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33 Keep seeing it.

by MissSkorpio - 10/05/14 2:08 AM
On april I posted a comment about me seeing 33 everywhere, well I keep seeing it but it changed a little.. I also see the word WASHINGTON ... at first I didn't noticed but after 5 or 6 times of seeing it on different places I knew it meant something, for example, on a cup of coffee, a movie, a TV series, news, even the street where a close friend lives, I didn't connect the dots until I realized her street is named Washington.. Well I don't know which one, if Seattle or DC but I think there's a connection between those two.

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RE:33 Keep seeing it.

by Joshua - 12/23/14 1:54 AM
Wierd. I live in Washington. My name is Joshua. My initials are JAH. 33 follows me everywhere. I'm an Aries. My father is a carpenter. My numerological personality is a lion (1). My soul number....33. Life path 3. Destiny 11. Birth number 9. Moon in Virgo. My last name means godskin. My hometown is marysville. By genetics I'm Dane (Dan), and French (Frankish, Merovingian). I own a copy of the passion of the Christ but cannot watch it because I cry like baby. I think I'm crazy.

RE: 33 Keep seeing it.

by krisssy - 1/16/15 6:29 AM
Hi u c #33 n Washington it is Dc 33 is freemason. Washingtondc was built by freemason their sighns r everywhere n wWashington dc there number is 33. 33 means frr. It is also the year christ was when he was sacrificed. Its also the perfect age. Its also 3 plus 3 eaquels 6 wich equals karma. Look it up.

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I am 33 and everything that could have gone wrong did.

by PK - 5/29/14 9:03 PM
Today I was talking to a friend over the phone. I confessed a lot of what was making me so depressed. Somehow my age came into conversation after and she mentioned that 33 is the age Christ supposedly died at.
This has been by far the worst year thus far. I lost my job, lost all of my savings, I lost my relationship of 10 years and I was diagnosed with HIV.
I'm not sure if it's Karma or what not. But I thought it odd because it felt as if I were being punished for something. All I know is that I won't ever forget my 33. I can't wait for my next birthday.

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RE: I am 33 and everything that could have gone wrong did.

by traveler - 1/11/15 2:21 AM
you could link to Christ if you want, he teaches to want god more than money, possesions, people ect... we are to give everything away to better seek a relationship with god thur what Christ teached us, but people think its terrible that god took our stuff away when in fact god is careless to what we want unless it is truly god that we want, Christ refused to stay quiet what we are required to do if we desire god, why I reply to you I have no idea just clicked and started typing, 33 will draw your attention from something or tward something,

What is the meaning being shown to me???...

by Ian Patrick Egan - 11/12/14 7:40 PM
Three years ago I went through a very traumatic situation where I realized all of the relationships in my life both business and personal were taking advantage of me as I've always been a very selfless person and always have been able to put myself in other peoples shoes and feel the emotions they feel so because of being able to feel what I've felt I've always overcompensated people I care about and in business I built a company pretty much by myself as I generated atleast 90% of the business if not more which generated my boss millions of dollars in net profit and are agreement was I would make him millions and he would open up other businesses and he ended up opening 7 others which I was to receive 25% ownership of all of them. Well long story short I never got paid one dollar and on top of that he ripped me off of $48,000 and continued to push me to generate more business and I really can't to love this guy as a father figure and my judgment was really off and he ultimately "put me together" knowing I... more...

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RE: What is the meaning being shown to me???...

by excalibur - 1/05/15 5:53 AM
It's not so much the number 33 that stands out in your story as the idea of coincidences in general - and synchronicity as another way of describing coincidences . . . in my work as a bodyworker, coincidences represent connection to the larger feminine - to the feminine aspect of God - and to the emotional body. The revving up of your mental state suggests lack of traction of some sort - an analogy would be a revving up of the engine when the wheels don't have traction and just spin while you press on the gas . . .

being used by others suggests that you lack some basic sense of self-worth, and need to have self-worth reflected back to you by others. . . the way a pattern like this might start in childhood, is with a critical parent that inaccurately criticizes your accomplishments - so that no matter how hard you try or how much you accomplish the validation is never there, or is barely there . . .

this is not so much about finding meaning in the coincidences as in learning to rebuild confidence within... more...

