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by Jolly - 6/03/17 12:43 AM
Gd Mrng To U And Ur Fmly, I Jus Wnt To Know The Meaning Of 27 December n 200 I Heard n While Praying The Same Day Within Just Few Seconds. Also Have Seen 3:00 Some Few Days Ago Before These Ones.Many Thx. Hv A Blissful Wkend And Regards To Ur Fmly Too.

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by mik - 6/01/17 9:16 AM
so this happens frequently. I always dream about our death. I saw a red car with the numbers 279 and an ice cream vendor. I also saw a dead maya bird in my dream. Before that dream, my friend and I counted our money and I'm sure that I only have 20 left and she's sure she only has 25. We counted our money again and mine resulted in 27 and her's too. We didn't mind that but the dream happened. When we were in our friend's house for a practice, my classmates were noisy. I scolded them for that because I can feel the presence of an element in the trees. My friends and I decided to go home that time. We were walking home when i told them about my dream. After that, there were red cars that passed as, all red. Then we saw a dead maya bird on the track we're taking. And another one, when my family and i went to the province for vacation, i saw a large pile of bamboo trees. I can feel that there's something inside that tree that is looking at us. When my cousin and I were chit chatting beside that tree,i told her... more...

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27, 227, 727 haunting me

by ren - 8/21/15 11:36 PM
I too was born 10/27/72, I wake up walk to the kitchen and 2:27am would be on the clock many times. I get scared from the pit of my stomach sometimes. Is it haunting or helping? Me and my husband went to his old house that his coworker just bought, their license plate started with 227 and meeting his coworkers girlfriend at the house was a bad experience. I'm thinking it's a warning, and not a sign of the right path. It stands out too much to ignore. I have many occurrences with #27. And my neighbors home address is 10720, 7 & 2, 10 switching places. Because of this I feel more aware of a witnessing spirit communicating with me. I'm really confused, I need to start keeping a log. And also I collect feathers and I'm getting bigger bird feathers now then when I first started a year ago, like raven and red tail hawk wing feathers in my path. And so much more positive things but if I don't move on from a gift or place it turns negative. Anyone else feeling pushed to keeping moving ahead with clues?

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RE:27, 227, 727 haunting me

by Ren - 12/18/16 1:41 PM
Hi everyone, I am the poster to "27, 227, 727" It's now 12/18/16 and I totally forgot that I made this post and just now I found it. #227 is still very active for me. I still haven't found any answers yet, but I did find my original post. Ha. However, I have noticed many synchronistic happenings, I do believe "God" or this invisible witness is alive and orchestrates the "right time at the right place". It's like we really don't have full control of our lives because something out there, God or Universe sets us up to see, hear and experience things. As far as my feather collection, it's getting even with my latest, biggest feather being a Vulture 4th wing feather. The Egyptian ways, during the matriarchal times, are very interesting to me. They had knowledge of energy, I need to research this. Because my energy centers are active quite a bit, especially my nose chakra and brow chakra. Please don't say this is evil because it can't be, it's not causing harm to anyone. I want peace more than ever. I am... more...

RE: 27, 227, 727 haunting me

by Anonymous - 5/29/17 5:48 PM
For 4 years 1227 in all ways everywhere u look ,clock addresses at least 3 times a day for 4 years I was. Born 12-27-59 have seven children,income in 7,s always these # I feel tormented I predict things they occur,I see my death in a car 12-27-27

RE:27, 227, 727 haunting me

by Anonymous - 5/29/17 5:50 PM
Me,I gotta find out why this 1227 follows me for 4 years now

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by Richard - 10/13/16 7:59 PM
Primarily 27 has the meaning "Prophetic" and "Revelation"
For Abellio, it is the number of the Holy Spirit.

27 books
In general, among Christian denominations the New Testament canon came to be agreed-upon as a list of 27 books, although the order of the books can vary from one version of the printed scriptures to the next.

The 27th and last Book of the New Testament is REVELATION

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RE: 27

by Anonymous - 4/19/17 11:49 PM
Yes! I look up verses and chapters and books that are 27 frequently! XD

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27 has always been special

by Angel - 12/14/16 7:25 PM
I was born 7/27/1972, my mom was 27 years old

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RE: 27 has always been special

by Anonymous - 4/19/17 11:27 PM
I was born on 7/27/92 and my mom was 27 when I was conceived and also when she got married. XD

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by Kateete Walungama Leonard - 4/12/17 11:08 PM
Whe I turned 27 I graduated from university. I met the legendary Nelson Mandela after his imprisonment for 27yrs. My dear wife for 27yrs passed on in 2002. My son got married at 27 . When I finally made it to Madiba's country it was 27yrs since we met. In order to go I needed a new passport. I lodged in my papers on the 27th. It will expire in 2027. before I took myself to MAdiba country I handed a quotation to a priest worth 300,0000. He asked for a discount. I gave the 10% and 270,000 is the final figure. Am still counting.

