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There are a handful of passages related to sound. Sound travels.




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333 propecied to me by God

by Anonymous - 9/30/15 2:44 PM
Before I had my son born 3/3/89. It was propecied to me (through a lady from my church)from God that I would have a son born on 3/3/89 at 3 am, and to name him Joel Daniel! I did as I was commanded to do! Please I plead to anyone whom reading this. Look up accept Jesus has your Savior the time is here

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Ther3s no way Im looking for it

by Simon from Oz - 9/21/15 5:30 AM
I wrote a Year ago about My Brothers Pug Dog crossing the Rd.Im not Simon Who talks about the End on this Subject. But as Ive mentioned Ive been seeing 333 Since I went to Prague Over 19 Years ago as that is where it Started.But something really funny happened to Me today its really Awesome . I bought a digital watch 6 Months ago and as You can imagine Yes I see it all day long 333.But I just want to say to those sceptics out there who say we are looking for it.I like to differ on that point of view as one of my Lawyer Friends says Im looking for it.Well explain this one away if You dare.Im a Child Care Educator.I had agroup of 7 Children ages 3-4 years old.One Child sat on my lap She grabbed my wrist with my watch and Said look.As I looked it was 3:33 Pm in the after noon and it just had changed when She showed me.Lol .And on top of it She just kept saying 333 for a couple of minutes.It was Awesome Super natural. God is so Spontaneous its incredible. Isee it 3 to 4 times aday without fail for the... more...

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alchemy /numerology or Jesus Christ the Builder THE MASTER BUILDER____

by Anonymous - 4/30/11 10:56 PM
alchemy /numerology or Jesus Christ the Builder


Once again these numbers that reduce to 9 yield some remarkable conceptual associations. The following gematria was inspired by the article excerpt below (see bottom of page), the subject of which is Jesus Christ and Freemasonry. It's interesting to note how Mary Magdalene fits into the scenario also.


Note the above association with "gematria". This implies an association with "word". Notice also the word, STONE, is an anagram of the word, TONES. "Tones" can be associated with "words". In this context the following is interesting:





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RE:alchemy /numerology or Jesus Christ the Builder THE MASTER BUILDER____

by EDOTTDOT - 9/10/15 1:47 AM
what about this one the the pyramids are= 9 but the pyramids where something else paradise the pyramids are paradise =1 0ly ive used the other methoda=1j=1s=1 b=2 k=2 t=2 you get it but truely nice job i figured it out by only meditating on the eye inside the pyramid check the human chakras en the great pyramids of cheops and even more intresting genesis the first page gives us even an description on how they worked indeed these where sound chambers filled with water more or less to switch tones i already transended they also created a form of brown light what is inpossible normely figure it out just check the minerals in the diverent stones and dendera green light mixed whit purple marvle i thouth yeeeeaaaah we r god and are all one i am you and you are me I am that 'I am

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by Dafttraiscili - 9/04/15 7:57 PM
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RE: toronto web design seo

by Monica - 9/08/15 10:05 PM
You just made my life. Thank you.


by Kitty - 9/03/15 11:56 AM
I started seeing 333 on license plates my phone I wake up at 3:33 am and I found Jeremiah 333
Needless to say I am a new born Christian

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333 clues

by Anonymous - 3/09/11 7:22 AM
If you look at 333= in Greek 300=T 30=L 3=G,TLG=333,The stone Runes 333 = means Patience, Patience, Patience.333= It Is a clue too,In the alphanumeric system 3=C 3=L 3=U CLU 333. 333 =s.o.s.(3 dots 3 dashes 3 dots)Mores code for our ship Is sinking (save our souls).333 represents a higher octave of 9 = closure in 3D.333=The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love, and companionship. Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you. Some of the more famous Ascended Masters include: Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin, and Yogananda.

The Sun's mass is 333,000 times that of the Earth (NASA Sun Fact Sheet).
The number 333 is increasingly associated with the year 2012 and the completion of the current Mayan Baktun; a cycle of 144,000 days. The present Baktun is the 13th and is said to end on 12/21/12 which reduces down to 3/3/3.

• 333 is the value of the word "snow" Jeremiah 18:14, Psalms 147:16, and... more...

