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222 - Army

by General - 4/25/16 9:57 AM
You are all here for a reason. You have been chosen. You know you feel it. Do not fight it your fate is determined.

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RE: 222 - Army

by Anonymous - 8/26/16 4:29 PM
I see 222 all the time. I really wish that I knew what it meant. I really feel that I am a good person and it has some meaning that I will do something good for everyone. Like save some kids or help a community out. I only want it to mean good.


by Barbara - 11/21/13 5:52 PM
I have been seeing 222 for about 7 years now off and on... more on... in the most random places. I'm not talking about on a clock. I'm talking about going weeks WITHOUT thinking about these numbers, and then having something weighing on my mind pretty heavy, having uncertainty about something, and then BAM! I'll see 222 out of the blue for quite a few days, randomly, and then something ALWAYS REALLY GOOD happens to me without my assistance, so to speak. For one of many examples, thinking about a new job I would like to have... walking into McDonald's and slowly getting into line while on phone, finally ordering my food and being handed my receipt with order #222. Not even a week goes by and instead of walking a routine path, I decide to take another way and I accidentally walk by a truck with plate number beginning with... 222. Another time, I decide to leave the dogs attended while everyone is at work. I go to work stressing, did I make a mistake? Should I left the dogs behind a secure gate? A man came... more...

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RE: 222

by Anonymous - 1/10/16 3:42 AM
Thank you!! Its been happening to me. A lot. I thought it meant chaos, but my experiences have been so similar! I even got a paycheck that was $2.22! It seems I see it at a turning point - if I sit still and have faith, everything works out. If I freak, it does go badly. And its so obvious, I know it is not coincidence. Even right now, I'm stressed about something and I just saw 222. That's what made me Google it, hence finding this thread. Seems to be a sign, or hint... You can choose you, or God at this point. Just a theory...

RE: 222

by Anonymous - 5/06/16 4:40 AM
Happens to be my birthdate.

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666 - judtifying judging

by Anonymous - 1/31/11 10:17 PM
66 is holy book bible consist of 66 books. Number 6 is Adam. If you add all these numbers what do you get?

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RE:666 - judtifying judging

by Input - 3/13/15 7:01 AM
Q: Adam and eve ate the fruit of what? A: A Fig tree, then they used the 'fig leaves' (of that same tree), to try to cover their sin; but, sin can only be covered by the shedding of blood; so God slaughtered 2 'blameless lambs' and shed their blood as a sacrifice; then, God used 'those skins'...'that covering' 'temporarily cover' their sins, until the 'REAL LAMB' of GOD, a truly 'Blameless Lamb' came, and 'His Blood' was shed at the Cross, to make a way to 'permanently cover' (permanently pay for) the sins of all of the future descendants of sinful Adam and Eve (all of us) all those future descendants who would 'choose' to come to the Cross, and ask God the Father for His forgiveness, for all their sins...and to do it in the Name of His Lamb that paid the ultimate price (in blood) for all those sins...Yeshua (Jesus)...Remember, "For God so loved the world, that He gave His Only Begotten Son, His Only Begotten Lamb! (John 3:16:)"

Statement: 66 Books, and Adam 6, what do you get if you add them up?... more...

RE: 666 - judtifying judging

by Tim williams - 3/16/16 2:40 PM
Real believers don't ask for what's already been given, we simply receive all what God has already given once we are in Christ, contrary to most doctrines asking for forgiveness is not confessing it's professing your unbelief contrary to the gospel of your salvation, Romans through Philemon. Strange after the death and conformation of Saul to Pauls you can't find in any of his 13 books, phrases like, born again, remission of sins,asking for forgiveness, confessing ( except when Paul is referring to Israel, Romans 11,,, many just don't get it, they deny the power of the righteousness of the grace of god in Jesus by faith alone, adding to the finish work by THIER own conceits and self righteous bringing indignation to themselves...oh their will be much gnashing of teeth to be sure, make sure you all get your pastors addresses when you're left behind for more refining in thee tribulation so you can stay with him, or in most cases hanging them for lying to you

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Real Meanings

by Anonymous - 2/09/11 11:43 AM
111 - try to be too much of father figure
222 - try to be too much of mother caring
333 - try to be too much of good son
444 - try to be too much of body
555 - try to be too much of helper
666 - try to be too much of listener
777 - try to be too much of supervisor
888 - try to be too much of director
999 - try to be too much of believer

bible guides you toward the truth. There is no one who is righteous but God. Jesus forgave your sin in order to make your way to find the truth easy. Bless u..