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I shine brighter

by John World - 4/09/17 7:02 PM
To me unless you are born on 1/27 then you truly arent a 27 soul. Lets say man kind never invented the calandar. And its just 1-365. Then only those born on the 27th day of each year can truly be 27 souls. Im a 1/27 baby left handed and have had experiences that are just insane to even explain. Done my fair of research on enough things... now i just sit back and enjoy life now that im 34. It was a big accomplishment getting to that age because i sincerely never thought id live past 33. One more than you Jesus! Haha

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Home in the Country

by Adrian - 3/28/17 10:37 PM
Every Home my wife has owned there's always been a Telegraph Pole in front of the house, this is my first home with her and my number 27 is on the Post.

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CERN Hadron Collider

by Adrian - 3/28/17 10:33 PM
Is a 27 km Circle ,,, I also see 27 everywhere

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The Number 27

by Adrian - 3/28/17 10:13 PM
The Number 72 which is 27 back to front is the Number of God

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Another Co-incidence of 27

by Adrian - 3/28/17 10:12 PM
In Australia when playing the Gambling Game Tattslotto the Number which comes up 73% more than any other Number is 27 and the frequency of 2 and 7 Numbers coming up is 27%

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Date has passed indogo child.

by Anonymous - 6/11/16 10:27 PM
I am posting this comment In 2016. 2012 is long gone. Where Is your army??? You pretend to know the answers and think you are the next king of humanity. You failed because you were never meant to succeed Indigo child. You failed because because you depend upon a spirit to grant you powers that will let you rule earth but to what cause. I Figured way back , that no one is going to help me and I must walk my path alone. I believe in doing a task and not claiming it proudly if I am not walking on the correct path. I have been working for my future and not eating cookies at home waiting for a specific date. I do not depend upon a saviour to protect us because that duty is ours. We have the right to protect our lives and depending upon a saviour Is simply running away from your responsibilities. The future is uncertain but the present is what you can control. The power you seek is already inside us. It is locked in a chamber that we ourselves do not have access to. You have to make a key in... more...

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RE:Date has passed indogo child.

by Nanajones - 2/05/17 1:01 AM
No savior is needed people are so brainwash...

RE:Date has passed indogo child.

by Anonymous - 3/28/17 6:03 PM
Ooo snap haha

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by Stacey - 3/21/17 8:38 AM
This number has become a significant number but not fully understanding why.Thought I'd look up the number and it's biblical significance.

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by Wasko - 3/16/17 5:41 PM

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Well, I have it too.

by Christopher - 1/05/12 5:31 PM
I believe there is some strong energy attached with this number. It's 7:23 as I'm writing this, for me 27 also comes as 7, 2 or 3, or any combination, give or take 1 or 2 of them. But 372, 37, 27, 372, 237, 273, 327, 723, 72, 73. It can be anything. Every significant date and passage of time has occured with 2's and 7's, and to an extant 3. I see these numbers everywhere, along with the color Yellow. 7 seems to be more important than 2 though. I have had some crazy experiences I won't go into, but I've had a surge in my psychic abilities, and the occurence of these numbers has coincided with it. I have friends and families as my witness that can see the things I predict, and how these numbers "answer" with yes or no, to my questions. I have worried that I am Satanic, but I do not believe this is possible since I am a firm follower of Christ and Christ alone. Not even so much christianity or "the church", and not even God, I follow only Jesus. I've had crazy things happen that can't be coincedences. People who... more...

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RE: Well, I have it too.

by Jen - 2/18/17 9:16 PM
I very much agree with what you say..I also see a series of double numbers all the time..Strange part is I never noticed until a month before my grandmother passed away was like out the blue very sudden I kept seeing all these numbers like11:11 ,12:12, 10:10 333 and now 222 was just added..I do not know what to make of all this..some say its a spiritual awakening.. Idk..but I have never believed in coincidences I believe everything happens for a reason may not know why or what it means but I just feel that made good points

RE: Well, I have it too.

by Anonymous - 3/06/17 12:08 AM
I am a Christian and think of the Holy Spirit my closest friend. I always talk to Him because He never leave me and I only find comfort in Him. If I were you I'd quit dabbling with psychic properties. I feel I am a marked man because of how much faith I have in Jesus. I don't go to church, I pray and worship straight to Him.