33 in my Life

by Ed - 10/26/14 6:05 AM
At 16 had truck accident driver died aged 33 my wife born 1933 my fire Company is 33 clock alot --33 license plates look at one 33 in it Visited son of truck driver had car in drive way with 33 in it. The only thing I can think of is the fact I will die in year 2033

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RE: 33 in my Life

by Anonymous - 12/06/14 9:28 AM
That is terrifying. 33 follows my dad's side of the family it is so weird. My dad and his brothers and sister grew up in a house number 33, his sister moved and her house number is 334 and my dads house number is 323.. which is a stretch but still 33 in it.. weird

The 33's

by Iknowalotofshit - 1/12/12 7:27 PM
To try to lay it out in a clear way, I will break it down. 33 is the master number in numerology. Dive into pi, and learn about mathematics in nature. There are plenty of videos on Youtube to observe(I suggest "nature by numbers" as a good start). It's a universal creative footprint. The Sun is roughly 333,000x the mass of earth, there are 33 phylia in the Animal Kingdom, ice melts at 33 degrees, and the numerical value of "AMEN" equals 33. There are 33 vertabae, 33 percent of the earth's land mass is desert, and the average temperature of mercury is 333 degrees. So if you see this number, you are on "your path". Christ path if you want to get philisophical. To put it in perspective, if your a 33, you got a job to do. I don't know what it is, because it's your job. The ENTIRE universe spent an emmense amount of energy, thought, and positioning to give you life, and it was ordained. You are part of the 10 percent of the population of this planet at any given time. Mind, soul and zen. You probably looked up at the stars more than most people, and your probably have a crystal clear imagination. It's not a joke, it is not a coincidence. Find your job, and do it. Peace.

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RE:The 33's

by Iknowalotshit - 8/15/13 8:13 PM
My apologies for not commenting sooner, been busy and did not realize I still had this link saved in my browser. Since I always happy to help if I can, I would like to expand on my original comment. More specifically, the Anonymous comment posted on "6/19/12 6:50 PM", which was a reply to my comment.

The only thing that I want to get across to you is that you are right and exact in your thinking without even knowing it. Firstly, let's address your "why, if the universe is infinite?". Which in itself, is a perfectly logical way to see it. But let me show you how you are already correct in what you say, while at the same time arguing it against itself. Take this site, a site based on the mystery of 33, and you finding your way here, and reading my comment, and then leaving the comment that you did. What is 33? More importantly, what is the age old symbol...for infinity? A figure 8 of course, correct? Take the 33, reverse one and lay them together, and you have your answer friend.

Isn't life... more...

RE: The 33's

by Gaby - 9/25/13 8:27 AM
Amazing!! Since this year only I have seen 33 everywhere, everyday, like its trying to get my attention. It so happens this year in Jan I turned 33. I have been researching the meaning of the number, so I can understand what is going on. I don't believe in coincidences what so ever.
I'm also glad to read that there are other people out there experiencing the same thing. I do look at the stars and the clouds a ton, specially the clouds during the day. Something about looking at them intrigues me. I take a lot of pictures and was able to capture an image of a beautiful angel on 9/11.
Thank you very much because you have been a blessing in helping me understand what is going on a bit.

RE: The 33's

by DEBBIE PARKER HENDRYX - 3/01/14 11:02 AM
the no. 33 is everywhere today. i prayed that i would not be like king herod wanted only to see the miracles of JESUS .i desire to have and walk in his devine presence that others will know him through me . since i prayed that praYer the no. 33 is every where . i receive my mission in CHRIST today only that others may know him and i continue to love and adore him as KING LORD AND SAVIOR. YEHUSA I LOVE. DEBBIE PARKER HENDRYX

RE: The 33's

by Anonymous - 8/19/14 10:59 PM
Thanks for the insight. I always felt like I had some sort of "job" to do. I am still tryng to figure it out. I hope I do soon.

RE:The 33's

by pharaoh33 - 10/21/14 10:33 AM
Let's all look to and trust this iknowalotofshit guy who says nothing of any relevance.

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RE: 33 is everywhere

by Anonymous - 5/18/14 6:05 PM
just added up my birthday 11/27/1957 WTF....really...? saw 33 five times today...12 yesterday, I must be in denial...

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RE: RE: 33 is everywhere

by MissSkorpio - 10/05/14 1:48 AM
Look on the web for life path 33 so you'll get an idea of why your BD adds up to 33.

