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Seeing 34 everytime

by Sakil - 8/23/15 6:14 AM
Bro its happening to me also, so i searched this topic i saw clock everytime i see 34

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by Derek Jaskula - 1/07/11 1:44 PM
so i don't know how it came about but i finally look online for the significants of 1134 and just 34 because for about 10 years now, since i was about 13 or 14 i have seen 1134 everywhere or just 34 for example almost every single time i look at the clock its on 34.. like 9 times outa 10.... and i promise you its not because i look for it, for example (and believe me this is just a few, i have countless examples) i can go hours without knowing what time it is and when i happen by a clock 34.. i was watching a movie on my x-box and even paused it a few times and when the movie ended and i hit the button to return to the menu it was 10:34! i mean come on what are the odds of that.... and it happens ALL THE TIME! i thought i was crazy... but it even happens when i'm listing to the radio for some reason they'll announce the time 34 is in it. ill ask somebody what time it is the'll the'll me XX:34 it never fails... count each letter in my name 2x and u get 34.. i make flight plans, the trip time will be 34min or... more...

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by Anonymous - 2/20/15 10:59 PM
Ok this 1134 has been happening since the digital cloii ck came out. But in recent years I've been seeing 1010-1111-1212 and lately 1134 a lot. What in the heck is going on? Need a answer!!!!Going nuts


by Anonymous - 2/23/15 3:59 PM
I see 11:34 all the time that's my band :)


by rus - 3/29/15 7:06 PM
I can't believe this many people have experienced this I've never told anyone because I thought they would think I'm crazy. But I'm going on 15 years or more seeing 1134 o. A daily basis.


by Judy - 4/15/15 10:48 PM
I lived at the address 1134 for awhile as a child and in the last 25 years or so, it's become my number--license plate, etc. I believe it to be a type of 'spiritual address' that will someday be made apparent. In the meantime, so glad to know I'm not alone in viewing it so frequently--always makes me happy.

I even wrote a song which starts: Don't coming looking for me at 1133 cuz' I'll be waitin' by the door at 1134.


by Anonymous - 4/20/15 4:37 AM
Yeah I just startied seeing that number especially 1134 and i am
only a teenager


by livy - 6/01/15 11:59 AM
I like it


by andre - 6/12/15 12:58 PM
wow unbelieavable how many see this and comment ive been seeing this for years and its always when i look at the clock its weird but it is hell backwards i aint here to bring anyone down but hell is probally where im headed unless im forgivn for whatever reason that's all i see sometimes twice a day its so crazy how the mind looks for the time at that moment of time ik theres more to life im just very logical everyone wants it to be positive for whatever reason and i do have a negative thought process but with this said i think its hell and we are being told thats the path we are headed on but jesus who i believe in can forgive u idk why he would but he can its on u to make the change and i hope u all can i k im hopeless so i can only wish he can forgive me for my sins gl everyone and see u soon hahahaha not funny!


by brittdispensa83 - 6/17/15 8:47 AM
I believe it is heavens way of telling us that our souls have been accepted & we will b called up. I c it ALL the time also. Now I know I am not alone. Idk y but I meditate & pray & I get the feeling that our brother & sister souls r telling us god has accepted us into his kingdom.


by Ian - 7/26/15 10:43 AM
I put it in longitude and latitude and got an area in the Sudan near Ethiopia which is said to be near the garden of eden.


by Donte - 8/22/15 4:12 PM
Well guess I'm another person seeing 1134. I've been seeing this for about 3 years now... I see it at least 2 to 3 times a day. Even if a clock is set wrong. Microwave, stove
Car, computer wherever... This was extremely creepy until I googled 1134 and found it to be a angel number I guess.

