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number 3

by Dreadzheadz bless - 8/05/15 9:39 AM
My DOB is 3,3,81 I love blue my mama do to i see 3 EVERWHERE

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by Anonymous - 12/27/13 6:15 PM
My daughters are exactly 3 days, 3 months, and 3 years apart, both births were natural, and youngest was born a month early! 10/09/98 and 01/12/02. I've seen 3 a oldest daughter's hospital room when she broke her arm was 41 (4-1=3). There are many other examples...

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RE: Daughters

by Anonymous - 6/21/15 12:37 PM
My sister and I were born 3 days 3 months 3 years apart too


by TONYREED - 12/22/12 1:26 AM

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by eric long - 1/13/15 3:20 AM
keep seeking god first and all things shall be given unto you you have been seeking him i know so now he is seeking you to do his will so go were he sends you


by dona wilson - 4/13/15 11:52 PM
You have been chossen to do something for God and now you have to choose if your ready to go were he sends you.

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by Cynthia Heredia - 10/06/13 6:13 PM
I am not sure how I am tied to 3:03 clock time but every time I glance to get the time I always seem to glance when it is 3:03. Almost on a daily basis, where now it's starting to freak me out! I question myself why cant it be 3:02, 3:04 .. Why always 3:03.. This happens to me too when I ask someone for the time, I get a response time of 3:03. Can anyone give me answers?!

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RE: 3:03

by Anonymous - 2/22/15 4:53 PM
this happens to me a lot to but with me its 13 or 31 and I am not joking I don't understand this myself but same as you ever time I look at my clock or when people ask it lands on that and I wonder why not 12 or 32 maybe God is trying to show u something like me too.I just don't know what it is but it does get on my nerves because I don't understand why and whats the point

numbers and dots

by Anonymous - 2/17/15 11:05 PM
Ive been seeing tons of numbers 111,1111,101,1101,110,1110,1001,1010,222 and 333. Now I see 333. The other day I found 6 dots in the shape of 2 triangles on my wrist. I never seen them or had them ever they just pop up! What could this mean?!

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RE: What is it that I see

by Anonymous - 11/22/10 7:04 AM
u r the 3rd commenter for the no.3

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RE: RE: What is it that I see

by Anonymous - 2/16/15 2:58 AM
I literally have the number 3 inside over a circle and at the very top of the three it's in a big triangle on the right side of my forehead above my right eyebrow!!! This is no joke it's like someone put it on my face when I was a kid and I never keep it, I never was hit there it's not a scar, it's the number 3 with a triangle and oh yeah it also has a arrow facing down


by 3 - 2/06/15 8:17 PM
I used to be 3. I am now 33. i went to high school 3 years. weird.

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RE: 3

by Three - 2/06/15 8:26 PM
My name is, actually,

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"12th Man"

by Seahawks NFL - 1/09/15 1:19 PM
The Seahawks fans as a single entity

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3 birthmarks

by Pam - 1/03/15 7:45 PM
I have three birthmarks in a row on the left side of my cheek and I still wonder to this day what this might mean.

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Meaning of 1929?

by Jessie - 10/04/12 8:03 AM
what does my result mean? it's 1929.

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RE: Meaning of 1929?

by Anonymous - 12/11/14 2:59 PM
hey my friend


by Sandy - 5/16/13 7:00 AM
i just found a birthmark on my right arm - 3 dots in a perfect triangle. found it by coincidence while reading something about birthmarks - i directly looked to that spot on my arm, eventhough i never saw it before.

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RE: Birthmark

by Anonymous - 7/21/14 3:03 AM
I have a birthmark in the shape of a 3 on my right calf. My best friend also has the same mark. I belive that there is a significance to these markings. However, i struggle to find it.

Am I I Am

by william stephen carpenter - 11/19/13 6:58 AM
I was born 6/27/83 at 3:33 am third child father commited suicide at 33 when I was three my surnames are carpenter and sheppard does that mean anything

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by Richard Wells - 8/18/13 12:05 AM
I have had a long spiritual experience with the number 3 over 9 months and the loss of both my father and mother(and mom die exactly at 3am).

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by Anonymous - 3/12/11 5:11 PM
I've been waking up at 3 in the morning for the past couple of days. Can't find the meaning. Plus strange things have been happening to me this whole week

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RE: sleep?

by liv - 8/16/13 10:49 AM
they say that 3pm is the holyiest hour meaning god and stuff if you read in the bible. and 3AM he oppiste "the darkest hour". from what i hear spirts are more likely to roam around at that hour and bad things most likely happen. you should look into it on the internet about wakeing up at 3AM. its not really a good thing from what i heard

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by shauna - 5/12/13 2:23 PM
i had a dream that i was pregnant and holding 3 eggs in my hand while the second coming of christ was happening and im seeing all these signs. what does it mean? thank you so much!

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by Anonymous - 3/26/13 8:21 AM
I have 3 birthmarks in a row on my face.

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by d - 2/14/13 12:19 PM
there is an important date for me coming up 13/03/13 will i get good news

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by alice - 2/11/13 12:52 PM
since the start of 2013, I've been noticing a lot of uncanny coincidences related to number 3. I also just got a new tattoo, an om in sanskrit, and some people think it's number 30 inscribed on my back. All these coincidences freak me out and I don't know how to make out of it. I've never been a very spiritual person before and I assumed people who saw signs are nutjobs. But i'm not sure myself now.

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by Anonymous - 2/05/13 4:40 AM
Hi my friend died but his body was found on 31/01/13. He was 33, the house number was 33 and he was the 3 person to die in the house. I got the phone call at 333pm and his body was found at 3. There are more signs as well.

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3 and 30?

by Anonymous - 1/29/13 7:15 AM
My Birthday is March 30, 1993. 3:30 am. :/

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why am I being told by God to always wait 3 weeks....

by Deana - 1/15/13 5:14 PM
while going through tough times God keeps telling mgoinge to wait 3 weeks before I proceede... ..Every time.......

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DNC Convention

by Archie Bunker - 9/08/12 10:58 AM
At the DNC convention, the Democrats were given 3 times to accept God and Jerusalem in their platform, and 3 times they said 'NO'. I couldn't believe what was happening -- that this was happening at a critical time in American History and that Democrats, if they won, would get rid of God for good in America, and no longer would we say that we are 'One Nation Under God'.

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by Ciara - 3/03/11 1:17 PM
I'm interested in the number three mostly because I have a birth mark on my leg of three roughly shaped dots in a row(...). I always wondered what kind of symbolism this might have but there's just too much information out there on the number three. I mean every culture seems to have some special meaning for it.

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RE: Birthmark

by Anonymous - 8/01/12 7:32 PM
I don't know if this will help you at all but I suggest that if you are a spiritual person, ask God for the answer. The number 3 suggest many great things (according to scriptures)which, in my eyes, would only suggest that it is a mark of divine greatness within. So search inside yourself; there, God will reveal its true meaning.

death date

by Anonymous - 7/27/12 6:28 PM
march 3 2003 3 39 pm

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by ... - 2/17/11 6:19 PM
I especially loved number 3 from childhood and unexpectedly i meet a person who is same about this number:) we never meet physically in life yet but we found so many common things that we share and we are going to meet after 13 days.Interesting part is that its going to be in 3/3/11 but we figured out today that i`ll be there exactly on 3clock by airplane and he is going to be there exactly at the same time even he is traveling by bus and from a different country:D i am so happy confused:Domg what is happaning in my life,is it my fortune,i really have no idea what to think...

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