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32 x 3!

by Jennifer - 1/13/18 9:22 AM
Had a dream I paid 32$ on a phone bill, Father matched it, and so did the phone company.

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32 contriversal

by faith - 12/20/17 12:14 PM
I see 32 all the time everywhere ever since i was 10, i couldnt ever figure out why

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RE: 32 contriversal

by Something massive going on! - 1/13/18 4:02 AM
The satanic 'elite' is using numbers 32,33,36 when there's some heavy deep operations going on.. They are usually using mainstream news and many times they use entertainment sections. There's coded messages added. Count the values of names. It seems to be the case that they use vowels and consonats separately, and also the whole word.

This are some forms of name they use.
For example:

"John Doe", "John D", "John Dee", "JDoe", "JDee", "JohnDee", "JD"

Also if there's some numbers added, "John3", then count it like: John+3

John3 = 23

This is something you must practice by yourself, you will get it with time, but I must tell you that the communication has stepped up BIG time in the last 3 months and during this 2 weeks in January 2018 it has gone so high that it indicates something's going to happen, something 'massive'.

There's many sources guessing that there's something happening during January 18. 2018 or near that date, before/after.

32 occurence

by ashley - 12/28/17 9:47 PM
Stephen Paddock was framed and he was 64 divide that by 2 and you get 32

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by Anonymous - 12/22/17 10:18 AM
I wanted to see the year span between the 1st outing of the Catholic sex abuse and Harvey Weinstein. There is a 32 (2017-1985) year span. After looking at the symbolism, I am going HUMMMM. Is the Universe trying to tell us something??

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32 controversial

by Awan K Shrestha - 2/02/11 9:26 AM
Mark Zuckerberg the creator of Facebook born on May 14, 1984 which adds up to 32.

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RE: 32 controversial

by Anonymous - 7/11/16 2:21 AM
How is calculated

RE: 32 controversial

by Christopher Healy - 12/05/17 7:57 AM
My birthday is June 21 1985. Also adding up to 32. I am 32. And I wake up every morning at 7:32. That’s how I ended up on this page. It’s driving me nuts

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32 is everywhere(just before something bad happens)

by sofia - 4/27/15 8:47 PM
what is going on with 32.ts is everywhere EVERYWHERE only 32 i see i dont know if it has to do with that but ever since i see it a lot of bad things happens plz help

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RE:32 is everywhere(just before something bad happens)

by Anonymous - 10/21/17 8:15 PM
His brothers address is 320!

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Oh word?

by Stephanie :) - 10/17/17 9:56 PM
I keep seeing the number 32. Could I be getting an R32?? that'd be sick as

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32 bones broken...

by Anonymous - 10/14/17 6:42 AM
NONE of JESUS'S bones were the bible.

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Number 32

by Doug - 9/15/17 10:44 AM
I have had two dreams that I know were from God. The first, I am looking at an antique Winchester rifle that had a white tag on it that had my name on it. I automatically knew that the caliber was "32-20"
The second dream I was standing in a Kitchen looking at a table with a large box of cereal. Suddenly out of the box came 4 "tickets" which flew into my hand. A voice from behind and to from right of me said "do the numbers match?" response was "yes" the voice responded "Then you have won 32 million" I immediately woke up and heard the HS say "each ticket represents a day"

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RE:Number 32

by human - 10/03/17 7:43 AM
Harvest Festival, route 91, 1st of october, directly opposing the Pyramid, next to the Obelisk,

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Not a coincidence

by I see 33 and now 32 - 8/13/16 11:23 AM
To the guy that said "subconsciously you think of these numbers and then you see them more!".. This could be true for some people.. But NOT when you are 33 anywhere from 5 -20 times a day, EVERY single day without fail in a row...

Why don't you compute the mathematical probability of seeing 33 an average of 12 times a day for over a year straight every day lol..

This is beyond 'chance' and 'coincidence'.. I've even tried seeing different numbers with NO success!

