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Properties of the number 29





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RE: Chaldean Numerology

by Ryan Barton - 1/17/18 8:10 PM
I have all the credentials of how bad 29 can run all over your life.. In reality the union of the universe was 2 and 9 ..nine is universal it completes all numbers.. 2 is union.. I found the truth in death and the universe..ACCEPTANCE IS SO HARD FOR THEM TO GIVE TO JUST ANYONE... I have my own unique identity and I'm unlocked finally.. 29 is powerful and nothing can change this.. It was either a life of hell or I would take control and the spirit of the law would be with me... I made the right choice.. Destiny dosent play with me and I had to find the answers

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by Anonymous - 12/13/17 1:12 PM
2=son of man
9=g for god (29=11)
6005=(11) hebrew gematria "Immanuel"
god with us.

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the number 29

by Nancy - 7/21/13 2:07 PM
A psychic told me she saw the number 29 in a reading and indicated it meant my relationship would get back together. Has anyone ever heard of this before?

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RE: the number 29

by Anonymous - 11/08/17 6:13 AM

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Cursed perhaps

by Diamond - 9/24/17 4:30 PM
Every where I go I see the number 29 on clocks on shirts on vans trucks license plates on tv. The first guy I fell in love with our anniversary was 7-29-14 what do I do. What does it mean

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Chaldean Numerology

by Gwenhwyfar - 5/13/14 4:08 AM
4/29/1992 is my birthday. Only now I have recently been wondering about those numbers.
4+11+21=36 and 3+6=9. Chaldean Numerology has been around for centuries. It is said to be more accurate. Keep in mind this is about finding your name numerology, but I figured they knew something about these numbers. I feel like the number 29 or 11 (2+9) is kind of like the wildcard with future. Your future is what you make of it.

according to

It is not a fortunate number for the indication of future events. This number indicates uncertainties, treachery, and deception of others; it foreshadows trials, tribulation, and unexpected dangers, unreliable friends, and grief and deception caused by members of the opposite sex. It gives grave warning if it comes out in anything concerning future events.

When I read the writing above I translate it as being the unexpected. We try so hard to predict the future, but what is future without a past? And what a boring past it is waiting for the... more...

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RE: Chaldean Numerology

by Anonymous - 1/21/17 10:49 AM
There is a negative and positive meaning


by MK-68 - 4/06/15 12:23 PM
Yes, this is what I needed as well. Would it apply to 2029 or just to 29? Or would I have to look at 20 and 29 or is there a separate 2029 definition? And what happens if I use a different calendar system?

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RE: 2029

by Anonymous - 1/21/17 10:47 AM
Not private but about you

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jadeite wedding

by Anonymous - 5/30/16 5:36 PM
What is this

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RE: jadeite wedding

by Anonymous - 1/21/17 10:44 AM
It is an event used in wedding planning


by i dont know - 11/11/10 3:34 PM
all those numbers... 1 to infinity...

we are balists

9,11,19(what is actually 20), 29 (what is actually 11 and its 1+1=2 but 1+1=1), 40, 5, 8, 8, again 8...

crap... dont by liar to yourself/myself

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RE: bla

by Anonymous - 1/21/17 10:36 AM
I meant blessing

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by Rebecca - 5/05/16 12:14 PM
My baby sister took her life the 29th july 2015. She was 29 her birthday was 29/04 i met a man we are not together right now i am pregnant... his birthday 29/04 as was his grandfathers...

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RE: 29

by Anonymous - 1/21/17 10:35 AM
Yes it has meaning for you pray and ask God to reveal the significance of the number 29 in your life. My husband eats born on the 29, we married on the 29 and he died on the 29 .

29 again!

by Sherry - 7/19/14 5:42 PM
it is weird, I see number 29 often. Whenever I see time on my phone, it is :29 . Also, I accidently see numbers on some billboards or anywhere, it is 29. Any ideas or explanations?

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RE: 29 again!

by Anonymous - 12/09/16 6:46 AM
I see 229 alot

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by Hezekiah - 7/19/16 10:24 AM
King of Israel

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Im glad I now registered

by Nichole - 4/03/15 10:01 PM
Great article, totally what I was looking for.

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number 29

by Samantha - 7/31/10 8:41 AM
The number 29 has more information than i thought

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RE:number 29

by Michael Withrow - 10/28/14 8:35 AM
I was born on May 29th, my best friends growing up were born on feb 29th (leap year) mike and July 29th. My cousin was born exactly twenty years to the day after me, may 29th. My birthday was also shared by john f Kennedy and Michael Jackson. My father passed on June 29th, 2014. I have not seen daily occurrences in my life of the number 29, but it has had a great significance in my life.

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by Anonymous - 4/26/13 1:06 PM
moments of significance at number 2 and 9. Can that make it 29?

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by Justin - 8/23/12 8:28 PM
What is the christico-terrestrial or what does it mean?

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RE: christico-terrestrial

by Anonymous - 3/18/13 2:09 AM
Earth blessed by or through Christ

to: 123

by i dont know (again) - 9/11/12 2:58 PM
what is "RIB" please?

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by 123 - 8/02/12 4:25 PM

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