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by karam - 8/16/15 9:37 AM
Same here I usually see 34 minutes on clock,,its hapning from last 4 yers

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Re: 1134 / 34

by Nina - 8/16/15 2:05 AM
I have just started to see 11:34 in the time, or just 34. I see in some of the comments that some people have been seeing this number years. I understand that it is an Angel. I have recently lost my mother, and am wondering if she is trying to say something. I am in the habit of seeing 11:11 all the time, as well. I have tried using these numbers along with the day that it happens the most, in the lottery - no luck. So it might mean something else. Maybe be aware of things around you, at that time. Only God knows. We must look deep into ourselves. Great to see lots of comments on this subject.

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by Anonymous - 8/02/15 8:58 PM
It'd gotten do bad for me... I've seen this number for years. At 13, my dad died 4/13. 1 year later,my nephew was born 4/13/00. Than, I have a daughter, 4/13/04. When I see it on a license plate, something happens. (Got pulled over, blew a tire)I know those sound like bad things, but they helped me in ways I can't explain. Happy to know I'm not the only one!!

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RE: 413,0413,1143,

by Anonymous - 8/02/15 8:58 PM
It's gotten so bad for me... I've seen this number for years. At 13, my dad died 4/13. 1 year later,my nephew was born 4/13/00. Than, I have a daughter, 4/13/04. When I see it on a license plate, something happens. (Got pulled over, blew a tire)I know those sound like bad things, but they helped me in ways I can't explain. Happy to know I'm not the only one!!

I love 34

by itsagoodsign - 7/10/12 2:53 PM
I am so happy to see so many people have this connection. I too, see 34 on a clock all the time! Not even meaning to look or check the time and it is always 34 minutes after the hour. It has been my favorite number for years. Roulette is where it started. I just chose the number and it always meant something to me. Always been my favorite number. I see it on license plates, receipts, ticket # at a fast food place, jerseys etc. etc. etc. When I see it, I always get a good feeling. Like God is letting me know I am where I am supposed to be in life, and it will all work out. *I especially see 34 when I am stressed about something...and that is my way of knowing it will work out*

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RE:I love 34

by Incognito - 7/05/15 6:30 PM
I've been in a more depressed kind of state because a lot is goin on n my life and negative feelings and emotions..I never started seeing these numbers untill I started goin throught a lot of the things I'm goin through...some insight would be appreciated ...

RE: I love 34

by Anonymous - 7/09/15 5:15 PM
I also see 34 all the time on a clock also mostly when im stressed i never looked at it like u do but reading this makes me feel better. i thought it was an evil thing but i don't wanna think that way.

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Number 34

by GLENN - 6/18/15 3:36 AM
Every time I look at the clock I see 34....

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13, then 13 with 4, and then 113 and 134, and finally a full 1 with 13 and 4 at the same time

by Bruce - 5/28/15 10:51 PM
My experience started with 13 showing up many times last year, which it still does, even just today I walked out of Subway at lunch from work, and there was someone in a Jersey with 13 on the back.. I also like other people with 34 catch the clock at 13 minutes past the hour now I large number of times now, and I am not trying to look at it, but it just happens.

Then it started getting grouped with 4 often. One day on the way up to a ski resort for a 3+ hour drive, I was praying much of the way up about some things, something I don't do often enough, and near the end of the day on the slopes, on the last lift ride, I got to the lift, and for some reason the kids at the front of the line asked the lift operator what chair number they got, and he said 9.. There was only a few in front of me in line to get onto these chairs that hold up to two people, so I normally would have gotten chair 12, but instead two of the kids that were going together, did not go because they said they were waiting for someone... more...

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RE: 13, then 13 with 4, and then 113 and 134, and finally a full 1 with 13 and 4 at the same time

by Bruce - 6/03/15 10:47 PM
As a further update, on the way to Chicago for a Dr Appt this week, I was still wondering if the numbers were from God, or not, and in the middle of much traffic on I290, there is a license plate on a car that pulls in front of me then that reads "ITS GOD 5" - and another car pulls up in the lane to the right then with numbers that start out with 134.. so, the two cars are side by side for a few seconds before they separate, and I lose track of them.

