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Simply put, it's a distraction from the enemy, and goes away when you draw close to Jesus.

by Christopher DiPaolo - 10/16/12 10:43 PM
This entire occurrence is from Satan.

It used to be plaguing my life at a time when I was very worried and scared all the time. Infact, at one point I called out whoever it was that was trying to screw with my brain with these numbers. This is NOT, I repeat NOT, from Jesus. It is Anti-Christ and is nothing but a distraction from the grace of Jesus Christ which is from the Cross. Numerology and Mysticism have nothing to do with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel, who by Jesus, is also our God, because Jesus IS GOD. If it were from the Lord, it would not be a mystery that keeps going on for years and years. God is straight and simple, he isn't calling for world peace, he isn't calling for "going green", he isn't calling for anything worldly on on this Earth. "This world in it's present form is passing away". These numbers stopped following me and only show up once every couple months to tempt me, and always during dark and bad times. I respond with Psalm 23 among others. I will tell you one thing. One day I called out Satan on the topic, telling him he's messing with a disciple of Christ, and 3 cars went by in a row with "327" on the license plate, and the 4th car was "666". This is so evil, do NOT get caught up in it.

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RE: Simply put, it's a distraction from the enemy, and goes away when you draw close to Jesus.

by Christy - 11/03/13 11:13 AM
Incorrect. 27 is everywhere in my life even my day of birth and it has meant God's blessing. One can fail to see blessings in the challenges in life. That is EXACTLY part of the lesson of 27. It is fire that forges iron. It is pressure that turns coal to diamond.

Your worry was a LACK of faith in God, whom is represented in the number 27... it is synchronicity (God's fingerprint) manifest.

27 will appear in your life again until you release your fear and KNOW GOD.... which has little to do with religion... aka mind control.

RE:Simply put, it's a distraction from the enemy, and goes away when you draw close to Jesus.

by One27 - 2/17/15 6:59 PM
Born 6/27/91, there was an partial eclipse when I was born as if to show darkness to come during my lifetime, this year I'm turning 24 putting my mathamatical connection to this universe full circle, went to japan, it snowed on the first day of this year and i got a fortune saying it was the year of the metal sheep as my unique cancer sign saying this was a big year, and when I see things like that I give God glory and pray my hands, feet and mouth honor creator of a purposeful creation.

Mathew 6:27 ironically says: "Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?"

Worrying and paying attention are two different things so don't get lazy in yourself because you read what you want. What this verse is saying is we ought not let anxiety be our driving force, if we were in a boat in the middle of a storm anxiety will drown you, but confident action will strengthen you when you know your actions intent, either for God's glory which will lead to the right decision by choosing life (creation), and... more...

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by 27 Shira Marie Smith and Janice Lynn Jones 27 - 2/07/15 4:54 AM
27 has always been my favoriate number. I was born on the 27th of March,but not only me but my half sister was born on the 27th of May.
The two M months on the calander.
She and i are like night and day. But thats not the half of it.
I was born 10 days late,- she was born 10 days early.
I was born in California - she was born in Alaska.
Im short - she is tall.
I have blue eyes - she has brown eyes.
I have blonde hair - she has brown hair.
My last name is Smith- her last name is Jones.
My dads name is Rob - her dads name is Billy.(billy-bob)
Her dad raised me. - my dad raised her.
Im the irresponsible one - shes the responsible one.
And her favoriate number is 27 also.

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RE: 27-27-27

by Polly - 2/16/15 4:58 AM
OMG IM BORN ON THE 27TH MAY LOL and have brown eyes, brown hair and I'm more like my father because he raised me more than my mother does.

The truth, from the holy spirit

by Christopher of Paul - 6/18/12 9:01 AM
The numbers are a deceitful trick that leads to paying attention to numerology and signs and makes you dependent on a seemingly spiritual force that you would assume is from God. But it's not. The Lord has no need for anyone to lead God's army, for Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will do that himself.
These numbers only lead me astray and into the mystic arts and number idolatry and are dangerous and the only purpose is to make you dependent on something that ISN'T God. I only have ever gotten a sense of anxiety with those numbers. As a matter of fact, when I asked for God to show me HIS OWN signs, he used people, love, and fellow believers as signs. Anything spiritual that isn't from our Lord God is from the enemy. As far as "mother earth" and "gaia" that is simply an anti-christ reference to the great whore spoken of in prophecy, worshipping the beast=the world=society=earth. As far as this whole "let's have peace on Earth" stuff, it sounds nice, but God's intent is not to have peace on Earth,... more...

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RE:The truth, from the holy spirit

by William - 11/24/14 12:10 PM
Once one states that such thing is of God and another, not of God, said person falls into the Devil's trap of duality. Works every time. There is only God, which is the balance of the opposites. Once one chooses a piece of the whole, and not the whole, the poor soul unwittingly divides himself from God. Devil wins. Anything that schisms it a tool of the devil. 27 represents the Union of the opposites.

