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Reoccurring 28

by Patrick - 10/22/17 7:06 PM
So, I find the number 28 showing up in many ways, and I wonder if it’s because I’m looking for it , or is it significant.

Birthday. 10/16/56, 2+8=10, 2x8=16, 28+28=56
Marriage. June 28
First child born on 9/28 @ 3:28 am
28 hours of labor
Wife and I were both 28 yrs old
Father died. 10/28
Zip code of first town I lived in. 49028
I am one of 4 siblings , my wife is one of 7 siblings

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RE: Reoccurring 28

by Anonymous - 12/28/17 1:33 PM
I thought 28 haunted me !!!! Wow

pythagorean numerology

by julian - 9/19/17 4:26 PM
i don't know, but id like to see some Pythagorean calculations. Otherswise nice descriptions and cites. just not a fan of religion but to each their own. good work my fellow man!

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RE: pythagorean numerology

by Norris W. - 9/19/17 4:38 PM
I like your name but religion is a beautiful thing. It provides me with a feeling true belonging through the eyes of god. Christianity alone has helped millions and spread the truth about the one and only lord. However, I have enjoyed Gematria since I was 10; Your Pythagorean numerology well, Aristotle said, "know thy self" and I've never had a more clear understanding of my life and its meaning. I'm free from the fear of hell and the pressure of heaven and i cant thank you enough. Now, I'm no longer on a religious level but something of a Taoists perception! Thanks julian!


Do I have connection to "Bruce Lee"?

by GK - 8/18/17 6:23 AM
Hi, I was just surfing the web - I read about Bruce Lee and about his Family's curse. In the curse There was alot of involvement of number 28.. Bruce Lee died on JULY 20, 1973.. I was born on JULY 10, 2001.. Now 2+8= 10.. now 20-10= 10!!! After 28 years before 10 days of his Death date, I was Born..!! HOW!!??!?!? Please I need answers!

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What does 28 mean to me?

by be present - 8/09/17 10:46 AM
I was married 4/28 (I had originally wanted May, but the venue would have been open to the public so we moved it to 4/28) and our first son was born 8/28 (he was due 8/20) and our 2nd son was born 4/11. My husband cheated on me and ever since I have seen 28 everywhere in some form (828, 428, 228, 82, etc). I've always felt he and I were meant to be and completed each other. I still feel that way. Why do I see 28? I'll look at the time and its something hour and 28 minutes. My oldest son's favorite episode of his favorite show (that he always asks to watch) is season 2, episode 8. I just noticed that the other day. Any ideas why I keep seeing 28 (on license plates, prices of things, anything). Thanks!

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The number 28 follows me since 2012

by Nisciel del Castillo - 6/15/17 8:32 PM
I started to notice the repetition of the number 28 since I was pregnant of my daughter. Licence plates, card readings, tickets, parkinglot spots, etc etc etc. Lots of 8´s and 2´s on their own too.

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by ZenofTupac - 5/29/17 1:01 PM
528th minute of the day is 8:48 AM.

This is 8.8 hours into a 24 hr day

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28 n 82

by Anonymous - 10/05/16 12:10 PM
Before some days of my breakup i started seeing this number 28 many a times in a day. And 28 is my ex's birth date. What does that mean ? Please anyone tell. And now its been more tgan 1 year. Us there any relation with my 28 and his bday date???

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RE: 28 n 82

by Pedro - 5/04/17 11:58 PM
See Jeremiah 1.10. A presidential mission. 28 is a number of trouble. Ira = 28 = Eden = man. Man got into trouble in Eden. When 28 hits you must become a Jeremiah.


by Angela - 4/20/17 9:43 AM
My first love birthday was- 0528, my second 0828 and my new boyfriend is 0928
The 3 of them have love me but at the same time hurted me somehow.
I don't even know, but somehow last night i stared thinking about them. Why ? And then I find out the considence.
And my birthday is 1014. 14 is half of 28
I am chocked! Anybody can explain to me what is the meaning of this ?

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RE: 28

by Pedro - 5/04/17 11:37 PM
The sum is 528 828 928 = 2284 = 16 = 7. The number of completion. You must start again. Must learn how to make a hard decision.