And then yesterday 6/3/15, I was scanning through an on demand 2 hour video of America's got talent for a snippet of a friend of mine riding a segway, and the moment she was visible where I could see it was her, and paused the video, was just as the timer changed to the 1 hour and 34 minute mark.

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me too

by so relieved - 5/03/15 4:02 PM
i cannot believe so many people have experienced the samething and I'm not crazy... for the last year no matter what time of the day or is i keep seeing something 34... at first it was always 12:34 but then it turned to random times of the day where is something 34... its scares me because I'm not looking for it, i even prayed and asked God to stop it from happening because i had just lost my brother a few months before this started happening so i thought he wad warning me that i was next or someone i love... but it still happens every single day... its so bad my cell phone is 2 minutes slower than my alarm clock, but I'll catch the time at maybe 2:34 and then it never fails my eyes land on my cell phone exactly when it hits 2:34...its really worrisome not knowing what it means... and me like a lot of others on here, im christian...

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RE: me too

by Anonymous - 5/28/15 5:49 PM
I have had the same thing happen to me several times, and I looked in to it. It Is not a bad thing, so don't be afraid. It's actually more of a blessing or at least a warning. 3 and 4 make 7 which is a number for the divine. The info also went on to say that when your mind starts taking notice to those things, it means your conscience is growing in awareness. As if the numbers or the fact that you are even noticing the sequences, is like a key turning and your mind being opened. Meditate on itfor a little bit each day. When you can learn to silence your mind, God will you give you the answers you seek. God bless, I hope that helped.


by MIka - 5/08/15 8:53 PM
does anybody see the number 44, and 54 also?

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by 1134 - 5/04/15 10:12 AM
Dude ive felt exactly tha same and when i discovered this nomber i startet smoking weed..i still do and i thing i have discovered my dark side

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by Eric - 5/04/15 12:09 AM
This number freaks me out but I am glad to find others who are talking about it.

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11:34,1:34,7:34,1134,134,734,$1.34,$11.34,$7.34, 2-3 times a day for years.

by Derek - 3/11/11 10:27 PM
Michael G.- Your story reads much like mine, almost exactly, and I have a very important question for you, or for anyyone who has posted on here, that I will ask at the end of my post. Finding this site is making me extremely worried. I'm almost in tears over this. I feel damned or condemned in some way. I also feel like telling anyone about this will only result in non-understanding and disbelief, that I am dillusional or imagining things. I told one friend about this a while ago, and he told me that I am looking for those numbers. I can honestly say that I am certainly not. I dread looking at the clock for this very reason. I never want to see that number again. What may have been chalked up to coincidence at the beginning, has blown out the window years ago. It simply happens too often. Furthermore, other numbers rarely come up. At first I thought, well I'm only noticing, or taking mental note when the numbers end in 34, but it is literally all the time. This is the first time I have ever searched online... more...

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RE:11:34,1:34,7:34,1134,134,734,$1.34,$11.34,$7.34, 2-3 times a day for years.

by Anonymous - 1/15/15 11:40 AM
I too have come across this time 11:34 . I came to thought at first that it was a coincidence and must be lucky numbers or really I don't know. I also as others mentioned with 11:34 backwards and upside down spells hell. But something inside of me never feared that. I've lived a life where I can say i've escaped death a few times. I've been saved through past bad experiences and have been only made stronger as a person. for as religion goes, I was born Catholic but never participated. I've always believed in God but did'nt take it any further than that. Recently I have been led to Christianity within the last year and I was not at all seeking religion. But i was looking for help, guidance and answers. Since I've come across Christianity my eyes have been Sooo exposed to things I've never imagined. My life has new value. New views, i've gotten answers, I've got help and guidance. Unreal that everything I've needed was right there all along. Now with this 11:34 message we receive daily. It is a sign of... more...