Just like a previous commentor, I have been seeing 33 everywhere for over a year.. Even waking up in the middle of the night randomly to check my phone @ 33 after the hour.. But oddly again like the previous commentor.. Its switched to 32 and 33 in the past couple weeks.

For those of you seeing 33 everyday all day, pray everytime you see it.. I've been doing this and I've only grown closer and closer to the very definition of LOVE.

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RE: Not a coincidence

by Anon. - 9/03/17 1:12 PM
I see 333 everywhere ever since I got sick of being sick in body and spirit and got sober. I am glad to read the comments that tell me that this is a blessing. Thank you and God bless us all.

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Trying to find answers

by Taylor - 6/23/16 7:49 AM
Hello there. I am in desperate surch of answers I can't seem to find them anywhere. So it started back in I'm going to say probably February of 2016.. maybe earlier but what I can reamber really seeing it i started seeing 23 non stop. Now by this point I was 4 months sober and starting on my spiritual journey (I was raised a under spirituality) but started finding my own path. I would see 23 and 32 non stop on everything, time, my game roads didn't matter anywhere there could be numbers... at first this kinda creeped me out.. it is now June 2016 I tured 23 back in April but I'm still seeing the two numbers, I seem to find comfort in it now but I've been doing as much research as I possibly can and I haven't really found any answers.. some things but not much. Dose anybody here possibly have any answers for me? Oh P.S lol today is June 23. 2016..... kinda funny

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RE: Trying to find answers

by Anonymous - 8/16/17 9:55 PM
Me too....32 23 232 323...everywhere.....every means something..I don't know what....

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My angel number was told to me that it was 32 and my birthday is 2/06/1972

by Melissa Rice - 5/05/17 1:23 PM
I don't understand.i don't see this number alot.It was given to me.

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I was told 32 was my Angel number

by Melissa Rice - 5/05/17 1:15 PM
Just wanted to know if that's true.

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by carlina - 7/06/16 5:14 AM
hi i woke up yesterday and my daughter mentioned i sat up and said gate 32 but i don't remember anything what could this mean good or bad?

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RE: dream

by Anonymous - 7/06/16 5:15 AM
this obviously was whilst i slept the night before

hde 32

by brandon - 5/02/16 8:18 PM
we are a community that is all about 32 its every where weather you want it or not , its a sign of greatness come follow us

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RE: hde 32

by Anonymous - 5/20/16 5:37 AM
Hi I see it loads. And I am it. I also see... 22 28 42 44 52 55. My age is 32.

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Change in Numbers

by DemBro - 1/23/14 5:10 AM
For about 7 years the number 33 appeared in my life all the time seeing it, hearing it and having it be connected with my name in different ways. Then it just stopped in that time period just as strangely as the number 33 appeared the number 32 took its place. It stated shortly after my 34th birthday the age I am now. I'm somewhat concerned why has it changed? Did I do something wrong is it a sign of something bad to come. I wonder if I got off the right path or is this just the next chapter of this spiritual awaking. Going backwards is not progressing so I'm a little nervous I messed up somehow. I'm being proactive in my research to gain more understanding about this mystery. Please feel free to reply with your thoughts on the change.

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RE:Change in Numbers

by @YesToTheTruth - 4/22/16 1:28 PM
I am a born again disciple of Jesus. And I was able to link my starting to see 33 everywhere with a specific revelation I had sought and received from God during the time of a fast. It was a quite extraordinary and explosive revelation that shed light on some circumstances in my life that had left me perplexed for over a year, and the new clarity totally blew my mind.
Then after about two months, which is this past week, I started noticing 32 more frequently. But I'm seeking a mix of 33 and 32 presently. Biblical meaning of "promise" for 33 perfectly ties in with my story. I have some stuff I am waiting to materialize in my life. Based on the same source, 32 seems to relate to "covenant" which is the basis for the promises I am standing on, so it all ties in nicely on my end. I did get a bit nervous when I started to catch the 32s, but personally I took it as meaning to either slow down or be patient on the way I am going. 22 comes also, and along with 32 I see it as pointing to the more significant 33. I will update this if I get more clarity still.