A Case

by Pedro - 5/04/17 11:30 PM
Take the Space Shuttle Columbia, 28th was the last mission. Had 28,000 pounds of payload. It was destroyed in flight over Texas.

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The Cross

by Lisa Becker - 4/17/17 5:18 AM
The Cross is mentioned 28 times

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angel numbers28

by charlene - 8/01/13 3:51 AM
angel numbers meaning

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RE: angel numbers28

by Anonymous - 3/18/17 6:37 PM
I was born on the day of Martin Luther Kings speech "I dream a Dream": 28/08/1963. I bought my house when I was 28 yrs old on 22 Dec 1991 and have lived there every since. I notice the Federal reserve used the date 22/12/1913 for their private date to take over the Federal Reserve.
My next door neighbour was born a day before me in the same yr 27/ 08/1963 both our daughters are best friends. We are not super close but friendly. Daughter born 22/07/2002. Her daughter born 3 /05/2002. When you add up both their birthdays they total 15+12 =27:). Not sure when my neighbour was born but I was born 5 mins into 28 Aug at 12.05am.


by Francisca - 3/17/17 11:09 AM
My birthday- 10/18
My son's birthday-6/28/2008
My daughter's birthday 2/28
My youngest daughter's birthday 8/4/16
My son was born at 3:28pm
My ID was issued on 2/08/14
My ID expires 2/28/18
My address is 828
First I started seeing the number on clocks,prices,date, everywhere!!! Then I started noticing birthdays ect
I see this number everyday In some way or another.within the last few months I've started seeing 38 also, my only child that's birthday has Nothing to do with 28 ..well her birthday is 7/31 ....I started feeling crazy for a min so every time I see the number's I point it out to my boyfriend!! He knows I'm not crazy lol it's mind boggling... When I see the number's together usually we come across money! I'm serious, usually it's jobs for my bf ..the one time I saw the number's my bf got offered a construction job in another state for a few days. Then another time i started seeing the number's together some guy called and wanted his whole house done..again! My bf was waiting for a check in the mail seen the number's that morning and he got his check the same day!'s crazy I guess

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The number 28 follows me!

by Anonymous - 2/23/17 3:51 PM
I'll start by saying I was born April 28th.
I once was friends with a girl I'm no longer friends with names Ashley.
I moved and met a girl named Ashley who became my best friend. (9years now) both her and my old friend (Ashley) were dating "Ryan's" when I met them. Her birthday falls on the 28th day of October.
Another friend of mine Sarah, (who is different from a past Sara in my life) birthday falls on the 28th day.
My husband birthday is the 24 which has always struck me as the second(2) half (4) of me. (My son husband and I are all Taurus strange?)
I'll also throw in that I just recently got my hair dreaded. I decided to count them for the first time... 28 locs ! And my two friends and my husband have been the only ones to support my decision.
Phew. It's real creepy! Oh I might add the day I met my husband was February 28th!

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RE: The number 28 follows me!

by Anonymous - 3/14/17 12:21 AM
He's your twinflame and there your soulmates. Learn. Grow. End with the beginning 'unconditional love'. Hotep.

28 28 28 28

by ASHLEY - 10/13/09 7:57 AM
Okay... This is really creepy... ever since my grandmother has passed away...(which she was born March 28th) I have been seeing the number 28 almost everyday. It started taking over my life I believe..not sure in a good way or bad just yet. She passed away in 2002 though and I kid you not at least once a day I will see the time 3:28..and its not like im purposely waiting for the time to pass to his 3:28. Last year when I moved into my apartment my garage parking number was 28. The number right across from my apt was 228. I just dont understand if I should be concerned! any ideas? helpppp!!!!!!! I feel like the number is getting to me.....