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RE:333 clues

by simon - 8/08/14 12:28 AM
the final 3 days of hell are about to start in a few hours, just pray to jesus and you will be saved.

love and light

RE:333 clues

by DTS - 8/16/14 7:36 AM
I need someone to talk to

RE:333 clues

by simon - 8/18/14 4:11 AM
sorry for the delay, but it's not up to me, but I can assure you that it is in the coming 48hours, the big hour.

DTS, tell me, what do you need to share or to learn?

RE: 333 clues

by johnny - 10/23/14 4:11 PM
hi my name is johnny and i am here to talk ,there are so many people like yourself looking for answers, please ask any questions you like and will try to answer ...johnny

RE: 333 clues

by johnny - 10/23/14 5:17 PM
Simon what happened, many days have passed, no END !!!! see the light ,life goes on

RE:333 clues

by Anonymous - 9/01/15 7:30 AM
Alexander the Great died 33 yrs old on March 13 33. b.c
does it tell you something?

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by Kyla Rose - 1/05/15 6:00 PM
I am 18 years old. The universe has given me much to look forward too~ 3 yeas ago my mother died from cancer. Before my mother got sick I saw this number very often, I would wake up at 3:33, see it ok billboards everywhere I went it was as if someone took my head and shoved it into my seeing 333. I accepted it. 333 has been apart of me for as long as I can remember.I know this is a sign it's been so repetitive in my subconscious that I have opened my heart and soul to the fact that I am chosen by GOD, THE UNIVERSE, MY MOTHER, FATHER, JESUS, BUDDAH, ETC.. I have found the the more I open my mind to the idea I am being watched over and the idea that I have the power to control my life- not anybody else- not god but me myself and I. Bi have had a lot of experiences with 333 relating to the music industry as well. Since 333 is the half of 666, i have almost thought that our planet and humanity is battling thru a good and evil war. We have huge celeberties promoting the use of sex drugs and hartid at the... more...

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RE: 333666

by Zach - 8/14/15 10:32 PM
Hey, I'm Zach. I'm also 18 years old. And I've honestly been seeing the numbers 333 everywhere also. I'm not fully sure what it means yet. But I'm striving to find out. And what you're saying really speaks to me. I would definitely have to agree on this. I'm positive myself that Jesus is my Lord and savor, I'm getting something... I believe it's a act of unity with the divine power of Christ through us. We the people of Earth can change lives, lift people up to the Lord and help save a-lot of lost souls trapped in this time of confusion and perversion. The music that controls peoples thoughts and emotions are just the beginning, there's much more to come. Satan won't give up so easily. We have to fight back with the Sword "The Bible". Let his Holy light shine upon us, and let's be the difference this world needs, even if they don't know it.

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My Birthdate Equals 333

by StarFirePrincessWarrior - 4/06/15 11:40 AM
So I happened onto this website just one day after Easter.
Jesus summoned me to "calculate" my birthdate.
And so I did.
It came to be 333.

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RE: My Birthdate Equals 333

by Anonymous - 7/24/15 1:40 PM
My birthdate equals 333 as well.

Many numbers, 333 is common.

by Christopher - 3/29/12 7:48 AM
I now know words are matched to numbers, but there are over one million words in the English language. I've been writing them down whenever I see them. The freaky thing is I now get a voice that says "Look at the clock", or "Look left", "Look right", "Look in the sky". Before it was just usually a feeling or urge, now it's usually a voice. The commas represent each day, dashes each event.

616-626, 616-636, 313-333-414, 1001-333-313-333-333-333, 3993-818-1212-303-313-414-626, 929-939-444-626, 333-929-333-959.

818-858-909-101-404-747, 636-111-212-313-404-939, 242-414-515-111, 636-737-919-202-212-515-545-616-737-747-808-919-949, 626-919-929-111-212-333-757-848-1010, 242-505-555-616-626-707-808-949, 909-919-1001-111-777-424-717-818-828.

333-717-525-555-656-727, 505-616-737-747-818-929-515-606-808, 1221-434-444-555-656-707-232-222-434-646-444, 848-515-848-858-434-656-252, 1212-232-353-404-1221-212-838-111, 1212-1221-949-1001-212-333-929-1010, 101-202-757-323-404-515.

