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The number 23

by Malia brophy - 2/10/14 1:28 PM
I keep seeing this everywhere and when I look at the clock I always see 23

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RE: The number 23

by Anonymous - 3/12/14 4:00 PM
I have been seeing the number everyday, through out the day on clock, in car, riding down road etc. This has been happening now for about 3 months everyday!!!! It started freaking me out. my born date is 8-23...


by Samuel - 3/03/14 4:23 PM
I was born on 323 and i have always seen the,numbogrand n road signs clocks graffiti my grandma told my grandpa to be ready in 23 min this stuff happens all the time i feel its the univers telling me I'm on the right path.

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by Nicolea - 8/07/13 12:11 AM
The numbers 723 just wont go away!

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RE: 723

by Anonymous - 1/22/14 5:18 PM

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Tinfoil hat 23 magic number belongs to the devil

by Anonymous - 1/08/14 4:17 PM
Tinfoil on the roll is 23 Yards long by 12 inches wide (1+2=3).

For male infants at birth the 5th Percentile Head Circumference in centimeters is 32 (reverse it and you have 23) (2+3 =5)

On the roulette table the number 5 is in the same column as 23 and also in the same column is 32. They are all red like Satan's lair.

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by FreakedOut - 12/31/13 11:45 PM
I didnt notice this until a few months ago but 23 keeps popping up everywhere. I was just riding the bus the other day and I spotted 23 painted on 5 different walls!! That is not a coincidence! And for some reason 23rd ends up to be a good decent day; nothing special! But I went to a psychic a couple years back and she said I'll get married at 23? Is that it?

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What does it mean?

by KaylizJimCarreyfan - 12/09/13 11:16 AM
I have counted the letters of my full name and it has 23 letters. What does it mean? I can't find it on google. Will someone help me?

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23 is the number

by alexys h. - 6/20/12 9:40 AM
So I was born july 23rd and I was told that I arrived on time not a minute early and not a minute late therefore it was meant for me to be brought into this world on the 23rd. I see the number 23 everywhere but idk what it means. All my life great and amazing things has happened to me. I personally think that the numbber 23 will lead me to success in life..I'm not sure

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RE: 23 is the number

by Thomas Malloy - 12/02/13 8:56 AM
Born 7~23~58 Wedding 9~23~1995 Sobriety date 3~23~08~Divorce 3~23~10

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by Ds - 11/23/13 4:48 AM
the voice in the dream said "23 is the thing , and the number is 23"

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23 is freaky

by Anonymous - 11/11/13 2:24 PM
my clock froze at 4:23

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23 lion king

by todd - 11/10/13 12:16 AM
Lion=23, king=23 Christ=32

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by Evelyn - 7/23/13 5:36 PM

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RE: 23

by Anonymous - 9/18/13 2:24 PM
that was the exact day and time my husband left me and our two children. Over the past 3 years 9 out of 10 times I look at a clock it's xx:23

Heard someone saying twenty-three as I was waking up

by Anonymous - 12/08/12 1:04 PM
This morning, as I woke up, I heard a voice saying very clearly TWENTY-THREE, TWENTY-THREE, TWENTY-THREE, TWENTY-THREE. When I first heard it, I wasn't quite awake; but, by the time I heard it the fourth time, I was awake and thought "I wonder what time it is?" Looked at my phone . . and . . . yep . . you guessed it. It was 7:23! I'm still astounded. I have never heard anything like it before. And, it is December 8th . . the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. Anyone think there is a connection?

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RE: Heard someone saying twenty-three as I was waking up

by Anonymous - 8/16/13 5:50 PM
hi I have been noticing 23 a lot in my life I was 23 when I had my last daughter I have 3 girls they all have 23 letters in there name I was married on the 23 of November and I didn't plan none of this and I know if I look further back I will find more with the number 23 in my life and I have also notice any of my pin numbers or passwords always end up being 2323 O my this is really freaking me out I just want to know what it all means...

