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33 Years Old, Job loss

by Anonymous - 1/01/18 10:35 AM
Hi all, Just wanted to know if anyone had any insight behind a first time job loss at the age of 33? Yes, on my birthday, due to no fault of my own. Trying to see the aspect of things from another view. Thank you in advance :)

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The numerial value of Finland, EU country

by Citizen 11 - 8/12/17 4:18 AM
The numerial value of Finland is 33 and in the finnish government there's many ppl whose surname, or first name+surname etc. give you the result 33, in pythagorean and also in chaldean numerology, both seem to be used.

What does this tell us? Is Finland a bought country like Israel?

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RE: The numerial value of Finland, EU country

by 100 year deal. - 12/31/17 4:57 AM
Finland is run by masons entirely, and is secretly still part of the swedish kingdom as the old laws and King's orders still over rule any courts decision. It was for long a great place to live, but is now driven into destructiinon and forced to be the 3rd world country as it always should have been, but for some reason they let it rise to be, what it used to be, a great place to live and die, with great benefits and strong unions.


by val - 12/15/17 1:39 AM
I turn 33 this year 2017 on November 29th. so here something neat about turning 33. 33 day untill the new year and my birthday land on the 333 day . so i hope that bring me blessing.

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In mental crisis

by Jeremy Michael Collins - 12/12/17 4:01 PM
I am going thru a sliritual crisis. Its awesome but scary. I am in my 33 year. For 16 years i sufferes crohns disease and mental imbalance.

2 months ago i had a scary awakening not to put all here. But i really think you should message me. Find me on Facebook as Jeremy Solo if you want to talk more.

I have been thru thr health system for the mental and they could do nothing for me. Thr behaviorsl specialist kept touching my beard and top of head, while locked in a room.

He dsid there was nothing they could do quicknsince i am not hurting myself or anyone.

He cried to me...
He thought I was someone else.
Saw him 3 days later and he treated me each day of a week as ifnhe didnt remember me...

Its not just him. This is hugely weird to me, but i am open to it whatever this is.

Others feeeel this. We are connected in ways i cant explain here.

Please come find me...

Sharing my Heartfire



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R. Allendy Source

by Charles - 12/01/17 8:58 AM
I was wondering where you found the source for your first citation on R. Allendy's claim about the number 33? Interested to read the source.

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by hamid - 6/15/16 2:02 AM
I'm not Christian I'm Muslim but I have same problem.I know this number is holly number for freemasones I dont know lot about bible but I believe jesuse.I think 33 has relation with end of world and jesuse rising as soon or world war 3 will start in. Next year's.

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RE: 33

by Sherri333 - 11/29/17 4:57 AM
Thank you for sharing your light and edcuation I can feel the passion you have to help. I do understand everything you spoke of for i am exactly what you describe and discernment is of outmost importance when your a good caring giving type of person whos nature feels good to be able to help. I too thought choices and situations i was created good or not so good and heart broken endings sometimes. I do feel though our life is a open book if i started from chapter 1 the begining of life to my last chapter my death I would before i die read my book of my life and would understand even more why most the the bad or hurtful situations were for the good or much better in the end like it had to occur to get the end result I might be wrong im very empathic and intuitive i am just learning about energy shifts and synchronicity recently since i keep seeing 33 and 333 everywhere mostly when im with this specific person it seems past year. I am not starting to se 1111 1234 and i learned much, but i see 33 so much when im around this person i feel like its trying to tell me something obviously about that person good or bad i dont know but i do feel something needs to be known for a change to occur?

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by 1212 - 11/21/17 6:39 PM
Relax . Numbers you can see it’s our liberation

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Like like someone

by 33likeaboy - 11/01/16 2:50 PM
I see the # 33 everywhere and there is this guy i like his # is 33 when he plays in sports. I lnmow I have a long life ahead of me but for me to like him and to see this number at home and school is making me question is it a good thing. Along with that I am a Christian.

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RE: Like like someone

by Anonymous - 10/31/17 11:09 AM
Plus in 3 days I saw the same ch in the bible psalm 133 different bibles

Psalm 133
A song of ascents. Of David.