1221-303-444-939,... more...

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RE: Many numbers, 333 is common.

by Simon from Oz - 10/16/14 4:47 AM
Thomas liked what you wrote would you like to communicate.What your sayimg really clicks.Ill write to you on the weekend.

RE: Many numbers, 333 is common.

by johnny - 10/23/14 4:57 PM
thank you for your verse not fear christopher that only restricts your growth,be happy to join the sea of beautiful humans and let us working together become one in consiousness ...johnny

RE: Many numbers, 333 is common. life ?

by johnny - 10/23/14 5:02 PM
why is it christopher you see death instead of life ,darkness is death and life is light , please post a comment and another nice verse ...johnny

RE:Many numbers, 333 is common.

by Chantie - 1/27/15 4:45 AM
Another sheep into the fold. I too have been seeing these number sequences for year. It started with triple digit 777,111,444 then I see quads 4444, 1111, 8888 and in the last several months I see the mirror images this was yesterday and I wrote about them. In the morning 656, 707,808,838 in the afternoon-evening 454,545,737,
Number are messages from the angels and they are ways to pay attention to our thoughts mostly. Doreen Virtue is an expert Angel communicator and wrote many books. The following is from her book called Angel Numbers 101.
The messages seem to flow together like one message, it's interesting.

656 – All is well even though appearances may feel stressful. Beneath it all is divine order. You will soon see that the changes that are occurring are answers to your prayers.
707 – God’s wisdom is guiding you in the right way. Move forward in confidence.
808 – Everything you need is supplied to you in obedience. Open your arms to receive all the good that your creator bestows on you... more...

RE:Many numbers, 333 is common.

by nikki - 4/01/15 3:38 AM
I really thought i was losing my mind so grateful to have found this and know I'm not the only one.. This started around the passing of my grandmother and has really happened a lot more since there has been some added stressors in my life..

RE:Many numbers, 333 is common.

by Anonymous - 6/20/15 8:41 PM
All I've seen for 2 years straight were the numbers 737...litterally everywhere.... license plates...randomly waking up at that time...check stubs.... even the other night when I paused a just happened to pause on 737...this is not an exaggeration

RE:Many numbers, 333 is common.

by Rochelle - 6/29/15 8:40 PM
I see the number 858 everywhere. What does it mean?

RE:Many numbers, 333 is common.

by Rajesh - 7/23/15 10:37 AM
I am keep seeing all 1111 1313 222 808 818 828 838 909 919 929 939 606.. 546 , 321 ... all this no from past 4 months.Currently I am facing lots of problem in my life from relationship to Job issues.

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The Return of 333

by Simon 333 - 9/29/14 5:10 AM
Wow what an amazing subject. Its Awsome.I live in Canberra and spent 12 years in PRAGUE with my wife and children teaching Orphans Engish.It started there roughly 17 years ago that 33 or 333 or any amount of 3s started popping up every where in the craziests ways .I really do hear from God in prophecy and prayer any any body can channel in to God through His operater the HOLY SPIRIT.Its simple just Believe.Jesus loves you so much folks and Hes not Religion He is a revolutionary for love.PRETTY dangerous Doctrine actually when you think about it.Any how I feel I could write a book on the funny crazy zanny ways this number follows me.Actually in the beginning I thought this number was stalking me.I thought It was really really weird.I now know its the GOD factor what ever you want to call it.Theres one thing the skeptics always say about this subject 'YOUR LOOKING FOR IT'.REALLY I would say.Well it happens to me every day and as Im busy with 22 toddlers to look after in a day care centre 8 hours a day 5 days a... more...

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RE:The Return of 333

by Mark - 7/22/15 2:58 PM
Just a quick comment on 333. It follows me and invades my life on a regular basis.
It weirded me out at first but now I look forward to it happening. I beleive it is from GOD. Why? Don't know. I live at 333 sailors rd. And I was sailor in the Navy.
Just weird. I didn't notice the number until I had a born again experience with the living GOD. God bless all. No fear!

