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More than a coincidence

by Justin - 3/20/15 12:00 AM
Glad to finally have found you all. So my birthday is 9/21/94. ill be 21 this year. Synchronicity in terms of things happening at weird times has increased heavily. I see 9/21 as time and as expiration dates on foods. 21 comes up all the time for various things. Even people around me have noticed. I often feel like

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RE: More than a coincidence

by Justin - 3/20/15 12:06 AM
Oops don't know what happened. Anyway I feel like I have an ultimate purpose. I feel enlightened on what's going on in the world and the corruption and evil that many look past. I've experienced a couple miracles in my life including the fact that five people in my family have had cancer recently and are now in remission. The creepiest thing is when i say something and as i say it the radio, tv, etc... says the same thing at the same time. It happens very often and other people even notice. There's a lot that im forgetting, but I know there's some meaning behind it.

Message behind the number #21 that bring all of us together?

by Beste - 2/17/15 6:37 PM
What I believe is everything happens for a reason. It's been a long time that I've been noticing #21 in my life. Even when I send a mail or a message time shows 21 on very crucial events of my life. For example last morning I woke up for pray/salat without an alarm and as soon as I woke up ı looked at the time and there it's the #21.
Everyone has similar stories and what's unique is the #21. Now just think for a while... This number also make us curious and so we search the meaning behind it and we meet in here. I'm writing you from Turkey. From different parts of the world we all together are searching for the meaning of it? Is this number 21 a spiritual message? Throuhout the day God give all of us some messages to guide us, to protect us. God wants us to remember His power and He give us security and peace by His angels.

Collect the variables of that belonging time when you notice the number 21. This number cant have a general meaning but a meaning that you have to find from your own life's... more...

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RE: Message behind the number #21 that bring all of us together?

by McKenna - 2/22/15 7:45 PM
I have been seeing 21 lately and you are right it seems to be the connecting number for us all. There must be something about 21 that sticks with us. I think it must be connected somehow.


by Ethan - 1/15/15 6:54 PM
For some reason i keep seeing the number 21

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by Roger Franklin - 1/11/15 6:03 PM
Name is Roger. I'm 21 now. My birthday is December 21. And I just turned 21. Plus my mother had me at 21. Since i turned 21 I see the number everywhere . It's becoming to the point I see it 15+ times a day. What does it mean? Everything is going great so far this year. But I want to know what this is. If anyone knows.. Facebook - Roger Franklin

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21 levels,

by orlando johnson69 - 8/21/12 12:15 AM
I was born june 21, and i feel like it has a deeper meaning to me that i can't explain. No matter where i am, everytime i look a my watch or some random clock, it always falls on 21. Meaning it could be 12:21, 9:21 etc. And i might mention, i was born 3:21 am on June 21. I feel a religious calling on my life, and no matter how many times i ignore it. It keeps coming back, what do i suppose to be doing with my life. HELP!

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RE:21 levels,

by Roger Franklin - 1/11/15 6:01 PM
Name is Roger. I'm 21 now. My birthday is December 21. And I just turned 21. Plus my mother had me at 21. Since i turned 21 I see the number everywhere . It's becoming to the point I see it 15+ times a day. What does it mean?

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Me and my family

by Payson bobier - 1/08/15 5:42 PM
Well after reading this I thought it was pretty wierd that my fathers birthday is July 7th and my moms is September 14th and mine is September 21st which is all multiples of 7 lol just shocking to see doesn't make me anymore special

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my life with grandparents and visits from the vatican

by michael r f c - 11/13/14 7:42 PM
as i from a child i was given things from a tramp to high class people nothing special, i thought WHY Me who are you . the number 7 i liked a lot because of barry sheen race driver . i used to give up my bed to priests who would come from roman/ vatican and stay for a day or so at my grandparents. my nan told me to say nothing to anyone. there gone now .. if i wasn;t there i was at bordering school... in my sleep drempt things like the death of PRINCESS diane and the accident with a car . there is so much i could say and said and came true my inner spirit you could say told me; with the car crash at that the leading up to princess diane .i was in germany working i thought it was my princess ( daughter) i ring home and said paige is not to leave the house for one mouth !!!! one mouth later princess diane died...21:21 i see a lot and read what people s comments are i can associate with you's . i started to question thing s about four years ago when i started seeing11:33 13;33 13:13 12:12 21:21 more than... more...

