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Born April 17 ,1956 7:44pm

by Rosalind way - 12/31/15 6:46 AM
Info only

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It's on my arm?

by Anonymous - 10/18/14 1:30 PM
my dog jumped on me and left a couple of red marks on my arm that look exactly like the number 17....I've been telling myself for hours it is nothing, but what if?

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RE: It's on my arm?

by Anonymous - 10/26/15 10:46 PM
he needs his claws trimmed LOL


by Anonymous - 10/22/15 7:59 PM
Very interesting. No wonder Hilary Rodham Clinton (hrod17@clinton, etc. used that number back in 2012 for her private email address. The White House is on the 17th Street of Washington DC. I am impressed with all of the meanings you quoted of 17. fascinating.

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by AnnMarie - 2/10/14 12:13 PM
Ok i really dont know what all this 17 talk is about. If its good, bad, or what ever. But if it makes any of you feel better, my birtbday is 7/17/1977, i was born at 8:57, and i weighed in at 7 lbs even. I have seven kids, one of my numbers on my social security card is 7. What ever it may mean im satisfied with it.

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RE: 7/17/1977

by Anonymous - 10/16/15 3:07 AM
I am happy to read this page, which helped me to be in touch with people who experience the same " experience "I have been experiencing for the past 2 years. In 2015, I was struggling to find affordable place for accommodation, then now found and live in 17 house number.

Since 2013, I have been looking for work, then in 2015, I recieved a letter written on 17 July 2015, that sate that I am appointed for a new job, to work as technician in the office of the Vice president.

Long time ago in 2013, when I have been looking for an affordable vehicle to buy, for farming, the lucky I found some old German retired couples , selling their vehicle at affordable price, cheaper than the market value, and that car was having a plate number registered as 117 :)

My mobile phone numbers and my bank account numbers both contain 117, without my choice.
Just yesterday, 15 Oct.2015, I have got a good news that I am admitted for study at one of the best university of Africa, then later I discover that the letter with a good... more...

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by Pam - 8/28/15 7:46 AM
Same here with similar situation. I'm haunted by 17 too, since primary school as far as I can remember, it's just everywhere around me accompanying me, ID number, building number, basement number, birthday, name....hundreds of thousands of cases which is hard to count over. And through these cases, it's like this number 17 is leading me a way to these things: god, religion, vegetarian, yoga, spirit, taoism......I don't know if it's an illusion or some psychological thing, but it does influence me, and transfer me from an atheist to a god believer, from a meat-eater to a vegetarian, it's special number to me like a friend. Really happy to see this article and all the conments from those who are sharing the same experience.

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by Ferrou17 - 2/15/14 2:37 PM
17 its everything in my life!!!!!!!

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RE: I am haunted by 11.11 now I am being haunted by seeing 17/7 on clocks I was born 17/7

by Caroline - 7/30/15 7:14 AM
Seeing same numbers regularly 17/7

17 recurring

by Louis - 11/13/11 8:08 AM
17 has been haunting me for years. Like no other number or incidence. Table numbers, flight seat numbers, graffiti (the only) in majorly random places (like on a tree in the middle of the bush in Zambia no17), idenitification numbers, times, number plates, it's really tiresome. Wish I could know why this number just keeps coming up. I have shared this with close friends and family and even they are truly mystified and intrigued by the occurrence in my life. If I put fuel in my car it will end on seventeen liters or a digit like 25.17 liters poured, or the amount to pay will be $55.17 or $71.17 ...If I drive somewhere and stop, ODO will read a distance.17, or 17 ...It;s driving me up a wall. Would go to a restaurant with friends, they would choose a table, the restaurant is completely empty, table number is 17. Go to another restaurant a few years go, all table except one is available, table 17. Happened to be at a casino that night so I figured (as I'm not a gambler) to play roulette. Put $50 on number 17,... more...

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RE: 17 recurring

by Rex Pollard - 7/20/15 12:47 AM
The secret agent 007, has black 17 as his favorite Roulette number.

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I would like to meet you

by Ferrou117 - 2/05/15 10:19 AM
I would love to know the people who made comments on this page of wonderful and mystical 17 :) :) :)

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RE:I would like to meet you

by Ferrou117 - 7/19/15 3:30 PM
Mee too what about Email!! :)

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by mslove - 11/05/12 4:38 PM
My mom = feb.17, two sisters = jan. 17, my aunt = june 17, my husband is nov.17, and i was adopted and i always felt my birthday was may 17! Thats just weird to me. I feel it means something good i just dont know what!

