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39 Comments for Number 35 Symbolism, 35 Meaning and Numerology

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Number 54

by James - 2/04/15 1:32 PM
Chocolate is so nice that i could eat it all day!!!!!!! Guys you have to try chocolate!!!!!!

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Number 35

by Billy Jeff John hulk billy Simon Henry Johnson Adam luke swizzle head - 2/04/15 1:34 PM
The number 35 is awesome and my mum is like so sexy and like ohhhhhhhhh

Uh well...

by Lucie Wight - 11/27/14 3:05 AM
I just saw the number 35 outlined on my bedroom door, I blinked and it was gone, it was completely random, and I had to find out what it meant.

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35 what it really means

by A to the z - 10/01/14 10:21 PM
Ebola added up 35

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Been "Seeing It Everywhere"

by 35th Comment - 6/09/14 7:40 AM
No, I couldn't resist being the 35th comment poster. I have gotten a new found interest in all sorts of occult or esoteric subjects over the past year, but I never got deep into any numerological studies. I don't look for this number, or very close derivatives of it(eg. Numbers containing 35-like a phone number-which are related to to significant things relating to me.) So I've seen enough of it to become very curious. Wikipedia's entry alone was interesting in relation to myself.

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seeing number 35 all the time

by Anonymous - 6/04/14 1:03 PM
I keep seeing 35 too. I'm only 14 and I'm worried about what it means. I need the real truth

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35 days apart

by Jess W - 8/01/13 12:30 PM
My boyfriend and I have known each other for years and recently decided to start dating each other. This year he turned 35 years old 35 days before I turned 35. What does this mean.

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RE: 35 days apart

by Anonymous - 10/22/13 2:40 PM
Maybe he is your soulmate

on my left hand

by Anonymous - 4/03/12 12:01 AM
I have a number burned into me at birth i was born into the world with it on my left upper hand what does the #35 mean as to reference to the end of world and the revalations? am i a chosen one? i keep having premenitions and visions always coming true, and the weird dragon from the sky dream over and over, and i slay it. "the dragon and the woman" bible verse am i that person. im freaking out. i need answers someone help.

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RE: on my left hand

by Anonymous - 10/01/13 3:36 PM
No its a branding the triangle and the star but as far as being chosen you are not chose you declare from east to west and you find yourself three times and make one mind

Crazy Stuff

by no need for it - 12/07/12 8:54 PM
Long story so I wont get into great detail. I was dating this woman. The first one I felt was worth dating since my divorce. Well I ended up dumping her. Huge mistake. Prayed and prayed and asked for some sort of sign. One day I was driving to my office and I was at a stop light. When it turned green I noticed that 2 cars in front of me had the number 35 on the right and left hand side of the bumper. The hair on my neck stood up and I had this voice that said this is your sign. Upon thinking about this I realized we were both 35. My life path is a 3 hers a 5. Well and now everytime I check the time its x:35, no matter when. As I drive around I might glance over and always there is the number 35, address, in a business' phone number it just doesnt matter. I am really trying to find a deeper understanding of this. Let me know what is going on.

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RE: Crazy Stuff

by Thanks Anonymous - 1/16/13 11:39 AM
I really appreciate your comment and I feel as though she is my soul mate. I still see 35 every day and its frequency was doubled and even tripled at times!

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by Nisha &keshav - 8/08/12 5:06 AM
How's our future friendship

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number 35

by do not worry - 2/19/11 10:54 AM
do not fear....the great mystery that is our creator never made any evil creatures....the evil is what we make for ourselves.....number 35 is and extremely lucky number anyway....3 + 5 =8 which equals the infinity symbol.....your friends daughter is probably going to be very gifted when she is tell your friend to love and cherish her daughter make sure she has fun friendship lots of sleep and rest and a healthy balanced diet.........good luck peace love and friendship xx

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RE: number 35

by Anonymous - 8/05/12 6:03 AM
Creator in itself being another name used to describe God happens to total 35, some food for thought. While 26 resonates with God so does the number 35.


by David - 5/15/11 3:15 AM
I have seen 35 all of my life, I've seen it at least 4 times a day minimum since I can remember.. some days I see it so many times it drives me insane.. it really started to worry me when I discovered I was born at 7:35 am... well after the fact that i noticed the number was everywhere i looked and i mean everywhere almost like it's a person or being watching over me.. almost EVERY TIME I look at a clock after awhile it's always 35.. my number on the jersey when I played basketball as a child. Every girl I dated saw it while they were with me and my wife today sees it all the time as well and it's driving her crazy.. but she's only seen it everywhere after she got with me... what could this all mean??? ... can someone really be chased or lead by a number?

