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Properties of the number 26







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by mk - 11/24/14 10:56 AM
Wow. Also this is what i found out in Quran 26/26.
[Moses] said, "Your Lord and the Lord of your first forefathers."

"... the number of generations between Moses and Adam."

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by Mk - 11/23/14 7:08 PM
It s been one year i have number 26 in my life. After i met the girl of my life, i found out she is 2 i am 6 and we are 26 together. There has been so many coincedences i saw 26 everywhere i met with her. Unfortunately we are broke now for some reasons, but i am hopeful we will get together again. Because we are 26!

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by Friend - 4/23/13 8:26 PM
Hello march 26 born friend,i know u will read this,26 born people initially struggles a lot later they will be the king.Dont worry friend u will come up good in life.Make a plan take cal.....Culated risk,surely ur going to achieve.U know, mother teresa ,indian president born on 26.This people struggled a lot in their initial part of life and then they came up in their life.I have born on nov 26,i am still struggling in my life.But i known surely one day i will bounce back like u.I am working hard towards that.bye

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RE: Hello

by Jamie - 11/12/14 6:36 AM
Same here. I was born on 26/62 and see these numbers almost on a daily basis. I see them on road signs, clocks, house numbers, page numbers when first opening a book, purchase receipts, interstate markers and the list goes on and on. I do see other numbers, of course, but not with the frequency that I see 26 or 62. I, too, thought that I was the only one seeing these particular numbers prominently featured in my daily life. Being a student of Astrology I am profoundly aware that there are no coincidences. I have read here that others attribute this to synchronicity and I agree completely that this is exactly what is happening to all of us.
Having also the experience of contact with off world beings I know that we are being gently guided and reminded throughout our life journey to remain connected to the 'source/logos' and to live our lives in accordance with this wisdom.
There are future events that will cause immense suffering so perhaps these numbers frequently presenting themselves throughout the day are... more...

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Who I am?

by Dan Mike - 10/19/14 12:12 PM
Hello there.. I'm a wanderer. Maybe the youngest of all here. I am turning 20 this coming 26/11/94 . As of this year, I've found out that me and the sun were jist about the same age this 2014. The sun just completed it's 20th revolution whichakes me wonder if maybe I am the SUN of GOD. I am becomimg and more insane. Then I started talking to myself or rather that thing called subconscious mind. I've also known that year 1994 when Pluto entered my constellation. It greatly affected me especially those involving romantic matters.. It.states there.that it isnt Pluto's influences fault. It's role is to pure one's core something like that. And always I can feel God's presence OI believe in Him and only to Him I will serve. Depriving from the name I was entitled tp have and numerology says your name has something to do with it , Dan son of Jacob is the eponymous descendent of tribes in Israel. I also do believed that aliens exist. No kidding. And my intuition and insights never fails me. Just a thought of a 19 year old boy living in the Philippines. BE BLESSED FELLOW 26TH.

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RE: Who I am?

by Anonymous - 10/19/14 12:17 PM

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2 sons and a mother 26

by heather - 10/09/14 1:32 PM
I was born march 26. I had my first son march 26 on my 21st bday. My second son I had on October 26. I've been reading about the number 26 what does this mean for me and my two sons?

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Notice your thoughts when you see 26

by Anonymous - 9/16/14 10:43 PM
I've been seeing 26 an unusual amount of times daily since this past February. Of all my searchings I've read to notice the thoughts you're having when you see it and/or it's messages from a being through your subconscious or your subconscious itself. Maybe there's significance behind thoughts when the number presents itself. My problem is my train of thought stops when I see it but I am noticing some connections.

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seeing 26 every time I look at a clock

by Anonymous - 9/16/14 9:52 AM
For almost a year now, I've been seeing 26 every time I look at the clock. Not only have I been seeing it, my son, his father, and my birthday equal to 26 too as well. Can anyone tell me what does it mean?

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26 commonly showing up

by Anonymous - 9/05/13 8:53 PM
For the past few months, the number 26 has been showing up everywhere in my life. I was born on the 26, and it's been intriguing to see how often I come across it, just when I've forgotten about it. What does this mean?