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u find 32 because you are looking for it!

by tara - 3/25/16 8:55 AM
whatever we look for( even subconsciously), we start noticing. ever noticed how we start observing other peoples bags when we want to buy one for ourselves. whats in our head is projected out. so could it be with no 32! try looking for some other number (say 10) for the next few days....m sure u will find it everywhere too!

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by no name - 4/12/14 4:32 PM
get a grip guys there is a thin line between coincedence and and fate,hence 32.i had a breakdown with 23 signs in the year of 20 12,32 on nov 12,23 long story short my bday is divided and multiplied to 23 using on the month day and year.i got in a severe car accident yeas back on aug 12 8/12 is .66667 as is 23 2/3.666 6 plus 7 is 13 the unlucky number which makes 23 what?i had a crucial dream on the 23 day of the month at 7:06,6 hours 66 minutes writting down verses 10 27 33 from the bible 10 from 33 is 23 i never read that part of bible and every 23rd word left a black masked message 32 is fate u cannot change that chill and accept.if that was the real jim carrey hes got the right idea,mindstate,just laugh about it.fates controlled by a higher power and theyre laughin too.laugh back.good day

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RE: 32

by Anonymous - 3/06/16 8:52 PM
My birthday is 12 Aug 1992


by prophetess mary - 12/31/15 11:13 AM
3 the no of Trinity, 2 is the no of our Redeemer Jesus. 32.

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weirdest thing happened

by Anonymous - 6/17/15 7:53 AM
I was scribbling out my math problem (i was two separate ones) because I had it backwards, and as I was scribbling I didn't realize until finished, the first one was a three and the second one was a two (32). It was sort of creepy. (I didn't know I did that).

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psalms 32

by Jessica Desi - 11/24/10 6:04 PM
This is beautiful! pslams 32 is full of faith, google it. I see the number 32 and 23 everrywhere!!! ive been studying it for years. Every time i see the number(s) something amazing happens. I belive its good luck.

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RE: psalms 32

by rob - 5/16/15 11:39 PM
I've had the same experience, I got to the point that I knew I would see the numbers before I even seen them, first 23, then 32

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The Number 32

by vampy1313 - 5/08/15 1:06 AM
I recently was looking up parallels and the significance of them because of course the infamous 33rd parallel . I decided to look up my Cities parallel. It gave a whole number and a set of fractions to whole other words..XX.xxxx...when I added them up, it came to 32..i randomly picked some suspicious places in my state that I just had a "feeling" about. Immediately the next 3 places, also added up to 32..exactly. No remaining numbers. I found a 4th place and after i marked them on a map. I noticed those places seemed spaced almost perfectly apart. I then mapquested the distances from the North towns from the Southern towns. One distance was 250 miles, the other 255...and from West to East of EACH pair of town 98 miles.. exactly! I am convinced there is a reason why places are where they are and perhaps a clue into the future of the places. Maybe even an evil -not evil thing. I am intrigued and now I'm continuing to look into other places in the world that have a connection through numbers, more exact..the number 32.

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by william. T - 2/26/15 5:54 AM
I was just laying in bed trying to find a disc set on my laptop when my phone starts vibrating. I totally thought I got a text so I grab it to see it is on that emergency dial screen with 3333333333332 like I was but dialing, but It was just sitting there. So what a electronic glitch right... so clear it and look at my phone when the 3 then the 2 get pressed but not by me. And then that's it. Didn't do it again. Being a science nerd, this one freaked me out to the point I looked it up.

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by Mohammad saleh - 2/18/15 7:55 AM
Why I see number 32 everywhere......! Why? But I love the number..........................

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by hailey - 1/14/14 10:43 PM
its been everywhere this number

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RE: 32

by 32 - 2/17/15 6:01 AM
I see the 32 everywhere I dont no what to say......but I love the Number...but why?????????????