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Number 27

by BadWolf - 11/14/13 5:54 PM
Hey guys, just want to say that after reading all of these comments I feel like I have just had a little taste of the real world. All these different questions and answers are very interesting. I came here because I to have had strange moments when I think the number 27 is following me around. It all started for me the summer before 6th grade. My mom got me a new pillow case and it had the number 27 on it. School started and my locker was number 27. My locker combo had the number 27 in it. I was number 27 on the roll call for every class. For football that year I had jersey number 27. For soccer that same year I was number 27. I began to notice the number 27 in math class almost every day. And every day since then I see the number 27 at least 4 times a day. I am a senior in high school and if you do the math, just for 6 years seeing the number 27 at least 4 times a day thats 8760 times in the past 6 years. But to tell you the truth it's not some special God sent number or mystical number that will change your... more...

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RE: Number 27

by Anonymous - 3/23/14 6:44 AM
Satan has tricked us already by blinding us to the spirit and focusing our lives on the flesh! Why would he need a number?? The #27 reminds us of the SPIRITUAL things in the world and within our being!

The number 27

by yamin - 7/19/13 7:49 PM
I want to know if it has a deeper meaning when i always see the number 27 ?

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RE: The number 27

by Anonymous - 3/13/14 9:03 PM
I keep seeing the number 27 too and I've been questioning my religion I don't really know what to think

Special #27

by BiosLogus - 3/05/14 1:44 AM
It is my Crush's favorite number, as it is his birth date. I asked for a sign that every time I see this number, my Crush was thinking of me. It was so very awkward that the very first day I asked for this sign was also the day of non-stopping existing of number 27! Does it mean that my sign is really TRUE? I need a reliable follow-up comment. Thanks!

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light in the darkness

by Anonymous - 1/27/14 4:20 PM
Divine light ? Death ? Whatever it is -it is a recurring factor in this thing i call life. But my life will start when i die as my gravest ismy true brimstone. Blessed are those who see 27.

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my number of success

by bongani - 1/27/14 5:32 AM
I was born on the 27 My breackthroughs happen on the 27th This 2014

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Calling all 27 ers.

by Beatrice. - 2/21/12 4:48 AM
I ve been doing this for years. It's more always more often than not 27 mins past when I look at the clock. It's just more prominant. More than it should be. Enough for me to notice anyway. I ve literally been doing it for years. I ve discussed it with friends whoo just consider it to be something I ve noticed and now I'm noticing it all the time. I don't thin k that at all. I ve even considered the possibility that I have psychosis. But I don't think that either. I have thought it might be a frequency thing. But that doesn't explain the other things, car no. plates, receipts, etc. I've looked into HAARP along the frequency thing line just trying to find an answer. And Tesla who s patents are utilised in HAARP had an obsession with the no. 27. Please talk to me, if you too are as mental as me!

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RE: Calling all 27 ers.

by Twenty-Slevin - 12/19/13 12:14 PM
Hey, I have the same issues. I've been diagnosed with pyschosis, PTSD, major depression, Schizo-affective. 27 is everywhere in my life. I can tell you, it always guides me but be careful because order comes from chaos. I've seen some chaos.

RE:Calling all 27 ers.

by Anonymous - 1/02/14 4:51 AM
Your in spiritual warfare put on the whole armor of God when fear and confusion set in start chanting out loud or in your mind, Sweet, Sweet,sweet JESUS do it anytime you get troubled

RE: Calling all 27 ers.

by Jinna - 1/07/14 9:10 PM
I also have this problem and so does my closest friend. We started noticing a year ago but thinking back it's always been a thing. Pretty strange.

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by naga - 12/25/13 3:07 AM
it appears every where... and i was born onseptember27

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Number 27 Symbolism, 27 Meaning and Numerology

by Mariah - 9/03/12 1:55 PM
So does the so called "27 Club/the curse of 27/Forever 27 Club" have anything to do with this?

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RE: Number 27 Symbolism, 27 Meaning and Numerology

by Anonymous - 12/21/13 6:10 AM
The reason for the 27 club is the Saturn return
I don't think it has anything to do with this
If you Research it it's very interesting


by salin - 10/12/13 10:06 AM
My sons were born on December 27 and on September 27 and my mother died on November 27. I see the number all the time. Does it mean any thing?

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RE: #27

by Michael Reed - 12/19/13 12:19 PM
My son was born on 09/09/09(9+9+9=27) at 5:04pm(5+4=09) CST. I was 27 at the time. We can choose to see it as a coincidence or let it guide us into follie or success. Almost everywhere we look there are 27's. Usually, it's an afterthought like "oh just did this and guess what: 27."

