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by G - 3/26/15 9:35 AM
So this weird phenomenon started around a year ago for me. Everywhere I look, i see #37. Like, for instance, time, 8:37, 12:37, 4:37 or the number plates of vehicles etc,. I really don't understand why and i'm freaking out. It's like someone or something supernatural is warning me or hinting me. It has to mean something. Has this happened to anyone else? This happens almost everyday to me. I'm worried. And also to mention, my ex girlfriend also had the her roll number #37. I just think it's a weird coincidence. (Is it really?)

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37cent krew

by radezilla - 2/16/15 8:19 PM
me n my homies was chiln one day lookn 4 same money 2 get sum trees & our krews name n all we could come up with was 37cent we startd getnng sick n thrownng dat tra sev cesss up all ovaaaa.

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9/11 - 37

by Anonymous - 2/10/15 2:00 PM
On 9/11, the hijackers flew the plane(I still believe it was a missile) into the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m.

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RE: 9/11 - 37

by Anonymous - 2/11/15 2:17 PM
Obama addressed the nation today, and he gave his plans on what he would do to ISIS at 3:37 on the dot.

My whole life

by Jessie - 3/30/14 1:41 PM
My whole life there has been 37 some where around me. Everyone close to me has 37 connected to them. I noticed it when I was kid. I mean real little. As I grew that was a number that gave me a being of peace in the face of a hard moment in my life. My oldest daughter was born on the 37 day of the year. All the phone numbers to friends had 37. S.S. # of my real father 37. When I felt lost I use to write 37 on my waist. Now I got it tattooed there.It is a part of me as it is all of you. I am happy to know that we are all connect in this number. I would love to know what we all have in connection to the number 37.

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RE: My whole life

by Anonymous - 1/25/15 3:26 PM
Ihave being seing that number for over 5 weeks...icould check what time it is only to see could be became too much even in movies..when driving isee number plates starting wth 37....battery percentage...jus dont kno what it freaking out...anyone that knows what this means please reply

RE:My whole life

by Mary Beth - 1/26/15 8:47 AM
Mothman Prophecy, movie based on true story
" wake up #37..! "

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Bible and 37

by Rick D. - 12/08/13 6:28 AM
The centrality of the Prime Number 37 in the structure of Scripture can not be overstated. It begins in with the Creation Holograph:
Sum of Genesis 1.1 = 2701 = 37 x 73 = Sum(73)

The Number 37 is geometrically integrated with the Number 73 - it is the Hexagonal heart of 73 as Star, so 37 / 73 is a Hexagon / Star pair. The Number 37 is also the first number greater than unity that can be represented as both a Centered Hexagon and a Star:
1776 divided by 8 equals 222 degrees, or 37 minutes after the hour when plotted on a 360 degree circle.
1776 is 5776 which starts next September.

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RE: Bible and 37

by Damon - 11/15/14 5:31 PM
Thanks for this analysis!


by jayson - 9/29/14 6:15 AM
I like many others also see number 37 everywhere and have scince I was a kid.ive always told people this.i always thought I might die when I turned 37 because I really saw it all over the place.ive worked out it can be good and bad eg 37 people die or 37 people survive.apart from the usual sightings I was born christmas day 25/12 which =37.i got my partner pregnant when I was 37 but she was on pill and we didnt want kids.when my mum had cancer I had to meet doctor in building to discuss whether or not to put mum into palative care and buildind number was a big 37 right on front door.but after seeing this number all my life what freaked me most was my mum died on 30 jan and if u count my birthday (christmas day) as day 1 and keep going day 37 is day my mum died 30 jan.there is definitely something about this number

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I discover 37 on a daily basis.

by Herringtree - 9/04/14 8:11 PM
My first awareness of 37 was in Monty Python and the Holy Grai. King Arthur calles out to Dennis, "Hey Old Woman!" Deniis responds, "I'm not old, I'm thirty seven." Of course this is funny because in medieval times, 37 was old.