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from 23 to 32

by thee healing sword - 4/04/11 5:05 PM
Well everyone.....I myself have been noticing these same things constantly since I turned 23. Right before I had a very serious fall from a 2nd story roof which should have killed me or at very least made me a quadriplegic. Something had control of me that wasn't me. I still have flashes of memory from the night but most I myself cannot remember. I had fallen into a darker lifestyle at that point. Hated everything including myself and was surrounded by darkness worse than what I would allow myself to be. But I was effected, I had opened a Door for a controlling party to enter thru. Because of the dark path I was walking it was a dark controller who had entered. I had been feeling a rage building inside me for about 6 months up to the time this happened. It was a pressure release of sorts and a warning/wake up call. A call to change. The fashion of my fall was interesting. I fought 3 full grown men weighing 350,260, and 150. I kicked the 350 so hard he flew onto his back. Then fought... more...

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RE: from 23 to 32

by Anonymous - 8/07/13 12:16 AM

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Okay, I'm officially freaked out

by Josh - 9/23/11 11:23 AM
Joe, I'm right there with you! my favorite number has always been's in my email address 1023 because that's my birthday...I look at the clock and the ONLY time that repeatedly comes up is 10:23. My wife's favorite number has always been 23....the last four digits of our phone number WE PICKED is 2323. I heard last week about the 2/3=.666 and I was floored...then I see a video on youtube about operation mountain guardian occuring on the 23rd and the person said, you all know what 23 means, right? DEATH?? For real?? Going to see if I can change my YT account name and scrub 23 from my life, but I'd like to know WHY!

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RE: Okay, I'm officially freaked out

by Anonymous - 7/15/13 4:14 PM
23 is not about death , do not worry !!!

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by Francesco - 7/15/13 4:10 PM
Anyone living in london want to meet to try to understand a bit more about it ???????
I can already fill a book for the thousands of times i saw it !!!!!!

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birthday of me and my kids

by Anonymous - 6/13/13 3:52 AM
I was born on the 23/8/72 my son 23/8/2002 my daughter 23/8/1999 beat that lol

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RE: birthday of me and my kids

by Anonymous - 6/30/13 8:42 PM

23 explained

by Dom - 5/28/13 7:30 PM
Its even and odd. Yin and yang. Day and night . Good and evil.

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23rd comment

by 23freak - 9/28/12 5:20 AM
The 23rd comment on here was posted on 5/9/09. 23!!! It was posted at 12:31. There's a 23 in there. Guess ill have to ignore the 1s. But I do have a thing for 11 so maybe that's 23 hidden in an 11? Freaky? No. Just selective perception. Seeing so many others here being afflicted like me makes me sad. It also makes me hopeful. Either we're all special and will all be a part of something important. Or we're all in need of therapy. I think we see 23 because we have "programmed" ourselves to see it. I recently bought a 1999 VW New Beetle. All of a sudden I start noticing New Beetles all over the place. I live in a fairly small town (pop. 20,000) in Texas. This seemed odd, but there it was. Just try a little experiment: just pick something at random (a car, a number, a word... Whatever you want) and then start noting everything you come across that's the same. Notice just how many white cars there are or how many times you see 254 or how often you encounter people whose names start with a K. You'll begin to see... more...

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RE:23rd comment

by Vyom - 5/04/13 1:15 PM
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23 what are you?

by yearof4 - 12/23/12 6:07 AM
this is crazy!even me a 17 years old boy always curious about this 23 sign my favorite number is all happens when i read bible on november 2012.i did not finished reading that bible but something gave me a weird sign or number that its look something meaningful you know what i am telling you the number 23!!!everyday i always seeing that number at the plate number of car,in the minutes of the clock,at the jersey short and t-shirt,at my inbox in the cellphone,and etc.what GOD something to tell me?by the way i read this to the new testament matthew 13:15
"an evil and adulterous generation seeks for the sign,but no sign will be given to except the sign of the prophet jonah"
by the way before i seeing this number i always praying to GOD that give me a sign so that i can change my bad being to good one..then it all happen now...this sign is convincing me on something or a purpose why this sign will be on a mission or just a warning sign...if you like to talk to me please go online to facebook and add me.jerson_aldemo

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RE: 23 what are you?

by nora beall - 3/26/13 1:23 PM
You wrote this on my b-day 12-23,friend me if you like on face book? I am surrounded by 23 or mostly 11-11 like the last 10yrs or so?My sisters was born on 12-23 as well..were 13yrs apart(me the younger,of the 2.) hope 2hear from ya.