Simply put, it's a distraction from the enemy, and goes away when you draw close to Jesus.

by Christopher DiPaolo - 10/16/12 10:43 PM
This entire occurrence is from Satan.

It used to be plaguing my life at a time when I was very worried and scared all the time. Infact, at one point I called out whoever it was that was trying to screw with my brain with these numbers. This is NOT, I repeat NOT, from Jesus. It is Anti-Christ and is nothing but a distraction from the grace of Jesus Christ which is from the Cross. Numerology and Mysticism have nothing to do with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel, who by Jesus, is also our God, because Jesus IS GOD. If it were from the Lord, it would not be a mystery that keeps going on for years and years. God is straight and simple, he isn't calling for world peace, he isn't calling for "going green", he isn't calling for anything worldly on on this Earth. "This world in it's present form is passing away". These numbers stopped following me and only show up once every couple months to tempt me, and always during dark and bad times. I respond with Psalm 23 among others. I will tell you one thing. One day I called out Satan on the topic, telling him he's messing with a disciple of Christ, and 3 cars went by in a row with "327" on the license plate, and the 4th car was "666". This is so evil, do NOT get caught up in it.

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RE: Simply put, it's a distraction from the enemy, and goes away when you draw close to Jesus.

by Christy - 11/03/13 11:13 AM
Incorrect. 27 is everywhere in my life even my day of birth and it has meant God's blessing. One can fail to see blessings in the challenges in life. That is EXACTLY part of the lesson of 27. It is fire that forges iron. It is pressure that turns coal to diamond.

Your worry was a LACK of faith in God, whom is represented in the number 27... it is synchronicity (God's fingerprint) manifest.

27 will appear in your life again until you release your fear and KNOW GOD.... which has little to do with religion... aka mind control.

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by brother manifold in christ - 9/12/12 8:42 AM
27 me is a number of completion....1-26 letters of the aplphabet a-z ...alpha -omega..rolled in to one ...back to a complete 1..oneness ..

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27 is following me everywhere.

by Libra - 10/21/13 9:21 AM
Hello, ever since I discovered this thread about the number 27 and read some chilling comments, I too, see this number everywhere I go. I am now 25. (Well, that is pretty close to 27!) I am born on October 17 (What do you know?! 10 days shy from 27.). My mom's birthday December 27. My anniversary with my boyfriend is January 27. My sister passed away at 27. The last 3 times I subconsciously checked the time from lasr night: 11:27, 8:27, 6:27, 5:27..?? My old license plate decoded "27" there was a letter "B" (2nd letter in alphabet) and a "7" at the end... yep. 27 on my plate! Also expired on September 27. Had a dream I was going to pass away on the 311th day of aged 27. I feel like I have 2 years left to live. Only 7 more minutes left to 8:27.

27 my life

by nacho - 10/15/13 7:51 PM
I born 27th of September 1971, all my life the number 9 and the 27 had been appearing as a way to see where to go... I just follow the signs of the universo, I am very spiritual , I like to help people to wake up from this "dream" that we choose ...This year was more surprise I bought a property and the Street was 27 th.. the day I give the downpayment the last numbers were 27 of the document... the thing is that this number show you the way to return to your own home... you only need to have FAITH... this number appears for those who need to wake up ASAP ...we need to follow the plan, the reason that we are here!! Good luck

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by charltonh25 - 10/05/13 5:27 AM
was born 1227 gd mother passed 1027 on 1227 my birth day grandpa passed and on 227 my dad passed woooow

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by Chris Papayorgis - 9/29/13 9:19 AM
Hello Everyone,
I'm 727 of 85 I've always felt 7, 27 was a powerful number I found this site out of no where which I feel connected very strongly after reading through many comments I felt chills throughout my body. I need all to reach out agent.monkey7 I have a story we all have one growing up in church felt always different knew there was more to it all then just a preacher preaching. I separated myself from church I notice I was blessed with the Holy Spirit & tounges spoken from my mouth as well I was about 13 yrs old I was scared knowin I was the 1 and I'm blessed to have found you all so much more to say.. Also I'm Greek

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Still occuring

by A. P. - 9/25/13 10:47 AM
This is still occurring in my life. Still the same numbers. 2's, 7's and 3's. In any order.

With a little research I've discovered that there are a couple possible explanations for this phenomenon.

