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Properties of the number 2






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number 2

by Anonymous - 8/19/15 6:19 PM
Truly incredible stuff. I have been doing a lot of research into numbers and math in the Bible and other ancient texts. I have o- blood. If you haven't done some research about the blood types, do. O- blood is from Cain,born not from Adam, but a fallen one or maybe you know who. The original sin. the number 2 or division. My birth date is 8/16/73. 8 is new man/holy man. 16-sacrifice. 19-faith, 73-babylon, or end. 37 and 73 are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Some people do not want to consider the book of Enoch, but from my research the first 2 books need to be. Those who came from Cain can achieve salvation but must bend a knee before God. Being born in August, I am a Leo, the first sign of the zodiac. 2312 refers to Christ. The constellation of Leo is at 23.12 degrees when it is in it's natural house in August. On my birth date and time, the moon was in pisces, the last house of the zodiac, and was opposing Venus. The moon is lit, but by a false light. Venus, is referred too as the the... more...

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2 dots

by TLC - 6/30/10 1:00 AM
I keep seeing two diagonal dots

EVERYWHERE. Like the 11:11 phenomenon. Duality? Yin/Yang? Make a choice? Not sure if it's an embedded activation code like 11:11, but it certainly happens more than coincidence would allow.

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RE: 2 dots

by Anonymous - 5/17/15 12:59 PM
I'm experiencing the same thing! I'm also looking for answers.. Anytime I look at a clock its a double 12/12 19/19 21:12
.. It means something! Don't listen to whoever said the mental hospital comment! Silly comment. This has been happening on and off for years more on than off..

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2 all over

by Anonymous - 11/14/14 11:33 PM
I recently had a romance and the number 2 has always been around I just thought of this but I wonder if it means something.. I met this guy in the 2nd month of this year we first kiss on a second day of a month we met at a hotel the room number was 222 and we broke up on a 22nd day.. Does it mean anything????

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RE: 222

by Anonymous - 3/18/11 10:13 PM
In all my young years I would doodle on paper all the time in class, on the phone to friends etc... you know how scribble on paper and you come up with some weird pitures. Anyways I use to write the number two not always but every now and then... At first I just thought oo ok didnt take much from it... but later on in life I started connecting my life to when I do this. It was like a warning that I was subconciously giving myself and sure enough something would pop in my life that wasn't ever a good thing... I try to avoid it now, I ve kinda told myself if I don't do it then nothing bad could happen. Also my life has always been associated around the number seven. My children have seven in there birthdays, I have lived at three address with the number seven amoung other things... I only checked this out today because of curiosity but yeah there you go...

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RE: RE: 222

by Anonymous - 10/21/14 3:11 AM
7 is the number of completion :)

Snake shaped like a 2

by SJ - 10/04/12 12:14 PM
I have an old jug in my house with a symbol on it. It's a pentagram pointing up with a snake in the shape of a 2 inside of it. Any thoughts?

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RE: Snake shaped like a 2

by Anonymous - 4/15/13 5:50 PM
it's a stupid jug


by Anonymous - 4/15/13 5:49 PM
this didn't help at all

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RE: 222

by Anonymous - 4/18/11 8:47 PM
In life everything adds up....

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the mystery (Two) written on my hand

by Anonymous - 1/05/11 11:56 PM
It showed up written on my hand (Two)in blue ink and backwards. I went back over everything I touched and nothig had that written on it. I hadn't touched a blue ink pen. It wasn't even in my hand-writing.

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by Ashma - 10/06/10 6:15 PM
My destiny number is 2 =)

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number 2 on stones

by Anonymous - 7/20/10 11:35 AM
What does it mean. On stones

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by Alisha - 5/09/10 8:47 AM
it's the amount of friends I have on Facebook

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RE: 222

by esully007 - 7/27/09 7:36 AM
Do you keep seeing this number? And if so, on what?

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by Anonymous - 7/07/09 10:43 AM
what does it mean

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