RE:11:34,1:34,7:34,1134,134,734,$1.34,$11.34,$7.34, 2-3 times a day for years.

by karan - 1/17/15 2:26 AM
You guys are like my family now I swear my life revolves around the number 143 in many iddferent orders and various additions as well as those same numbers. I'm Christian and just praise Jesus's name because it's like a message and in my personal experience which doesnt happen to others when I try to relate. Therefore I've been thinking positive about it and God's there.its funny how all the september birthdays experience it often, mine is on the 29of September so I can relate.

RE:11:34,1:34,7:34,1134,134,734,$1.34,$11.34,$7.34, 2-3 times a day for years.

by karan - 1/17/15 2:30 AM
Also, another relationship is 1134 backwards is hell although its a reverse which sounds like a signal that the one staying in God's hand will go to the reverse location of hell which is heaven.. Just stay true to God since we're majority of Christians who are experiencing it

RE: 11:34,1:34,7:34,1134,134,734,$1.34,$11.34,$7.34, 2-3 times a day for years.

by Anonymous - 1/28/15 11:50 AM
I couldn't have said it any better 100% I think it's a Libra thing we have some psychic abilities I keep on seeing the number 34 so I made it my favorite numba

RE:11:34,1:34,7:34,1134,134,734,$1.34,$11.34,$7.34, 2-3 times a day for years.

by Bryan B - 2/07/15 8:44 AM
This is awesome, I'm not crazy. I first saw 1134 on my clock when I was 12. I was upside-down so I saw hell I did t think anything of it but started to see it all the time. I'm 35 now and it hasn't changed I wanot to get it as a tattoo, not knowing if it's good or bad but it has been a part of me for a long time now. My brother be lives me now that I'm not just looking for it. He wanted to buy a new cell phone and asked me to have a look and see what I think of it. I looked at the phone and the time was 1134. No other phone had that display time. I did find a meaning that I like. It's called the angel numbers if you ha entry found it already look it up may make you feel better about the number, I know i have.

RE:11:34,1:34,7:34,1134,134,734,$1.34,$11.34,$7.34, 2-3 times a day for years.

by shalimar - 3/03/15 8:46 AM
I've had the same thing going on for years now....I see 11:34 am and pm everyday. I realized that if you add the numbers up it equals 9...the number 9 is a sacred number you can look up the sacred number 9 and how the universe equal 9 in all we see. It gets deep. Maybe theses numbers are trying to tell us something.

RE:11:34,1:34,7:34,1134,134,734,$1.34,$11.34,$7.34, 2-3 times a day for years.

by Julian - 4/14/15 12:10 AM
Seriously? Okay first off I see the number 11:34 all the time not really 9:34 or anything else. Once and awhile I will see 12:34 but very it's very rare. I see 11:34 all the time. And unlike most of u I am not holy or am very religious or even understand why GOD would show us the number 11:34?!?? In what reason would that help me or anyone else? Beside come on here because like u guys I wondered what was going on?? And here all of u are talking about God putting us together by this number?? How do u figure? Because u have the belief in or follow God in some way ?? All of u r all relieved because people said that it must be from God and that's it? U all think that answer is the one??? No more digging?? No more searching? Lol wow. God can be an answer but not the only answer. We need to open our eyes a little more here people. Seriously.

RE:11:34,1:34,7:34,1134,134,734,$1.34,$11.34,$7.34, 2-3 times a day for years.

by Julian again - 4/14/15 12:13 AM
Oh and another thing I'm not a liver either so whoever put that answer up is an idiot.