1 How good and pleasant it is
when God’s people live together in unity!
2 It is like precious oil poured on the head,
running down on the beard,
running down on Aaron’s beard,
down on the collar of his robe.
3 It is as if the dew of Hermon
were falling on Mount Zion.
For there the Lord bestows his blessing,
even life forevermore.

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Numbers in my life

by JEPH 11 - 10/18/17 8:31 PM
Okay 190, 111,.222, 333,444,555,1010; 1111;.1212,.707; 737; 747; 757; 311; are numbers that I now know is the universe's way of communicating to people, the easiest way to decipher bs from truth, it's the easiest form of info that is fact based, numbers equal a sum, and a formula is a way to think in a logical way without the ambiguous meanings of words, to eliminate confusion and to present facts that can be verified through checking the formulation, what does the world, or universe want me to know... I am ascending with every breath I breath. So when I die in the depths of my own woes, it was perceived that the people had a choice, but they chose to compete... I am solving the problem of segregation through uniting the importance of man, the ideals, and the interpretation that we are nothing yet everything in the same. And accentuate the differences that make us glaringly the same.

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by Max - 4/11/17 8:09 PM
I thought that the number 33 was supposed to resemble or was on the gates to the underworld the opposite of heaven.

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RE: 33

by Anonymous - 10/18/17 8:19 PM
Or it is in scales, notes, which were the first universal sign, before math, the urge to hum, whistle, even using your throat to make different sounds or reverberations,were before the urge to write numbers... so yes math may be as close to a universal written language, but the sounds, decibels, and the vibration of sound allows for depth. Our eyes visualize but our ears senses the depth and linear links that gives us our textures as well as dimension, depth, even angular... I love learning that without one sense it makes the others stronger but we have 6 senses, and in most cases they are balanced in accordance to the others.

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Sourrounded by the number 33

by Danny Sharpe - 9/15/17 2:46 PM
I have been noticing the 33 appears more in my life as Im getting older. My address now is 3311...33 is mutiples of 11. my birthday is oct 18th. Im also coming up on my 33rd birrhday this year and a solar eclipse just passed a few weeks ago. I also noticed that ive always had an interest in pyramids and Egypt. Im the 3rd son and oldest of 3 brothers. I have always had visions or dreams and have noticed that at some point they came true.

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RE: Sourrounded by the number 33

by Anonymous - 10/18/17 8:04 PM
saw signs of 33 today, found this website, read your comment, & realized today is your birthday. happy birthday man, hope 33 is a good one.

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33 is my life .

by Jaymie - 10/26/13 11:13 AM
I have had this number all my life . I was born Dec 3 , I am the 3rd daughter of 3 sisters and 3 brothers . I have had 3 residents all with the number 33 in them .I have 3 children .Today I live on 3rd ave and have been together with my husband for 33 yrs .I love to play the casinos and yes my winning numbers that come up are 33. I have always wondered about this number now I see it every where .I have been reading the meaning of this number and to me it is a religious number which is awesome because I am very much a spiritual person .

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RE: 33 is my life .

by Anonymous - 9/21/17 9:09 PM
I have a similar experience with 202 when I see it I am happy and only good things surround it,, any feedback
On 202 ...wife and friends have adopted it I use it all the time on my passwords,, we have joked about but I am wondering if there might be more to it after seeing these posts on 34

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Number 33!

by Kevin - 7/09/13 8:58 PM
There is definitely something to this. I am a very educated, open minded, and very rational individual. I have been noticing the number 33 everywhere around me for quite some time. It is in my address and zip code. It was in my last address too. It is even in my social security number. It is almost comical at times when and where I notice it. Everyone in my family now notices it too. My day to day activities are closely tied to the 33 as well usually expressed in minutes. Sometimes I even know when the 33 is about to present itself. I sometimes tell people in my life right before it comes up so people know this is real. I will also mention I am psychic which is another whole issue. I strongly believe that noticing the 33 is a good thing. It almost seems like being blessed by God. Whenever I see it I say a short prayer. I am really used to it now but it is interesting to see that so many other people notice it too. God Bless Everyone!