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RE: Real Meanings

by Anonymous - 2/15/16 5:16 PM
I've been seeing222 since2011 and now 555. I see them both either one of them daily and more than one time a day. I am both of these that are stated here.


by General - 2/06/16 11:19 PM
"He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus."

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by God - 7/27/14 11:25 AM
Go 2 my youtube channel 2witne22es

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RE: 222

by Anonymous - 1/22/16 11:08 PM
praying for U !!!


by Frank - 5/23/10 8:35 AM
Around 7 years ago while doing my prayer walk in our neighborhood, I started home but was pressed on to walk to an area by a lake and sit to meditate on some things. Then starting home and coming to a main through road in the neighborhood, a school bus passed by bearing the number 222. Immediately into my mind came this statement: "To know Me is to love Me, to love Me is to serve Me, to serve Me is to obey Me."

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RE: 222

by Anonymous - 1/02/16 2:28 AM
Been seeing the number 22 or 222 everywhere and have looked up many times what ppl have to say about it..But instead of listening to others i began to pray and ask God what it meant. He just awoke me from dream along withthe meaning of this in my life ..." father son Holy Spirit" and in my dream i was rebuking a demon !!( basically in spiritual warfare)...

6 threescore and six

by Anonymous - 9/13/15 9:08 AM
6 threescore is 6x6=36 x 6=216 and 6 = 222. Do the math

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RE: 6 threescore and six

by Rev Matt - 11/27/15 3:22 PM
Break it down properly as you've confused yourself. "Six, three score and six"

"Six" = 6
"Three score" = 60 (a score is 20)
"and six" = 6

666 - the bible doesn't say they are separate numbers that need adding, multiplying or otherwise, it just says that it is six, three score and six which is 666.

With Christian Love,

Reverend Matt

A mystry

by Anonymous - 11/20/15 8:49 PM
I saw the 222number frequently on my game's score,what is the actual meaning

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Sale of our home

by Keith & june - 10/19/15 1:44 PM
Have been offered 222,000

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by cynthia - 9/17/15 10:19 AM
number 275. came to me awake, thought might be lottery, but no, ,would like to no why

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by Sandra - 8/26/15 12:51 PM
The observer-expectancy effect (also called the experimenter-expectancy effect, expectancy bias, observer effect, or experimenter effect) is a form of reactivity in which a researcher's cognitive bias causes them to unconsciously influence the participants of an experiment.......BUT....I dont buy that....this is different thats happening to us right? Because its not only the score cards or the clock..its getting seat number 22 or getting receipt number 222...yeh....First of all even though this happened just so that I can meet a bunch a crazies like me its so wonderful to know I'm not alone! And as far as people saying that its not a God...come on can you explain the small miracles that happen to you....there must be a God, I am not saying that I k ow the answers for why bad things are happening in the world...but I'm saying there is something there....there must be...otherwise the things that happened to me in life is nothing more than a coincidence?? I feel sorry for those that haven't had the... more...

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RE: 222

by Sunny - 9/11/15 9:49 PM
Sandra, you are correct that EVERYTHING is God's plan. There is a price for absolute Free Will; the beauty of this system is Choice-of-Conduct. Without evil & righteousness, there is no choice. I trust the One who has never lied to me, Lord Jesus. May His Grace Cover all humanity, Amen!

No more Chosen People Remarks. That is not God.

by Choice - 1/12/11 1:32 PM
I don't believe God has favorites. I don't believe we are a "chosen people." I hate when Christians say that. Like it is an exclusive club for narrow thinking. No, it isn't that at all. We have chosen God. God gave us freewillchoice. It is our choice to walk with God, but God still loves all his/her creation. Every living thing is part of the whole. Favoritism implies injustice. God is just. Do you not see the injustice in that kind of thinking. That is why we have oppressive societies and bigotry, racism, and sexism. Wake up spirtually!

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RE:No more Chosen People Remarks. That is not God.

by Anonymous - 5/07/14 9:00 AM
God Chooses all . . . but in the end He chooses those who choose HIM in return.

RE: No more Chosen People Remarks. That is not God.

by bo - 8/23/14 12:43 AM
many will come but few are chosen.. maybe u should spend more time studying the Bible and not so much time commenting on things you know nothing of Choice.