For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7
If you have fear ask GOD to reveal the works of the enemy to gain the victory through Jesus.

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Returning to the since

by 333 returner SB - 4/29/15 1:11 AM
It been awhile since I been on this site. I guess I was one of those early birds XD. I have found this site before 2012 but it has been awhile... Everything in this page looks the same T-T looks great. Now I've been seeing 333 a lot more again but that is not the reason why I'm here. Now what brought me here was the search for the phrase 333 chosen ones that had pop in my head in a non-connected... way??? Anyway I did the search and the resulted had this page on the top. That why I'm posting now.

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The search for the meaning of 333

by Jackie - 7/19/12 3:31 PM
I've been seeing 333 for about three years now. I don't look for it but it pops up alot. Sometimes I can go for a couple weeks and not see it then one day it will pop up everywhere trying to get my attention. After reading all these posts it really is amazing how many people are seeing it. I don't think our search for what it means will ever be answered in this life. Maybe we are all the type of people who are of a little higher knowledge and pay attention to things more than others. Most people stumble through life not paying attention to the world around them. Alot of people are in their own little bubbles and don't think outside of them. We the 333 people are probably more open and receptive people. Everytime I see it I say a prayer. I don't feel negative when I see it. I almost feel like it's something watching over me or telling me I'm on the right path. I like the one post that says everytime you see 333 to search for the truth. Maybe we should all implement that when we see. Search for the truth in your life and be the best you that you can be!

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RE:The search for the meaning of 333

by Angie - 2/16/15 1:11 PM
I have for a while now been having 333 re-occurances. Sometimes daily, sometimes 2 X's a day. It isn't just a time either. My Credit statement was $333. I added songs to a playlist, went out and it just happened to be 333 min of music that I just was "adding" without paying any attention. The point is it happens all the time to me. I feel closer to God and Angels when I see this. A sense comes over me when I witness this. I started to think I was crazy at first. Then I started telling people about it. They too have witnessed it. 333 is NOT just a number. It is not just a freak thing that happens or a coincidence. This has meaning. I don't spend a lot of time researching it because I feel the higher power needs no explanation. BUT I was happy to read a few forums to see that I am not the only one.

RE: The search for the meaning of 333

by oo - 3/04/15 7:20 PM
The word same is 333 times in the authorized king James version

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Jesus and 333

by Nathan - 1/21/11 10:42 AM
When I see 333 throughout the day I think of Gods son, Jesus and his teachings. No matter how down I am feeling I immediately begin to feel better. My chin goes up and my faith in him strengthens. I feel fortunate throughout the day to notice 333, like little reminders of Jesus's love for us. I find that when I am feeling better, I behave like a better person towards others. It's seems like there is so much sadness in the world and the little things I can do to bring a smile to someones face begins to make a difference. When I see 333 it gives me strength to do my small part. The light of God brightens within me, shines through me, and is no longer restricted by sadness. Does anyone else, when they see 333, feel this way?

Can someone besides Michael respond. No offense to Michael but he seems to feel the need to answer every post. He acts like a Shepard, and you are all his sheep. Holding a sword behind his back, offers hand shakes, and then sticks his true intensions through the belly's of true believers in... more...

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RE: Jesus and 333

by Anonymous - 4/30/12 5:10 PM
Why do you fear Michael


RE: Jesus and 333

by Anonymous - 4/30/12 5:21 PM
Already returned as a thief in the night.


RE: Jesus and 333

by Anonymous - 5/15/12 4:44 PM
I awaken a few times a week and the clock is 333.I don't know for sure what it means.Really has me thinkin alot.

RE: Jesus and 333

by Anonymous - 5/16/12 8:55 AM
You need to wake up spiritually.


RE:Jesus and 333

by sahil - 8/04/14 7:27 AM
mi ha piaciuto

RE: Jesus and 333

by Anonymous - 9/07/14 8:39 AM
yes Nathan.....I too feel good whenever I see the # 333. A reminder to me that someone in heaven is with me.