RE:11:34,1:34,7:34,1134,134,734,$1.34,$11.34,$7.34, 2-3 times a day for years.

by Julian - 4/14/15 12:14 AM
I meant libra. Seriously?!!?! Star signs ?!!? Lol

RE:11:34,1:34,7:34,1134,134,734,$1.34,$11.34,$7.34, 2-3 times a day for years.

by A Christian - 4/30/15 1:55 AM
Ok everyone I'm going to let you all in on some very relieving news.. I have seen this number many times and all of you are correct. 734 and 1134 and 134 are very significant and I'm about to explain the significance in my experience. Although there is no zero before the numbers God uses this number to let you know that he is making a point or he is watching you at that perticular moment. At first when the enemy was always putting fear and doubt in my mind , I thought it would spell hell backwards just like many of you all have thought and if you are living a sinful life then that could be his way of telling you that you need to make better choices, however after giving my life to Christ what was intended for my harm actually was turned around for good. Now when I see those numbers I get very happy because it's actuallly God telling me hello or 734 backwards or hello 1134.. I specifically have spoken out loud to him to confirm that what this actually means is Hello . I would like to be very specific on how God confirmed this with me. If anyone would like to know more about this and what happens please email me at Hugoestrada1.
This is actually very powerful and I don't mind sharing this with you all. By the way I'm also an ex army ranger .

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by Lance - 4/23/15 10:04 PM
Wow, I can't believe that I'm not the only one that has experienced this phenomenon. Reading these posts has lifted a weight off my shoulders. I was 12 or 13 years old when I stated noticing it...everywhere. Got a text in the middle if the night, 11:34, get up and get a glass of water 11:34 I'm 26 y/o now and have seen it at least 5 times a week for 12 years and haven't even mentioned it to my wife cuz I thought she would think I was crazy. When my parents split up i was 7 and i moved into an old mortuary where me and my brothers experienced different supernatural things. For years after we moved out of that house I could feel there was always something with me. Can't Really explain it but when I would wake up in the middle of the night and feel something next to me or watching me I assumed the worst...always thought demons or evil spirits following me wherever I went. Looking through some pictures the day before I stumbled upon this site, saw a picture of what looked like a guardian angel standing with me.... more...

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by Andrew D - 4/21/15 8:16 AM
This has been an amazing experience ready everyone's stories about how they have had a run in with 1134 in a number of sequences that I'd like to share mine as well. I'm the friend of Corey F below this post.

I'll never forget the first time that one of my friends had told me about that number 1134 and brought it to my attention when he was pumping gas. He had told me, "Whoa man, 11.34. You know that spells Hell upside down right?" Ever since then, the number gradually started coming to light and showing itself. At first, it was only the time that I would notice it. Maybe every couple of days in between, but I never really thought anything of it. Once I had gotten out of the Army, that's when things started getting strange. I would see the number almost every day, sometimes during the afternoon and evening. It got to a point where it caught my attention and was not letting up.

Eventually I had told my friend about it and how it was ridiculous that I would wake up to that time. Then, he started seeing it on... more...

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by Corey F - 4/20/15 6:44 PM
It's starts with the clock. No matter how hard you try you will see it everyday, sometimes twice. You will be sleeping, wake up, look at your clock, see 1133, breath a sigh of relief, then it will change to 1134. Your on your computer, you see its 1133, you know its coming so you shut your computer off and wait till you know its gone, go to the kitchen to get a drink, turn around and on the microwave it says 1134. You get texts, phone calls, movie pauses, outdoor bank clocks, timers on superbowls, flight departure times etc. All showing 1134. My favorite is when someone would ask me what time it is and I would look at the clock and it would be 1134. Like now I have to tell this person, and here myself say the number.

Then it will get ridiculous. Not just time anymore. You start seeing this number everywhere. How much you got paid, how much those pants you just bought at the store were, the health on your virtual video game character, license plates, how many calories are in your hamburger, number of replies... more...

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34 43 143

by kate - 3/25/15 6:28 PM
After reading most of the comments i finally realized im not alone. Somehow i know these numbers have meaning, i usually see them in clocks, plate numbers, reading books or online, etc. At first, i thought it was coincidence or i was looking for it. I even tried closing my eyes to test it and see if it will show up, but thats not how it works for me. It usually pops out when i have no acknowledge of it, like when im about to go to bed and im too sleepy, 10:43, my step dad would ask me the time 3:40, i will park at 34. I'm thinking its my biological dad ways of saying he loves me or watching over me. He died when i was 1 yr old, and im the only daughter. Coz you know 143 means i love you. But i actually started seeing them when i did something awful, a very bad thing. So now im thinking maybe its actually something else. Maybe its i hate you? Anyone can relate?