RE:The truth, from the holy spirit

by Anonymous - 1/23/15 1:59 AM
Godbis the balance of the duality? And mans duality is we live in both a logical and spiritual exsistence. "God" being the balance would refer to the fact that the word of god and his commands for your soul also lining up with the logic that math is universal and tangible and does have a meaning that dictates all other aspects of your physical self. Then to believe that the numbers used in "Gods" book would also hold meaning is the balance of both. Also to believe god created all things and that math keeps proving time and time again that its in everything. Then one coukd assume that math would be gods work and thus have true meaning.

The duality of man exsists only because we believe that we are seperate. This in fact is a lie. Your soul is bound to your physical self. The physical self is seperate but the soul is one. "God" itself says so he is in every man. He is what was what is and what always will be. Much like math. Call it math. Call it god. Call it nature. Either way the message is clear we are all of one mind. One purpose. Thus we are god and god is us. Or we are the universe and the universe is us. No matter how you say it. The power that is that of all creation is also in all the created.... just saying.

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by Monica - 1/15/15 3:12 PM
My oldest son was born on February 27 and he died at age 33, Sunday October 5, 2014. One of my best friends had twins that died at birth on February 27.

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by salin - 10/12/13 10:06 AM
My sons were born on December 27 and on September 27 and my mother died on November 27. I see the number all the time. Does it mean any thing?

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RE: #27

by alice - 1/15/15 5:03 AM
Yes this is a number I see all the time,to where I ask myself what does this mean,my first grand was born on February 27 and passed on September 27 same year with his mother in a train accident,be blessed

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27 man

by BKC - 12/25/14 9:24 AM
This number is so nuts to me, though I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing it. For me as well it's always represented duality; the good within the bad. While I have interest in Christian teachings this was something fun to read. 27 on my friends!

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27 is my life..

by Nithin shetty - 7/16/12 9:45 PM
Hey guys I also having same experience ...
I see 27 every were.. In clock , in vechile no plate, in news paper, every were... my b' day date 27_2_1992..and intersting thing dat when I multiple all these no the final answer is 27.. (27*2*1992=107568=1+7+5+6+8=27) just amazng...!!!!

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RE:27 is my life..

by V - 11/13/14 10:12 AM
Same here. I see 27 all around me like you said on clocks, on the internet like number of comments or in the comments people mention it, or a person speaks and they want to mention a random number and it's 27.
As for the birth date it also adds up to 27, 19*6*1992=227088=2+2+7+8+8=27

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by Anonymous - 10/29/14 9:01 AM
My Favorite Number has always been 27. It was when I was in Catholic School, learning multiplication, and that's the first one I got, and since then, multiplication was easy.

27 still turns up, but NOT like it use too! I do think we need to be careful in Numerology as a whole! I haven't had anything 'evil' with that number, but more 'spiritual'! I wholly believe in the 'Divine Light', and 'Duality', and when I read about that here, it really opened my eyes. But again, I will take this information carefully, because I only believe in God and his Son Jesus, our Savior!

I too walked away from the Catholic Church, and if you read Revelations carefully, it talks about the 'Great Whore' who sits upon 7 hills; The Vatican! If the Catholic Church was truly Christ like or even as Jesus, then they wouldn't have the Billions of Dollars they are sitting on, they would allow the Priests to marry, like they did when the Religion was first starting, there are so many flaws with Catholicism! Jesus was POOR, and GAVE... more...

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by Anonymous - 10/14/14 3:31 AM
27 has been nothing but GOOD for me, my Mum had me at 27, my daughter was born on 27th and I met my soul mate on the 27th x

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by brother manifold in christ - 9/12/12 8:42 AM
27 me is a number of completion....1-26 letters of the aplphabet a-z ...alpha -omega..rolled in to one ...back to a complete 1..oneness ..

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RE: 27

by Anonymous - 9/03/14 5:33 AM
Dude, last december 27 me and my girlfriend had our most outrageous fight we've ever had. Then last january 27, my father died. And on the 27th month of being together with my girlfriend, we broke up. I was just wondering about this number. And when i saw the dates that you have mentioned, it gave me chills.

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27 scares me

by a girl - 9/02/14 10:49 AM
hello, guys, i have experience with this number too. and i dont like it at all, as it is all bad. i see this number usually right before i make some mistake i regret a lot later, or right before something bad happens. i have a lot of stories with this number. and today i am seeing this number A LOT and this makes me scared as hell. i said to myself, "it is just a number, i will look elsewhere and i will not see it again" and here is what happened: i turned the tv on, and saw 27 on a door immediately, then played a video on youtube and this view was 123....27th, then i checked my phone to see the time and it showed 19:27... and these things happened in 1-2 minutes. I saw 27 before i did the biggest mistake of my life a few years ago, and then i was wondering whether to do the thing that turned out to be a mistake or not. I guess this number is some kind of warning for me, and now i try to be more careful, but it is so hard, i got used to see this number and sometimes i predict what will happen to me, i see... more...