Today I'm sitting watching,"Look who's coming to Dinner," starring Sidney Portier and Katherine Hepburn. Portier's character in the movie is 37 years old. At the same time I'm reading the Toronto Star on my laptop. A story about prisoners not able to make bail in Ontario or awaiting trial puts their number at 37,000.

Related to Ontario and Canada polictic, the number of voted that stripped Rob Ford of most of his mayoral powers was 37 and the number of members of the Federal Liberal caucus is 37.

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by Joe - 8/01/14 2:08 AM
I started seeing 37 after a man committed suicide in hotel room 237. The Maid's room was just below. Whenever the maid called I was looking at the switch board like a psychic. I never cared about it until it kept happening. Soon it spread to seeing numbers on the clock and then adding things up. I really paid attention when the same night time changed, I added up something that tallied 666 at exactly 1:37 in the morning on Halloween. At that moment I closed my eyes to pray, and I saw an evil face staring at me. So I opened them instantly and began to pray. The presence I felt as well passed then. Since then I see the number everywhere. Even my children have these numbers in their birthdays. Now child number 3 is otw and I am curious if it will happen again. Look up the number 137. It is important to modern physics. Weird stuff. Makes me feel psychic.

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RE: 37

by Me again - 8/01/14 2:14 AM
Yesterday was 7/31... See what I mean???


by Anonymous - 7/14/14 10:24 AM
july 27 1992
what could that mean? also if you take 3+7= 10 which i think means stuff aswell

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Coincidentally ...or Fatefully?

by Dr Phil X-ray - 12/12/09 9:48 AM

Ah, numerology.

36 x 37 = 1332....

i knew the answer before i calculated 1332/2.

i have seen these 2 numbers my entire life, repeating.


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RE: Coincidentally ...or Fatefully?

by 37/73 - 7/12/14 9:43 AM
well , i just found this website , and the more i read your comments , the more it blown my mind.

my "37" experience started around two years ago , this is only a small step merged into my giant quest .
i can dayly see between 20 to 100 more times that sacred number .
at some point i was so confused and disturbed , i started research on the subject , but i quickly found relationship with sacred geometry, nature and some " crazy stuff " you won't ever imagine like automatic atomic and cellulars structurations in hexagonal patterns of 37 subhexagones , i'v been studing sacred geometry , mathematics , fractale geometry , complex , multidimentional spaces , and i can tell you , 37 is like a key , can't tell you more , look around flower of life , document yourself , search any idea which pass through your brain , synchronicity can be exploited much more you can imagine ;)
the rest is up to you , this is a personal and intime journey to grater understanding of our reality .

after all those experiences and... more...

thirty seven means..

by thirty seven - 5/27/14 1:49 AM
37 means EL
EL means God

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RE: thirty seven means..

by Anonymous - 7/03/14 6:14 AM
EL is actually 31...


by vijay kumar - 7/29/10 3:07 AM
I am seeing this No.37 everywhere. Means everywhere.

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RE: 37

by Anonymous - 5/24/14 7:08 PM
I Believe It has to do with the Malaysian flight 370 that has gone missing I also think that this is a sign by new world order

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37 and God

by Matt37 - 5/23/14 8:34 PM
Before I started seeing 37 all the time, I would see the number 27 a lot. I started seeing the number 27 about 6 years ago(I’m 30 now). I soon noticed that my birthday was 7/27/1983. If you add all these numbers together one by one, it adds up to the number 37. Also I was born at 7:29 a.m. the square root of 7:29 is 27.

After seeing the number 27 everywhere I posted a thread on this on godlikeproductions.

someone then posted how 27 and 37 relate by telling me to divide them both into each other(27/37 and 37/27) and also dividing both of them into 1(1/27 and 1/37). when you do this you get 1/27= .037037 repeating and 1/37 = .027027 repeating. If you take 27/37 it comes out to 1..37037 repeating, and when you take 27/37 it equals .729729 repeating. Like what was said earlier , the square root of 729 is 27.

