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Properties of the number 2






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17 Comments for Number 2 Symbolism, 2 Meaning and Numerology

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2 dots

by TLC - 6/30/10 1:00 AM
I keep seeing two diagonal dots

EVERYWHERE. Like the 11:11 phenomenon. Duality? Yin/Yang? Make a choice? Not sure if it's an embedded activation code like 11:11, but it certainly happens more than coincidence would allow.

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RE: 2 dots

by Anonymous - 5/17/15 12:59 PM
I'm experiencing the same thing! I'm also looking for answers.. Anytime I look at a clock its a double 12/12 19/19 21:12
.. It means something! Don't listen to whoever said the mental hospital comment! Silly comment. This has been happening on and off for years more on than off..

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2 all over

by Anonymous - 11/14/14 11:33 PM
I recently had a romance and the number 2 has always been around I just thought of this but I wonder if it means something.. I met this guy in the 2nd month of this year we first kiss on a second day of a month we met at a hotel the room number was 222 and we broke up on a 22nd day.. Does it mean anything????

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RE: 222

by Anonymous - 3/18/11 10:13 PM
In all my young years I would doodle on paper all the time in class, on the phone to friends etc... you know how scribble on paper and you come up with some weird pitures. Anyways I use to write the number two not always but every now and then... At first I just thought oo ok didnt take much from it... but later on in life I started connecting my life to when I do this. It was like a warning that I was subconciously giving myself and sure enough something would pop in my life that wasn't ever a good thing... I try to avoid it now, I ve kinda told myself if I don't do it then nothing bad could happen. Also my life has always been associated around the number seven. My children have seven in there birthdays, I have lived at three address with the number seven amoung other things... I only checked this out today because of curiosity but yeah there you go...

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RE: RE: 222

by Anonymous - 10/21/14 3:11 AM
7 is the number of completion :)

Snake shaped like a 2

by SJ - 10/04/12 12:14 PM
I have an old jug in my house with a symbol on it. It's a pentagram pointing up with a snake in the shape of a 2 inside of it. Any thoughts?

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RE: Snake shaped like a 2

by Anonymous - 4/15/13 5:50 PM
it's a stupid jug


by Anonymous - 4/15/13 5:49 PM
this didn't help at all

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RE: 222

by Anonymous - 4/18/11 8:47 PM
In life everything adds up....

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the mystery (Two) written on my hand

by Anonymous - 1/05/11 11:56 PM
It showed up written on my hand (Two)in blue ink and backwards. I went back over everything I touched and nothig had that written on it. I hadn't touched a blue ink pen. It wasn't even in my hand-writing.

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by Ashma - 10/06/10 6:15 PM
My destiny number is 2 =)

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number 2 on stones

by Anonymous - 7/20/10 11:35 AM
What does it mean. On stones

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by Alisha - 5/09/10 8:47 AM
it's the amount of friends I have on Facebook

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RE: 222

by esully007 - 7/27/09 7:36 AM
Do you keep seeing this number? And if so, on what?

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by Anonymous - 7/07/09 10:43 AM
what does it mean

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