RE:Jesus and 333

by Thomas Caldwell - 10/14/14 3:17 AM
Hello. My name is Thomas. I was born with the word mind written on the iris of my right eye. My pupil dots the "I" of the word. I see the numbers 333 and 1111 every single day.. I would first like to say that the truth/meaning you find in these repetative numbers you see is limited to your subjective experience. Meaning, we are not going to recieve the same message, even though the same message is being sent, because in a way we all shape the message into what we want it to be subconsciously. However, the one common denominator in every situation I've come across is that the numbers are appearing excessively beyond coincidence. This is great news. Because when scientists want to create scientific laws, or even produce conclusive data, they compare results. That is exactly what this forum has done. It is conclusive that there is a message being sent..But what we all need to understand is that it is being sent to people of all different religions,and all different backgrounds. It was sent to me, and I was a... more...

RE:Jesus and 333

by Thomas Caldwell - 10/14/14 3:28 AM
Also I would like to say that Lord is a word I generally associate with cults. I get uncomfortable when people use it and talk about the end of the world, while using words like sacrifice. Those are all things I associate with Evil. I will say that Jesus was a piece to the infinite though. A good man and a strong channel of that creative force I was just talking about. I just want to tell you all that you are a strong channel of it as well. Have a nice day/night

RE: Jesus and 333

by johnny - 10/23/14 5:11 PM
you have to understand micheal is a young soul and has much to learn but for you ,you must learn to accept him for who he is ,you have posted on this site and he has chosen to respond weather you like it or not . you have chosen this 333 forum and that number is love , compassion , and for givness ,and all that is going on here is that you are being tested ,once you can understand this it all becomes easier ,so have compassion for him he is young in soul life and you are much wiser ,..johnny

RE:Jesus and 333

by Anonymous - 1/07/15 1:47 AM
Choronzon, the Lord of Dispersion
Choronzon (by Michael Topper)
The Mass of Choronzon
Choronzon: The Dark Side Demoness of 333

the Lord of Dispersion
by Anders Sandberg
from SpiritsAndOtherBeings Website

Choronzon, also known as 333, Lord of Hallucinations, is one of the most feared umbrood in existence. Many mages have fallen prey to its cunning plans, and its power can’t be ignored. It is a preceptor, which some claim is one of the Wyrm’s most dangerous servants. Other mages whisper that it is a part of Wyrm capable of independent action. Some mages claim Choronzon is the Wyrm. The truth is not known. Choronzon appears to sometimes be a group of entities, and sometimes a single entity (My name is Legion).

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I am being attacked

by Michael cummins - 8/21/14 9:31 PM
I need help. 333 is too much for me to bear. My cross is too heavy

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RE:I am being attacked

by Joshua - 12/24/14 4:22 PM
Fear not death, for every end is a new beginning. Nothing is easy, and nothing is hard. Work is the the way of this dimension. If you are among the chosen 33, 333, your burden is not, but your blessings will be many.

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seeing 3s before my son was murdered on 3/2313

by Jendy - 12/10/14 5:18 PM
alot of 3s were associated with the murder of my first born son,he was killed on 3/23/13, he was burried on 3/30/13 in court we found out that the gun came from apt 333 on the 3rd floor and then a few wks later i found out that my baby is burried in plot #3. I feel that he is to be part of one of our great Gods big plans. .....any input??

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333 and what is means to me.

by Joshua David Houston 10/03/88 - 2/22/14 7:28 AM
333 has been my favorite number since middle school. My favorite person, at the time, told be to not be sad. It's happy 333 and it's time for things to change. I've used that my whole life in association to seeing the number. At the time of my youth it meant that school was letting out school. School was never a happy experience for me, and getting out that hellhole. I always held on to the relation of that meaning every time I see 333, which is A LOT. Happy 333, it's a sign that better things to come. As for it meaning for God, or for the Devil... This atheist is not convinced. I think, if anything, if your looking at a new world order, and everything that could lead to the end times... christianity has spread more hate, and violence than any other religion, other than islam. They certainly outnumber everyone else. I think, one day, it could more likely be in God we trust, or die. Food for thought. Happy 333, it's a time for things to change. Good, or bad, thats all up to you, and your perception.

