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meaning of time 20:20

by Tess - 6/24/17 12:52 PM
When looking to my time on cell phone it was 20:20

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RE: time

by Anonymous - 9/21/14 1:32 PM
Ok, like most of you I too see ##:20 when it comes to the time, I always purposely look to see what time it is just like normal people except most of the time it ##:20, a lot of you have pointed out 4:20 which is so strange because it is the most common time I see.

I know that in the cannabis culture 4:20 is a time where you are supposed to smoke, and have been wondering what the origins of that time was.

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RE: RE: time

by DB - 4/14/17 11:42 PM
My teenager told me 4:20 was associated with weed as the most common time people could get out of work or school to light up

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looking at the clock at 4:20

by adrianna - 1/16/11 2:32 PM
i always look at the clock at 4:20, what does it meeann?

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RE:looking at the clock at 4:20

by Maaz - 12/04/15 9:57 PM
Happens to me all the time...

RE:looking at the clock at 4:20

by Zee - 1/27/16 2:23 PM
bdw same happens to me as well, dont know why.

RE: looking at the clock at 4:20

by Anonymous - 3/15/16 9:14 AM
It means you smoke weed.

RE:looking at the clock at 4:20

by DB - 4/14/17 11:27 PM
I see it on my pc at work almost every day. I know very little about numerology but I was born 5-20 with a 4 letter first name.

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Number 20 on everything

by Mar - 1/04/13 4:44 AM
everytime i look at my phone for something is 2:20, or 3:20 or whatever the time is but is always 20min.. And now im starting to wonder, what does it mea?

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RE: Number 20 on everything

by Anonymous - 9/28/16 2:39 PM
Same thing here. Any ideas why?

RE:Number 20 on everything

by Anonymous - 4/13/17 7:34 PM
Omg sameeeeee. I even woke up at 3:20am last night

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Same number combo for years 10:20

by Clay - 5/25/15 8:37 PM
Well, for the past 15 years I have always looked at the clock at exactly 10:20 twice a day almost every day. I have often wondered if it meant anything but dismissed it as coincidence. The other night I listened to a man on the radio speak of numerology and was wondering if there is some meaning behind this particular set of numbers appearing every day. Does anyone here have any idea what it could mean?

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RE: Same number combo for years 10:20

by Henry - 3/27/17 9:54 PM
Clay my cell is . I had a dream that I asked my friend what time it was. He said 10:20 then I woke up and looked at click it was 10:20am . I feel like God is trying to say something.


by deepak - 3/02/16 6:22 PM
nature is showing me number of 20 what is mean ?

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RE: tack

by Anonymous - 11/01/16 10:25 PM
Have been seeing the number 20 in minutes consistently on the clock over the last 4 months. Sometimes every hour, 3 hours in a row. Have also been experiencing some positive changes & occurances, some of which were an unexpected surprise. What is it?

Once again 7:20

by Anonymous - 1/16/13 8:21 AM
Every time I check the clock it's a different hour but the minute's always on 20 what does this mean?!

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RE:Once again 7:20

by Lisa - 7/28/16 1:57 PM
I see the number 20 all the time I know it's a message but I'm just not sure what

RE: Once again 7:20

by Anonymous - 9/28/16 2:36 PM
I just googled this because the same happens to me and I know it's not a coincidence

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Minute 20

by Heather - 3/04/15 11:27 PM
I have seen this number before back in late 2009, early 2010. Bad things were happening at the time enough to make me want to end my life. The number 20 came up repeatedly. I asked a good friend that understood numerology. He said it was "Duality" which in his terms your physical self and spiritual self. What I took from that was God talking to me and letting me know this to shall pass and better days are on the way, don't give up hope.
My physical self experienced very soon after the signs came. I consider 20 as a lucky number, my life turned for the better and I could breathe again. So here we are 2015, and once again I feel an emptiness with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I wouldn't say I want to end my life, since I promised myself I would never go back to that dark place ever again. I am seeing 20's left and right, text, calls, clocked minutes. I can't be sure, but I know there is a huge change coming that will be changing my life's direction and I always hope for the best. I know God is... more...

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RE:Minute 20

by Andrew Nadrofsky - 7/20/16 2:49 PM
This hearing of song, listen to the lyrics, be quiet and feel the feelings associated, dont be quick to judge, just be present with whatever it is that you are experiencing.

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2020 when worried about the near future

by Lynda - 7/15/16 1:25 PM

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by Andrew - 1/04/12 1:16 PM
For the past 12 months i have been looking at my watch or mobile (Cell) phone and clock everyday .. i always seem to look at the said time at exactly 20:20 i mean EXACTLY and im not waiting for the time to come !! Help .. i thought i was going insane >?? even people text or call me . Its and yes it seems to be dead on 20:20 !! thoughts ??

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RE: 20

by andrew - 11/14/12 5:12 PM
I also worked for a company who also had a department i was in called 20/20 ! . Im the original poster here . its still happening to me .. every day . like every day . i cant be that in tune with time to get it so precise every day can i ?

RE: 20

by wilfsland - 3/03/15 1:40 AM
I have exactly the same happening. For years i check the time in the eve and its always 20:20. And page numbers i find important info on is page 20. its following me lol wish i knes what it meant.