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RE: 26 commonly showing up

by Olin - 9/07/14 8:02 PM
I was born feb 26 so what does this mean that everyone born on the 26th is connected to god

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by James - 9/03/14 4:00 PM
I see the number 26 all the time whether its my phone charge, clock time, score percentage etc. it crops up everywhere... maybe its a sign ....

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by Anonymous - 8/10/14 9:03 AM
I am not real big on numerology or anything of the sort - I'm a bit of a skeptic... But I have a very high abstract reasoning and so I draw a lot of joy from recognising patterns and connections.

My birthdate is the 26/8/1988
2+6 = 8 / 8 / 1-9 = 8 88
1+9+8+8 = 26 = 2 + 6 = 8

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by C.KALYANI - 7/24/14 5:59 AM
HI frnds. I born in 26th NOV 1987. its comes under numerology 8. even if you add my name also 8 and birth day also 8. So total my life was very very critical. Very painfull life. Day to day facing more problem. Coming to marriage life. Oh!

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RE: 26

by Yash.leo - 8/08/14 4:10 AM
Hi C.Kalyani
i am born on 26th as well, infact the day i was born it was a saturday. It was a double wammy. Life is a struggle, but if you think of it. Life is never meant to be easy. Its our mindset and low confidence that makes us feel that we are suffering. However if we repeat "life is a fight and giving up is not an option" everyday you will have a change in attitude.

26 symbolism

by vesna - 7/17/14 8:21 PM
interesting comments and Article.

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Why need answers

by Anonymous - 6/24/14 2:53 AM
I keep seeing 26 every where it\'s a little scary why

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number 26

by Gina - 3/14/14 9:37 AM
WOW very interesting my Birthday is 3/26/66. A time to be born sometimes when I tell people my birthday I get wheels spinning looks. Completion,unity,(3). G-d and Yeshua both revealed in number 26 it is their number in the gematria.(66) books in Isaiah,(66) persons came into the family of Jacob @ Eqypt(Gen46:26)Purification woman giving birth to girl last 66 days.Sorry back to 26.G-ds most sacred name YHWH has numeric value of 26.G-O-D HAS Value of 26.(Matt 26:26)Yeshua Bread of Life. Just a few things Ive learned of the number.

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RE: number 26

by Anonymous - 4/26/14 10:08 AM
my birthday is 3/3/1964 with 33 and a total of 26 - i have been having prophetic visions and i have known for some time that there was something different about me and then i started to look at the birth dates and numerology and the occult

so good

by Neeraj - 4/14/14 6:00 AM
I like like any thing

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It just won't seem to go away

by sarah - 4/11/14 10:20 AM
Reading these comments are making me feel blessed and a bit insane at the same time. My sister and I have both been seeing the number 26 everyday for the past few months. We started to see this number around the same time even though we were living in different states. Ever since I came back home from school though, it's been happening much more frequently. The time, envelopes, just passing a mailbox, the television, everything. Everything seems to go back to this number. I can't tell whether to be happy or dreadful over the situation. I just wish to know what it means. My father died December 26th, and i'm also from Newtown where 26 victims were taken last year. I like to think it's a positive spiritual guide. Any thoughts?

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I understand now

by Matthew Willy - 3/25/14 2:50 PM
thank you

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by Theresia - 11/08/10 1:21 PM
- January 26th, 1531, Earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal. 30K died.
- January 26th, 1700, Earthquake at Pacific Sea. Popular with Mega Earthquake. Impact North and South America.
- July 26th, 1805, Earthquake in Naples, Calabria, Italy. 26 K died.
- August 26th, 1883, Mt Krakatau, South Sumatra, Indonesia erupted. 36K death toll.
- December 26th, 2004, Tsunami in Aceh, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. 230K people died.
- May 26th, 2006, earthquake in Jogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. Hundred thousands people death.
- December 26th, 2004 Earthquake in Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia.
- November 26th, 2010 Mt Merapi erupted, Central Java, Indonesia.

Hagai 2: 6 : "For thus says the LORD of hosts: `Once more (it [is] a little while) I will shake heaven and earth, the sea and dry land;...