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RE: 35

by Angelina35 - 7/20/12 11:20 PM
Isee 35 evrywhere ive been seeing it for about 6 years now. its not a coincedence anymore.. i heard that a angel whispers in ur ear to look up and notice the number. this is the angels trying to communicate with us... im really kinda scared about this im 21 and im scared to turn 35 hope only good will come on my 35th bday... but i literally see it everywhere like everyhour i look at clock its 3:35, 5:35 my bball number was 35! my pageant number was 35!! My bf!! who ive been with for 4 years is now seeing it everywhere all the time!! Our bdays are exactky 35 days apart!! so crazy>.

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by joel - 6/23/12 11:10 PM
R Allendy gets so much wrong IMO.

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35 is a special number to me!

by joe - 4/21/12 7:12 AM
I bought my first home no 35. Then i bought my car number plate 35. My also choose my mobile number 3535, i leaving in a home 2305, my office phone numbers last four numbers ended with 2035. 35 becomes a number that i like.

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End Of The World?

by Anonymous - 3/31/12 7:43 PM
5-3=2 3+5=8 (2,8) In 2028 i will be 35. I see the number 35 everywhere and also live at number 35. An asteroid is supposed to close pass the Earth this year. I believe i am somehow being shown 35 as a message that the asteroid may strike us.

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by beks - 1/31/12 5:49 PM
On the 40th day of fasting Satan tempted Jesus

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by Anonymous - 1/23/11 6:03 PM
i'm seeing this number everywhere and it's making me lose my mind

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by Nicko - 1/18/12 7:11 AM
Oh, I thought Im just the only one who's experiencing this. like you guys, I also see number 35 very often... clock, price tag, billboards etc. anywhere possible. A while ago, were taking our exams, my teacher made an announcement so we paused for a surprise that when I resume answering, im on number 35 - this number always follows me, so as of now, i consider it as a lucky charm.

35 chapters in my book

by Pamela - 9/15/11 10:00 AM
I did not know why I wrote a spritual coming-of-age book with 35 chapters. There are 7 stories in 5 parts. Seven radiates strong spiritual light. Five thrusts material stablity heavenward. Seven times five is karmic liberation in the life and by the life. The word "eternity" is used 35 times in the Bible. My white Norah has a past life as a black slave girl. At the end of the book, she becomes liberated.

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by poo - 8/27/11 9:00 AM
no 35 appears before my eyes very often. don't know why jus want to know.

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by Anonymous - 8/01/11 1:14 PM

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by Anonymous - 8/01/11 1:13 PM

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Number 35 + Name

by A. - 7/19/11 12:08 PM
If I add the digits in my date of birth, it is 35. (Plus, I was born on the 22nd...)
In addition, if my we look at my name, it means Heavenly Father..
Strange, huh? Any comments?

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35 backwards what does this mean help!

by Anonymous - 2/13/11 8:02 PM
I have a friend whos daguhter has an imaginary friend. she woke up from a nap today and had the number 35 scratched on her frontwards and backwards help us understand?

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RE: 35 backwards what does this mean help!

by Anonymous - 7/13/11 9:20 PM
thats strange lol maybe a sign?

Seeing 35 everywhere, too

by Femme on a Quest - 4/28/11 8:13 AM
The number 35 has been strong in my life for over 12 years now. It was the jersey number of my soul mate, and my own preferred lucky number now. For the past year or so I've been noticing the number randomly occur at a high rate. For example, I will look up to check the time and it reads x:35; this happens so often I've stopped counting the times it has occurred. Just last night I was interrupted as I was reading; I checked the page number so I could return to it and alas, the page I was on was 135. The number appears to me frequently, and I'm not sure if I'm just reading into it too much, or if it is definitely something I should be paying attention to.

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The Number 35 fact

by 35 - 1/26/11 10:24 AM
This is interesting: The total number of words in the Bible is 774746. When the digits are added up, we get 35.

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RE: The Number 35 fact

by Anonymous - 2/26/11 10:21 PM
I been seeing this number everywhere as well...trying to figure out why too...where have you specifically been seeing it?...what part of the world are you from?


by Anonymous - 2/07/11 8:45 PM
Tomorrow, my sister will be 35!!!!!!!

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