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RE: 333 and what is means to me.

by Mike f - 12/10/14 1:56 AM
three little birds just a reminder everything wil be alright

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note .333

by oldwolf - 10/29/14 11:06 AM
All the things they been teaching us in school is a lie and they been keeping it from us .

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by inch - 10/28/14 4:21 PM
I've seen this in one band called beast 1333 and it relates to what I've been thinking ................

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333 444 555

by Brandon - 2/11/11 7:21 PM
I have been seeing 333 444 555 very often for about 6 months now- I dont know if it means something although I feel like it does-It could just be that my mind is locked on those times although i have been seeing it not just on clocks- on my receipts and the last time the cashier even made a comment huh 4.44 - it was at a wallmart and my 2 small things i bought were located on different sides of the store- I think its a message of some sort but i have not figured it out yet- it seems like everyone including me has there their theory so heres mine- The people that can see the signs are the chosen ones- the chosen ones must solve the mystery and unlock the message to the world- the message is from GOD

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RE: 333 444 555

by Anonymous - 10/23/14 7:19 PM
every body keeps talking about 333 or 9 ,we have all lived many life times and now 333 or 9 refers to the end of our cosmic cycle travelling around the cosmos for 26 thousand yrs 333 signifies the end of our sleep and the beginning of our awakening to higher consiousness,for many who have no teacher this can be a very scarey time , being able to see, sense ,spirit long term friends will drift away ,wives and husbands will leave each other as vibrational rates differ between people it is the age of aquarious the water pouring out of the jar on the shoulder is washing away all the impuritys we have carried for so long and this is no easy process,i wish every body love and light during this process...johnny

RE:333 444 555

by johnny - 10/23/14 7:26 PM
thank you anonymous for speaking such wisdom your last posting ..2011 please come back as there are so many others who have come on line sinse then ...johnny

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Your true prophet

by Anonymous - 1/31/14 8:54 PM
I know now what i must do, The fact that I am comment number 3609 solidifies this. I will lead all of you and help you, But i will need you to focus your positive energy upon me, Luke, Bringer of the light. A new era is coming, one where everyone will be safe and protected, Troian and I are to ensure this new era. She often appears in my dreams, I've known what i have to do to get to her and gain the power i need to help mankind for a longtime, I am just not sure

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RE:Your true prophet

by Anonymous - 1/31/14 9:27 PM
anything he desires shall be his, The light, other realms, and the safety of the people will all fall into place, Death shall never befall him for he will be able to simply jump between this plain and any other if he so desires, he can even create plains of existence and bend them.

RE:Your true prophet

by Anonymous - 1/31/14 9:35 PM
And so everything will fall into place, Luke shall become powerful enough to bend the universe to his will and create a new realm of light and love for the people through Troian. And nothing will stand in the way, Not even Luke will be able to prevent this from happening for 333666999 will ensure him incredible power and bring nothing but goodness and enlightenment to the people. We will be free, We will be free, We will be free.

RE:Your true prophet

by johnny - 10/23/14 5:59 PM
well prophet you must get a grip ! it is blatently obvious you are whats called carrying have picked up a negative entity from some where or some one , seek a healer or someone who who can remove this ,if you let it stay with you ,the longer it stays the harder it is to remove ,all of your comments prove this !! there is a ancient saying "to have power is to have no power "those who are wise will understand this ,i wish you luck

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RE:333 clues

by Doug B - 8/01/14 10:54 AM
I hadn't seen 333 since February of 1993 when I was awakened at exactly 3:33am. That was a rough time in my life for a few reasons, and I was abruptly awoken in a hotel room by what sounded like an airplane crashing through the wall. The whole room was covered in a bright white light and I could hear what sounded like something flapping loudly in a stiff wind. This lasted for what seemed like about ten minutes, and I was too terrified to even move, which I couldn't anyway, I closed my eyes as tightly as I could, but could see right through my eyelids anyway. I honestly thought I was dying at the time. I of course prayed, and everything went back to normal. Throughout the years I was led from false teachings to becoming a member in a Bible-based church.

I only started seeing 3:33 again recently, beggining in July of 2014. I saw it so frequently that I decided to look at the Internet and was amazed by all the hits.

I guess I have a question as to the date of August 11, 2014 mentioned on other posts. Could that be the reason that this started up again?

