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I was born May 21, 1963

by Anonymous - 5/14/16 3:46 AM
I always felt special in my life, even though, I suffered a lot. What does my birthday symbolized.

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Im born on 12/21/85

by Crystal - 5/19/10 10:27 AM
For the past couple months everytime I look at the clock its 12:21, recently its always something 21 ( 3:21 , 4:21, ect) and its more than just on the clock. Im also born on 12/21/85, I started dating the man who I have two children with on 6/21/02. My son was born on 04/09 4+9=13 and my daughter on 03/05 3+5= 8, their bdays combined 8+13=21. The more and more I think about it the number 21 is everwhere around me. I was born at 9:07pm in military time 21:07, its starting to creep me out, what do I make of this???

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RE:Im born on 12/21/85

by yasoo - 11/23/12 5:46 AM
i born i this day

RE:Im born on 12/21/85

by Anonymous - 11/23/12 5:46 AM

RE:Im born on 12/21/85

by Anonymous - 12/13/12 3:09 AM
long story short I found this page nd after reading amazing stories I turned 2 look @ the tym and it was 9:20, thus 21:20 millitary tym, I was amazed so I looked again n bam! 9:21 I step out to take a leak n my eye caught an old box on my porch with the no. 42, divide that by 2, dis is only what I've seen within the past 15 min. Am frm Ghana africa I suggest we form a page or group or sumtin then 2gether we can figure this out.

RE: Im born on 12/21/85

by tj - 12/17/12 1:22 AM
very interesting... I was also born at 9:00 am in the morning...

and number 21 is my favorite number of course for me this is special...

RE:Im born on 12/21/85

by Salvador - 6/13/13 12:06 AM
Mi nombre es Salvador, soy mexicano y vivo en LA CA ; es difícil de creer todo lo que he leído pero durante muchos años el número 21 ha estado relacionado en múltiples cosas en mi vida , al igual que Crystal yo también nací el 12/21/1985 y sólo les puedo decir que el número 21 cambiara sus vidas en el caso mío me ha dado todo y me ha quitado múltiples cosas lo veo en mi alrededor todo el tiempo e incluso las fechas de un accidente que cambió mi vida (03/14/13) 3+1+4+13=21 están relacionados con el número 21 el día q nació mi esposa coincide con el número 21 ,ella tiene 21 años , sin mencionar los muchos círculos misteriosos q este número encierra como el de las predicciones Mayas o el reporte de avistamientos UFO en 12/21/1985.. Algún día descifraremos el mensaje q hay dentro de este número asignado a los elegidos ¡

RE: Im born on 12/21/85

by Lea - 11/24/13 6:21 PM
What is the meaning of that? I always see 12:21 all the time, sometimes 9:21 but 21 is always there. It started 2 years ago and I don't know why. I searched google and I couldn't find any answer. I thought I'm the only one

RE:Im born on 12/21/85

by alkesh - 11/09/14 12:33 PM
Im born on 21/12/1985
Allways number 21 is around me...

RE:Im born on 12/21/85

by D - 1/13/16 11:30 PM
I'm born on 12/21/77

I see numbers all the time.

Its going to be a bit hard to reach everyone since there are like over 400 replies but I will do my best to share what I've learned.

I don't claim to 'know everything' or anything like that. However, I have learned some things that I now consider very important/relevant things that could shed some light on what many of you have experienced. How I learned this is a long story and not important to explain for now.

First of all, when you notice yourselves seeing a number that clearly relates to your own birth numbers its NEVER a coincidence.

In fact if you would believe me, there is no such thing as 'random' - or rather 'random' does not exist except in the sense that some people erroneously buy into the concept. But that is another topic.

In life there are destined events/experiences but also events based on free will. In truth these are constantly interacting with each other based on your decisions and the decisions of others as well as God's... more...

I am born on july 21rst ...

by Diana - 4/12/16 7:15 PM
For the last months i cannot stop seeing the number 21 everywhere... literally everywhere ..when i am not even payng attention is always there...The number 21 appears to me everyday more than 5 or 10 times a day!