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RE: Number 33!

by Travis - 6/04/17 11:19 PM
You posted exactly my experience to the t

RE:Number 33!

by 333 - 8/11/17 3:14 PM
We are Warriors of Light, Thank you and we are Blessed I will certainly incorporate the idea of saying a short prayer everytime i see it, Comical and blessed and united we are. Thank you My Husband turn 33 tomorrow - I feel that its a guidance that we are on the right path keep doing what you are doing.

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July 5th 1983 is this your birthday?

by Conrad - 1/24/17 2:15 AM
Looking for someone else with the same birthday numbers 33-6

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RE: July 5th 1983 is this your birthday?

by Anonymous - 4/16/17 10:57 PM
Yes 22/5/1986

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by Joe - 3/14/17 4:26 PM
Ham radio operators do not us 33 to end a QSO but rather 73 ( best regards ) because of the nice Morse Code rhythm. To send a romantic conclusion to a female it is 88 ( love and kisses )

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Abilities / Ascension Support

by Marco - 1/09/17 3:43 PM
Waking Life Coaching - Human development

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hiw do I unleash my potential

by Rearabetswe - 12/06/16 2:49 PM
I am also a 33. I just realized now that I have been seeing the number 33. My date of birth 1996-11-15 adds up to 33. I now see the importance of this. Please help me with unleashing my abilities

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RE: hiw do I unleash my potential

by Anonymous - 12/18/16 10:57 AM
I am learning how to predict the future. I do it on occasions. Like I hear conversations in my head in then three days later I have that conversation. If you want to know how to do that KIk Carloni420

I often see number 33

by Sam - 12/12/16 12:16 AM
I often see the number 33 everywhere...i dont know what exactly it means...but its not the coincidence for sure...i think the number 33 means something to me...

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33 seen consistently - but in variations. My DOB adds to 31 not 33

by Steve Begin - 9/27/14 7:48 PM
I've seen 33 consistently - but in variations. My DOB adds to 31 not 33 unlike many of you. However, I would get this all the time. My daughter (who is 12) even notices it happening to me. I was in USMC boot camp under platoon 3033 - and later in the Marines I was born again (though then I though that was fanatical until Chaplain showed me Jesus said it necessary in John chapter 3). As a Christian - that's the most important event in anyone's life - deciding to ask Jesus into your life and forgive your sins believing He paid for them on the Cross, and to then follow Him. I now see 33 in many of the same places you all do and it always catches my attention. However, I more often see it with other #s like "9.33" or "3033" or "733", etc. I even make random fast-food orders and find my total ending in "33" and often "3.33" for the total or my change. Earlier this week I actually had a dream where "33" was branded (for lack of a better word) on my forehead! The second 3 began in the bottom of the first 3 - they... more...

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RE:33 seen consistently - but in variations. My DOB adds to 31 not 33

by Brolyn kemp 8 / 14 / 19 98. 2020 - 9/30/16 9:16 AM
We must awaken the brain washed there is smart persons that need our help. We must teach people that it don't matter about winning arguments. It is the person that gets over it the fastest is the stronger person. We should be teaching people how to use our human brain to its full potential. The humans third eye is something I believe master numbers can master it best. Some people cannot handle the power of the third eye and go insane it is like a muscle that knows no weight limit. Some believe meditation and third eye crap is satanic but if there is a God that created us. Would he not want us to use our brains to our full potential? You might ask why some people cannot handle the power of the third eye/ spiritual realm. But you may as well ask our creator why he made zebras lower on the food chain than lions

RE:33 seen consistently - but in variations. My DOB adds to 31 not 33

by Neo - 11/24/16 11:40 AM

RE: 33 seen consistently - but in variations. My DOB adds to 31 not 33

by Fiona - 11/26/16 1:00 AM
If you continue to see the Number 33

If you have noticed lately that you are continuing to see the Number 33, you are being asked to listen to your inner guidance. A role that you have played with someone has now ended, and it is time to move on to greener pastures. Become aware of the animals and gentle souls that you are surrounding yourself with. Connect with nature again, for it is there you will find your balance. Keep an eye on your finances, and start saving for that ‘rainy day’, you’ll be so glad that did. Have faith that it all works out in the end. Give your strength and voice to a higher calling. Your energy and understanding is much needed. Phone a friend. Don’t be a stranger. The Universe is showing you the way. Trust it.

