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24 follows me

by Anonymous - 10/14/16 11:38 AM
born 2/24. at 6:24, my brother born 2:40, (kind of), i was christened at 2:24, and I made all this up.

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by Anonymous - 10/11/16 9:31 AM
Born 10/24. Met my x-wife on 1/24 got married 6/24. Got divorced 1/24. Best man at my brothers wedding on 4/24

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24 in my life

by Anonymous - 5/26/16 4:08 PM
My parents were both 24 when I was born. I was born at 6:24am. My daughter was born on 6/24. Seems like the number is following me too. Any thoughts?

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RE: 24 in my life

by Anonymous - 8/01/16 5:40 PM
I was born 6/24 and it seems everytime I check the time it's 6:24 am or pm. I alook see that date and time on papers, news etc..I feel ya

I see 24 past an hour every time daily

by Simon Peter - 3/10/16 3:29 AM
every time I think of checking. the time,I pop my phone out of my pocket and its 24 past an hour.I see 10:24 daily and I never plan it.My birthday 24th Sep 93...its 2 years now & Me n my girl can't figure this out.????????

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RE: I see 24 past an hour every time daily

by Anonymous - 7/15/16 2:49 PM
I see the number 24 every hour as well and it began with 1024! I still see the 1024 constantly but not near as much as 24. It surrounds my life... My birthday my son who passed away birthday adds to equal 24.. When he was buried.. When I graduated got married... My phone number the age I was when my son died the worst year of my life.. That year was 2014 that mixed around can be 1024.. Its on old paperwork lots dated the 24th of the month when my bible was given to me as a child.. The 24th.. It goes on and on I see it in expiration dates and my bill amounts.. Clocks are often way off on their time and I'll look and tey say 10:24 or 24 after??/ its been happening for years and people I'm sure think I'm crazy! Why is this happening ? What does it mean?


by Anonymous - 12/31/13 10:15 AM
My birthday is 24 january when vine was made

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RE: Me

by tony wison - 7/02/16 8:03 AM
what is the .... symbolism

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by Anonymous - 7/01/16 10:04 AM
Born on the 24/11. My mother conceived me with 24. My favourite Basketball Player is Kobe (24), My favourite football players are Marshawn Lynch (24) and Charles Woodson (24). I'm turning 24 this year, and this has been one of the most defining years of my life i feel.

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by Anonymous - 5/02/16 5:18 PM
I'm just seeing and hearing 24 everywhere. Idk if this is weird or anything but everything just lines up.
I was born on the 24th and I'm a Virgo I don't understand why I keep seeing this number.

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by SonnyDee24 - 4/05/16 4:04 PM
This number plays a significant role in my life. Favorite nba players were antonio mcdyess and walt williams, the later who my wife attended school with and her and walts sister are good friends. my wife birthday is on 4/24. when i was living in a homless shelter(2003-2004) the room i was assigned was room 4. then when i started working and was able to move into my own room upstairs at the shelter i was given room #24. speaking of my job at that time, it was security and my unit/radio number was 24. from the shelter i rented an apt in with my brother. The building number was 13305 and the apt number was 24! it seems unreal. not sure if my life path number(8) has anything to do with it but its weird. Not too many correlations with the number nowaday, although i just roll with the number knowing what i know now

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My lucky number

by Jennifer - 3/19/16 4:29 PM
Actually Google told me to add up my birth dates to find my lucky number and mine IIISSSSS...... t-w-e-n-t-y4=24 yes 24 i dont know what that means for me cuz im a virgo maybe im in for good XD

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24th as a date

by Chrysalis Soul - 1/24/16 10:33 AM
All my life the date of 24 has been significant for me. My birthdate is November 24. Many very significant people in my life either died or had birthdays on the 24th. Also many milestones in my life occurred on this date. I have always liked the number though... just fascinating to me.

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RE: 24th as a date

by Anonymous - 2/26/16 10:34 PM
Me too! Same birthday as you as well. It's unbelievable how this number appears over and over in my life from huge things down to little things ALL the time.

24th as a date

by Chyrsalis Soul - 1/24/16 10:35 AM
I just finished posted the last comment and afterward realized today's date is the 24th... hahahahahahhahaha Ya gotta love life!

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A dream word

by Anonymous - 12/22/15 4:07 PM
I had a dream last week a load of junk actually. Then out of nowhere a womans voice spoke clearly to me saying 'You will know by 24 past' I woke up abruptly at 2.16am. I had been praying over a certain matter before sleep.

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24 what could it mean ?

by Have a clue ? - 5/08/15 11:57 PM
Ok I've bin wondering what this means since my big brother passed away in Mexico ( got shot )the second day he came out of jail he had a tatto that was the #24 and had 24 tatoos but idk if it was saying he had twenty four tattoos or something else Cuz he told my nephew he would of told him when he was older but sconce he was beang chased after just beacuse probibly some dudes hated him idk but that's sad to talk about so let's say a simble of tatoos-----my birthday is on March 24

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RE: 24 what could it mean ?

by Anonymous - 11/15/15 12:04 PM
spiritual stability are protected by the flow of the universe which you have not attempted to alter and therefore fit in harmony. Your soul is telling you you are in the mouth of beauty

I also keep seeing the number 24 every other day if someone can help me please email rahmel_bibb

by Rahmel - 11/26/12 6:36 PM
I have seen this number so much I too felt as though I am going crazy apparently it was shown to us for a reaso....n so there for let us find out or true meaning ing in life....will anyone help???!!!

