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Every evening 19:19 shows up without fail! :O

by It scares me!!! - 10/30/17 8:31 AM
The clock draws my attention exactly at 19:19 each and every evening for the past few months. Infact, I try hard to avoid that number in every possible way but exactly my phone will ring or some message will pop up and BAMM!!! There stands number 19:19 greeting me with an evil grin! Cuz I know that number 19 has been a serious misfortune for many people and now I learn that for the people in Japan, that number is actually an indication of Bad -Luck!!! :( :( :( I'm scared now...

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by Miguel - 6/06/16 7:52 AM
I've seen this my whole life on the clock it's also my birthday I feel sometimes it's just me. But starting to feel it's no coincidence.

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RE: 6:19

by Anonymous - 9/20/17 11:22 AM
Older translations of Book of Revelations has 666 translated as 616. Both numbers r palindrome.

secrete of number 19

by parviz babadi - 4/06/16 12:45 PM
Number 19 is special and very secrete symbole which described by dr. khlipha n 1976 by using computer. this secrete shows that the quran is the words from God.There are some sore in quran which startsby some letters like "alef" lam" "mim" which the number of these letters in that sore are multiply of number 19 .

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RE:secrete of number 19

by Sanam - 6/23/17 1:58 AM
MashAllah, Jeff is spot on! God has blessed you with guidance. Salam.

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All 19s

by Anonymous - 1/20/16 9:22 AM
Born on April 19th 1990 on the 19th hour! Does anyone know what all those 19th mean?

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RE: All 19s

by Anonymous - 4/28/17 8:48 AM
19 means good luck so maybe your lucky

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I keep seeing 7:19 I was born 7/19/1983

by Anonymous - 9/06/14 6:33 AM
I keep seeing the time 7:19. This started after my birthday this year,7/19/2014. Now I'm starting to see 6:19 and 8:19 also, my old address 346. Please tell me what is this about. Thank you!

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RE:I keep seeing 7:19 I was born 7/19/1983

by Annette - 1/18/17 4:09 PM
Ialways look at click at it always has the number 19 alot of family have died on the19th go to the every thing in my life has the19 is seems luke it is bad luck for me

RE: I keep seeing 7:19 I was born 7/19/1983

by Anonymous - 4/01/17 12:27 AM
-There are 19 bones in your hand, eight in your wrist
-According to NASA light takes 499 seconds to get from sun to earth which equals 8 min. 19 sec.
-The nineteenth hour on a clock is 7:00 pm
-child gestates in the womb for 38 weeks/ 19x2
-There are 19 fundamental constants in current physics models
-Nineteen is the first digit and last digit together signifying "The Alpha and the Omega" which is a name for God.
- It looks the same in all languages of the world. Both components, 1 and 9, are the only numerals that look the same in all languages.
-It possesses many peculiar mathematical properties. For example, 19 is the sum of the first powers of 9 and 10, and the difference between the second powers of 9 and 10.
-Number 19 is the numerical value of the word "ONE" in all the scriptural languages, Aramaic, Hebrew, and Arabic. The number 19, therefore proclaims the First commandment in all the scriptures: that there is only ONE GOD.

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by pablo g - 11/27/14 9:58 PM
You know that feeling you get when you feel someone is looking at you. I get that but instead of some one looking at me its the number 19. I've been seeing this number for over 10 years now, but before I use to see the number 444 a lot. As an agnostic/atheist I don't really believe in these signs from god, but I still find it interesting. I was born 2/19/89

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RE: 19

by Dream Vision about 19,000 - 1/24/17 2:08 AM
Several years ago, I began having a dream and visions about the number 19,000. In this dream/vision, there is a large beautiful bright silver sword that glints in the sun as it towers above me. The handle is straight and it looks extremely heavy. The tip of the blade is at my feet, just a bit to the left of me. I tilted my head all the way back and looked up and saw the number 19,000 etched all the way down the center of the blade.

Later that month, I had another dream/vision about this sword. I was standing on a map. The water bodies were in white. I was standing on the Gulf of Mexico. The tip of the sword was at the center southern point (which looked like New Orleans to me), but I did not know for sure. My attention was on the sword. Again, it towered above me. This time, it began to fall backward toward the north, toward Canada -- splitting the country in two. As it started falling, I began screaming and crying. I was terrified! When it finally landed on the flat side of the blade, it rebounded... more...

Born in September 19

by Peggy - 1/11/17 10:24 AM
My daughter is dating her sixth boyfriend who happens to be born on September 19. Different years. Weird coincidence?