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why i am seeing always 12:21, 1:21, 3:21

by Harry - 1/29/16 10:50 AM
for a long time when i see clock the time is 13:21, 3:21 i mean 21 is there Why is this?

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by Roger Franklin - 1/11/15 6:03 PM
Name is Roger. I'm 21 now. My birthday is December 21. And I just turned 21. Plus my mother had me at 21. Since i turned 21 I see the number everywhere . It's becoming to the point I see it 15+ times a day. What does it mean? Everything is going great so far this year. But I want to know what this is. If anyone knows.. Facebook - Roger Franklin

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RE: 21

by Anonymous - 12/04/15 10:33 AM
Wow my son was born on 21/12 also and I was 21 when I had him and my birthdate numbers add up to 21 - 01/11/1980! I have been seeing 2112 everywhere since my sister tried for a baby and 2 years later she rang and said she is pregnant and her due date is 21/12! She went into labour on the 20th and due to baby needing turning they slowed it down and she was born on 22nd 29mins after. Since I kept seeing the numbers and that was nearly 5 years ago, I moved house and am house number 22, I have lots of family members born on 21st and all my appointments and things seem to be on 21st. I always wonder but I think it's a matter of reading the signs. The numbers are the signs but reading them at the time is something that needs to be learnt. Where? I have no idea, the world is mysterious.

I do not belive in God or Angels but all over the net it says seeing 21 is an Angel trying to direct you to a good direction

by Bori - 11/29/15 8:11 AM
Ok so i only noticed this first when 9 years ago i was dating a boy... We worked together in catering business.. Suddenly tables i had to set were number 21, chefs asked me to get 21 buns from kitchen fridge, hotel rooms 21, flight seat 21 etc. this boy i married :) then for a while nothing then again, travelling in car reading when i look up just passed number 21 km sign... More travelling when i look out car or train window sign says this and that town is 21 km away... I saw it so many times then i found out im pregnant...we had a lovely baby girl.. Then every time i was pregnant we both always saw 21 the whole time.. We didnt know about our fourth child but saw 21 again so we jocked haha maybe im pregnant again..and i was!!!
We started a new business with this boy who is the love if my life and husband for 8 years and father of my 4 children, so again now we see it everywhere.. I think its a good thing!
Ah and i was born on the 21st of June!

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21 levels,

by orlando johnson69 - 8/21/12 12:15 AM
I was born june 21, and i feel like it has a deeper meaning to me that i can't explain. No matter where i am, everytime i look a my watch or some random clock, it always falls on 21. Meaning it could be 12:21, 9:21 etc. And i might mention, i was born 3:21 am on June 21. I feel a religious calling on my life, and no matter how many times i ignore it. It keeps coming back, what do i suppose to be doing with my life. HELP!

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RE:21 levels,

by 21 - 11/08/15 6:55 AM
Shan sparkle Boyde

RE:21 levels,

by Anonymous - 11/08/15 6:57 AM
Please connect me i want someone to talk to about the numder 21. Shan sparkle Boyde that's my Facebook name or my watsapp

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kundalini pychosis victim who swears to never ever meditate in this life time Ever!

by when will sense kick back - 10/14/15 12:50 PM
yes! just hold on???sometimes the mind does make up things that don't relate to reality.we are trying to believe in what isn't real.this tends to happen when we are emotionally unconscious but with time clarity shall return when you are strong enough to deal with whatever is messing with you psychologically.hons to me once but the good thing is I never gave up searching for clarity untill now I'm starting to come back to me again and looking back to what caused what and way forward soooo! goodlack to y'all

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by nancy - 10/08/15 6:59 AM
last year me and my friend visited the graveyard and when we came out i saw the number 21 painted in white on a garage door, i didn't think it meant anything but it was like stuck in my brain for some reason. when we got home to my place the clock had hit about 21:03 give or take, and then my friends little sister calls to tell us that she had beaten her own record in a game and that now her record was 212121, and then i started to think about the garage door, but i soon forgot it again and my friend and i decided to watch a movie, when all of a sudden my mother comes in to the room with her phone in her hands and tells me that my grandmothers sister had died, i looked at my phone and the time was 21:21.

i don't know if this has any meaning but my first name has 5 letters and my second name has 6, that gives 11, my last name has 4 so now it gives 15 whitch was my age at that point. i was born in june whitch is the 6th month and if you add 6 to 15 it becomes 21. now everytime i see the number 21 i kinda freak out.

and i'm sorry for any bad spelling, english isn't my original language.