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RE: I also keep seeing the number 24 every other day if someone can help me please email rahmel_bibb

by Anonymous - 11/15/15 11:57 AM
It is a number of harmony and completion such as a pure saint will be.

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Clock is always on the 24th minute

by Anonymous - 8/01/14 8:47 PM
I've been seeing the number 24 for years. Actually it started when I was 18. 1+8=9. I was born on 9/9. My eyes are always drawn to the clock at the 24th minute. Especially 11:24 and 12:24. I arrive places on the 24th minute.. or get in my car and the clock is on a 24.

Can anyone offer some insight on this? Thank you!

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RE: Clock is always on the 24th minute

by Anonymous - 11/15/15 11:54 AM
you are gifted with a protective harmony...not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. you move with the universe smooth as silk

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I always accidentally see the number 24

by JTL - 10/23/15 7:37 PM
Whenever I decide to look at the digital clock, my watch, a timer of the YouTube video that was playing, the number of miles I drove, the gallons and price stopped while pumping gasoline into my car, or when I decide to pickup my phone, somehow there is always the number 24 dispalyed. In Chinese, 24, is not a positive number. The number 2 sounds like the word 'hunger' in Chinese, and the number 4 sounds like the word 'death.' Which is why one might seem some elevators in Asia does not have a fourth floor option on the elevator. A seemingly silly superstition, but it has been around for thousands of years. Not sure if the universe or something/someone of a higher power is subconsciously forewarning my fate of some sort (that is to die of hunger). I don't know if it's because of this, I just don't have the appetite nor the will to make or buy food anymore sometimes. This is very annoying and I desperately want to break free from this.

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RE: I always accidentally see the number 24

by Anonymous - 11/15/15 11:47 AM
24 is my own you it is a part of my daily life. It reduces to 6 the number of harmony and love and I have always felt blessed to bare it. I am NOT Chinese and apparently this is a good thing. Be proud! You aren't going to starve. Break that feeling for yourself by making scrambled eggs...take 24 bites..each bite swallowing the love and beauty contained in the symbolism. When you are finished you will look forward to the NEXT meal as having at LEAST that many bites. Your food is love.

D.O.B.- 10/24/1995

by William - 9/17/15 8:49 AM
So it seems I am not the only one with this 24 occurrence? My whole life the number 24 has been Everywhere, the start of my social security #, my sports jersey #, apartment building, the number on the rear of passing fire trucks and police vehicles. I thought it might just be because it is my birthday that i just notice it more, but I also have 2 brothers and a sister, we are all born on the 24th of different months. It has to be a significant number accompanied by positive or negative stigma. People who dont understand say drop it and move on, i just think there is more.

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RE: D.O.B.- 10/24/1995

by Anonymous - 10/19/15 5:24 PM
24 is a awesome number


by Anonymous - 10/19/15 5:23 PM
24 represents 24 the cutest boy in the whole world at my skool

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24 number

by Dhiraj Jadhav - 8/16/15 11:43 AM
Who's 24 laki number

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The sky

by Anonymous - 6/25/15 12:14 AM
While swimming a jet in the sky wrote 24 three times in a row

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by Anonymous - 5/08/15 11:49 PM
A meaningful # like a birthday or day you found out ur wife was pregnant or a day some one passed away

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Hello.... Please tell me about my birthday

by Anna Maire - 3/19/13 7:37 PM
I was born on August 24th.
Thank you. By the way, I love your site.

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RE:Hello.... Please tell me about my birthday

by Summer - 12/06/14 11:35 PM
I, too was born 8/24

RE: Hello.... Please tell me about my birthday

by Anonymous - 4/20/15 10:54 PM

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by Claudia - 3/15/13 5:06 PM
I'm seeing this number whole my life. Btw my birthday is 24 dec 1987

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RE: 24

by Anonymous - 4/20/15 10:53 PM
Mines April 24, 1989

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This number follows me

by J.M. - 4/03/15 9:19 PM
I started noticing my connection to the number 24 upon my second deployment in the global war on terror. I was given a call sign and the for two deployments "24" was the identifier...then the third deployment, and forth deployment. All call-signs changed , the number 24 did not. That has never happen in the elite high tempo world of the military in which I am a part of. This past January, my dearly revered grandmother passed literally in my hands at the age of 94. She turned 94 on January 24th and then passed that evening. There are a few more instances where this number has been linked to me, but none as significant as these. Not sure what this means, or why, but I believe it more than coincidence. I enjoyed reading the above definitions/descriptions.

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RE: This number follows me

by Anonymous - 4/20/15 10:52 PM
Look, January 12, 2014 is a number for you and December 3, 1929 is your closing number

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help please my birthday

by Anonymous - 4/10/15 11:45 PM
I was born on 1/24/89 everything comes to #7 but i feel like 24 is important

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