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by Taksayeh - 7/18/14 4:21 PM
Hi Guys, I must state that the people who see 27, not only here, but if you search" the number 27" and its mystery- at many other pages, are a huge number. There is a vice versa point too, seek if anyone talks to be seeing another number, say 31 or 16 like we see 27, then you will logically get to the point that there defenitely is something going on with us All. Into my studies, 27 is a very powerful, spiritual and related- to God's number. In a more drastic statement, those who see this number, are whom indeed have great faith ( whom might have not noticed themselves), somewhat fighter of the light, and indeed such people are at the verge of being tempted by satan, hence, many deaths and occurrences through history have happened right at this number. To me, this indicates that we are at the verge of being noticed by the Holy Spirit, which in turns means that our souls are of a greater taste to be taken by satan. Let's remember that Satan desires to take lighter souls as per the Holy Bible and many other... more...

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RE: 27

by Anonymous - 7/31/14 8:06 PM
Number 27 came to me in a dream around 8 years ago same night my step mom who is an evangeist had


by Luna Aurora Divine - 6/20/14 1:23 PM
My birthday haunts me like a feeling of something that is going to happen and its makeing me quite paranoid ... There are quite a few other factors that scare me as well ... In regards to my birthday This year when i turn 33 ... And its not only the sense of agreeing ... There is more ... I think my birthday os driving my Even more bonkers .

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RE: 7.27

by Anonymous - 7/18/14 3:49 PM
Hi there, well guess what, in an eastern calendar, tonight is the 27th, is my Birthday, am turned 33, got your statement and got all the same creepy feelings, that if I even think deep, I get horrified, to me the world is much huge that I feel it like I am nearly a tiny particle and I wont dare to concentrate on thinking deep as my feelings, including the sounds I hear and the gravity I feel gets indeed horrifying. Yet I feel and believe in the Holy Spirit I shall point...

27 follows me

by JeZign - 6/30/14 11:42 AM
I was living at 2727 N. 27 when my daughter was born, her weight 2 lbs 7 0z whom I had at 7 mos. I graduated high school age 17, Her dad's birthday 2/27, he died 2/17 age 37 10 days before his birthday. I moved to GA 7/2/87 this year will be 27 years. My 2nd nephew birthday is 7/2 whom has a nephew born on the same day. My first wisdom tooth was pulled age 27 and my daughter was 7 when I lost my 2nd child. My daughter 's name and her father's name is 3 7's (first 7 seven letters, middle and last name. my current address is 27-F and my work address is 2700 same as my neighbor's car tag. the last 4 of my daughters car tag is 2793 and my phone is 2973, my boyfriend phone is 3297. My name = 21. I have more, but that's just a start - I see it as a blessing but it's starting to be more noticed more this year.

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my friend

by barb - 6/13/14 8:07 AM
is 27 an unlucky number

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by 27 And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order - 8/27/12 1:30 AM
the number 27 is everywhere in my order of thought after i tripped so hard and saw a clown with a cone shaped head and 27 flashing around him. I then realized the ring around it and believe now that our pupil is our being and when we take drug we slowly get close to "the death" marked 27 under the 72 demons close to the ring our color of our eye stops us from dieing. The clown is and was the devil or a demon i know it reaching out with his right hand with a blank expression with flames burning around the ring. but again the color in our eye is who we are different colors different clowns some more demonic then others, im marked 27 because i was born on 4-27 2and2 is 4 and 7 is in the middle 272 27 and 72 the seven shares its place. Im sorry if i sound insane but i believe we existed before we where born. 27 out.

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RE: 4:27

by Yellowowl Nighteagle - 5/18/14 2:27 AM
The only other reference I could ever find about '72' versus '27' is found in the United States Capital Building. On the rotunda above, is a painting entitled, "The Apotheosis of Washington". Apparently, George Washington, has transcended into Godhood, sitting upon a rainbow, wearing a purple scarf, surrounded by many greek gods/goddesses. There are 72 stars that encircle the rotunda. I believe this is representative of a portal where he rode his rainbow bridge. It might even be Germanic in roots (in fact, Thor shows a rainbow bridge to get to val halla).

Despite that I've seen it for a while now, I still don't find anything about the number 27 to be WORTH being afraid of; but, it shows up far too often through Hollywood (and the media, your children's video games and even in government buildings for me to think it's a good thing.

As a native, I was taught that natives do not look at numbers as being evil. Creator made all numbers. So, by extension, there are no evil numbers. No number is going to jump off the chalkboard and attack. All numbers are equally sacred, or they might as well be equally useless.