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by Anonymous - 10/03/15 2:19 AM
This is an interesting read but I don't know what it means. A lot of the posts I see people are saying they were born on the 21st of some month...but it's not just that..I was born 8/15/85 and for some reason at least 5 times a week I look at the clock (whether on my phone, my computer screen or my dvr box) at 10:21.

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by G - 9/25/15 6:37 AM
I have been writing this number wverywhere when i have pen in my hand. It's like daydreaming or sth like that. In the lectures when i get bored i start making doodles between my notes and look another 21. it has been going around about a year now, should i be worried?

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Should I believe it to be message, but what?

by Lily Moonstar - 4/28/15 8:44 AM
It's not so much that I see the number 21 everywhere, but more specifically in relation to myself. these are all facts, I was conceived on the 21st day of October the same day as my father's birthday. my mother was born December 21st. I was born July 5th at 9:28 p.m. military time 21:28. My father served in the Army. when I was born I was 21 inches long. I was also 10 pounds and 11 ounces, 21. when all the letters are added in my full name it equals 21. Had i been born 1year later, my bday would also equal 21. I'm shy a number and it comes out ro 20. Weird huh? I don't see it,i am made by it, whatever this "it" is.

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RE: Should I believe it to be message, but what?

by Anonymous - 9/22/15 7:57 AM
You're the 1


by amber dawn - 9/13/15 2:19 AM
My birthday is 10/21/85 13 and 21 stick out to me. I keep seeing the word time too. Its crazy

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usa salute

by USA - 8/26/15 1:09 PM

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What does it mean? Seeing 21 everday and everywhere

by Jay from philippines - 8/07/15 8:39 AM
My birthday is on july21. Just like all of you guys I also see number 21 anywhere. I think lt starts early this year.

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More than a coincidence

by Justin - 3/20/15 12:00 AM
Glad to finally have found you all. So my birthday is 9/21/94. ill be 21 this year. Synchronicity in terms of things happening at weird times has increased heavily. I see 9/21 as time and as expiration dates on foods. 21 comes up all the time for various things. Even people around me have noticed. I often feel like

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RE: More than a coincidence

by Anonymous - 4/19/15 5:43 AM
Justin, my number is also 921 and the number is very significant to me. That number is my anniversary with my one n only live who died already. We conceived that number way back 1997 together with a child we named Justin who didn't become a reality . I hope u can contact me for further details between us. I am
Atty Teresita R. Capacillo. I lived in the Philippines. My email ad is trc_law. ph I hope u can get in touch wt me. Everything happens for a purpise

RE:More than a coincidence

by Ed - 6/21/15 2:32 PM
There are 21 separable "thoughts" in the Lord's Prayer in 7 "clumps."
Thoughts: father/heaven/name/kingdom come/will be done/earth/heaven/day/daily bread/forgive trespass/we forgive/those trespass against us/lead us not/temptation/deliver us/evil/thine is kingdom/power/glory/forever/and ever.
Clumps: Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name,
Kingdom come,will be done/on earth as in heaven,
Give day, our daily bread,
Forgive trespass, as we forgive,
Lead not into temptation, deliver us from evil,
Thine is Kingdom, Power, Glory
Forever and Ever.
The final five Clumps form a Chiasma: 2,3,4,3,2. That is: 2 thoughts (give day/daily bread); 3 thoughts (forgive trespass/we forgive/those who trespass/); 4 thoughts (lead us not/temptation/deliver us/evil); 3 thoughts (thine Kingdom/Power/Glory); 2 thoughts (forever/ever).

many of the attributes shown for the Number 21 apply to Lord Jesus Christ.