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numbers and accurances

by Mercia - 10/10/12 8:53 AM
one day at 10:10 in the morning, I noticed a car following me. Upon telling my husband, he said: "relax, you are imagining it". That same day at 13:13 I noticed the same car infront of my shop and thought not to tell someone, because they will think I'm paranoid, then at 20:20 that night I was attacked and held at gun point...Did the numbers and the fact that I saw it in doubles on my watch mean anything, and why 4 years later I am constantly reminded by a force of double displayed numbers.

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RE: numbers and accurances

by Anonymous - 10/07/14 8:32 PM
Omg I was born 4/20/1995 and all I keep seeing on the clock is 4:20 10:20 whtvr time it is it's something 20 and its starting to spark my curiosity idk Maybe God is trying to tell me something

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by Anonymous - 9/13/14 7:43 PM
For several months now, several times everyday, when I look at my phone to check the time, it is something :20. I have grown more curious as it keeps happening everyday! Several times a day! To the point where I am now wondering what it could mean.

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RE: time

by Anonymous - 9/21/14 1:24 PM
This has been happening to me for a year now

Warning Dream

by Morpheus - 8/05/14 8:52 AM
I've had the same lucid dream twice now warning me about the number 20, and no I'm not religious. But I also dreamt 3X warning me of the number 11 before Fukushima, so yeah, I'm paying attention....

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The significance of the date 20/02/2020

by Madge - 1/20/14 3:17 AM
I'm curious whether the above date has any numerical significance for humanity.

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RE: The significance of the date 20/02/2020

by Anonymous - 4/11/14 9:01 PM
The number date 20/02/2020 ---u can add all the 2's and will come up with the # 8 which is the #of new beginning


by Anonymous - 2/10/14 10:58 AM

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RE: bla

by Anonymous - 4/04/14 1:55 AM
I to was born on july 20th and see 20 after every hour everytime i liok at clock? This is very strange i was looking for a reason and stumbled upon this page i cannot believe other people aee this??

im not the only 20

by Anonymous - 8/09/13 8:32 AM
I have been noticing also that I have been looking at the clock and everytime I look at the clock it has 20 mins and so when so I I have a feeling it mean something but I'm trying to find out what it means and the only thing I can find out is is the biblical please someone try and help me it's driving me crazy

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RE: im not the only 20

by Anonymous - 11/16/13 6:25 PM
Hey the 20mins on the clock is happening yo me too!!!!! What the heck is going on someone help me understand!!!

RE:im not the only 20

by Anonymous - 1/30/14 1:29 AM
This has been going on with me for past year and not with just clocks. I open a book on page 20 I forward the t.v. I stop on 20. I open my texts most sent 20 after. Its everywhere I look. Can't figure it out.why 20 what's it stabilize

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20 on the license plate

by Linda - 8/15/13 4:52 PM
When my son died, it was March 20th, his license plate numbers on his motorcycle and his truck were number 20. His shop number had 1030 on the address but, the number 20 was missing. Several addresses he had for his residence were number 20. My license plate number is missing the number 20...I have 30, 40, 50...but 20? Went to see my daughter in jail...her table assigned for the day was 20. Her cell number is 20...what is going on with this number?

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omg this website is sooooooooooooooooo 20th century

by Anonymous - 3/06/13 10:34 AM
dude this stuff is so ancient i bet my grandma read this when she was in high school

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by Anonymous - 10/06/12 12:47 PM
I'm having the same problem I keep seeing 9:11 everytime I and look at the time and some times in other places it's driving me crazy, and everytime sept. 11 comes around I'm always looing for something to happen

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this is so stupid

by Anonymous - 2/07/12 6:51 AM
i dont think that there are any significance of these numbers

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RE: this is so stupid

by Anonymous - 9/13/12 4:35 PM


by Emily - 7/18/12 9:22 PM
I was born on December 20th, the day before the winter solstice and the Mayan apocalypse, when I was supposed to be born a month later. My full name has twenty letters. My mother was twenty when she gave birth to me. AND I was twenty inches long at birth. I joke and tell my friends that I am the "chosen one."

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by fAIM - 7/18/12 8:29 PM
i do this all the time... your guess is as good as mine.. as soon as i looked down @ the time to write this it was 10:20 p.m. lol i used to see this all the time when i, myself no one else would wonder the time. always a digital clock.. and u guessed it.. ends w/ 20.. no matter what hour. i had a person who changed my life during serious events @ the age 20.. (r.i.p. S.D.) idk what this means.. but i was also just playing around when i found this site.. i was born on DEC. 19th... this page or site was last updated DEC. 19th... blowin' my mind!! i find it humorous now.. answers?

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I keep seeing the number 20 everywhere.

by Anonymous - 6/26/12 7:21 PM
My boyfriend asked me out on the 20th and ever since then i keep seeing the number 20 everywhere i go. I randomly got it for my number on my lacrosse and soccer team. I always see it on a clock and on my phone. I see sighns on the road as well. what does this mean!

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my new name

by Dylan - 6/06/12 10:45 PM
hi I'm Dylan and I changed my name but does this still apply to me?( I'm a girl btw)

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i keep seeing the number 20 on the clock and in random places

by Susan cohen - 5/19/12 4:14 PM
within the past 2 months, the majority of the time i look at the time it says for example, 10:20, 4:20 or 7:20. what could this possibly mean because it has been creeping me out and im getting worried! please help! thank you!

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