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veterans Day

by Anonymous - 11/12/14 12:01 PM
what is the significant of the number 21

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by Anonymous - 11/11/14 1:47 PM
what is the significant

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Im born on 12/21/85

by Crystal - 5/19/10 10:27 AM
For the past couple months everytime I look at the clock its 12:21, recently its always something 21 ( 3:21 , 4:21, ect) and its more than just on the clock. Im also born on 12/21/85, I started dating the man who I have two children with on 6/21/02. My son was born on 04/09 4+9=13 and my daughter on 03/05 3+5= 8, their bdays combined 8+13=21. The more and more I think about it the number 21 is everwhere around me. I was born at 9:07pm in military time 21:07, its starting to creep me out, what do I make of this???

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RE: Im born on 12/21/85

by Sun Yixian - 5/02/12 9:38 PM
>> Kelly Elizabeth Teresa Callahan-Rossi - posted on 9/05/10 12:09 PM : In our family 11 was the "magic number" - 21 seemed to be the "outcast",

>>21 has an aliquot sum of 11 though it is the second composite number found in the 11-aliquot tree with the abundant square prime 18 being the first such member. Twenty-one is the first number to be the aliquot sum of three numbers 18, 51, 91. (Wikipedia) 21 and 11 are somehow related :)

RE:Im born on 12/21/85

by yasoo - 11/23/12 5:46 AM
i born i this day

RE:Im born on 12/21/85

by Anonymous - 11/23/12 5:46 AM

RE:Im born on 12/21/85

by Anonymous - 12/13/12 3:09 AM
long story short I found this page nd after reading amazing stories I turned 2 look @ the tym and it was 9:20, thus 21:20 millitary tym, I was amazed so I looked again n bam! 9:21 I step out to take a leak n my eye caught an old box on my porch with the no. 42, divide that by 2, dis is only what I've seen within the past 15 min. Am frm Ghana africa I suggest we form a page or group or sumtin then 2gether we can figure this out.

RE: Im born on 12/21/85

by tj - 12/17/12 1:22 AM
very interesting... I was also born at 9:00 am in the morning...

and number 21 is my favorite number of course for me this is special...

RE:Im born on 12/21/85

by Salvador - 6/13/13 12:06 AM
Mi nombre es Salvador, soy mexicano y vivo en LA CA ; es difícil de creer todo lo que he leído pero durante muchos años el número 21 ha estado relacionado en múltiples cosas en mi vida , al igual que Crystal yo también nací el 12/21/1985 y sólo les puedo decir que el número 21 cambiara sus vidas en el caso mío me ha dado todo y me ha quitado múltiples cosas lo veo en mi alrededor todo el tiempo e incluso las fechas de un accidente que cambió mi vida (03/14/13) 3+1+4+13=21 están relacionados con el número 21 el día q nació mi esposa coincide con el número 21 ,ella tiene 21 años , sin mencionar los muchos círculos misteriosos q este número encierra como el de las predicciones Mayas o el reporte de avistamientos UFO en 12/21/1985.. Algún día descifraremos el mensaje q hay dentro de este número asignado a los elegidos ¡

RE: Im born on 12/21/85

by Lea - 11/24/13 6:21 PM
What is the meaning of that? I always see 12:21 all the time, sometimes 9:21 but 21 is always there. It started 2 years ago and I don't know why. I searched google and I couldn't find any answer. I thought I'm the only one

RE:Im born on 12/21/85

by alkesh - 11/09/14 12:33 PM
Im born on 21/12/1985
Allways number 21 is around me...

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coincidence or what

by Brittany - 10/18/14 8:05 PM
I have been messing with my girlfriend since 10/21/12. My birthday is 9/21 her b day is 9/12, on my b day this year (2014) ive seen 3 black cats and I was driving my car and everyone stopped and looked at me. I looked at the clock in my car and the time was exactly 9:21. my girlfriend and I just moved into our apartment conplex and the property owner said there were 12 buildings. signing my lease my apartment was building 9 apt 21. Last night we had a Cavs game and the basketball game ended and we were walking back to my car. downtown on the billboard it said the time. Out the blue a burst of fireworks just started going off look at the time and it says 9:21. Now thats just a few. my girlfriend and I do fight alot. could this be a sign from God or a coincidence?

