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by Richard - 10/13/16 7:59 PM
Primarily 27 has the meaning "Prophetic" and "Revelation"
For Abellio, it is the number of the Holy Spirit.

27 books
In general, among Christian denominations the New Testament canon came to be agreed-upon as a list of 27 books, although the order of the books can vary from one version of the printed scriptures to the next.

The 27th and last Book of the New Testament is REVELATION

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by Chelsea - 8/03/13 8:53 AM
I've been seeing 27 since I was a kid (22 years old now). I see it multiple times a day and sometimes it freaks me out due how many times I see it in a consent row. I wonder what it means.

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RE: 27

by Anonymous - 10/10/16 10:11 PM
Same here see it all the time my name is yantra which come to found out it means 27 eual to27t

27, 227, 727 haunting me

by ren - 8/21/15 11:36 PM
I too was born 10/27/72, I wake up walk to the kitchen and 2:27am would be on the clock many times. I get scared from the pit of my stomach sometimes. Is it haunting or helping? Me and my husband went to his old house that his coworker just bought, their license plate started with 227 and meeting his coworkers girlfriend at the house was a bad experience. I'm thinking it's a warning, and not a sign of the right path. It stands out too much to ignore. I have many occurrences with #27. And my neighbors home address is 10720, 7 & 2, 10 switching places. Because of this I feel more aware of a witnessing spirit communicating with me. I'm really confused, I need to start keeping a log. And also I collect feathers and I'm getting bigger bird feathers now then when I first started a year ago, like raven and red tail hawk wing feathers in my path. And so much more positive things but if I don't move on from a gift or place it turns negative. Anyone else feeling pushed to keeping moving ahead with clues?

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RE: 27, 227, 727 haunting me

by Anonymous - 8/31/16 11:16 PM
All of you people being "haunted " so to speak about this number need to turn to Jesus and be free from this demonic attack on your mind...Look up "what does it mean to be born again" Please do it need the power of the Living God to free you ..

RE: 27, 227, 727 haunting me

by Wildcay - 9/15/16 4:23 AM
My fiancé and I were both born on the 27th, me in October and he in November, and we see the number >everywhere< and it has finally started to frighten us. My phone battery will stay on it, the clock is always 27 minutes past, signs on the road, pausing a tv show... I could go on and on. We even stopped talking about it for a few days because it became so redundant, and those days we saw it more than any other time.
We have chalked it up to fate and "meant to be together" since as I mentioned we were both born on the 27th, but it is still creepy.

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Thoughts on 27

by Anonymous - 9/08/16 12:26 PM
I would rather see 27 than 39 daily. This has been going on for far to long. I think it has to do with a curse. But i can't find anything of worth on the matter. This is because i know there is something blocking me from finding it. I love Christ and try to follow Him but these attacks from the enemy are all the time.

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RE: Thoughts on 27

by Anonymous - 9/13/16 1:53 AM
Don't follow number but Jesus. Number don't have any meaning, maybe your life is more meaningful. If something block you just leave it. Maybe is not enemy but your guardian angel. You can't recive something that not exist. curse? look at this page... It's cursed itself. Numerology is a lie and devil trick. You can't ride a beast but send it right to the hell in the name of Jesus, and act like Saint Mary.

Antichrist and 27

by Anonymous - 1/03/16 8:43 PM
It was mentioned that starting in the year 1999, the war from the Antichrist will begin and occur for 27 years. I have researched things like 27 being called the number of death as early as the 1600s. This got me to think of what happened in 1999 and how it could be connected to the war. I researched a list of deaths that happened in 1999 and lo and behold, the shooting of Columbine happened in 1999. Every single year since, there has been a significant school shooting. I believe that we will have school shootings consistently until 2025 where then something will happen to where the war between Christ and the Antichrist will end

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RE: Antichrist and 27

by SITCJ - 9/02/16 9:36 PM
Oblige, Holy, Admit The Admiration, Amen

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Date has passed indogo child.

