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a dream

by ann - 5/14/16 2:43 PM
Dreamed id won lottery with just the number 28 no other numbers,any clues ?

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by Anonymous - 5/04/16 10:21 PM
I was born at 8:28pm on 8/28 8 days after my mother's 18th birthday.

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28 28 28 28

by ASHLEY - 10/13/09 7:57 AM
Okay... This is really creepy... ever since my grandmother has passed away...(which she was born March 28th) I have been seeing the number 28 almost everyday. It started taking over my life I believe..not sure in a good way or bad just yet. She passed away in 2002 though and I kid you not at least once a day I will see the time 3:28..and its not like im purposely waiting for the time to pass to his 3:28. Last year when I moved into my apartment my garage parking number was 28. The number right across from my apt was 228. I just dont understand if I should be concerned! any ideas? helpppp!!!!!!! I feel like the number is getting to me.....

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RE: 28 28 28 28

by Anonymous - 12/22/11 6:33 PM
I was reading your post thinking to myself bull!@%# so I opened my cellphone to look at the time it said 8:28 and blew my mind

666 is not a bad #,,why is the latest post i can find is from like 5 yrs ago?

by todd micheal mcgee 828,65+ - 4/14/16 5:23 PM
computer 666 bad
people good? People good,,guns bad? Right,,ok their r 3 sixes that make humans;6 electrons 6 protons and 6 nuetrons ...the building blocks of on earth.6 the land 6 yrs....Gods 6000 yr plan for man...whats a human #
ss account # nope its your shoe size!!! Word on the street is they have devtloped a new method of foot measurment its called
metri-baalish whoever wears a 666 ....oh and did you know J.C. and all our favorite saints went on a super top secret undercover mission into the future (thier future,our past,,er maybe our fut....)anyway the target date was 56 or 57 for the first wave..then 82 or 84....the mission?sneak deep into enemy territoy ,desquised as the deliver a message to the "children of the Grave" or "of the damned" if you will.ya see kids what im sayin is our dear lord ,the king of kings is a rock n roll reble
it will be alright though...we'll rock n roll allnlght!hey hey my my ..put another dime in the juke box baby...i like ta rock...the cradle ...will rock..on and l say rock short hahalol...R&R is my religieon and my law

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by deadmanwalking - 5/27/10 7:48 AM
The number 28 is relatively close to nothing, because numbers is relatively nothing. Its just A fragment of humans needs to systemize and categorize things that cant be categorized. U point at A set of stones and tell people there is two stones, but there is no such things as just two stones, they are different. Just like the time is different, u can look at ur watch and note that there is 28 mins gone by in time, but time is relatively, no watch is perfect and as long its mechanical or humans there will be errors, and errors will change the orders of things. Time is based on the sun, but the whole univers is changing, just as the sun, just as the time. thats why the number 28 is nothing, but A human set of signs.

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RE: nothing

by Anonymous - 4/11/16 6:20 AM
whats ur birthday deadman

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Verse 28

by michael mcgee - 4/11/16 6:11 AM
cant hardley find a 28th verse in the bible that is bad,ive found a definate connection between ones birth date and bible scripture mine is 6:28 am on 8/28/65

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28 8 58

by Robyn Lorraine Motbey - 4/06/16 12:09 AM
I love our Lord with all my heart too I cry beause all his day's n seasons have been changed for the devil n queen of heaven 25 xmas is Nimod's birthday jere 10 tell us about his tree jere 7:17 talks about hot x buns for Tamuze n his sick mother wife queen of heven Easter...God bless you all!!! My name is Robyn birthday 28 8 58 n the numbers in my hole name add up to 834 meaning asher blessed! I had twins born on the 13 11 94 the first was still born Zechariah his name meaning God remembers n Jacob catcher of the heal born in the 13 13 weeks early n 13 grand child I didn't know the meaning of their names untill yrs later

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Loving our God The Father Creator And His Son Jesus Christ our loving savior

by Robert M. - 3/24/16 9:11 AM
All I have to say is God doesn't give you your name and birthdate for nothing he's pure and loves us and gives us intelect to find the right godly answers in his great timing. Also look up all the way back family lines and meanings or even from when you were born and there a long message for you in there. I can't say mine it's very personal between me and the Father. One day we will all know. My birthday again is 08/28/84 and I see 42 everywhere also my name is Robert Which means (Bright light) or (bright fame). and also the time 1134 which backwards is hell I've always loved the lord but the last few months it's been wierd I mean I've been just only thinking about God I stay up 3 days sometimes just going over his loving word and I sit and cry sometimes and feel like God the Father and Jesus are standing right next to me . It's beautiful. I've Never felt like this ever. I'm so much full of humility its unreal to bere but it feels so Good. It's like I can't Hate someone even if they were my worse enemy. We... more...

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Love our Christ Jesus

by Robert - 3/24/16 8:25 AM
Mine is 08/28/84

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this is crazy

by Anonymous - 1/29/16 6:45 PM
This year im turning 28 on feb 2 my birth date is 2-2-88 and the temp for that day is said to be 28degrees i wasnt sure y i have been seeing it but the funny thing is this feb has 29 days when its usually 28 i wonder what this all means its getting wierd.