One night, right before I started seeing the number 37 everywhere(although I knew the number related to Jesus/God), I cried out to Jesus and prayed for my salvation. After praying, I got the urge to walk... more...

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by Carlos - 3/23/11 3:34 PM
This number haunts me.some of you say not to be afraid, but I am. I am not very spiritual at all, always dismissing the idea of a God. I've been seein 337 everywhere for 10 years. I am 32, I feel changes within myself and maybe not for the better, strange nerve firings, throbbing veins, and dull long lasting headaches and I know 337 is going to appear somewhere and without fail it always does. I've tried telling my wife and friends but they all dismiss it as coincidence but I don't think it is. As humans we all want a black and white explanation for all things but if only it were that simple. I've even gone to get my palm read and was told the number is telling me that I am not fulfilling something, what that is I'm afraid I will never know. Will check back frequently now that I've found this page and hope to one day find the answers.


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RE: 337

by Anonymous - 5/21/14 8:28 AM
Numbers haunting people or just appearing regularly are without doubt much more than coincidences. As Einstein puts it "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous". They are a sign of the point we are at in our life and a signal from higher forces that we have a purpose to attend to or a challenge to overcome. Not always, but often I have found that removing obstacles or habits from our life that don't serve a productive purpose allow for the fulfillment of the point in our life we are at. As though when we let go of something old we make a space for a new stage of development. Hence the repetitious appearance of a number indicates that we are ready for a new stage in our life and development, we may just have to be brave enough to let go of old unproductive habits or views to allow for the new to become clear to us. Best Wishes to all and remember numbers are a positive assistance from our experience, reminding us of where we are at and that we have the chance to grow beyond this point if we remove any... more...

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by Me - 4/19/14 1:31 PM
Well, then. If all of you see or either saw this number, in your medium, then... simply remember that God loves you. I also love you for simply asking the question that led to this website.

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missing plane MH370

by zam - 3/21/14 9:21 PM
missing malaysia plane is true

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RE: missing plane MH370

by mjj4ever777 - 4/05/14 12:32 AM
OMG missing plane happened on march 7 =37 then flight 370 on a 777= 37...I came upon this number connection to 37 through Michael Jackson and Hopi Indian research...mark my words...Something BIG is about to happen, and Michael Jackson is "KEY". Keep your eyes on the skies, and remember...It's all for LOVE!


by Josh - 5/29/10 11:53 AM
I see this number, roughly 30 times a day!! especially, 337. Its been following me around my whole life!! when I was younger, I lived at number 337, my suggested email, which I still use is, contains 337.I see it on clocks, random pages of books, time elapsed on songs, films. It catches my eye, everywhere I go!! I'm starting to get scared, because I have no idea what it means.

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RE: 37

by Anonymous - 1/30/14 11:52 AM
37 doesn't haunt people all it is doing is showing you the path to greatness

RE: 37

by Anonymous - 2/27/14 11:04 PM
yourv not alone, it seeps its way into my life when im not expecting it..

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37 is following me...

by k. tyler - 2/14/14 10:25 AM
I was born on 3/7 so ive always used that as my "lucky" number but every situation in my life I can reference to "37" my grandmother was born in 1937 my first child was born my 3rd year of marriage and my 2nd child was born the 7th year unplanned. I bought my first home at 21 I later seen its on placed on the 37th parcel. When i speed and happen to get lucky to see the cop before he sees me the cop car is always 37 with different cops in it in different location throughout the city when i started racing my car number was 37 to many to name...