by Anonymous - 6/11/16 10:27 PM
I am posting this comment In 2016. 2012 is long gone. Where Is your army??? You pretend to know the answers and think you are the next king of humanity. You failed because you were never meant to succeed Indigo child. You failed because because you depend upon a spirit to grant you powers that will let you rule earth but to what cause. I Figured way back , that no one is going to help me and I must walk my path alone. I believe in doing a task and not claiming it proudly if I am not walking on the correct path. I have been working for my future and not eating cookies at home waiting for a specific date. I do not depend upon a saviour to protect us because that duty is ours. We have the right to protect our lives and depending upon a saviour Is simply running away from your responsibilities. The future is uncertain but the present is what you can control. The power you seek is already inside us. It is locked in a chamber that we ourselves do not have access to. You have to make a key in... more...

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RE: Date has passed indogo child.

by Anonymous - 8/31/16 11:20 PM
Yes my friend we all need the Savour . your pride of self sufficiency that doesn't know how to get free from this deception or even to realize that is what this all is. will take you to an eternal place you don't want to go..Try Jesus.. ask Him to save you and give you his peace.. my heart goes out to all of you.. you all sound so disturbed and confused.. you can be set free.. I did..

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Incidents of 27

by W. Walker - 8/04/16 7:36 PM
Throughout my life the number 27 has been with me in a great many ways. Appearing in the most unexpected times and incidents, ticket nos, seat numbers, that kind of thing.
If I may, could I ask a question to anyone who can explain why sometimes it happens that when I walk along the pavement. And the street lights are on, as I approach one it goes off until I am about halfway to the next one when it comes back on, and the one I now approach goes off ???

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RE: Incidents of 27

by Anonymous - 8/31/16 11:10 PM
Incidents... these are not of God and are intended by the evil one to confuse and harass you.Somehow you opened to door unknowingly . also we don't play with the occult etc . ask Jesus into your heart ask Him to forgive you of all of your sins and be your Saviour.. find a good bible teaching church and you wont believe the amount of spiritual understanding of whats been going on with you will be revealed to you.. trust me .. Whom the Son sets free is fee indeed. Ask anyone who found Christ .. their lives are dramatically changed .

this post

by Nina - 8/31/16 11:04 PM
what a bunch of lying devil dung on this post.. the only thing mysterious on some of these questions and answers is lack of spiritual biblical understanding,and that God is triune.Father Son and Holy Spirit... if its "scary: its not of God . Ask Jesus into your heart .and find a good bible teaching will be the beginging of understanding.

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Spooky 27. What does it mean to me?

by Why 27 - 8/14/16 2:58 PM
My social has 27 repeated 3 times. I see 27 all the time throughout my day, even my birthday consist of 27. What is really going on? It's kind of scary. Please anyone enlightened me as to why this is so.

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RE: Spooky 27. What does it mean to me?

by gs - 8/20/16 1:26 AM
I mean don't pray to souls, becouse thay don't know how to act with us, they need care of higher beings, but trust and pray to God and you'll see that your pray is really helpful.

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Artificial Intelligence

by Seph - 7/04/16 9:58 PM
There is a video on YouTube titled 27 that is about AI that may shed some light on the significance of the number 27 and why we see it everywhere. It is a clue that we do in fact live in an ancestor simulation.

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RE: Artificial Intelligence

by W. Walker - 8/04/16 7:50 PM
I was born on 27th May, at 27 east Crawford street. Engaged 27 Nov, married 27 Nov. ( not planned. There has been many many instances of seemingly random appearances of 27 in my life.
Now it is appearing in the lives of my family.

unconditional [email protected] cohen

by wisdom - 10/06/15 5:11 PM
That's hard to teach when everyone is afraid of love let alone unconditional love. Love to learn I'm listening.

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RE: unconditional [email protected] cohen

by Anonymous - 6/29/16 4:10 PM
amen to that. I was born 5/11 the time of your post. I have so much love in my heart.