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RE: this is crazy

by Cristina - 3/05/16 9:58 PM
I too was born 2/2/88 also 28 years old. I googled the #28 (that's how I just found this page) because this # is everywhere in my life. I've lived in my house for 28 years and the house # is also 28. I'm trying to figure out if there is truly purpose to this # surrounding my life or pure coincidence. I felt the need to comment because you and I share the exact same birthday and year and for some strange reason found ourselves on this very page questioning the power of 28.

thriller novels and page 28

by John Kane - 2/01/16 4:55 AM
I frequent the library on a regular basis and go through three books a week. I especially like thrillers but have noticed an odd and disturbing thing. A very big percentage of these random thrillers I pluck off the shelf have the page number 28 circled. It's various authors and they usually have that diabolical killer versus the committed cop theme. They usually are gruesome (duh, that's why it's a thriller!) but it's always the page 28's number circled. Any thoughts?

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RE: thriller novels and page 28

by Rona - 2/29/16 5:14 AM
that's happened to me at MY library. always the same page 28 with a circle around its page number. weird.


by Istvan - 2/27/16 2:46 PM
My birthday is on 10/28/92 and I almost check the clock randomly every day at 11:28.besides that I noticed my whole life that the number 28 played a major role. I noticed it everywhere almost. The more I thought about it, the more I saw it. I thinks this is a clear meaning of something...hope I will find out someday :)

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by Lois - 2/23/16 10:12 AM
My daughter had brain cancer and her 1st surgery was 1-28-1987 and the 2nd surgery was 1-28-2004 and the 3rd surgery was 1-28-2008 and she passed away 1-28-2011 two months before she turned 28 years old. Her father's birthday is 10-28-53 her uncle birthday is 12-28 and aunt birthday is 2-28. I've always thought there was something to it all.

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Birth years

by Anonymous - 2/03/16 1:41 PM
My father, myself, and my son were all born 28 years apart.
Is there some sort of cosmic significance to this or is it just a really weird coincidence?

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by lonewolf - 11/15/15 1:38 PM
I read the Synchronicity Key recently and find this number keeps coming up when i inadvertently look at the clock. Most commonly 10:28 and 11:28. I don't believe in coincidences and was wondering what the significance was, since my b-day is 11/28/84.

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RE: #28

by Anonymous - 1/31/16 11:30 AM
My birthday is 11.28 as well and every day just about I notice 12.28 on a clock or cell...its kinda odd.....


by 28 - 1/28/16 9:23 PM
I had a revelation tonight, got up and searched it and found this .....thank you.

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Born 1958 so I'm 58

by Anonymous - 1/24/16 10:01 AM

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Number 28

by Me - 1/09/16 4:23 PM
I was born 10/28 after my 14 bday I've been seeing the number 28 everywhere , right now I've been seeing it on clocks and sometimes I hear it . One day I past by someone and I turned around and his number was 28 . 28 ended up being my favorite number ? The boy I like bday is on 04/ 28 ? One day I was heading to a basketball game and the and I was just looking around and seen exit 28 ... later that day I called my dad and he didn't pick z so he called me back at 7:28 . I see 28 like 5x a day or even more ?

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RE: Number 28

by Anonymous - 1/11/16 3:27 PM
As I woke up today I heard 3-28. I'm assuming it means March 28 but now I am wondering if God is revealing something to me.

i was born on January 28

by Marlene - 12/28/15 5:19 PM
i was born on January 28 i just really think the number 28 is lucky to me and that it means something.

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I was born on October 28, 1961

by FZ - 11/29/15 9:26 AM
My husband and I were born On October 28. I was born in 1961 and my husband in 1958. I always felt it was special!

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I was born 6-28-52

by MM - 8/09/10 10:50 AM
My wife was born 7/28/60 and the number 28 follows us. It is a very positive sign of source or God for me. I found it interesting when I got to the bottom of these Posts on this day 8/9/10 talking about the first perfect number being 6, because 6 is my birth month and the 28th is my Birth-day so I just had to post. 28 is synchronicity for me. 6/28 is perfect, I guess my life lesson is to get as close as I can and I have a long way to go!When I see 28 I know that I am on the right path. I know that I am supposed to pay attention. There are no accidents, just perfect synchronicity in the number 28!.

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RE: I was born 6-28-52

by Anonymous - 11/28/15 1:21 PM
It sounds so familiar, my brother died on July 28th, 2011, my dad died on January 28th, 2015, and now my son on September 28th, 2015. I feel there is some kind of connection. I am looking for answers, my birth date is 08/09/67. I don't feel lucky, but I know the Lord don't make any mistakes, and it's some reason for all of this. Still confused, but at least I don't feel all along in this special number #28.

june 28,1491 king henry 8 birthday

by mr. and mrs. king henry 8 and queen tonya king henry 8 - 10/26/15 11:58 PM
do God always do something good on the 28th

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my birthday is june 28,1973 mrs. queen tonya bieber

by mr. and mrs. justin and queen tonya bieber - 10/26/15 11:53 PM
is 28 good

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by rasulrankin - 10/17/15 3:17 AM
My hood is 28st. My driver's license has 28 in it twice. First & last time I flew in helicopter was June 28, 2008.I heard a voice out of no where that said pay attention to 28. I can go on & on. Fascinating.

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by rasulrankin - 10/17/15 2:42 AM
First time I went to jail was march 28.

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locky nombor

by pushkar khatri - 10/12/15 9:50 PM
Give me now nombor

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