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by Anonymous - 3/14/14 10:23 AM
You should look more into this God and Natural Disasters,in relations to Israel. look up heaven awaits(Natural Disasters and Harming Israel) interesting. Dr John McTern researched and has incredible damming evidence. Also maybe Obidiah 1:4(eagle)is referring to USA. God speaking to Israel(Gen 12:3)And I will make you a great nation, And I will bless you, And make your name great; And so you shall be a blessing; 3And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed. I believe this is more connected than anything with disasters.

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Not alone?

by Erela - 3/07/14 6:56 AM
What the hell. When i was 13 i was given a ride home from a hockey-game. As we drowe into a kind of dark road (no lights there) I closed my eyes and started counting (can't remember why) As i came to 26 my friends parent almost drove off the road since there was an animal on the road. I told myself that was my number. Since then i've seen it everywhere, at first it freaked me out since a lot of freaky an unexplained things have happened around this number. But then i got used to it. But now it kind of freaks me out again. Nice. (sorry for the bad english, not my first language.

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RE: Not alone?

by Erela - 3/07/14 7:21 AM
Hey, anyone heard of "zcelctian" (just wondering since Z is the 26th letter)A shot in the dark but...

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The Number 26

by Rob M - 2/16/14 9:34 AM
I had a heart attack May 27th 2012. In order to save me the Doctors had to shock me 26 times with a defibrillator. I came back from a very dark scary place. Thank You Lord.

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BORN 8/26/86

by Michael - 1/06/14 4:21 AM
26 is my number. The number of God. I see it all the time. I was born 8/26/86 and they all relate.

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What does this mean?

by Wondering - 11/07/11 7:55 PM
what does the numbers 7,4,11 and 1000 mean to someone anyone ....lately the numbers have shown me a lot...
7 is does not seem odd to me...
4 seems to be an odd number....
11 is a set up number
1000 ..a day in heaven 1000 days on earth......every thousand days something happens....

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RE: What does this mean?

by Christa - 10/22/13 9:26 AM
Those are very special numbers. I see them as well. You are on the right path. These numbers are messages from angels. They guide us. If you simply type in a number you frequently see and then the word meaning.. You will find an angel number reading, for example type in 777meaning in the google search engine. You will get all the answers you need. Numerology is a way for the angels to speak to us. They are with us always. The seven archangels are her to guide us, call upon them, when you need them. You are on your soils path, as am I. My name is Christa, I am here for the greater good of all humanity. We need angels to save the earth. To save humanity. Let these messages guide you, and trust your intuition. Live in truth and love. God Bless

The reoccurence of the number 26 in my personal life.

by Anonymous - 8/23/13 3:26 PM
I was born on the 18 of may what is this I cot married to a man who is born on the 26 of the 6 we got married on the 26 of the 8 my son was born on the 26 of the 3 my Daughter was born on the 26 of the 12 can you explain this 26 re-occurrence

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Birthday of July 26th and seeing this number.

by Alycia - 4/05/13 2:38 PM
I've seen the number 26 any time I happen to glance at anything that involves numbers. I look at the time? 1:26. I look at the degrees it is outside? 26. I check the calories on a food product. 26.

What I'm wanting to know is if this symbolic number is showing up to tell me that good or bad is coming my way. I want to know the meaning behind it.

Seeing so many people over the course of a couple of months doing research on it makes me even more curious.

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RE: Birthday of July 26th and seeing this number.

by Anonymous - 8/22/13 2:08 AM
26 and nunber 8 are universal,the solar system, even our galaxy is based on it, astrology (Scorpio=rebirth, 8.sign), the galactic center is where Scorpio meets Saggitarius). We even stand on it (26 bones in foot), it holds our bodies (206 bones in adults)and when you add it, or reduce it, you get 8, which is the Mobius sign:infinite dance of life.
UNITY! Seek the common ground! Life is ONE!


by Christine - 5/07/13 10:40 AM
I've noticed for the last 2 weeks that I have been grabbing my phone, I look at the time and it clearly states 12:26. I've woken up out of a dead sleep check my phone and it says 12:26a. What does this reoccurring number mean, or signify? My birthday is 12/27 and I reside in Florida if you need that information. I just find this interesting and maybe a tad eery, but I believe there are no coincidences. Can you help?

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RE: 12:26

by Jane - 8/14/13 1:06 PM
Something crazy is gonna go down. not the type of crazy you may expect, But still crazy all the same. (: Don't expect it though. js.