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by Aaron Lee - 1/01/17 8:14 AM
number 19 represents the draw-knot demon, and he abides at the 19th step to keep Christians from continuing on the Christian ladder... That seen by Jacobs vision/dream, some what like the indian cycle of death, where a man gets lost in the woods and finds he is just going around in a circle! Draw-knot, like a slip joint, the harder we pull the tighter the knot draws! 19 is made up of 2 good numbers one, unity, and 9, the fountain of living waters! I cant tell you what I don't know, but one more step and you will be at 20, a good place with the devil behind you! there are 10 steps to each tray or channel, and there are 10 channels!
God uses Types and Shadows! The first writings were, I call, Higher Graphics! symbols used to convey ideas! And we find in the prophecy, of which is the symbol to be able to know if it is God or man, He was to be a man of Parables, and we see, without a parable, He spake not to the people! Jesus, Being God, a dwelling tabernacle of God, had the same nature of God, for He is... more...

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19 numerology

by Brandyn Potts - 12/07/16 12:24 AM
The ninth marines of Alpha company 19 it came to me after a life of lies pain and abuse by an uncivil California government 19 1 bring the assignation for assassin 9 being death hence the walking dead "ninth marines" a bad rap in vietnam also once in waycross Georgia I pulled a 9 Para out of the air and shot a klan legal 4 times through the heart and threw a killmister on his chest An ace of spades, only I never wanted to kill can you ask Hollywood vice to give me a call I believe I am an ex-vice death magician under federal mind control only I'm cold and tired text me

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by Bill Waters - 9/19/16 6:36 PM
The number of Hungarian Rhapsodies by Liszt

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RE: Liszt

by Anonymous - 10/14/16 12:54 PM

the number 19

by Luke Prestridge - 10/14/16 12:53 PM
Thank you for helping me with my project

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The place where I found number 19 "The Heart if π"

by The Wizard of π - 3/19/16 8:59 AM
Google my "Nick Name" I see no links are allowed in this section, so please go now and Google the wizard of pi...the YouTube videos have absolutely no connection or relations with my person, name, or identity at all...OK?
So! Learn the method use by our UNIVERSE and how REALITY keeps tag on every event of our faith.

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RE: The place where I found number 19 "The Heart if π"

by Anonymous - 9/01/16 3:12 PM
3 19 19 86

I was born 3 19 86

by I am who I am - 6/23/16 6:46 PM
I love you all

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RE: I was born 3 19 86

by Grace - 7/18/16 10:20 PM
Who are you?


by Carl - 10/13/10 2:56 AM
I dont know why, but number 19 is my destiny. I will bring my comments later.

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RE: vision

by Anonymous - 7/14/16 11:37 AM
Bahai religion works 19 days a month and 19 months a year thats 361 days a year. In jewish calender in 19 years they make 7 leapers. In quran composition guide lines of 19 noticed as per dr. Rashed khalifa. Again in quran chapter 18 says group of boys were hiden in a cave with a dog and in slept 309 years then wake up(as they were faithfull to god), so as per bahai calender 309 years make309x361=111549 days which over 19 ( division result exact 5871). I guess something on 19 thats for sure

1 and 9

by Anonymous - 11/26/14 11:19 AM
The numbers 1 and 9 have combined in so many ways(as 19, 1+9, 91, 109, 191, 1900, 19000, 9+1, 19:01, 00:19, September 19, etc) and have conspicously come to my notice. So, I've been searching everywhere to consciously know WHY ME, and to know how many of us out there have been CHOSEN. To interact and know more, I created this page below. I hope this helps Us. I AM thankful.

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RE: 1 and 9

by Anonymous - 6/29/16 1:25 PM
I am who I am born 3 19 86

Ben of 19 Worlds

by Hannah - 5/24/16 8:17 AM
I had a dream where someone is marketing me a brand new T-shirt. I found its brand name to be 'Ben of 19 Worlds'. Can somebody interpret the meaning ?

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by Anonymous - 2/03/11 6:54 PM
My sister has been seeing the number 19 a lot then one day she told me and now I am seeing it too…
Like we both see it in book pages, homework assignments, and times mostly we see the time 6:19 but we do see other 19s in time too. My birthday is 6/13 if you add them together you get 19 my sisters birthday digits add up to 222 which is divisible by 666....please someone reply I need to hear your thoughts on this...