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Grandma died

by Anonymous - 3/04/17 2:36 PM

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by Ya boi - 2/23/17 12:32 PM
27 is a perfect cube. Ice Cube killed People

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by the truth - 2/16/17 4:44 PM
it's real simple. 9x3=27, 999, inverted 666, 6x3=18. or 9x6=54 0r 9+6=15. ALL SATAN's Numbers...6,9...His Mark, Communication, Fun...Via-Movies, Books, Poems, Lyrics...Whatever the medium, if you're AWAKE and AWARE these numbers are EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD. * Just like 777 is God's...

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by BroBro - 2/14/17 6:01 PM
Hahaha Ill Be 27 on the 27th of This Month Feb. Lol crazy part. My kids are both 7, and are from 2 different women, on the same day Friday the 13th.

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dreams of 27 plus my name

by XIOMARA - 12/20/16 9:01 AM
Hi, 2 days ago I have dreams heart somebody say Xiomara 27, what is the meaning of this dreams,thank very much,if you now let me now,again thanks very much

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Incidents of 27

by W. Walker - 8/04/16 7:36 PM
Throughout my life the number 27 has been with me in a great many ways. Appearing in the most unexpected times and incidents, ticket nos, seat numbers, that kind of thing.
If I may, could I ask a question to anyone who can explain why sometimes it happens that when I walk along the pavement. And the street lights are on, as I approach one it goes off until I am about halfway to the next one when it comes back on, and the one I now approach goes off ???

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RE: Incidents of 27

by I hope I'm not bedeviling you... - 12/18/16 7:37 PM
I've had some occurrence like that one street away from my parent's house. I would ride my bike at night, mostly when coming home from a friend's house and most of the time sunken in thought when I would pass a streetlight lamppost and the light would go out, always the same lamppost. I've tried to link it to thoughts I were having the moment I was passing, trying to find some meaning into it. Although I believe in interconnectivity, I've had to question these thoughts so one night (I don't know for certain anymore but I guess it happened again) I've waited for it, to see how it emerged. I'm not a big believer of choice, I don't feel like I've decided to wait and see, it was more like an inevitability, the right moment to sit there and observe. What I observed were the regular intervals at which the lights were going out and how long it took for it to light up again. In retrospect, I've seen both sides now: the scientific measurement of a pattern and the more unknown pattern (to me at the least) of how moments of (my) life cross with that of another. Both sides would be a lie if I would look at them as being the only way to look at the whole. The truth is just a pair of lies...

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by Chelsea - 8/03/13 8:53 AM
I've been seeing 27 since I was a kid (22 years old now). I see it multiple times a day and sometimes it freaks me out due how many times I see it in a consent row. I wonder what it means.

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by angel 7 for tha girls - 12/06/16 9:24 PM
hey angel number 7 why u call yourself that i call my self that to love angle number 7

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27 is me

by Eka - 11/26/16 7:43 PM
Today is my birthday (27 november), and now I turn 27 years old. And I can feel somethings right will come to me by today if I keep my journey on the right path

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Thoughts on 27

by Anonymous - 9/08/16 12:26 PM
I would rather see 27 than 39 daily. This has been going on for far to long. I think it has to do with a curse. But i can't find anything of worth on the matter. This is because i know there is something blocking me from finding it. I love Christ and try to follow Him but these attacks from the enemy are all the time.

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RE: Thoughts on 27

by Anonymous - 9/13/16 1:53 AM
Don't follow number but Jesus. Number don't have any meaning, maybe your life is more meaningful. If something block you just leave it. Maybe is not enemy but your guardian angel. You can't recive something that not exist. curse? look at this page... It's cursed itself. Numerology is a lie and devil trick. You can't ride a beast but send it right to the hell in the name of Jesus, and act like Saint Mary.

Antichrist and 27

by Anonymous - 1/03/16 8:43 PM
It was mentioned that starting in the year 1999, the war from the Antichrist will begin and occur for 27 years. I have researched things like 27 being called the number of death as early as the 1600s. This got me to think of what happened in 1999 and how it could be connected to the war. I researched a list of deaths that happened in 1999 and lo and behold, the shooting of Columbine happened in 1999. Every single year since, there has been a significant school shooting. I believe that we will have school shootings consistently until 2025 where then something will happen to where the war between Christ and the Antichrist will end

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RE: Antichrist and 27

by SITCJ - 9/02/16 9:36 PM
Oblige, Holy, Admit The Admiration, Amen

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