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33 seen consistently - but in variations. My DOB adds to 31 not 33

by Steve Begin - 9/27/14 7:48 PM
I've seen 33 consistently - but in variations. My DOB adds to 31 not 33 unlike many of you. However, I would get this all the time. My daughter (who is 12) even notices it happening to me. I was in USMC boot camp under platoon 3033 - and later in the Marines I was born again (though then I though that was fanatical until Chaplain showed me Jesus said it necessary in John chapter 3). As a Christian - that's the most important event in anyone's life - deciding to ask Jesus into your life and forgive your sins believing He paid for them on the Cross, and to then follow Him. I now see 33 in many of the same places you all do and it always catches my attention. However, I more often see it with other #s like "9.33" or "3033" or "733", etc. I even make random fast-food orders and find my total ending in "33" and often "3.33" for the total or my change. Earlier this week I actually had a dream where "33" was branded (for lack of a better word) on my forehead! The second 3 began in the bottom of the first 3 - they... more...

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by MissSkorpio - 4/12/14 10:31 PM
The past 2 years aprox. I've ALWAYS come across num 33 EVERYWHERE, first it was num 333 but just for a short period of time, and then 33, its amazing and strange the places where i come across with this number, i've been trying to figure out why it appears to me but i'm not sure, all i'm sure is that its a message but i don't know from who or what....

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by Kameron - 9/07/14 12:48 AM
i wrote about 33 and the vision from God on 9-4-14 and would like to discuss and know the people this is happening to.. i think we can converse and learn more from the holy spirit for were 2 or 3 gather in his name there he is... lets put are minds together to work with and for God to glorify the Kingdom... you can contact me at kampayne

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by Gary - 8/26/13 4:06 PM
Numbers divisible by 3 have been a part of me all my life. I think it is a wake up call, like an alarm clock - "Wake Up" - sleeper!

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RE: 33

by hamid - 8/27/14 7:09 AM
im from iran i see the number 33 everywhere even when i am sleeping.i cant find that mean i found some thing about thats mean but its not enogh for me please reply me by tabrizpainter


by Ilma and A.. - 8/14/14 3:11 PM
Jesus was crucified and is in the Thirty-year-old . Jesus is my life

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Number of...

by Anonymous - 7/27/14 10:14 AM
mixa, it's a sign of a knowledge-giver. You can call him satan due to your ego, your ignorance. If your heart is pure, you'll be safe.

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no 33

by mixa - 7/23/14 6:20 AM
no 33 is the number for satan too can anyone comment pls as i i ve been seeing this no all the time and i am making some research

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by Anonymous - 7/17/14 11:13 AM
There is a secrete behind this number.i have been seeing it everywhere even in my dreams .i believe its a good sign from God and it mean a lot in a person's life.

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by Anonymous - 6/14/14 2:19 AM
The sum of my birthdate is 33. I am also currently 33. On Good Friday between the hours of 12 and 15:00 I went to a police station according to doctors recomendation and spoke to a guard about the possible abuse by another party of my young son who has a relevant biblical name. By midnight I had been lied to, betrayed by family and arrested under a mental health act which allowed my son to be taken into state care, following which a doctor arrived and declared me mentally fine (which is genuinely the case) and I was immediately released as a false alarm but without my son. The pain and screams I released on leaving the guard station at my impotence at the removal of my son should have given grounds for my mental health to be judged then ;). 3 trials and 11 days later I had him back again though was told my helpful people familiar with such cases that it was a miracle. I felt something very evil from the lady who originally came to take him and have been putting it to her work requiring her to block... more...

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33 is everywhere

by Augustdknight - 12/02/13 4:37 AM
I look at my phone the battery life says 33 percent left I look at the time is 3:33 or some different hour with 33 minutes left I post a comment on someone's page I'm the 33rd person I filed my personal papers away on day and something told me to add my social security number together and what do I know it equals 33 and if that does not put bumps on your back maybe this will I added my birthday together 09/02/1982 and it equals 31 the same age I'm noticing all of this now. Oh yeah and my name is August named after st. Augustine

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RE: 33 is everywhere

by Anonymous - 5/17/14 10:50 PM
mail boxes, clocks,,,,,always

33 minutes

by anjali - 4/10/14 11:53 AM
i always think about a guy at 11:33 and some times it is 10:33 and so on ... this happens almost every day .. its not the hour ,it is the min hand ..i think about him whenever the min hand reaches 33.. i wasnt aware of this time in the beginning but later i started noticing the time too .. i was confused and even asked my mom about the time .. she has no idea about it ... can u please tell me y this happens ?

