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by lonewolf - 11/15/15 1:38 PM
I read the Synchronicity Key recently and find this number keeps coming up when i inadvertently look at the clock. Most commonly 10:28 and 11:28. I don't believe in coincidences and was wondering what the significance was, since my b-day is 11/28/84.

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june 28,1491 king henry 8 birthday

by mr. and mrs. king henry 8 and queen tonya king henry 8 - 10/26/15 11:58 PM
do God always do something good on the 28th

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my birthday is june 28,1973 mrs. queen tonya bieber

by mr. and mrs. justin and queen tonya bieber - 10/26/15 11:53 PM
is 28 good

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by rasulrankin - 10/17/15 3:17 AM
My hood is 28st. My driver's license has 28 in it twice. First & last time I flew in helicopter was June 28, 2008.I heard a voice out of no where that said pay attention to 28. I can go on & on. Fascinating.

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by rasulrankin - 10/17/15 2:42 AM
First time I went to jail was march 28.

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locky nombor

by pushkar khatri - 10/12/15 9:50 PM
Give me now nombor

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by Anonymous - 9/03/15 12:12 PM
I drempt last night that i walked up to a door opened some and saw my mother on the other side. On the door trim i read 28 as in a apartment 28. What you think?

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by Anonymous - 10/28/14 4:58 PM
My birthday is 12-28-1998 I see 28 everywhere all the time and it's my favorite number im wondering if it is a good sign or bad one

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RE: 28

by Anonymous - 9/01/15 11:09 AM
Same here! Usually every time I see something on tv the 28th is bad:(...

28 everywhere!

by RĂ©mi - 2/19/15 10:35 AM
Hailey ... I see 28 EVERYWHERE as well. I was born on March 28, my uncle and grandfather were both born on a 28, I was baptised on a 28, my mom lived in Quebec when she was young... 28 Ste-Famille Street, in movies I keep seeing 28 everywhere :) Glad to see I am not the only one!

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RE: 28 everywhere!

by Anonymous - 2/21/15 2:38 PM
We also see it everywhere.. I was born on the 28th, married on the 28th, had daughter at 28, first nascar driver drove 28, friend who was 28 killed himself on the 28th of Nov which also was his own mom and dad's anniversary as it was our anniversary too. Both children had 28th as their due dates. Our internet hub is 28, our lowes is number 528. ect ect ect.. We see it in movies. I was tellin our internet guy, he loooked down an said it was the 28th that day and that our hub which he was fixing was 28 and then the main one down the road was 28 as well. My husband sees 28 always when measuring for his work, brick laying and figuring yards of concrete. Someone will ask what time it is, and its always 28 after. They all totally get it now when they used to be OH YOUR JUST LOOKING FOR IT.. NO its way more than that.. Our bills for restaurants will be 28.. 28 is the perfect number..


by Anonymous - 2/15/15 4:32 AM
Its said that jesus was born on march 28. I feel that this number has great meaning. I was born on December 28th.

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Whats with 28?!

by Hailey - 9/10/14 5:27 PM
My fiance and I got together on December 28,2012.. Got pregnant on august 28, 2013, had our daughter on may 28,2014(exactly on her due date, i went into labor at exactly 1 oclock in the morning). We also got our first truck together on september 28, 2013. Were thinking about continuing the cycle and getting married on march , 28, 2015. I really just want to know the significancy of this number. Can anyone help me out? Like break it down to one simple conclusion?

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RE: Whats with 28?!

by Alyssa - 1/02/15 3:40 PM
My birthday is march 28 js lol

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by Christian - 11/12/14 10:19 PM
I love the number 28.. I see it everywhere! I dream about this number sometimes. I don't see it threatening it actually comforts me, it shows up when im sad almost like God is comforting me..I am considering getting a tattoo of this number just so I can have it with me everywhere I go.. It's become sort of an obsession but no one on this Earth can invalidate the significance of such a number. It's cosmic and universal-numerology is timeless and I really do think it means something much greater in my life.

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RE: 28

by Kashvie - 12/21/14 5:17 AM
my birthday is on 28th march :)

RE: number 28

by Moana - 2/05/09 7:48 AM
ok. and the first perfect number is?