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666 is not a bad #,,why is the latest post i can find is from like 5 yrs ago?

by todd micheal mcgee 828,65+ - 4/14/16 5:23 PM
computer 666 bad
people good? People good,,guns bad? Right,,ok their r 3 sixes that make humans;6 electrons 6 protons and 6 nuetrons ...the building blocks of on earth.6 the land 6 yrs....Gods 6000 yr plan for man...whats a human #
ss account # nope its your shoe size!!! Word on the street is they have devtloped a new method of foot measurment its called
metri-baalish whoever wears a 666 ....oh and did you know J.C. and all our favorite saints went on a super top secret undercover mission into the future (thier future,our past,,er maybe our fut....)anyway the target date was 56 or 57 for the first wave..then 82 or 84....the mission?sneak deep into enemy territoy ,desquised as the deliver a message to the "children of the Grave" or "of the damned" if you will.ya see kids what im sayin is our dear lord ,the king of kings is a rock n roll reble
it will be alright though...we'll rock n roll allnlght!hey hey my my ..put another dime in the juke box baby...i like ta rock...the cradle ...will rock..on and l say rock short hahalol...R&R is my religieon and my law

RE: 28 28 28 28

by Anonymous - 11/25/16 8:35 AM
Wow. You must connected to me

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How I am related to the number 28

by Gabriela Rothar - 10/24/16 9:18 AM
The number 28 is the connection between my Dad spirit and me.
He born on the 28 he died on the 28 when I got married 25 years ago by a coincidence the only day available in the court for me to get married was the 28 of August exactly the day of his birthday. Every time when I need him specially when I need an answer from above I think about him automatically I see the number 28 every way.

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RE: How I am related to the number 28

by Anonymous - 11/19/16 12:08 PM
I was born on the 28th August

Why the number 28

by Daija peck - 10/30/16 7:35 PM
Why the number 28th what's weird is that my dad birthday is on April 28 my birthday is on September 28 my grandpa birthday is on October 28 etc. 28 is not a lucky number on January 28 someone I knew really closely had died. Matthew 13:28 #28 say: He said unto them, an enemy hath done this.the servants said unto him,wiLt thou then that we go and gather them up. Acts 27:28 #28 say, and sounded, and found it twenty fathoms:and when they had gone a little further, they sounded again, and found it fifteen fathoms. 11+17=28 which is really the devil birthday

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by Stephen John - 9/11/16 8:28 PM
Too much..I was walking today and suddenly thought about PI...I knew there was a 27 in the number and suddenly wanted to count the digits after the decimal point to see where it showed up..and went,'ll show up at the 28th position .."27" is the 28th number in Pi


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27 and 28

by Stephen John - 9/11/16 8:26 PM
See Genesis 1:27
Colossians 1:27 add them up...I think 27 has to do with Trinity or Christ...28 has to do with Eternity 1 +27 = 28

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Seek Scriptures

by [email protected] - 9/11/16 8:24 PM
Mine is 27...some say the number of the Trinity, 3 Cubed...but find the 27-28 seem to work together quite a bit, See John 14:27 and John 14:28 New International Version
"You heard me say, 'I am going away and I am coming back to you.' If you loved me, you would be glad that I am going to the Father, for the Father is greater than I.

See Genesis 1:27 and the Genesis 2:7

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My birthday is 8-28-82

by Anonymous - 8/19/16 11:47 PM
I just was curious of the meaning. Everytime I look up its there 28 or backwards 82

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my birth date and name numbers

by she - 8/17/16 3:44 AM
birth- 03/18/91

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a dream

by ann - 5/14/16 2:43 PM
Dreamed id won lottery with just the number 28 no other numbers,any clues ?

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by Anonymous - 5/04/16 10:21 PM
I was born at 8:28pm on 8/28 8 days after my mother's 18th birthday.

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by deadmanwalking - 5/27/10 7:48 AM
The number 28 is relatively close to nothing, because numbers is relatively nothing. Its just A fragment of humans needs to systemize and categorize things that cant be categorized. U point at A set of stones and tell people there is two stones, but there is no such things as just two stones, they are different. Just like the time is different, u can look at ur watch and note that there is 28 mins gone by in time, but time is relatively, no watch is perfect and as long its mechanical or humans there will be errors, and errors will change the orders of things. Time is based on the sun, but the whole univers is changing, just as the sun, just as the time. thats why the number 28 is nothing, but A human set of signs.

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RE: nothing

by Anonymous - 4/11/16 6:20 AM
whats ur birthday deadman

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Verse 28

by michael mcgee - 4/11/16 6:11 AM
cant hardley find a 28th verse in the bible that is bad,ive found a definate connection between ones birth date and bible scripture mine is 6:28 am on 8/28/65

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