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I see 21 everywhere.

by Fri - 1/02/18 11:13 PM
its been a year i am seeing 21 i live in pakistan and i am Muslim so In Quran 21 Surah Al -Anbiya/The Prophets 21 verses {Or have they chosen gods from the earth who raise the dead? ﴾21﴿ }
It means don't worship idols who died, Believe In Allah And His Judgement Day.

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the total number of my name

by diana - 12/14/17 2:51 AM
Also when calculating my life path, my birth year equals 21, do I reduce that to 3 when calculating or keep it as 21? Thanks:)

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More than a coincidence

by Justin - 3/20/15 12:00 AM
Glad to finally have found you all. So my birthday is 9/21/94. ill be 21 this year. Synchronicity in terms of things happening at weird times has increased heavily. I see 9/21 as time and as expiration dates on foods. 21 comes up all the time for various things. Even people around me have noticed. I often feel like

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RE: More than a coincidence

by Anonymous - 11/25/16 3:33 PM
My bday as well. Things for harder and more challenges appeared when I turned 21. I feel like its a calling for you to step up to the challeneges your going to face and the hard times. I see the number when things get hard or when new opportunity shows itself.

RE: More than a coincidence

by Anonymous - 2/20/17 6:48 PM
you alive?

RE: More than a coincidence

by Anonymous - 11/15/17 8:56 PM
My bday is 2\19 = 21.. my birth month is 1983 -1+9+8+3+=21 .. and my jersey number was 21 IN EVERY SPORT I PLAYED. ... now i see 21 every where .. and both eclipse on the 21st .

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Alway see and deal with the number 21

by Amanda - 11/13/17 10:33 PM
I have seen the number 21 on clocks for 3 years all day all of the time. My boyfriends jersey was number 21 and same with a boy i dated. I know it means something.. It has to.

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by TROY - 12/21/11 2:15 PM
Well my birthdate falls exactly on that date....DEC 21st...

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Re: re: mayan calendar

by Anonymous - 11/03/17 9:23 PM
My birthday 12/21/55

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Number 21 is everywhere

by Anonymous - 10/07/17 9:42 AM
I’m always seeing the number 21.... rue 21, FOREVER 21, Twenty-One Pilots, I just had to know the history behind it, and why it’s so popular.

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21 Turkey Vultures

by Wendy - 11/20/16 9:23 AM
Yesterday we saw 21 Turkey Vultures. They were accompanied by 3 Ravens. We are going thru a difficult time, 3 of our dogs died this year. 2 died of heart disease, the other of cancer. I was so sad I had to go to the hospital. I'm know this is a message from God Spirit, but what it means for us I have to see?? I know Turkey Vultures are great birds of sacrifice. They eat dead animals that could spread diseases if they laid around rotting. They share their meals with other colonies of TV'S. But the 21??
The odd thing was when my husband went into the store, they disappeared. When he came back they did too.
Ravens are symbolic of magic in a good way. Different than Crow. Crows are warning birds.
Ravens remind us that the Universe is up to something and for us not to worry.

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RE: 21 Turkey Vultures

by Anonymous - 10/04/17 10:55 PM
Born on 21.. Married on 21... Build my house only to find it has 21 doors an 21 windows??????? Waaah!

21 for 2017

by jj - 3/18/17 4:51 PM
since 5777 is Hebrew year for 2017 until September,then 7+7+7=21. all these meanings written above of 21 are happening in 2017 possibly.'Symbol of the person centered on the object and either on himself' the year of selfishness.'The words Flood and star are used 21 times in the Bible.' the 'flood' could come as in days of noah,so also coming of Son of Man,the flood for judgment.Jesus appears in 21 different places of the Palestine to confirm in His Resurrection those who believe in Him.' maybe this is the year to confirm a resurrection soon to come of the Christians who have died?For Claude of Saint-Martin, "the number 21 is the number of destruction or rather of universal termination'...'The word angel is pronounced 21 times by Jesus, always to the plural. this might refer to the times of the book of revelation showing the many angels are going to appear on the world scene more visibly.'It is around the age of 20 or 21 years old that the man reaches his final size.' this would say 5777 is a year of... more...

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RE: 21 for 2017

by Anonymous - 5/21/17 6:35 AM
I was born on the 21st of August.. I also see 21 and double numbers all of the time. Numerology explains the messages... we're simply here to help, protect against the wicked, and kick arse where applicable. 21 is the devine number that represents who we are

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21 All Around Me

by Tipsy Siegel - 11/26/12 6:27 PM
Hi iam an artist from Nashville Tennessee, & I been seeing the
Number 21 since I began Writing music; everytme I wake up
Its at 7:21 or when iam having a lazy day I wake up 12:21
Everyday; I feel like there's something I got to do but I just
Don't know what?? I get signs like crazy but iam lost cause
I feel useless I want to do something about it but I cant;
I feel like I have too.. I even got the number 21 tatted on me
Just cause its been a part of my lifestyle now;; I NEED HELP
REASON... 777=21

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RE:21 All Around Me

by Anonymous - 4/30/17 7:50 PM
Can't stop seeing it.