Number 27

by A Hebrew - 6/04/16 11:36 PM
The number stands for TRUTH.
Almighty Creator of ALL shares
Only TRUTH the original language spoken in the beginning Hebrew .
Hebrew is the DNA of creation.
The Heavens include All seen as well as unseen or unknown by man or The term Adam which means man ( human ) .
However each letter or number in Hebrew holds far more than any individual could comprehend . In Heaven the first is last the last is first eternally. This is The most basic explained of THE MOST HIGH SACRED IS THE NAME HASHEM.

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by Lidia - 5/20/16 2:18 PM
Funny coincidence? Average Bernie Sanders campaign donation: $27 Average donor age: 27 years old! Wonder if he wins 27 states, if this number is somewhat significant :)

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by Christi - 5/17/16 10:07 AM
New Testament is 27 books of gospel. I think 27 represents God's Grace; ☆Jesus. What has been given to all of us throughout ages.
I have received 1 Corinthian15:23 from God on 3/27/16. Ever since than I wanted to know why I have received this amazing grace of God on this specific date. Today when I realized through above posted information about how the New Testament is 27 books(it reminded me), I now realize that 27 represents God's grace.
So now, I interprete 27 as 3X9=27.
9 being represents as Conclusion, Finality, Judgement. And 3 represents Trinity God.
Therefore, end or separation with Satan, self, world and unite with ☆Jesus(27books of gospel).

1 Corinthians 15:23
Christ the firstfruits; then, when He comes, those who BELONG☆ to Him.
*Those who choose to seperate themselves from Satan, old-self, this world, and unite with Jesus(our only good news; gospel 27) and follow Him, will be His forever!
*39=Old Testament
Jesus broke our chain of law(Old Testament) with His body and gave us New Testament.
*please excuse me for my poor English.
Thank you for posting Biblical meaning of 27. Thus I have this grace. Thank you.

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RE: 27

by Christi - 5/17/16 11:34 AM
Psalm 27:4 One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.
*I,and the Church is His temple. To those who seek One thing; Jesus. Jesus(Grace;27;Ps.27:4)with us now.

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by G - 3/21/16 8:00 AM
I first noticed the number 27 about 40 years ago. I had used the number in conversation for some time. Things like saying "Oh, there's 27 ways to do that" or "I think I could try that 27 times and still wouldn't get it right'" I just unconsciously used the number without thinking and I used it a lot. After doing that for a number of years, I finally realized that fact. Somehow I managed to stop using it over time. But now for the last decade or maybe longer, I have noticed 27 being used constantly in tv, the movies and the news. It comes up to me at least once a day and
often 2-3 times. I have read many of the posts here and researched
the number also. I have come to no conclusions. In time I hope one comes.

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by D - 3/30/16 4:55 AM
You are welcome. Hope you found interesting information.

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no matters

by sumit - 3/07/16 3:56 AM
What is 27 and 1227

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by Anonymous - 2/27/16 3:05 AM
I see it very often too, most as minute value whenever a take a look to a clock. I don't think that number has any meaning, becouse if is bad or good it could have an influence on me, but I believe in God and know that He respect my will, so thinking symbols in that way is not properly. Somehow it appear when something don't work good, it's bad way, or is the wall you can't go trough. It's like reality trhow this symbol that represent turn back, watch out, or an end of cycle. Mostly it helps to stay , think longer about myself, life, actual state and chose good path, like good angel help care. Looking at that way help to grow up, making good decision, looking for numbers meaning leads to nowhere.

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RE: number

by Anonymous - 3/03/16 7:38 PM
You posted this on the 27th O-O


by Anonymous - 2/25/16 7:58 PM
I was born September 27th, and 27 is my lucky/favorite number. It was also my fathers even before I was born, and the number always seems to haunt me. Wherever I go, 27 shows up in some way or form. Something strange and random always happens to me on the 27th of every month, and I always seem to wake up and fall asleep 27 minutes past the hour. Both of my best friends were also born on the 27th of the month, and we learned this after we became very close. I feel like 27 could have some meaning in my life, maybe when I turn 27 or in the year 2027. The number never seemed hurtful, but guiding.