*Masonic roots in your family
*Connection with new age religion in the past
*Spiritual attacks

I even filmed a corrupt TV evangelist
claiming that if you "sow a seed" of $273 that you will be blessed with prosperity/riches and health and happiness. ....... He said "I received these numbers from God and they have special meaning and will form a special covenant that will never leave you"


This is completely UN-scriptural, bogus, hippy-dippy-trippy, crystal-worshipping nonsense! No where in the Bible does it say that God is going to send special numbers to you. Infact, the only places I've found this phenomenon are in New Age religion and Freemasonry. These numbers happen to be the numbers of Hiram Abiff, the masonic Christ, or as we know him, the antichrist. It's also the value of... more...

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27 for as long as I remember

by Aleah - 8/28/13 6:20 PM
So Im only 17 & for as long as I can remember the number 27 has been everywhere. When I look at the clock, when I ask for the date, it was even my desk number in every single class I've had in Elementary school, which I think is pretty impressive considering I went to 4 different schools.
27 has been in every single cell phone number I've ever had sense my first phone in 5th grade(Im a freak about remembering numbers) and I just really want to know what it means.
To be honest, I think I'm gonna' end up being a part of the forever 27 club.

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A lot of 27

by Anonymous - 7/28/13 8:51 AM
"27 activity" has been real strong for the past couple of days, for me... how about you guies?
i wonder if it's some kind of global wave or just for me...

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RE: A lot of 27

by Anonymous - 8/17/13 5:16 AM
how regularly have you been seeing it. And how long has it been going on for you?

True meaning behind 27

by izam - 1/22/13 8:39 AM
im one of the 27 sighters. lately i have discovered the meaning behind it..... i cannot share with everyone here but those really wanna know can email me personally azrul028

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RE:True meaning behind 27

by Anonymous - 7/21/13 3:29 PM
I don't think i can e mail you to the address provided..... but I'd like to.

RE:True meaning behind 27

by Anonymous - 8/14/13 11:38 PM
What email address? Yahoo, gmail..? I am very disturbed by it and want to know the meaning.

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27 vibes

by Brooke - 8/04/13 11:49 PM
I've noticed seeing the number 27 since I was 17, now 20. My birthday is 2/16. 2...1+6 is seven. It's in my social security # twice, my mother had me when she was 27, significant life changing things occurred in the year 2007, I see the number every day at least five times. There's not a day that goes by I don't see it. When I first started seeing the number it would give me chills it creeped me out so much. Now It's become like a second nature and I'm used to it but I still have a burning desire to know what it means because I know it means something. Seeing that there is others of you who see this number makes my curiosity stronger. Idk if it is good or bad but me personally I don't get good vibes from it. It's not lucky for me. If there are any others who feel this way I would love to try and figure out, as most of you do, what this number has to do with us.

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by Chelsea - 8/03/13 8:53 AM
I've been seeing 27 since I was a kid (22 years old now). I see it multiple times a day and sometimes it freaks me out due how many times I see it in a consent row. I wonder what it means.

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what does 27 mean?

by reese - 7/21/13 8:52 PM
Hey my name is Rechelle, and I was birth sept 27... Look most of y'all I see da number 27 every where I go, like Wen I was watching da movie In Time I kept seen da number 27, but not only on TV bus, car etc... I wish I knew what it mean... Somebody please tell us what it mean in why us?

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by Anonymous - 7/09/13 9:04 PM
I've been seeing the number for 2 years I'm kind of getting scared I was born on 8/9 I dont know why I see it but I see it everywhere can someone please tell me what it means?

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Re: 27

by Anonymous - 7/19/13 7:50 PM
its the same way to me....

Electromagnetic resonance - made by man - effecting man - your thoughts ?

by Science - 4/02/13 5:25 PM
electro magnetics are alive and well and working invisibly among us. Let us be logical and look for a scientific explanation rather than get carried away with theological imaginings that you are the chosen ones. We are now surrounded by emf waves. Any thoughts happily received.

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RE: Electromagnetic resonance - made by man - effecting man - your thoughts ?

by Anonymous - 7/08/13 2:38 PM
All i have to say is elf, monument and haarp ;)

number 27

by free thought - 5/05/13 4:07 PM
example 15 15 15 -15-15-15- 15-15-15 adds to 45 theres 3 nines in number 27 so three 45s nine 15s each fifteen hidden adds to 6 hidden mark of three 6s 3 times above the 15s .

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number 27

by free thought - 5/05/13 3:58 PM
the number 27 contains nine fifteens each fifteen adds to a six just a thought in each set of three fifteens you get three sixes set of three times and three 54s and three 45s 27 can be connected to hard ships and suffering life sometimes even great suffering i belive its a higher power that we let in our lives and then he makes the desicions for us wheather we like it our not but its connected to religion and our fault of not following our beliefs properly in our life .

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