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by anonymous - 4/07/14 9:28 AM
My brother died January-19-13 I never really understood what it means but I added it up 1+19+13

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RE: 33

by Anonymous - 4/07/14 9:31 AM
It's really weird bec
ause it adds up too 33 and Jesus died at the age of 33 and my father's a free Mason and they have 33 degres of masonry. I just think that it's really strange someone give me your theroy

The word patience

by Anonymous - 3/29/14 2:45 PM
the word "patience" is used 33 times in the King James Bible.

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by April - 5/29/13 8:55 AM
My father and my sister both died at the age of 33. I see a lot of people passing at that age. Why??? Are they chosen or is it just a coincidence? I cry every time I think about that. My Dad had three children at the time of his death and so did my sister. Not sure what to feel. Why so young and taken from a beautiful life. I want to believe it was for a reason.

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RE: 33

by Anonymous - 3/21/14 5:49 AM
My dad died at age 66. I notice lots of people die at that age. (33 x 2) He was a truly good person. Wonder if there's any significance to multiples of 33, like 66 and 99?

Th Nnumber 33

by Shavon - 1/21/14 8:16 AM
Soon after I turned 33 I started noticing the number 33 everywhere! At the time I thought that I was seeing 33 because that was my age...You know just like when you buy a new car you start seeing it everywhere. I am now 35 and I am still seeing it everywhere every day. So I decited to look up the meaning of the number 33... to find that 33 is a HOLY number. Here is what confuses me I have felt lost, hopeless and confused for sometime now and I dont understand why. I pray every, I have faith in GOD and I trust him. I make every effort to live the way God wants me too. What Am I Doing Wrong?

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RE: Th Nnumber 33

by Anonymous - 2/23/14 9:45 PM
Don't think your doing anything wrong just remain positive. And positive things will happen in your life. 33 is a sign that I have found to remind me that I'm doing the things he has asked of me, that is missionary work. As long as I see this number I know he's pleased with me.


by Nicholas - 2/04/14 10:39 PM
I was born 11/22/80 and am 33 right now.... 11,22,33 nice =)

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RE: 33

by Anonymous - 2/04/14 10:44 PM
and since I've been looking at this page I see 33 everywhere... lol
but seriously I think there is def something in it!!!

my lucky 33

by carol - 1/22/14 5:24 AM
For me 33 is a very lucky no. I remember last year before christmas i see 33 everywhere in and outside the house i see it in my phone every minute i see it ..i see it in a car everywhere so i think its a sign and i win in a lucky bunos no...twice because of 33 and iam very thankful and i hope and i believe that 33 will bring lucky to me throughout the year...thanks God for the good sign thanks for the 33's..i know im gonna win again 33

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real spiritual path to fulfilment

by judith - 1/08/14 12:20 PM
Many mistakes as doormat..need to put to good use my empathic nature

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can you explain this to me please

by nikki - 10/04/13 5:00 AM
My husband died on the 6'6'13 he was 3 my birthday is 5'4'80and I turned 33 this year. I felt a strong need to go to church with my 4 kids so went. That was no the11'9' kids bdays are 10'10'01,5'10'02,17'4'08 and7'7'10 I feel god and my husband are trying to tell
me something but what? If you have any answers I would be so greatfull.thankyou and god bless. Xo

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by Jaymie - 10/26/13 11:29 AM
I enjoyed reading about your number . I see it on clocks, buses , tickets pretty much every where . The number 33 is a constant in my life ever since my birth . My husband and I took a trip last week to our meeting place of 33 yrs ago . I have a favorite street we use to walk as kids "LOXIE EAGONS BLVD" while driving on that street it was Exactly 3:33 pm . I was so excited to see the time I gave a huge "WOOT , WOOT " This might seem crazy to some but like I have said this number is my life and Im enjoying it .I feel only good things are going to come from this . My number is very comforting to me . It is a Holy number , Christ's number .

33 is my life .

by Jaymie - 10/26/13 11:13 AM
I have had this number all my life . I was born Dec 3 , I am the 3rd daughter of 3 sisters and 3 brothers . I have had 3 residents all with the number 33 in them .I have 3 children .Today I live on 3rd ave and have been together with my husband for 33 yrs .I love to play the casinos and yes my winning numbers that come up are 33. I have always wondered about this number now I see it every where .I have been reading the meaning of this number and to me it is a religious number which is awesome because I am very much a spiritual person .

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