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Support Group on Facebook!

by Anonymous - 6/01/11 9:50 PM
Hi everyone- I started a group on Facebook. It seems to give people comfort, and is a nice place to share our thoughts on this topic. Please feel free to join us! It's called "I see "34" ALL the time!"

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RE: Support Group on Facebook!

by P. Davis - 1/02/15 11:18 AM
OMG - while I was reading all these posts and comments, I was thinking it would be a good idea to create a Facebook group. Found it - joined it. Thank you!


by Lisa Brindley - 11/09/14 10:49 AM
I am 42. Every since I can remember (age 5 or so) I've alwsys seen the number 11:34. Everytime I look at the clock its 11:34... This number has been prominent my entire life. I thought I was the only one! It's nice to see I'm not. I worried about the HELL thing for a short period of time. I've been a lucky and blessed person the 42 years I've been here. I have no idea if this number has meaning.... I have searched for this answer most of my life! Glad to see others out there like me! HELLO! :) lmbrindley

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I object to lack of any interaction with these who cared enogh to respond to your offer;

by coke.seitz - 9/21/14 4:46 PM
Humans are built to recognize "patterns&trends".Dopamine is released when such "notice" is imperative; We all have a rhythm-trapped in time until we leave our bodies; I noticed the "Company"that "runs"-owns this website, that the right of response-for "good purpose" is legally&morally factual in America; it is not so in all Nations; If I can re-sure you; that we are all bound to time, but temporarily-than a small service has been done.

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I see the number 34,43, and oddly 23. non stop

by Emily D - 7/26/14 6:40 PM
About 4 years ago a friend of mine pointed out how she saw the number 34 everywhere all the time, shortly after I started seeing it too, every time I look at the time it's ending in 34 or sometimes 43 and 23. I see it in movies,on car plates,on video games, on anything that has numbers I see it. The new movie "the Purge anarchy " the year said it was 2023.. (23) and the time was 4:34 p.m...
Is this just random or does it mean something ? It's driving me crazy not to know why I keep seeing it.

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34 43

by Beto - 7/06/14 2:21 AM
It started as 1234. Also on clocks and other things. Then I started to see 234 so frequently on almost everthing icluding clocks, purchase amounts, change on receipt etc. After a while it was only 34 then the opposite of 34. I mean 43 and I have always associated these with positive things in my life. I am sure it is not that I look for these numbers. They follow me I am very certain and I love these numbers as I now belueve its a sign ...angelic sign from God to me.

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Ok This is really strange to me.

by Hannah Banana - 8/13/09 10:44 AM
I haven't been seeing the number for years. In fact it has been following me only for about a year or so. I see it all kinds of places but the clock times ending in :34 is the most common to me. It used to be I would always look at the clock at 12:34 and that made me laugh until then it turned into 1:34 then 4:34 etc. I thought maybe I had trained myself to look at the time subconsciencly, but then it started happening on other things. I would look at the microwave to see what my friend was cooking, conveniently when there were 34 seconds left. It makes me feel crazy so it is nice to know I am not the only one.

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RE: Ok This is really strange to me.

by Anonymous - 6/30/14 10:59 AM
Okay, so I have been seeing 34 everywhere (on license plates, in movies, on tv shows, every time I look at the clock on certain days it's either 34 or 43 -both adding to the vibration of 7.. I also see it when casually checking the time left on the microwave or stove timing. Mine started out with seeing 1034 and 1234, then it was just anything ending with 34 in it. all the time, everywhere. Well. I started seeing that number in October 2013. In december by brother said he was going to try to kill himself and I ended up calling the cops in hopes of saving his (and other lives as he was going to go driving really drunk). Then, sometime in January my brother and I were talking how although I see 34 everywhere, all the time, I see 1034 twice a day, every day, no matter what. He then told me that was the time of his birth which I found really weird and interesting but didn't look further into it. A few months later he passed away and it was on March 31 2014 which translates in numerology to 3/4/7, and 10:34 being... more...