RE: No more Chosen People Remarks. That is not God.

by Anonymous - 5/13/15 9:55 AM
I can't help but speak of my experiences with God after being born again.As a musician my life was full of fear, especially of dying, but not anymore. If I'm wrong about God, I waste this life, if your wrong about God, you waste eternity. As a witness of many miracles, he's very real... I pray you find your only savior, Jesus.

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The number 222 sets the stegedor the coming of the eternal kingdom of The Lord GOD WTHIN TRUE BELIEVERS AND THE FOLLOWERS OF THE ANTI CHRIST SYSTEM

by Joseph valentine - 2/19/14 12:06 PM
The Lord started dealing with me about the number 222 about a year ago what i have discovered is it represents the i folding of the spirit and the soul into a unity of oneness it is referred to as transmutation the idea of alteration and is connected to the spiritual kingdoms of heaven the kingdom of God's eternal light of knowledge and wisdom and the king of the the prince of darkness i.E. Obsurity shaded shadowy lights, it is by these two lights that one's spiritual being is altered or changed i.e. Transmautated either unto unrighteousness or unto righteousness it is the light that causes the growth of the seed implanted. \"for some plant and some water but it is God who causes the growth, speaking of righteous maturity. It then stamds to reason that it is the obscurelightof the prince of darkness that causes the hrowth of the seed of the antiChristwithin one. "for even his(lucifer) angels portray themselves as angels of light, bringing messages of false doctrines into the heart matrix womb sanctuary from... more...

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RE: The number 222 sets the stegedor the coming of the eternal kingdom of The Lord GOD WTHIN TRUE BELIEVERS AND THE FOLLOWERS OF THE ANTI CHRIST SYSTEM

by Anonymous - 3/17/15 9:08 AM
Find angel 222

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You Too?

by Tyler D.Jones - 3/26/14 10:02 PM
I find it crazy how there are so many people who have this happening but i thought I would share this. I always had a hard time grasping God. I often partied and all that sin stuff .. alot!!! I begged for forgiveness, and for some odd reason I jus felt the urge to pick up a bible. I've never been the one to pick one up because I just wanted to, but it felt like I had too, like someone was wanting me to. When I picked it up I asked God, If your there If your real then just show me where to read and guide me. I turned straight to page 222!!!! and ever since that night when I did that I see it every where even in math and the periodic table. I honestly think its good and evil and when we see it, it means we have a choice to make and we can only choose good or evil. just some thought but like I said It's funny how you never seen ppl seeing this and now all of the sudden you do I believe something is going to happen on a global scale........

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RE: You Too?

by Anonymous - 1/19/15 11:03 PM
I agree with everything you said about good and evil and having a choice between going that way, or this way. God guides us, i believe.

There's that number again ..222

by Frank - 1/09/15 7:44 PM
In the last 6 months I too have been seeing the #222. It started for me, one nite as i was sleeping, I heard a voice in my sleep to wake ..when I did I was facing the clock and the time was 2:22 am. Since then I wake at least once a week to that time. But it doesnt end there. Now I see the number on trailers, cars, and receipts. But it gets deeper then that. When I was a cop years ago my badge # was 222. My dad had a heart attack on Feb. 22 2011 and survived. Im not sure whats the meaning of this number but by reading the other comments below at least now I have some idea what 222 could mean.

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by Merri - 9/13/12 10:50 AM
i also am getting this message 222 and have been for many years on a daily basis. i do not believe in signs and im not one of those kinds of people who look for signs in things. But this is been going on for 15 years daily. im convinced its a message but im not sure what its supposed to mean. 222 follows me everywhere.

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by todd - 12/10/14 11:54 AM
idream or have nightmares about rapture see 222 every where for several years. 222 makes me feel lucky or good news. but i dont like dreaming of nightmaes of rapture ussually i dont remember them

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222 in my life

by Anonymous - 11/09/14 6:10 PM
The number had been repeating in my life for decades until I met my life partner. Then it began to repeat in her life too. We married on 222 and haven't been happier. I think the number was guiding us both down a path to true happiness

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by Anonymous - 9/18/13 11:40 AM
I've been aware of 222 for decades. I like this number, but it is not god. come on people, really. I mean who's god. I do not believe in such nonsense or thousands year old superstitions. God id for the weak. We got rid of witch hangings now if we could only get rid of brainwashed individuals who can not be reasonable. I know and love 222 and have my own theory, and some kind of omnipotent man in the sky is not the answer.