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RE: HELP....

by Anonymous - 2/19/16 10:56 AM
Must be careful what year we day God will get his people! Do know this year of 2020 will see something never before and will change this world like never before..good year for God children

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Born on the 19th

by Cat - 2/23/14 1:54 AM
My husband was born on the 19th (November 1976). We had a good, happy, healthy marraige... Till we moved to phx ( maybe someone can answer this number puzzle)? He first went to the hospital on "09-11"-12 for stomach cramps... Diagnosed with cancer on "10-11-12". Neighbor has double mastectomy on November 19 (his 36 bday). Mom in law has major surgery on his 37 bday (nov 19) and was unconscious for 4 days). He died of stroke dec 27 2013! That's just some of the weird date occurrences that have happened since we moved here. His med chart number was 4244444 (don't know why but seems off to me)... Is it possible for people to use numbers against you, like your bday, not just to harm you but turn it into a benefit for others? Kinda like robbing you of your health, happiness, soul thru the use of numbers??? I've also noticed allot of people who were involved used the number 666 (doesn't that resonate with evil/bad stuff?). The sheriff uses it, a person who had surgery on his bday and was knocked out for four days lives at the address 11666, and the funeral director (who handled his remains) license number was 0666. I see correlations to allot of numbers ( I hate 21) but this is just plain wrong/creepy what happened to my husband! Any thoughts????

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RE:Born on the 19th

by joy - 1/03/16 9:15 AM
I have to many 19 .trying to find out what it means

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by sanom - 12/03/15 8:27 AM
Our relationship at 19..and theres a lot of memory is in 19.. my parents anniversary is also in 19..and my name on the list that were together with my hobby was also in 19.. and for long that weve been together as nobody..his..teasing me at the date of 19 that being coincedince....that every special moment is in 19

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19 and Creation

by Sum One - 9/18/15 1:06 PM
19 Circles in the Flower of Life.

19 Spheres make an Octahedron (Diamond / Great Pyramid up and down).

19 is the number most people alive on the planet have in common when they write their date of birth.

19 is a Prime Number.

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My birthday

by Antony - 8/28/15 4:43 AM
My birthday is 19/01/91 or 19/1/91

After reading this article, the number 19 makes a lot of sense. I've also had the number 13 follow me from a very young age. I know a lot of people have that one too.

It seems the generally accepted fudamental meaning/representation of numbers 13 and 19 are similar. Both representing the seperation and coming together of the whole.

What do you think is the difference/distinction between these two numbers?

What does it mean if a person has these numbers built into their life?

And what if anything does it mean if people are noticing numbers like these before ever knowing their significance?

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From Heaven to Earth to 19

by Terrill TC - 6/27/15 12:05 PM
From Heaven I came to earth in 1976 year of the new ear... Painted was a picture was given when I was in second grade.. Getting to 19 years old with police written on my work uniform as a Christian it's interesting that Buda was 19 when he left.. Me being a Christian since 1982 the spirit of Buda I experienced when I was about 16 again me being a Christian .. The spirit of Buda spoke why he dislikes the one and only God up there story along with his only begotten son.. The spirit of Buda went on.. For 33 years he was the prince of peace but the ascension didn't come until he was actually 33 years old.. That's to much patients the spirit of Buda went on saying.. Relic/Church Boy Nehemiah/Terrill TC

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by Anonymous - 12/10/14 5:27 PM
I was born 8/19/1961..the first upside up year. If you flip it over, it reads the same. I've had two phone numbers that have had 666 in them. The first on the prefix, the second on the suffix. My name begins with an L, but people like to call me Lucifer, and i've had several women call me a know all this means something if you have an open mind. The numbers have a meaning...Hey 19.

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19 life or death...?

by diego Muro - 2/11/11 6:48 AM
well i began to noticed that the number nineteen has been appearing mostly everywhere i go everywhere i look and people related to me and even girlfriends.. this all began when i was 16 wich could be seen as 19 but rotated 90 degrees.. my first girlfriend and love was on 12/19/07. my birthday is on 10/03/1991... here are the numbers that i see the most that have to do with the number 19; 16, 61, and 91.. the roman numeral for 19 is XIX wich also be seen as x/x as in an equation with two numbers that result in 19... ive been going crazzy over thiz obssesion of mines but now i see that i am not the only one out there.. now i know that this number really means something.. wat if we are choosen to change something really great? by the way ive been noticing lately this the number 2 in front of 19 and it must mean something.. who ever knows reply im very interested... thank you..

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RE: 19 life or death...?

by Anonymous - 2/18/14 11:14 PM
if so this is good..numbers followed me then I researched it and deed it was what the charts said ..4 and not flip out just understand it should give you strength and understanding to something sister was born on a 4,, my cousin and I wear a 4 and his son was born at 4..i live at 4...

RE:19 life or death...?

by Anonymous - 11/24/14 1:23 PM
Can we chat on facebook. I just started seeing mine on 4/19/2014. Search for 'Ikechukwu Billions Inya-Agha.'

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golf game

by tony christiano - 9/08/14 6:34 PM
this is the number i had on the 16th hole at rivers edge in bancroft sunday. what a day...!!!

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