essence doesnt have anything to do with it. i have really thought long and hard, and i have a crazy idea. maybe 17 is a release. the one thing that wakes us up into reality. i know it sounds crazy but whenever i see the number i feel different.

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RE: 17

by Steffy - 2/17/14 11:33 AM
Could you elaborate more on that? It sounds interesting and I might agree actually... Like how do you feel when you see it?


by Ferrou17 - 2/15/14 2:37 PM
17 its everything in my life!!!!!!!

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Many people here borned on SATURDAY

by Sarp SIK - 1/12/13 5:18 AM
hey guys, I just checked from the calender, I borned in 17.09.83, Marina 17.06.1994, and anonymous writer also 17.06.1961. There are two more guys Tommy and Danielle, borned in 17.7.1997, another anonymous writer 17.7.1982, Jsduarte borned in 17.06.1978. all the exact dates given here, are pointing out one same day, SATURDAY. we all borned on SATURDAY, the day of saturn, seventh day of the week(not sunday, check wikipedia) Today I saw a dream there was number 17, few days ago I saw the same number in another dream, came to check the symbolic meaning that is why I am here. and I realized this common thing we share here. Can this be a coincidence or means some connection?

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RE: Many people here borned on SATURDAY

by Travismarinaro7/17/90 - 1/01/14 3:37 AM
This is scary. Im going through alot of this right now, but I've had dreams of the sun swallowing the moon in flames. My dreams are always so real. I always wake up drenched in sweat. I have alot of crazy things going on right now that cannot be coincidence, and I think maybe were being awakened to do something.

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by SKI11Z - 12/19/13 9:35 PM
The date 12/26/2013 if added up is 1+2+2+6+2+0+1+3 = 17
13+13=26 so there is also three 13's there also!
1+2 =3
2 =2
There is a 322 there if you look. Skull and Bones!

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by Christina - 12/12/13 3:13 PM
This is really touching i was born august 17 and i see 17 everyday!!

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not a believer

by choper - 12/01/13 8:04 PM
the year I was born sum 17 and my birth day is 17.I guess I lost my soul when I left my country. I have been mad with god to let that happen.I am trying to listen to him but it is hard when I have taste what the dark forces did with me when it touch me.

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RE: not a believer

by Anonymous - 12/12/13 3:11 PM
Am also 17 august and i see 17 everyday!!


by Ferrou17 - 12/08/13 7:44 PM
The 17... is The Star of Bethlehem!!!!!!!!!

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17 FOR LIFE!!!!

by Ferrou17 - 11/27/13 6:24 AM
17 is part of me, since I was born , I was born on the 13th of November, which is day 317 of the year , I went to many jobs always 17 , so we thought it was a number of bad luck, but for 2 years I realized that this number , I just wanted my attention , both in good times and bad , but now everything is turned to this number on the clock, the date on license plates and from entoces I've become very religious, 27 April , five churches estube something that had never miss , and then I realized that April 27 is the 117th year Rhodesia , and 117 is the shortest bible psalms .
my parents were 17 October at live asia, I went to Latin America to Europe to live in diiciembre 17 , a rainy day I found me a piece of paper on the street with the number 17, a day in the supermarket cut a piece cardboard with the number 17 and the cardboard so lost that day and the next day I found the same paperboard in across the city, my parents bought a house at the km 17 three consecutive years pay 17,50 euros each month makes I woke... more...

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by Ady Ardelean on facebook - 11/25/13 7:51 AM
i wasi born in 17 december my house number in 17 i live in a neighborhood who's called 17 in romania At high school i was the number 17 and i was 17 years old wants a mont i see the number 17 i know it means something

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you have been choosen

by vixi - 10/21/13 3:33 PM
If the numbers 17 appears in your life, it probably means that you have been choosen by the spirits (or if you prefere from God) to do something special.
As somebody said 1 means God, the One, Brhama ecc.. and 7 is consciousness (like the 7 chacras...), 17 is 1+7= 8, the infinite.

In my life appeared when i was sufferig alot, and i was very close to take my life.
Once i learned that suffering came to teach me that i had to change my life style and that suffering was everywhere, i became able to take care of my body, my mind and finilly my spirit. I was ready to serve the others,respect the animals and live according to the laws of the planet.
Difficult path to follow, but could i turn my back to the number wich saved my life?

I gradually became vegetarian and all the places where i based my activities have the number 17 (or 7) in them:

the sciamanic group of Glasgow where i study and practice shamanism, is based in 17 queen crescent (is part of the Theosophical Society foundend in New York on november 17h... more...

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RE: you have been choosen

by Mary - 11/25/13 1:00 AM
I believe this with every ounce of my soul.. Its been happening to me for over a month now... It took me streight from the despair of addiction to COMPLETE FAITH.. I could not be more blessed. The universe,God,nature---- Is more than I Ever imagined.


by mary - 11/25/13 12:39 AM
I get 17 ALL the time aswell... I have all the same exact things happening. to me on a daily basis along with the number.... I was told its the God energy number. I too would love to talk more about this phenom.

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17 dream

by Anonymous - 10/01/10 9:40 PM
I drempt that I was in a line of people all their faces were sad and a shade of grey. There was a baby dressed in white with a white face he had the number 17 on his forhead and the word seventeen printed on his t-shirt.

The baby smiled at me and It toddled over to me. I smiled and picked it up and i was happy holding the baby it felt good. Then a woman with dark skin and black curly hair and a grey face came and took the baby from me she actually snatched the baby out of my hands and said don't touch something that isn't yours.

I felt this baby wasn't hers but I didn't ask questions I just gave her the baby. Then I found myself at the front of the line and I saw down to have tarot cards read as this was happening a blank card was handed to me and then I started to see words and symbold appear on the card. I started to get scared as this was majic.

I turned aroundand saw the room fill with demon like creatures al llaughing at me. I tried to fight I said I love JESUS and they laughed. I struggled for ages... more...

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RE: 17 dream

by godtype - 11/12/13 3:28 PM
17 or 16.66 is the most representative number for Jesus Christ. your insights seem true.. stay away from divination - our God will only warn us so many times. please see research at Godtype com for further studies on the number 17 which represents the Idealist (NF) temperaments on earth.... "Jesus Types".

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