RE:21 All Around Me

by Anonymous - 4/30/17 7:52 PM
To the person who posted 4:21. I that time or a bible scripture?

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Experience with 21

by KG - 5/16/12 6:18 PM
I also had this experience with the number 21 some years ago where it seemed to pop up everywhere I turned...on signs, billboards, bumper stickers, whatever. I didn't feel that I was looking for it so much as just suddenly started to notice it was appearing everywhere. I don't recall how long it lasted, but after a little while, it no longer seemed to be everywhere. I've never had this experience again or with a different number. I felt like there must be a message in it for me, but what? I know a lot of people might say that it's coincidence or paranoia, but I'm not so sure about that. To this day, the number 21 is ingrained in my mind, to the point that if I were ever asked to pick a number for any reason, my response would always be 21.

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RE: Experience with 21

by Leo - 4/27/17 4:37 AM
For years I knew this is what it meant ....your on track.

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by gian - 4/02/17 8:57 PM
21 means police

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The Irony

by Anonymous - 3/15/17 6:34 AM
Was born on 11/10/1992 ... 21/21 . My name consists of 21 letters ... When I add up the numeric value of each letter it is 399 ... 21 .

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The amazing number 21

by Chris Zoneone - 2/20/17 11:23 PM
The number 21 is so extraordinary and unexplainable to me birthday is 9/21/87 and the number 21 has been with me my whole life literally everywhere I go .. in fact I even put it on my skin as my first tattoo at the age of 13 .. I really can't fully comprehend the strong attraction as well as the synchronicity that I have surrounding this number 21 but after reading everything available on this site I'm left astonished at the possibility that this could really be a true blessing for all of us that hold the power to this magical and prophetic number 21 .......

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dream about I become 21 years old

by petrus - 1/21/17 3:25 PM
I want to know the meaning of this dream

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RE: dream about I become 21 years old

by Anonymous - 2/18/17 1:09 AM
definition show that you have clairvoyance and it is somethings to do with the moon for sure and it proe that it as to do with a timing moon is the to explain time,arch and angel someone is trying to connect to also seem that persons was working in a mineral mining or somethings close too it.that persons must as die from a heart attack.but now that persons want to send you a as to do with full moon and where that persons was born ,cause that persons didnt had a easy life as worked very hard all is life,you must be doing a telephathic connection here.wish you well

the words that equal 21

by Moon Hitsearth - 1/30/17 6:24 AM
Bible = 21
moon = 21
woman = 21
arch = 21
angel = 21
crux = 21
blood = 21
bread = 21
pole = 21
rocks = 21
Basically 21 relates to the moon

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Finally found you all! (been haunted by 21 all the time)

by jovanka alexandra - 11/10/16 11:44 AM
i'm glad i'm not the only one who has been haunted by 21, seriously its getting creepier for me so i decided to find what is 21 supposed to mean so i found all of you guys, so its starts when i was 17, i've seen number 21 everywhere, its not even coincidents at all, its everywhere. okay, i'm going to share my experience about this number, is it creepy? when you planned to watch a random movies in the middle of the movies there's 21 on their street, and when you go on road trips you fall asleep and then you woke up and suddenly its 21 infront of you right after you opened your eyes, or going to shopping there one empty boxes and when you took a look inside of it its another 21, or when you randomly sat on 21 table and looking around and found 21 at someone's tshirt, and you know what? theres this time when my friend wanted to tell me about the fireworks, because we are not at the same place so he decided to call me with facetime to shows me up the fireworks, and suddenly theres 21 and its the only number i see... more...

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RE: Finally found you all! (been haunted by 21 all the time)

by Anonymous - 12/09/16 10:35 PM
I feel the exact same way. It began when I turned 17, on 11/21. I just turned 20 and I still continue to see the number every time I look at the clock, everywhere I look, and go. It has only gotten more haunting, and chilling; I've attempted to explain the experience to my father, mother, and even my best friend and they can make no sense or even grasp what I'm talking about... until I point at the clock when it says '21' and say "Look, it's happening again." I feel slightly comforted to hear you describe your situation SO similar to mine, but then it begins to make me wonder in concern even MORE what in the world seeing this number all of the time is supposed to entail? I wish you the best of luck on your spiritual journey, and I hope you are one day able to make sense of it all.


by valerie - 8/05/16 9:07 AM
my dog has a fatal tumor...she has been waking me at 3:21 every morning since the diagnosis...weird

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RE: 3:21

by Anonymous - 11/20/16 9:13 AM
3:00 a.m. is a thin veil to the other side. Its when we are closest to death. Many movies have the ghosts appear at 3:00 a.m. its not a bad number, its the time when a vortex opens. And a death is nearing. Always use 3:00 a.m. for positive wishes and spiritual practices. Evil can come thru too. Its a doorway to the other side, good or bad.