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RE: Not

by Anonymous - 8/23/14 12:58 AM
ignorance is bliss for u.. so i guess its all about u then huh?? ok i c.. u know it all. im sorry. i didnt know that u had all the answers .. and one for ur ignorance the Bible and whts inside is based on historical fact.. r u sayn Jesus isnt real? if so u r more ignorant than i thought.. u should really learn the truth before u tap ur little fingers on the keyboard with things pertaining to things u have no true knowledge of.. it is this same ignorance that has kept people like u from actually moving forward in life and trying to keep people back there in the dark with u because u r scared of finding out something goes against what u were taught or what u want to believe.. i will pray for u


by Anonymous - 12/04/12 6:48 PM
I have woken up at 2:22 since the death of my little girl. She passed away sometime in the night between 2 and 3 am. It has been over 10 years since her passing. I dont wake every night it seems to come in waves. I can lay in bed and refuse to look at the clock which it seems like several minutes and when I do look its 2:22. It seems to happen when my life is full of stress. I believe that its her telling me it will be OK and trust in God.

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RE: 222

by Anonymous - 11/29/13 6:19 PM
Amen on seeing your little girl again,

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by william adams - 11/25/13 12:35 AM
222 is always with me. interesting thing...I am a horror and comic book icon impersonator. One of the characters i portray is hannibal lector from Silence of the lambs. I never get tired of watching that movie. you remember the part where jody foster is in bufflo bills home asking questions and he goes to find a business card with a phone number on it for her? well i look up for no reason to see the clock and it was 2:22...just as i see that,bufflo bill says to jody foster,"heres that number".....i found it quite interesting.

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by Daren - 8/27/13 6:14 PM
I have been seeing the number 222 on my clock each and every morning. I awaken for no reason, look at the clock, and it ALWAYS is 2:22 A.M. I see it all over the place. I had no idea it was from God. I thought it was demonic.

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by Tabitha - 7/19/13 8:00 PM
i have been seeing 222 on the clock and every where i go in stores and at big places its as if it follows me every where i go and i would love to know its meaning. this is the first time this has ever hapen to me but this is also the first time in my life i have ever searched for god and obeyed his commands so i think its spiritual meaning.

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Re: 222

by Anonymous - 8/11/13 1:18 AM
God had given a message to someone in my church that they were to give me $222.22 and told them I would know what the number meant. I searched and searched til it finally stood out to me the word believe is in the Bible 222 times! I believe it was the Lord telling me that no matter what I have to believe!

For many years now

by Michael - 8/26/10 3:36 AM
This number was brought to my attention many years ago by a female friend who used to date a police officer whose badge number was 222. She used to play the number every day. She said to me, "watch .. you're going to see that number everyday now". Boy was she right. Ever since she pointed that out, it's everywhere .. a few times a day. Not only on digital clocks and plate numbers, but phone numbers, forms, and addresses. I was a police officer when I first had this pointed out to me and any time I was sent to an address that was 222 .. I would ask someone else to go for fear that I meant something horrible. I was tearing apart a box the other day to put it out with the recycling, and for some unknown reason, as I tore it apart, there was the number hidden underneath the glued flaps. I started taking pictures of it to share my experiences with my friend. I took cell phone pics of an ambulance, a fire truck, buildings and a bunch of other things. I was relieved to see this page existed when I googled "the... more...

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RE: For many years now

by Anonymous - 5/13/13 12:23 PM
Steve Irwin was born on 222.

RE:For many years now

by Anonymous - 8/01/13 7:36 PM
Wow, thanks all of you for your post. I am glad to know that I am not the only one haunted by this curse or blessing. I was first introduced to this 222 at work one day. I was weighing a pallet on the shipping scale it was 222 lbs., the bill of lading for that order was #222, I thought wow what a coincidence and that was the end of I thought. When I got of work that day I noticed the car in front of me had the #222 in it's license plate, by now I'm wondering. I stopped at the grocery store near my home and I could not believe me eyes when I looked over at the guy stooped beside me and noticed he had the number 222 tattooed on the side of his neck, I thought I was in a horror movie at this point and called a few friends to tell them about my situation. Since then I see the number on buses, clocks, papers or anywhere there is a numerical sequence.

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my number three

by sara - 7/04/13 5:46 PM
what happen to nimbers 222 they dont come out offen

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