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RE: 17!

by Anonymous - 6/30/15 8:28 AM
17 is good. god is good... 1day alone for God in 7days.


by Kimberly - 4/21/15 12:12 PM
I've enjoyed reading all these comments. Their is something special about 17. In fact my Mother had me, my oldest brother and my sister on the 17th. Also My Mom was born on the 17th. My dad was the 22nd and my other brother was the 2nd. How uncanny is that? I thought it was very special. What gets me is the time I was born... Blow my mind @7:17am. Both my kids were two days early. My daughter born on the 2nd. Now my son was born on the 18th same month as my sister. But his time of birth was 10:17 am.. My sisters birthday 10/17.
Every so often I look at the clock and say oh wow its my b-day its 7:17am or 7:17pm. I just consider this all to be Good Luck and special. My 17th Birthday was so special to me and still is. I have researched my Family History and noticed alot of Birthdays same as mine. Looking forward to reading more comments.

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by Steffy - 2/17/14 9:44 AM
I have been haunted by the number 17 since I was 17 years old. I'm however born on the 24th of August (and now I'm the 317th comment being posted)... It goes in waves with me...some weeks the number doesn't contact me at all...other weeks it contacts me every single day several times... It can be the time of the hour, or the fact that I received number 17 as my employer's number at work, that my uni started on the 17th of october, that there are 17 metro stations to my university...and so on... I don't know what this means and it feels a bit "silly" (or even ridiculous) to think "I'm the chosen one", I mean then we're all the chosen ones right?! I'm just happy to see I'm not the only one... I also see the number 17 in relation to "4" and "47" all the time... Does anyone have this experience as well?

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by Ramiro - 4/18/15 3:36 AM
As i posted this i realized it was 3:17 here in TX and it says read all 351 comments so 51 is divided by 17 3 times Praise the Lord!! also the year i was born '68 is divided by 17 4 times n my youngest daughter was born on 4/17. This comment is for Myke on 8/17/14 the Lord told me move back with my father to take care of him cuz he ill n partially blind. 8 represents new eras or beginnings in Genesis 17:12 God told Abraham to circumcise baby boys on the 8th day n also in Genesis chapter 7 Noah n his wife n three sons n their wives so 8 ppl started the new world after the Flood. there are 7 days in a week so the 8th day is the beginning of the new week. 17's represent Overcomers/complete Victory!! Jesus resurrected on the 17th day of Abib/Nisan.What can separate u from the Love of God? NOTHING CAN SEPARATE U!!! Read Romans 8:31-39 emphasis on v 35 seven things are listed n then go to v38-39 n ten more things are listed for a total of 17. As for your daughter being bullied I'm sorry to hear that but u must... more...


by ramiro - 4/18/15 4:08 AM
These comments are for 17 and anonymous you are NOT stupid or crazy at all. The 17's are God's way of reaching out to you. HE is trying to hand you your assignment that no one but can accomplish. there ppl u don't even know that are in need of help some may even be in dire straits that are waiting for u to accept Jesus Christ into your hearts so that HE can start to work in you to equip u for your ministry. That's right u will have a ministry n u cant run from it cuz it is for you n you only. All are called but some are called to a higher standard i believe both of you are the type of ppl who draw the attn of ppl when u speak n it is cuz you have natural leadership skills and u have a voice of reason. when u go under the guidance of the Holy ONE many doors will be opened to u n will walk in faith with such confidence that many nations (ppl) will come running to you cuz GOD has glorified you(Isaiah 55:5)So call on Jesus n ask Him what He has in store for u both n I know u wont regret it PS keep a journal on... more...

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by Anonymous - 10/12/14 6:57 PM
I wish I could describe my experience, but it's so hard. It's basically what all of you are saying and ugh, Day after day, I tell myself im so stupid for thinking it's anything, but then it'll pop up and haunt me. My life is such a wreck right now, i'm scared im just imagining things. i dont know what to do. It started in seventh grade, and four years later, it still haunts me every day. I can't take it, I cant.

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RE: 17

by Anonymous - 3/22/15 10:01 PM
Don't view the occurrence as a negative. I think all of us are connected both to the number and to eachother for a reason. I have been attempting to make sense of it for years. I am still searching but am also grateful and curious that there are so many of us. I find it comforting and mystical.

9:17 am or pm

by Jackason - 2/06/15 8:28 PM
When I was younger in my teens I would constantly look at the clock on the 11's. Usually 9:11 or 3:11. When I was in my mid twenties and now I'm 33, I consistently look at the clock at either 9:17am or 9:17pm. I never looked what this meant till tonite. Kinda crazy.

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RE: 9:17 am or pm

by Anonymous - 3/22/15 9:54 PM
This has been happening to me for about 20 years. Whenever I look at the clock, it is either 10:10, 11:11 or 12:12. Also, 9:11 is another number which I see often. I was also born on the 17th and every day, two or three news stories refer to that number.

Still searching for the meaning ...

7:17 am/pm

by Anonymous - 10/28/14 11:39 PM
This has been happening for quite a while now that when ever I check the clock its always 7:17, I've even dreamed about this time but mom says its nothing I can't help but being worried, it scares please!

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RE: 7:17 am/pm

by Anonymous - 2/02/15 8:33 AM
For the Lamb at the center of the throne
will be their shepherd;
‘he will lead them to springs of living water.’[a]
‘And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.

science fair

by Anonymous - 1/20/15 11:21 AM
this is helpful for me because my science fair project has to do w/ the #17.