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by alexander - 11/06/16 10:11 PM
date of birth on the 21.most positions in life are decided upon an individual when they have reached that age.....magic number above all

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Looking to be enlightened in spirituality

by Leilani - 10/19/16 12:17 AM
All my life I've had this feeling of bring good to the world and recently i was lost until I regain my curiosity for spiritual religion. Im just searching site by site to help me "soul search." I came across arithomancy that lead me to calculating my life path numbers and it calculated to 21. My birthday is 09/30/1998 9+(3+0=3)+(1+9+9+8=27) (2+7=9) 9+3+9=21
not saying that it means something but it would be cool to being a step closer to figuring out life itself and whats to come.

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RE: Looking to be enlightened in spirituality

by Anonymous - 10/19/16 12:55 AM
I than tried to calculate my full name which led to both number (8, & 17) i looked it uo and they both show positive results. and also i had the urge to just draw an 8 today and the symbol behind the number is said it's a divine sign that your prayers for supply and abundance have been heard and are being answered.

message behind 21 # that brings us all together

by Anonymous - 10/15/16 10:16 AM
I've been writing the number 21 since I was a kid like over and over again till now I don't know why

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Message behind the number #21 that bring all of us together?

by Beste - 2/17/15 6:37 PM
What I believe is everything happens for a reason. It's been a long time that I've been noticing #21 in my life. Even when I send a mail or a message time shows 21 on very crucial events of my life. For example last morning I woke up for pray/salat without an alarm and as soon as I woke up ı looked at the time and there it's the #21.
Everyone has similar stories and what's unique is the #21. Now just think for a while... This number also make us curious and so we search the meaning behind it and we meet in here. I'm writing you from Turkey. From different parts of the world we all together are searching for the meaning of it? Is this number 21 a spiritual message? Throuhout the day God give all of us some messages to guide us, to protect us. God wants us to remember His power and He give us security and peace by His angels.

Collect the variables of that belonging time when you notice the number 21. This number cant have a general meaning but a meaning that you have to find from your own life's... more...

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RE:Message behind the number #21 that bring all of us together?

by Swaroop - 10/10/16 5:40 AM
Well, my experience with Number 21 started since i was at the age of 21. Somehow, it started with Roll Number at my master degree, then i realized the district number was 21. Then it chased me everywhere, not sure whether it is good or bad, some of my colleagues call me by No 21. Then it started into peaks, i have started comparing with every date. India got independence on 1947, which is 1+9+4+7 =21 and declared republic day 1956 = 1+9+5+6 =21 and i see Muslim favorite number 786 = 7+8+6 = 21. And Now i see in this blog even in christian community 21 has a vital role. In hindu dharma too, 21 has a vital role. They name the kid after 21 days, and i hear this number very often at every occasion in Hindu culture. I don't know, i end up seeing this number everywhere, shops like forever 21, Movie itself 21, and most likely i get into the houses that ends up having this number one way the other. Right now i'm staying at Building # 18 and flat number 3 = 18+3 =21.

There are instances, where i intentionally tried... more...

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always seeing the number 21,it used to be no 13

by uzo - 4/04/15 3:12 PM
For me to come here means I have been searchiing for answers and am surprised I have people who share the same expirence.I thing we should find a platform,I will create a group call NO 21 on facebook to help us come together to know what we have common

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RE:always seeing the number 21,it used to be no 13

by Teresa - 9/17/16 5:32 PM
I too, am seeing the number 21 frequently. About 5 to 8 times a day. Looking for a meaning behind this

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equation doesn't make sense

by Darwin - 8/25/16 2:30 AM
Whats 9 plus 10?

U Stoopid!!!

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by Anonymous - 10/03/15 2:19 AM
This is an interesting read but I don't know what it means. A lot of the posts I see people are saying they were born on the 21st of some month...but it's not just that..I was born 8/15/85 and for some reason at least 5 times a week I look at the clock (whether on my phone, my computer screen or my dvr box) at 10:21.

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RE: 1021

by Anonymous - 7/14/16 8:26 PM
Me too!!! 10:21 and I also have 21 come up a lot in my normal everyday life. An I was also not born on the 21 but 7/2/81 although there is still a 2 and 1 in there.

why i am seeing always 12:21, 1:21, 3:21

by Harry - 1/29/16 10:50 AM
for a long time when i see clock the time is 13:21, 3:21 i mean 21 is there Why is this?

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RE: why i am seeing always 12:21, 1:21, 3:21

by Anonymous - 7/14/16 8:19 PM
For me it's 10:21 glad this is more common Than I thought.