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by Air - 2/10/16 2:08 AM
Its a number of a age why because it adds up a name and a birthplace and also a star and planet a year and month

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by Anonymous - 1/16/16 7:14 AM
I was born on the 27th of July. I have two sons who's birthdays are 27th of August and 27th of October, coincidence I wonder

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by Anonymous - 12/21/15 7:45 PM
My assigned football and baseball numbers were both 27! Everytime I look at a clock it's something:27. Durning math, 27 constantly appears! It's crazy

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by Anonymous - 12/21/15 5:47 PM
My husband and I were born in the same hospital, we met 27 years later (growing up in different counties). We married in 1977, divorced in 1988 (11 years later). We reconnected in August 2015, 27 years later. We remarried in November, 2015. This is incredible. We love each other more today. The number 27 and 15 are key numbers,in our lives.

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27th of the mobth

by K - 12/17/15 8:44 AM
I have become aware that bad things happen around me on the 27th of the month. Even my natural cycle has moved to the 27th. Something significant always happens on that date. The death of a much loved family member, accidents. What is happening?

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by Jeremy Cohen - 10/21/10 12:01 AM
My name is Jeremy Cohen. I am to be the leader of which to build God's army. I am an Indigo Child who was born on July 27th 1991. After December 21st 2012, a revolution will occur in which I am to teach the human race unconditional love. All those who see 27 everywhere, do not fear. I used to think it was a curse, but now I have been awakened. Just wait for the right moment. We are the next evolution of the human race. If you are receiving this message do not ignore it. It is truly a gift.

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by Steve Berg - 4/28/12 8:03 AM
In fact, thinking about it 'indigo child', I am offended by your throw away words. Until you have come face to face with the infinte, and experienced the hell of timeless solitary, this in order to know what the hell is going on here in the safe play pen of life. The fact that you make such a throw away statement that you are the cliched messiah, you think you know what to say, how to act, learnt it off the tv, is down rigth offensive to truth. No man who had seen God would speak as you do. You have no idea what it even means..You don't even realise what you have to go through in order to even come close to what you so glibly speak about. We will have a leader, and it most definatley is not you...You will have to get past me to be 'That guy' and I'm not even close to being 'That guy'.
Wake up, think about what you are saying, yes you are tapping into something real, but don't go off before the gun shot.
My Dad got annoyed that I said I had seen God and so God showed me that he would win the football pools the... more...

Re: the meaning of 27

by Kiana - 3/26/13 8:22 PM
I'm 12 and I've been seeing the number 27 for about 2 years now i've really been researching on this and I'm confused what am I supposed to do ?

Re: the meaning of 27

by Anonymous - 4/21/13 11:22 AM
Yes sir i see 27 all the time. Is it because my birthday i april 27, and my father hi birthday is also 27 on march


by Anonymous - 9/17/15 4:41 AM
I believe and I myself crytal child


by Hal - 11/27/15 3:06 PM
@jeremy Cohen. I was also born on July 27th but 1986. The last couple years I have seen the number 27 constantly. I started seeing the number so much that I became paranoid about it and seeked "professional" help to aid my anxiety. I've been thought to understand this number is nothing by a fixation but in the last couple months, the number has resurfaced and I'm finding more and more. Unintentionally today I took one of those quizzes just for fun titled "what number represents you best" and I got the number 27. I know these things are silly and in no way a predictor of who you are or what you believe but when I saw that number on the screen everything around me paused. I started doing some research on the number and landed here. I can't say that I've had any religious encounters how other people have described but I believe there's a deeper connection I am not understanding yet.
Send any advice you think I should take into consideration in order to understand where all this is coming from. Much appreciated.

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27 means somthing but what?

by kimberlie - 10/21/15 1:56 PM
All I know is it means light in the darkness whether we are meant to guide or lead or even teach I do not know.all I can say is that I myself think it is a test not sent by the divine but by our deepest consciousness most people are unable to tap into.

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