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333Krishna Call To Higher Order

by Krishna Devotee - 7/28/16 11:43 AM
Krishna transformed his earthly body at age 33 millions of years ago.... sanskrit for baby is zeezu... he was Zeezu Krishna.... the king was prophecized a baby would be born that would be King... he had the first 7 babies killed hoping to kill the King. Krishna was sequestered and his life was saved. He says 'Maintain your mind steadfast unto me and you shall surely come to me.' 'Only those with the heart of a child can see me.' I received The Bhagavad Gita at the age of 11 as well as bindi scar from chicken pox..... before I left for l.a. I posted a trip to l.a. $300 gas and got 2 replies... answered only one.... a 19 year old med student answers and sends me her picture and she has a bindi scar on her forehead from chicken pox at the age of 11!!!!!!!!! Einstein worked with a hindu physicist Bose , a polyglot, fully conscious being, died 1974, my birth year, he prophecised 'if humans were not spiritually strong enough, the age of computers would

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RE: 333Krishna Call To Higher Order

by Ferdinand - 9/20/16 5:29 AM
Whaaat :D Ooh that scar story is amazing!! :)


by 333 - 7/29/16 6:42 AM
I feel something will be happening soon, four months ago I moved to the woods for safety as their is a high level of evil energy reaching a high pitch... a disaster man made or non man made is soon to be. God is lost in everyones heart, right now the Ego rules, religions kill and promise economic blessings such as christian churches do... money driven churches will burn in Gods radiant fire. These Christians spread hate, racism, and fear and influence politically in order to cause war. They attempt to envoke evil on earth. If Trump wins office..... all the evil that befell the enslavement, rape, denegration and murder of Africans to this nation by 'christians' will spark a war, Gods War. This ignorant demon named 'Trump' is the symbol of EVIL ignorance. Krishna was bronze skin with long pitch black wool like hair. He said 'Keep the heart of a child and you shall surely see me.' This man has darkness in his heart.... even the demons supporting him will suffer..... May God be with all of us at this time. I will... more...

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by The 33 - 8/16/16 2:00 AM
Krishna do you not see that you are already safe? The negativity that you are feeling is coming from within yourself for it is being kept there from being projected to you from what is happening in the world. Leave the world alone. It will be fine and so will you. Who is to say that living is any better than dying?



by Krishna - 7/28/16 6:08 AM
Einstein is quoted as saying 'Nithing man made will ever compare to The Bhagavad Gita'... I am a self taught theologist, I have translated and studied evwry religion including long relationships with higher ups in the mormon church, this is the only cheistian church following jesus laws. A week ago finally not understanding what this 333 means decised to google it. 333 steps in pyramids and other ancient civilizations including 500,000 dated (it is over 3 million years old) book Bhagavad Gita!!!!!!!!! 33 plates and many 333 references in the Bhagavad Gita Krishna descends on earth in any form he may wish to elevate consciouness. Hare Krishna!!!!

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by Krishna - 7/28/16 5:57 AM
I am a Krishna devotee, havent owned a tv in 15 years, dettached from the material world, make enough to eat and survive on minimal economic resources (I am a licensed real estate agent)

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by Krishna - 7/28/16 5:55 AM
Four months ago I was finishing a 3 month meditation. A 10 day missing woman comes out of the sewer system. I had taken a picture with this woman ten years ago in an unrelatedevent and did not even apeak but she is in picture. Her fiance shows up and tells me if I feel I am connected to her that I should help her. I am freaked, go to a poker game to stop thinking about God. I ask 'if I am ment to help her, you will show mw a sign. I win with a royal spade flush on my first hand against set of 333... I drive cross country and start noticing 33 or 333 every 10-30 minutes in anyway shape or form!!!! It doesnt stop... when I ask 'God, I am too weak, please, how can I war for you' , I avoid humans, I am a natural hermit, dont have facebook or friends to facebook anyway ... but never feel lonely or need human contact... after her body showed up I moved to the woods and thats where I live now. I am at home awway from the killing, stealing and cheating.....

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333 Krishna Consciousnous

by Krishna333 - 7/28/16 5:24 AM
Hold steadfast and you surely come unto me. Hare Krishna!!!

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