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Wow john Murphy

by Marlee - 10/14/14 6:43 PM
I had a dream soooo similar, I was in my hometown and water start rushing into the store fronts until they filled up the stores, then like these black oil demon beings were delivering thru the water and whispering quite creepily and took every one in the room except me. Then all the water disappeared. When I walked out all the buildings were gone so I started walking and lil by lil id see someone who would come along. We came to a house way down the road and we went in, they were all raving and getting messed up, I tarted to tell them what was happening but they didn't care. So I go back outside to leave and down the valley there's a hill on fire for miles and a bunch of ambulance stretchers everywhere I ran into my gma holding my daughter lifeless and I gave her mouth to mouth and she started breathing and my gma disappeared. I ha this dream in 2010 and my gma passed away in 2012 and I now live in her home with my daughter! Well either way long story short ;) my birthday is 12/21/87 and I have vivid visions forever, always see 1221/I've always believed I was a special kinda gal...

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by Thomas - 10/11/14 1:55 PM
I was born on 2/21/03

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by Ivan - 10/04/14 3:28 PM
Every single night when i look in the clock, i see 21:21 ...

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by Anonymous - 9/26/14 6:26 AM
i had a dream and saw number 21 in the sky what is the meaning

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by Anonymous - 8/22/14 9:05 AM
Is the number that is the black jack number

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by Anonymous - 4/16/12 5:49 AM
I was born on 12.21.1991 and I will have 21 years on 12.21.2012.You can read my birthday from right to left it's the same.
Can someone explain this? I'm feeling special.

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RE: 12.21.2012

by Anthony Chavis - 8/19/14 6:39 PM
I was born on 7-21-1985

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by John Murphy - 5/28/14 4:41 AM
My name is John. I was born 12/21/1989 at 12:21pm and on 12/21/12 I hAd a vision of the hometown I live in burning to flames and me dying with a book in my hands. Johnmurf12

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RE: 12/21/12

by Anonymous - 8/07/14 12:01 PM
Facebook: Roxanne Reid...I made the anonymous comment.

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interesting vs down right stupid

by driven nutty - 8/26/12 6:26 AM
the above i found a good read, but all these comment are nothing more than a nut job think list. yes is you mess with number dates and everything else you can make 21, or 24, or 23, or 22. if you really wanna find a number it is easy. For example, the meaning of life is 42 and a human as 42 chromazones, in 21 pairs. tell me what dose that mean. in the end nothing. look for 22 you can say a new born has 350 bones after growing to a adult has 206. 350 - 206 = 44.
44 is twice 22. see easy. 23? 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year. 12 + 7 + 4 = guess what 23!!! you can agrue 21 by saying 12 devide 4 = 3, 3 time 7 = 21. see and you can find many other meaningless things with number, just play 24's with friends and see.

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RE: interesting vs down right stupid

by Anonymous - 6/29/14 2:52 PM
What you say may be true but when you are not looking for the number and the number keeps showing up, that is where the difference is. We are not looking for the number the number just appears constantly. This number started showing in my life when I was a tean and since then is always with me.

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RE: 10.21

by Gillie - 6/28/14 10:10 PM
I'm 28 and have been seeing the number 21 since I was 18..your post makes sence..I'm deeply into God and notice a lot of synchronicity in my life..i have also heard seeing numbers are angels meant to guide you. I hope this is all for God and Jesus Christ. I have seen synchronicity with this number relating to Jesus and the apostles..often times I will see the number 21 with 33 which is when Christ died so to say we are soldiers for God would totally make sence.

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by Anonymous - 6/12/14 10:38 PM
When looking at the calender the first date I look at is always 21, each pen I buy I test to see if it's working by writing the number 21,every time I think of a number it's 21. I remember once with this filling a whole page with the number 21. I've become so obsessed with this number without reason.Right now am 21 yrs

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Stupid 21

by Dustin - 4/23/14 9:09 AM
Look at the clock ...:21 Bday. August 21 Easter found 21 eggs. Broke up with my girlfriend April 21 Always 21!!!

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RE: Stupid 21

by Anonymous - 6/10/14 1:32 PM
Try black jack. ;p


by Emmanuel - 4/17/14 9:47 AM
Every time I glance at the clock its 3:21,4:21,7:21. When I wake up in the middle of the. night its ...:21 . I will associate it with something positive.

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RE: 21

by michele - 6/10/14 1:33 AM
Emanuel and Dustin -- Me too!!

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Want to know about my future

by Vinayaka s prabhu - 6/08/14 6:23 AM
I had alloted engeniring seat through kcet and i am interested in medical so i quit engeniring and i took cet again next year and in this year also i didn't alloted medical seat through cet and through aipmt also and still one medical entrance exame is left that is on august 1st my question is do i get medical seat through afmc and my date of birth is 21/11/1995

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My Life

by Romeo King - 3/20/14 6:00 PM
Someone please explain why this number keeps haunting me, but in a good way:) please !

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