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RE:RE: number 28

by Anonymous - 8/13/14 4:24 AM
Okay, I have to say something here. I've been obsessed with 28, a little too much for a little too long. I see it everywhere and also 6 comes up a lot. 8-2=6 quite obviously. But other numbers like '42'(the answer to life) and '23'(another conspiracy number)
8-2=6, 4+2=6, 2x3=6, 666
Furthermore, 2/3 of 42= 28...

RE:RE: number 28

by Devin Oliver Cowart 3/3/1993@13:37 born to 2/2/60(light)2/14/57(love) - 12/20/14 12:47 PM
28+14=42 3319931337 that's my birth time. Good or bad. How about ascension beyond basic good and evil thinking. All evil is good because it UNITES us against evil. Therefore all evil unites against evil. Good is why we have seperation of the two so in this small way good is evil. As above so below, if ya don't know now ya know, the alpha and the omega. The beginning and the end is eternally now moments that string together to create the illusion of seperation. Welcome to the new earth, our denomination is co creation, we show appreciation to the thankful for the satisfaction sent out to existence. Each action has and opposite and equal reaction, therefore -- Is + and ++ pushes +back to valence the - giving us neutrality in regards to evil be appreciation of the good. Love y'all for real. 10\/3 1337K1N9.=DOC1221

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For Life!!!

by Carlos - 7/18/13 2:40 AM
Number 28 is with me for life. Born on the 28 June 1982 (28/82)
Just love it..

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RE:For Life!!!

by Anonymous - 9/20/14 7:42 AM
yeah me to.. pure hell.. I think being dead would be better

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28 days later

by Jimmy Salazar - 8/24/13 12:09 AM My prison number equals 28 my dad got out of prison at 28 I got outta prison at 28 my dad died on the 28th 11 yrs later his mom dies after he gets outta prison my dad dies 11 yrs after I got outta prison I will die when Dallas is 39 years old me and my dad were both 39 when our key parents died go figure it's all about numbers

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RE: 28 days later

by Anonymous - 9/20/14 7:25 AM
lot of thinking done in prison... could say the same to half my family members that spent most there lifes in there for murder & robbery ... its the karma that coasts threw the dna blood lines.. always building to curse or bless

i will be 28 on the 28 October

by Stephen - 9/08/14 1:30 AM
Please I will like to no what it means to 28 on 28th October
Something like this. I was born 28th-October-1986 that day is Tuesday And 28th October this year I will be 28 on October this year and that day to is Tuesday, please what does it means? You can email stephenokansey thank you stay bless

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28 follows me or i am following it donot know

by Ravi M Mamtora - 5/02/14 3:24 PM
1) Date of issue of first passbook to me 28/11/2008
2) 28/11/2008 first time deposited cash
3) CA Registration number WRO 028****
4) Driving license Date of issue 28/12/2007
5) At the back of ATM Card number is printed 280***
6) Pan Acknowledgement 28**
7) My Mobile number 8128******
8) Learning license 22880
9) Certificate of certifying Bcom degree for me on 28/11/2010
10) Ty Bcom Marks Total 428/700
11) 12th standard marksheet no A128***
12) 10th Standard code of mathematics is 28
13) My Common Proficiency Test(CPT) roll number was 14878. Its total comes to 28(1+4+8+7+8)
14) My Honda Battery no Ex 404292 7AB. Its total 28(4+0+4+2+9+2+7)
15) My 11th standard final marks 528.
16) Certificate no for English type of state examination board exam 2281
17) My hemogram report normal, my emg report normal both were done on 28/6/2012
18) Left deltoid muscle wasting noticed on 28/6/2012

When i was in 8th standard, i started liking one girl whoes roll no was 28 and unfortunately we took different streams and opted for different studies but still today 28 follows me i donot know what it is but something is still there.....