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by Eddie F - 11/14/10 1:50 AM
Everyone around me thinks I'm nuts!! How is it possible I see 1134 MULTIPLE times EVERYDAY.. The worst (or best one) however you look at it, is when you see it twice on your clock in the same day!! lol.. I just kinda laugh now, like.. Really????

Mine started, LOL, 11 years ago.. go figure.. Im 29 now and i bought my first lotto ticket at 18.. I lost many times ofcourse but.. One night I started hand picking my numbers.. I got all 6 numbers - BUT 4 were on 1 ticket and 2 on another. Ofcourse, 11 and 34 were the ones on the other ticket. Coincidence?? It happen again last year! Reallllllly??

I thought I was either crazy or going to hell - (and someone already said this in a previous thread) When you turn a calculator reading 1134 upside down, it says hell. I'm what some people refer to as a HO-MO-SEXUAL.. So, I thought it was gods way of telling me I better start liking girls or Im going to go to 1134 (upside down that is... ) NOW, once I started seeing it 5 and 6 times a day in the weirdest places, I really... more...

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Re: are we obsessed or enlightened??

by Ann ~ annboyd - 8/27/13 8:39 AM
34 It is very intelligent. It is spiritual purity through effort. It shares with others, and is a warrior.
This is a number denoting strength gained through experience, and benefits obtained through observation of people and things. It is not deemed exactly "lucky," as its success is given through strife and trials in an earlier life. It is favorable when it appears in regard to the future.

The number started to appear in my life when I was 33 (I'm now 47). It appeared in a few different ways that come to mind, but the main time was January 2000 was when I was told by someone (who I now consider to be a prophet) that I would have fraternal twin boys in one year - when I turned 34. He told me that my sons were going to be born to help heal the world. Of course, I wasn't pregnant until a few months had passed, but exactly one year later, on January 9, 2001, they were born! That's without having planned to have children and while taking birth control pills (I was even pregnant with triplets and lost... more...


by Dianne - 4/21/14 3:09 AM
Wow. I googled ... Laughed as I did .... BUT FOUND THIS. I HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON W ANN & Many others! Im Almost 33... Born 7-6-81 @ 8:34 am, 8 3 oz (exact bday as someone else, & same mo/year as 2 others. GET THIS MY DAUGHTER 1ST OF 2 KIDS.... WAS BORN AT 11:34 pm in 01. My second child, a son is now 11 (born 1/8/03), weighed 9lbs 1oz 21in .... So many 1's!!. My ex/kids dad born 4/11! I see 34 OFTEN & 1134. So many of my mine & families important #s equals 11 or has 11 in it. On 4/1/14 I started a new job & just tonight realized the address there is 113. I COULD GO ON & ON & y'all would see me as more crazy LOL! I'm not looking at it as a negitive too much. I DO STRONGLY FEEL THAT FOR MYSELF, it relates to birthdays, DEF MY CHILDREN, & guidence to help us "TAKE NOTE"! (significance being good or bad, I think it's to get my attention. :). Glad to read others stories!
Ps. Was telling the kids just before they went to bed that I wanted to return to church, possible confirmation.

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I see certain numbers line up on rthe clock regularly

by Marion - 10/18/12 1:03 PM
I do not have a clock in every room. why is it when i look at the clock i see repeatedly 12:34, 1:23, 2:34, 3:45, 1:11, 3:33 and so on. Synchronizing

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RE: I see certain numbers line up on rthe clock regularly

by Anonymous - 4/04/14 9:47 AM
Number 34 everywhere! I was taking my daughter to school and there was a group of teenagers crossing the street. As i was waiting for them so i could turn, i noticed one of the kids had a red basketball jersey that had 34 real big on the back. Crazy.