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437, 347, 37, 47

by Ralfo Furtado - 10/22/13 7:39 AM
I hadn't noticed until about 11 years ago, how these numbers follow me everywhere. My ID number ends in 437. My office phone number ends in 37. My cell phone number ends in 37. My home phone number ends in 37. My wife's cell phone number ends in 37. When I started dating her she lived at an address 307 in the appartment 307 and I had just had a dream before meeting her where I saw the number 47 written on a yellow surface that I didn't know what it was. My passport number has the sequence 437 and so my bank account at Citibank. My wife's car licence plate number ends in a 4 and mine in a 7. Actually, my car licence plate number is 7 37 7 (I forced a couple of spaces between the numbers to stress it). My wife's locker at her job is 37. She has 4 names of 7 letters each. Our son's name as well. When he was born, the last two digits of his birth number at the hospital were 47 typed on a yellow paper. I met my wife in 2004 and we got married in 2007. Two days ago, we decide do see again the pictures from our... more...

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a symbol of christ....and prophecy Holyspirit what you want my internet experience to be

by Terrill Crookshank - 7/24/13 12:30 AM
I'm 37 and coming from heaven I as a virgin literally concord and obtained my diploma for myself and then 4 years of college off of how God adviced me to and then went 33 years without sexual intercourse (love making)like my father Jesus Christ did....and at 25 years old I was on channel 7 in the rap realm for Heaven and so here I am in america during our first black president days with all this ;"surley looks like a symbol of. Christ to me ....and now Jesus Christ my saviour manifest yourself on my behalf! T.C

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RE: a symbol of christ....and prophecy Holyspirit what you want my internet experience to be

by Anonymous - 8/29/13 2:07 PM
stop trina be me /you the devil

37 tattoo

by Lee - 2/08/13 4:30 PM
I had a rough childhood, and became depressed at a very young age. When I was 15 I started having dark visions and dreams and became obsessed with numbers. Growing up in a Christian church I realized that the numbers 3 and 7 appeared many times in the bible and so decided to tattoo the number 37 on my wrist for protection against evil. I figured if three 6's were the mark of the beast (36), then three 7's (777) would be God's number.

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RE: 37 tattoo

by Anonymous - 8/29/13 6:17 AM
im about the same thing cause 3 777 represent GOD while 3 666 reps that serpent!!!!aka the devil spell it without the d and the word evil's y6a boy H.S. the SPIRIT baby


by Kallah - 7/23/13 7:43 AM
144,000/666=216.216; 144,000/999= 144.144;
216+144= 1 Hebrew year, 360, a full circle. I am
The Aleph and the Tau, the beginning and the end.
6x6x6= 216; 999/666= 1.5; 216/144=1.5;
Man's measure is 10, Elohim's is 12.
The number 10 is inferior to 12. 666% is two thirds of
A thousand. Man's wisdom and measure is but foolishness to
Yahweh Elohim All Mighty.
15/10= 1.5; I could go on for years but then I don't have to.

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My number 37

by John Collins - 7/12/13 7:55 PM
Let's see if you guys like MY numbers.

Firstly, I'll let it be known that I am "of the blood" ie an AB Rhesus D negative.

11/11/11 add these and you get 33

Add 33 days to 11/11/11 and you get 14/12/11 which was my 37th birthday.

I was born on 14/12/74. In the UK, the number 1 song at the time was "My first, my last, my everything" by Barry White..

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why is 37 everywhere?

by Paul - 11/30/12 1:15 PM
One reason for me: it's a reminder of Psalm 37. Do not fret because of evildoers.
I always see it when I am fretting and it reminds me to (Psalm 37:7) "rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him; do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, because of the man who carries out wicked schemes". I praise God for this! It is a course-corrector.

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RE: why is 37 everywhere?

by Yeshua's Lady - 5/11/13 8:05 PM
Thank you! I needed that! I was just asking myself "what is God trying to show me with the number 37?" I've been fretting more than usual so thanks for helping me get His msg :)

3s, 7s, and 37s!!

by Anonymous - 5/07/13 12:59 AM
See the number everywhere...recently filled my car up when gas was $3.37 went in to pay and my change back was $7.37

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RE: 3s, 7s, and 37s!!

by Anonymous - 5/11/13 8:00 PM
I've been seeing it too! :)