Do not despair. Creator is with us all.

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Number 27

by BadWolf - 11/14/13 5:54 PM
Hey guys, just want to say that after reading all of these comments I feel like I have just had a little taste of the real world. All these different questions and answers are very interesting. I came here because I to have had strange moments when I think the number 27 is following me around. It all started for me the summer before 6th grade. My mom got me a new pillow case and it had the number 27 on it. School started and my locker was number 27. My locker combo had the number 27 in it. I was number 27 on the roll call for every class. For football that year I had jersey number 27. For soccer that same year I was number 27. I began to notice the number 27 in math class almost every day. And every day since then I see the number 27 at least 4 times a day. I am a senior in high school and if you do the math, just for 6 years seeing the number 27 at least 4 times a day thats 8760 times in the past 6 years. But to tell you the truth it's not some special God sent number or mystical number that will change your... more...

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RE: Number 27

by Anonymous - 3/23/14 6:44 AM
Satan has tricked us already by blinding us to the spirit and focusing our lives on the flesh! Why would he need a number?? The #27 reminds us of the SPIRITUAL things in the world and within our being!

The number 27

by yamin - 7/19/13 7:49 PM
I want to know if it has a deeper meaning when i always see the number 27 ?

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RE: The number 27

by Anonymous - 3/13/14 9:03 PM
I keep seeing the number 27 too and I've been questioning my religion I don't really know what to think

Special #27

by BiosLogus - 3/05/14 1:44 AM
It is my Crush's favorite number, as it is his birth date. I asked for a sign that every time I see this number, my Crush was thinking of me. It was so very awkward that the very first day I asked for this sign was also the day of non-stopping existing of number 27! Does it mean that my sign is really TRUE? I need a reliable follow-up comment. Thanks!

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light in the darkness

by Anonymous - 1/27/14 4:20 PM
Divine light ? Death ? Whatever it is -it is a recurring factor in this thing i call life. But my life will start when i die as my gravest ismy true brimstone. Blessed are those who see 27.

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my number of success

by bongani - 1/27/14 5:32 AM
I was born on the 27 My breackthroughs happen on the 27th This 2014

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Calling all 27 ers.

by Beatrice. - 2/21/12 4:48 AM
I ve been doing this for years. It's more always more often than not 27 mins past when I look at the clock. It's just more prominant. More than it should be. Enough for me to notice anyway. I ve literally been doing it for years. I ve discussed it with friends whoo just consider it to be something I ve noticed and now I'm noticing it all the time. I don't thin k that at all. I ve even considered the possibility that I have psychosis. But I don't think that either. I have thought it might be a frequency thing. But that doesn't explain the other things, car no. plates, receipts, etc. I've looked into HAARP along the frequency thing line just trying to find an answer. And Tesla who s patents are utilised in HAARP had an obsession with the no. 27. Please talk to me, if you too are as mental as me!

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RE: Calling all 27 ers.

by Twenty-Slevin - 12/19/13 12:14 PM
Hey, I have the same issues. I've been diagnosed with pyschosis, PTSD, major depression, Schizo-affective. 27 is everywhere in my life. I can tell you, it always guides me but be careful because order comes from chaos. I've seen some chaos.

RE:Calling all 27 ers.

by Anonymous - 1/02/14 4:51 AM
Your in spiritual warfare put on the whole armor of God when fear and confusion set in start chanting out loud or in your mind, Sweet, Sweet,sweet JESUS do it anytime you get troubled

RE: Calling all 27 ers.

by Jinna - 1/07/14 9:10 PM
I also have this problem and so does my closest friend. We started noticing a year ago but thinking back it's always been a thing. Pretty strange.

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by naga - 12/25/13 3:07 AM
it appears every where... and i was born onseptember27

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Number 27 Symbolism, 27 Meaning and Numerology

by Mariah - 9/03/12 1:55 PM
So does the so called "27 Club/the curse of 27/Forever 27 Club" have anything to do with this?

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RE: Number 27 Symbolism, 27 Meaning and Numerology

by Anonymous - 12/21/13 6:10 AM
The reason for the 27 club is the Saturn return
I don't think it has anything to do with this
If you Research it it's very interesting

27 my life

by nacho - 10/15/13 7:51 PM
I born 27th of September 1971, all my life the number 9 and the 27 had been appearing as a way to see where to go... I just follow the signs of the universo, I am very spiritual , I like to help people to wake up from this "dream" that we choose ...This year was more surprise I bought a property and the Street was 27 th.. the day I give the downpayment the last numbers were 27 of the document... the thing is that this number show you the way to return to your own home... you only need to have FAITH... this number appears for those who need to wake up ASAP ...we need to follow the plan, the reason that we are here!! Good luck

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