My full name

by Heith.c.N - 3/05/13 12:31 PM
my full name has 23 letters in it and my middle name has Christ is that symbolism

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RE: My full name

by nora beall - 3/26/13 11:13 AM
Robert,i believe you will be b-day is 12-23 i see that # & the number 11-11 every time i look at the clock,its just all around me,for the last decade or so..and it's NOT THAT IM LOOKING 4IT?

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by jack - 3/26/13 6:03 AM
Keep waking up at 23.23 or I look at the clock at 23.23

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by mmw - 10/29/12 3:40 AM
at 2 22 am i posted a comment and it just disappeared 2 2 2 is 6 2 and 22 is 24 2 and 4 is 6 thats 2 6s so far 2 6s are 12 12 divided by 2 is 6 thats 666 the missing post was about satan i wonder were it went

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Re: 23

by Robert - 3/18/13 4:23 PM
When I was twenty I was at a house party. There were cards on the table from people playing a game. My friend whom I was at the party with randomly turned to me in a giggly matter and stated I would die at the age of 23. Three years from then. I was 20 at the time. He then told me to shuffle the cards on the table and he would surely draw a three. He turned around. I watched carefully to ensure he wouldn't cheat. He then pulled a card from the shuffled cards that I had scrambled on the table. He pulled the first which was a three and then said watch I\'ll do it again. He did. That's TWO 3's. That's twenty three. I brought the cards home, they hung on my wall until a couple weeks ago when I took them down. Then just yesterday while at my neighbors he invited me in to watch a movie. When I sat down the movie" the number 23" began to play. The weirdest part about it was he ended the movie with still some movie left because he had a dinner to go to at five. I looked at my watch just before I left and said to him well you better hurry you have.... 23 minutes to get there. The time was 4:37. It was weird. Anyways my 24 th birthday is on the twentieth of this march. About a day and a half away. Wish me luck peeps.

My path i was lead on these past few weeks, lead me to your site

by Michael V, B....... 23 years in this world Born 1989 Wokup thinking im the reincarnated water dragon - 3/03/13 1:04 AM
Well I been on a journey since Feburary 13th, woke up that morning, feeling more alive then ever, call it a outer body expierence, but it was more like the expierence entered My body, steping out of bed felt amazing as i havent ever felt after 23 years of living , i been in so much pain day in an day out, living day by day asking myself everynight before bed, when is it my time why can i just go, why do i belong here what is my purpose, just basicly doubted myself everyday i lived since i was 13 years old, when i got kicked out of the home i was born in by my father, for being a reckless boy running around causeing ruckus with the elder night walkers if you know what i mean..just basicly slugged through life, never caring for anything or anyone but my true family that always stuck close to me an tried to help me an lead me each every dierection i felt i never belonged, my moms purest unconditional love for me always kept me going, cause every time i saw death i seen her eyes in tears over me, Mom I love you... more...

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by nancy - 7/17/11 11:01 AM
How do you put the pieces together and find everybody listens when you're dead. My son ended his life at 23. His b-day, 7-23-86. His maternal great-grandmother had the same b-day of 7-23 & she hanged herself. I found a bible under his bed the page turned to Numbers 19:23. How can I carry on?

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by Anonymous - 2/02/13 10:45 PM
I'm sorry but there is no numbers 19:23, I looked in 2 different nobles one of the being THE KING JAMES HOLY BIBLE . Sorry.


by Anonymous - 2/08/13 8:35 PM
There is not a Numbers 19:23 !

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The numbers 2323.

by Nancy Bisset - 2/07/13 5:39 PM
Great site. Thanks for the informative channel. I am most thankful. :-)

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