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RE: 28 follows me or i am following it donot know

by Anonymous - 8/13/14 4:19 AM
It's everywhere and I recently watched the movie - the number 23 - which was a mistake. I see it everywhere! I feel it everywhere! I can't explain it and no-one I know understands. I don't look for it, everyone tells me that I only see it because I'm looking. I don't believe me. And I know I'm starting to sound crazy but maybe you'll understand.
I'm pretty sure it's looking for me

Unlucky #28

by Rodney - 11/10/13 9:00 PM
Every time have been associated with the number 28, I have sustained a physical injury. The trend is too real. What can be the symbolic meaning?

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RE: Unlucky #28

by Anonymous - 7/10/14 7:56 AM
Whenever i see that number, a girl rejects me or I get emotionally injured. I dont know if its coincidental or genuinely creepy.


by Jill - 12/03/13 2:09 PM
So 28 is my lucky number because my birthday is June 28. Lately I've gotten into the symbolism kinds of stuff. I have been seeing it a lot but it is associated with triangles. i have seen triangles EVERYWHERE. It's mad!! could anyone explain this?

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by guardian - 4/20/14 8:44 AM
hi! greetings to all, im a taurus my birthday april 28, ive seeing the number 28 almost 1 year, the clock minutes, plate numbers including the month of my birth.dreaming of my death loveones that in my dreams they are alive. i found a circle plastic with a number 28 on it. i dont know if it is coincidence or what. can someone give me an answer?i am investigating but i dont know the sense of it.thanks

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its following me

by Victoria - 8/04/13 1:07 AM
every 28th something horrible happens to me. blood clot, overdose, dwi, miscarriage etc.... but the numbers always on the tip of my tongue the numbers always given to me dates to do things are mostly always falling on the 28 if not for a weekend. im pretty certain this number is the age i die or something horrible.

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RE: its following me

by 22 - 1/14/14 10:21 AM
28 is trying to correct your life path & bring you into a immortal life in heaven instead of being deleted in hell.. you must look past the world from a simple mind & that there is more to us all then this short life on earth, dont let material possesions, money, or any negative emotions rule your life, you must save your eternal soul not waste it away in the few years on this earth

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Number 28

by Tom - 12/10/13 7:50 PM
Excellent as all your articles. Thanks

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28 is freaking me out

by steponmy3 - 5/18/13 12:52 PM
I just realized the number 28 a couple days ago. I was talking with my bf we live in different cities. We had bought his plane ticket to come see me this month It is for the 28th. of this month. Then I asked him if he realized that came to see me on the 28th. I went to see him and meet his family on the 28th. Now he's coming to see me on the 28th. Then I asked him when we started dating.. It was the 28th. The next day I realized that my apartment number is 28.. What is up with the 28 ? Reading all these comments kinda made me feel better but im still freaked is this a coincidence ? i'm kinda freaking out to see 28 everywhere and im turning 28 on the 11th of june :/ help pleasseeee..

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RE: 28 is freaking me out

by Anonymous - 9/27/13 8:44 PM
You do not have to freak out at all.. You are a significant person, you are here for a purpose and not by accident. My daughter was born on April 28th but she was due April 11th.. we are all pre destined.. numbers were created for us to connect the dots..

angel numbers28

by charlene - 8/01/13 3:51 AM
angel numbers meaning

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what does the # 28 symbolize for me? please help me, comment please it would mean so much to me!

by Anonymous - 1/03/13 9:52 PM
My birthday is on August 28th, my boyfriends birthday is on September 28th, we met October 28th & i lost my virginity to him april 28th
& my grandmother passed away 08/09/11 & i realized that it added up to 28

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RE: what does the # 28 symbolize for me? please help me, comment please it would mean so much to me!

by Jit - 8/01/13 12:22 AM
Those numbers are my family's spiritaul numbers. My number is 8, My girlfriend's number is 9, and the baby we are having which 95% i think its a boy number is 11. I did a little bit of my own research, and sumed up in my own way the meaning of our numbers. But i know one thing is for sure that those numbers appear to be powerful. And to mention those numbers were my lucky numbers.

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What's the spiritual lesson for people that are born on the 28th?

by Anonymous - 7/05/13 4:09 PM
I was born on July 28th. I got into numerology over a year ago. I read that people that are born on 28th tend to encounter ups and downs more. Is it true?

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