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by jacqueline sanderson - 1/01/15 5:25 PM
2017 is when Mother Earth is going to start healing herself,there will be a lot of cleansing and no stone unturned and all negativity and dross will be removed from planet earth,a lot of souls will depart ,but they will have consented before they were born,it will continue till 2022 and it will STOP.but we all know it has to happen it's what we all agreed too,we should all say the Vision prayer it has been sent to us to help us.xx

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by Gail - 12/18/14 6:03 PM
I met husband nov 17, 1 year later married nov 17 th, 1 year later moved to a Corpus Christi , my daughter was due March 17th 2000. Years later husband told me he wanted a divorce . Nov 17 th 2014 I was seeing a divorce attorney nov 17th which was my 17 th anniversary . He will b moving out jan 16-17th. He had an ugly Board order from his professional organization which terminated may 17 th 2008. May fathers birthday was may 17 th. I started to think my deceased father is watching over me .
Any comments ? Is this a sprirtual occurance ?

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by Anonymous - 12/05/14 9:51 PM
I was born 17 January 1971 (17171) I've always been fascinated with this arrangement of numbers. I share the same birthday as my grandfather too, he was also born 17th January.

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RE: 17

by Anonymous - 12/05/14 9:58 PM
and if you add up my birthday 17171 = 17. Got to say it's freaky really especially reading the historical references to 17. I wonder if there is really any significance or if it's all a coincidence?? I'm happy anyway :)

Number 17

by Anonymous - 12/01/14 2:01 AM
one if the pictures of my daughter Mekal there is a number 17 in her hair she passed away in 1996 & I know there is a relevance to this number

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by Gail golden - 2/24/13 3:47 PM
I see the number seventeen every day in so many ways, I always happen to look st the clock at 17 min. After the hour. I was born on April 17 th and read that people believe Jesus' birthdate was April 17th. I can't explain it but I feel this is very significant in some way, and feel I have a power that I am not using. I have always felt this way my entire life, like I have a power I am not using or are aware of.........noticing more as time goes by......

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by Pun the Ja - 10/01/14 1:03 PM
Yes I know exactly what it means to you. Nothing. You are so desperate for something to be real in your life that now you are grasping at total nonsense and hoping above hope that it will somehow mean something to you, and it never will. You can follow all kinds of new-age nonsense, and some people talk such a good game that they will make it sound real and rewarding just as long as you give hem your soul. Doesn't that sound familiar to you? The devil asks you for your soul and you get whatever it is you think you need. My advice to you is, run the opposite direction as fast as you can to save your soul. Do you really want something real in your life? Go to a Bible believing church. Not a denominaton, but a church where the Word of God is taken to be the truth. You will find yourself there, and if you don't, then you can simply walk away. What have you got to lose besides your mortal soul? By the way, I made up the goofy name so I would sound real to all of the kooksin this conversation.

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born march 13 1951

by carol - 5/28/14 7:09 AM
Someone told me they seen the number 17 dancing sll around me said it was going to be something good was going to happen to me ?

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RE: born march 13 1951

by Anonymous - 9/10/14 7:15 PM
17 in the Roman Numeral XVII is an anagram of the Latin word meaning "I have lived" which is a transposition of "I am dead". I'd be prepared.

17 in my path view everyday

by mark - 8/03/14 12:08 PM
My nanna mary lived accross from my home since i was a teenager at number 17,she passed away an was creamated on the 17th have them both documented not long after my first son was born on the 17th.then a few years later both on my other two children was born different years on the 17th,years later my first dream of my nanna i had standing in my kitchen she walked in my front door holding my kids hands im shocked in my dream coz i new she passed then she walked up to me hugged an kissed told me she loved me,then i suddenly woke up went into my loungeroom my tv screen was blown but there was sound later i realized it was the 17th.years on i constantly see the number evn my new partener our due date of our baby was also the like some input of the strong connection i have with the number

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RE: 17 in my path view everyday

by Daddio - 9/10/14 7:08 PM
So what is the point of all of these things that you make into the number 17? You can take 1592-1673-1737-1853-1943- or any of many other numbers or dates that mean absolutely nothing, and the sum of the 4 separate digits will equal 17. So how is it that just because the numbers equal 17 they are in any way significant to anyone or anything? What makes them numerology or significant to numerology?

I might be the 17, I was born January 17th 1983 during a blizzard under a new moon.

by Anonymous - 7/20/14 9:08 PM
sister, nephew, and mother born on 17ths of different months... could probably fill six hundred characters of Jan. 17th, 17s... related to me.

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MH17 Downed passenger plane

by Anne - 7/20/14 6:12 AM
Flight MH17 first flight was July 17, 1997 then 17 years later it crashes on the 17th July 2014. 17 is a significant number in my life as well.

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born in 1988 may 17

by Arun - 5/22/14 2:38 AM
born in 17 may . what it means for me ..?

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