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by Anonymous - 1/23/13 11:42 AM
An interesting conversation led me to see what amusing anecdotes there are for "meanings" behind this number. The conversation being that my birth date & time are significant to this number; 7/21/81 at exactly 7:21pm, I entered this world. Not putting too much stock into superstitions, here, but have found this amusing. Thanks!

-- J

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RE: Curious

by Anonymous - 5/21/15 2:05 PM
07-21-73 have always been called "lucky"

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by Anonymous - 5/11/15 3:28 PM
Every one at my school is obsessed with 21, it seems to be a craze.

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My piece of 21

by Anonymous - 4/25/15 1:21 AM
I came here searching for some significance, perhaps a glimpse of myself. The numbers 2 and 1 have played a coincidental occurrence in my life. Maybe it has to do with my birthday? I was brought into this earth on January 12th at 21:21 I've never known what to make of it and frankly I still don't put th exploration of possibilities sparks something in me. Oddly enough I just glanced at the clock and it was 12:21. Still I have no idea what this means! Lol

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Message behind the number #21 that bring all of us together?

by Beste - 2/17/15 6:37 PM
What I believe is everything happens for a reason. It's been a long time that I've been noticing #21 in my life. Even when I send a mail or a message time shows 21 on very crucial events of my life. For example last morning I woke up for pray/salat without an alarm and as soon as I woke up ı looked at the time and there it's the #21.
Everyone has similar stories and what's unique is the #21. Now just think for a while... This number also make us curious and so we search the meaning behind it and we meet in here. I'm writing you from Turkey. From different parts of the world we all together are searching for the meaning of it? Is this number 21 a spiritual message? Throuhout the day God give all of us some messages to guide us, to protect us. God wants us to remember His power and He give us security and peace by His angels.

Collect the variables of that belonging time when you notice the number 21. This number cant have a general meaning but a meaning that you have to find from your own life's... more...

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RE: Message behind the number #21 that bring all of us together?

by Anonymous - 4/23/15 11:21 AM
Hı i am also from Turkey just came to istanbul from Canada. I see number 21 everywhere. TVs news papers buses anything you can think of. I was burn on January 21 1984. It is so weird

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always seeing the number 21,it used to be no 13

by uzo - 4/04/15 3:12 PM
For me to come here means I have been searchiing for answers and am surprised I have people who share the same expirence.I thing we should find a platform,I will create a group call NO 21 on facebook to help us come together to know what we have common

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RE: always seeing the number 21,it used to be no 13

by Anonymous - 4/21/15 5:17 AM
When you start that Facebook page, post the link on here so i can join. I really want to figure out what the 21 means. I've noticed some crazy stuff with that number and it is getting scary.


by 221 - 4/01/15 10:13 AM

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Number 21

by Anthony - 3/31/15 9:31 AM
21 christians kill and 21 people kill in terrorist attack, all after the popular 9+10=21 any opinions??

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by Ethan - 1/15/15 6:54 PM
For some reason i keep seeing the number 21

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Me and my family

by Payson bobier - 1/08/15 5:42 PM
Well after reading this I thought it was pretty wierd that my fathers birthday is July 7th and my moms is September 14th and mine is September 21st which is all multiples of 7 lol just shocking to see doesn't make me anymore special

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my life with grandparents and visits from the vatican

by michael r f c - 11/13/14 7:42 PM
as i from a child i was given things from a tramp to high class people nothing special, i thought WHY Me who are you . the number 7 i liked a lot because of barry sheen race driver . i used to give up my bed to priests who would come from roman/ vatican and stay for a day or so at my grandparents. my nan told me to say nothing to anyone. there gone now .. if i wasn;t there i was at bordering school... in my sleep drempt things like the death of PRINCESS diane and the accident with a car . there is so much i could say and said and came true my inner spirit you could say told me; with the car crash at that the leading up to princess diane .i was in germany working i thought it was my princess ( daughter) i ring home and said paige is not to leave the house for one mouth !!!! one mouth later princess diane died...21:21 i see a lot and read what people s comments are i can associate with you's . i started to question thing s about four years ago when i started seeing11:33 13;33 13:13 12:12 21:21 more than... more...

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