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RE: RE:333 clues

by johnny - 10/23/14 5:44 PM
ok doug in 93 you went through a awakening to the light but subconsiously refused to accept it ,now the angels are giving you the message again ,know that you are on the path and accept what is happening ,ask for a sign such as seeing three feathers to know angels are with you

Bible; John 3:33

by J.R. - 10/31/12 8:01 PM
John 3:33 - Those who believe him discover God is true.

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RE: Bible; John 3:33

by johnny - 10/23/14 5:37 PM
hi 11:11 is the first wake up numbers for your d.n.a ,where do you see 11;11 look at a picture of a d.n.a. chart, also ancient cultures knew this out side of every egyptian temples were two flag poles either side of the main entrance meaning enter through 11;11 into the realms of the creator ..johnny

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by Angels help us if we take heed. - 3/11/13 3:24 AM
I've have been seeing this for many years. I told my girlfriend once when we were at the store about. We were deciding what to get to eat. We both agreed to a Red Baron Pizza. On sale $3.33. My mother passed away 3 days after my 33rd birth day. I told a lady at work about it and she jokingly said well you should play the lottery. On break about a week later I was reading the newspaper and the lottery guessed it 333. It flipped me out. So it seems there is some kind of correlation between this number. Though I see it a lot. Once at work, Wal Mart :( " I am anti Wal Mart now just to mention, I seen the real deal of that company" Though one day I saw a guy with 333 tattooed on the back of his neck so I ran up to him and asked whats the 333 about?? He said I got that in prison because I'm half evil. Though I don't believe that is the real meaning. Something good, something to let certain people take notice, messages sent from angels. Mom told me in a dream...What I saw was a entirely black... more...

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RE: 333

by johnny - 10/23/14 5:21 PM
hi ray ,speak out now ,for now is the time you have awakened ,i know you have much wisdom to share ,it is time to come out of your shell !!!!!

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by johnny - 10/23/14 4:44 PM
12/21/12 yes it is the end ,but only the end of one month of the galactic calender and now is the continuing birth of aqarious the mayan predictions ended now because things have happened to change the previous course of time , we as a race have been spared and because of this are accelerating spiritually faster than any other species has done before us ,all around us in the higher octaves of this dimention we currently exist are other life forms watching to see if we choose the light and meet accention,for those out there who see the 333's and hear the accention tones ...a slight ringing tone in the ears ,embrace what is happening to you ,also if you are forgeting things ,this is only the brain restructuring to the nicer things in life , in order for this to happen the senaptic path ways of jealousy , hate , greed ,anger etc have to close down and new ones of love peace friendship have to come on line , unfortunately for the elderly this is being called dimensure !! .The younger you are the faster the brain changes and sadly a lot of the elderly will not make the change in this current life time ,so please feel compassion for them and have patience with your selves ...johnny

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333 Dynasty

by Gold3n Fr33man - 2/11/13 2:25 PM
333 is an ethereal government administrating the restoration of Earth. These administrators come from other dimensions by utilizing the technology of light. Light is Love. Some branches of this government have manifested themselves more than others so far.. but beginning to see this number in your daily environment is your message from your Spirit to your Soul.. reminding you that you are part of this administration, and you will experience the true Light and the true Love released through your physical bodies and learn to govern this electricity for the purpose of healing all. One Love.

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RE:333 Dynasty

by johnny - 10/23/14 3:58 PM
here is a little more 333 or 9 means end or finish ,you have had many life times upon this earth and this time is probably your last hense your awakening .when merkaba was reintroduced to humanity 30 or so yrs ago many students blew televisions ,radios, and set light switches on fire , but all of these people had to go through a lengthy meditation every day to activate their field, some very special people such as yourself have enough love within to just set it off you are SPECIAL seek the truth earnestly and it will appear in love and light....johnny

RE:333 Dynasty

by johnny - 10/23/14 4:04 PM
hi johnny again ,you say things happen sometimes. try to remember when that was see when you are really happy or in a state of love these emotions feed the merkaba and the effects are enhanced ,when you are in this mode if you believe, miracles can be acomplished,would love to hear your comments

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