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by Lu37 - 12/03/17 5:14 PM
I see the number 37 every where for years! I am excited to hear I'm not the only one. When I was getting married I told my husband about it. He didn't believe me at first. Then he started experience seeing the number 37 with me. I feel when I see 37 or 73 that Abba is saying you are on the right path. I look forward to having a Greater understanding of 37.

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37 has us all in

by na'vin - 11/22/17 10:30 PM
It took 23 years for me to realize i am surrounded by this divine number. The place i am in ends with pin code 37. The car my dad used 10 years back was 3737. Even the house i am in is filled with these numbers. I don't think its the work of my internal clock that i see 37 every day so many times. Even my college graduation number was 37. i don't think all of this is just a coincidence.As i researched through these years i found the great significance behind this number and I found out i AM NOT ALONE. It has connected all of us in one way or other .My mother tongue is the mother of all languages and so far i have never met anyone sharing my journey here but its good to hear from all of you around this planeT and i am grateful to be in this sacred and mysterious journey with the force surrounding us.

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by mark - 2/05/17 3:50 PM
Yep, me too, I go to check the time and it is xx:37, not all the time but so much so beyond probability, its ridiculous to the point that I need to no why this is occurring. Is it a warning? is it good or is it bad or is it some kind of message? somebody knows.

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RE: 37

by Anonymous - 11/15/17 3:23 PM
Same thing is happening to me. In search of the meaning and nice to hear that I'm not alone.

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Lucifer was number 37 of his order

by Anonymous - 10/26/17 6:06 PM
LUCIFER was a brilliant primary Lanonandek Son of Nebadon. He had experienced service in many systems, had been a high counselor of his group, and was distinguished for wisdom, sagacity, and efficiency. Lucifer was number 37 of his order, and when commissioned by the Melchizedeks, he was designated as one of the one hundred most able and brilliant personalities in more than seven hundred thousand of his kind. From such a magnificent beginning, through evil and error, he embraced sin and now is numbered as one of three System Sovereigns in Nebadon who have succumbed to the urge of self and surrendered to the sophistry of spurious personal liberty — rejection of universe allegiance and disregard of fraternal obligations, blindness to cosmic relationships.

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Hurricane Harvey

by Anonymous - 8/25/17 12:48 AM
Hurricane Harvey will hit Texas today. Today(August 25th)is the 237th day of the year.

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RE: Hurricane Harvey

by Richard - 8/30/17 7:55 PM
I was born in the third month number 3 and my name has 7 letters that is 37

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What colour is an orange

by Not saying - 10/11/16 3:10 AM
Surprisingly an orange is not actually orange it is yellow. This is because when you are looking at it indoors which is where you normally eat it, it looks orange. But if you have good lighting and take a proper look you will find that it is yellow.

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RE: What colour is an orange

by No - 8/17/17 10:16 AM
Orange and yellow absorb different wavelength.


by Anonymous - 6/19/17 7:40 AM
Thirty seven is unique among all numbers in the universe of numbers. It is the only number which forms three figurate shapes. No other number does that. The shapes are octagon, hexagon, and hexagram. The number 37 thus is connected to a Triune God and represents the Word of God and the Messiah in scripture. As noted below, there are exactly 37 different numbers used in the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
The numeric value of the Hebrew word " wisdom" is 73 or 37 reversed. (chokmah). The place value of this same word is 37. A "key" flips or inverts a mechanism inside a lock like inverting 73 and 37. Both numbers are star, figurate numbers. These are rare numbers. Multiply 37x73 equals 2701 which is the numeric value of the first verse of the Bible. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Proverbs 1:7. Those who diligently seek the Lord will have true wisdom turned on , the light of life , and a key switched or turned inside of their being.....

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RE: 37

by Anonymous - 7/15/17 1:13 AM
My birthday is 11+27+1979=2017 I'm 37. 2017 split in half 20/17 then added together 20+17=37. Again my age i was born at 8:10 a.m. and weighed 8 lbs 10 ounces. I see Angel numbers frequently. Been for years. Sacred geometry is in a X shape / 26984 and \ 37951. Which my birthmark reminds me of a symbol representing sacred geometry. The octagon, hexagon, and hexagram and number 37 caught my interest. I found it very interesting and will look that up Thank you.


by Satan - 5/17/17 4:55 AM
Dentists love me
Horses hate me
37 is the key to my heart

What am I?

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RE: Riddle

by Anonymous - 6/23/17 11:41 AM
The angels(reaper)


by Mr.37 - 7/29/11 7:43 AM
Join us. It's our..... Secret society.... We will come for you, when we need your help. You are the chosen ones.

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RE: 37

by Brandy - 4/30/17 3:07 PM
Inhave found over 3 years dimes directly in front of me. Obvious....Today I had a strong urge to count for the first time hoe many. It is...37

RE: 37

by Sahil - 6/09/17 8:23 PM
Which secret society?

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by Angelo - 6/06/17 1:26 AM
A comment about how some souls are here as Liberated souls only to help others get out of the material world was made on a date that screamed at me as amazing numbers. June 6, 1969 = 37. I was immediately caught by the 6/6/1969 all I could see were 6's up or down and so I had to research it to find the meaning of 37. This site is hands down the most refreshing for me to understand 37 from many different angles. Blessings to your site.
Love, Angelo Dinoto

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God = 37

by DEF - 4/18/17 9:38 AM
This is proof that God is real and he has given me the honor to be a part of his 37 prophetic sign. I am # 3 I have 5 brothers and the oldest being given the name/number 7. By my grandpa who is now with our Lord. 7, 6, 5, 4, and 3 being me. My initials are DEF which is what first drew me to knowing i was number 3. There is to much for me to write which is why i will write a book about this. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere you are and you are hit with the 37 sign. Call out to God. He is calling you for something great.

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RE: God = 37

by Hayden - 5/13/17 11:02 AM
where can I find this book

Seeing 37.

by Shane - 2/13/16 10:14 PM
I moved into an apartment building on the 37th floor, apartment 3710 and since I've been here my life has drastically changed. I've become depressed, and have begun experiencing paranoia similar to that of someone suffering from schizophrenia. Besides this the number 37 has became readily apparent in many things I observe outside the building. Upon a recent pile of unfortunate events I've forced myself to move once the lease expires.

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RE: Seeing 37.

by Errin - 3/20/17 4:49 PM
I'm a 7 life path and I've lived in a #7 apt. And I'm turning 37 this year. Living in a #7 apt...I've had the same experiences living in a #7 apt. I hope I can move soon as well, best of luck to you!

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The number 37 in my life.

by Jeremiah Ellis - 3/16/17 12:43 AM
The number 37 has evolved, in my life, from my birth date, and events along the timeline of my age. Born on April 21, 1950. That date is the 111th day of the year (3). 21 is three sevens. When I was seven years old, in 1957, my birthday was on Easter. That was the only time in my life that Easter and my birthday happened at the same time. When I was 17, in 1967, I joined the Marine Corps. They gave me the service number of 2377731. Put the first and last numbers together and it is my birthdate of three sevens (21). When I was 27, in 1977, God lead me to His Son. He removed all fear and gave me His perfect peace. Now it is the year 2017, and I will become 67 next month. My mother passed away recently and her funeral was on March 7 (3/7). If 37 has inserted itself into your life, I suggest examining the rest of your life for dates and events to find more clues as to where the Lord is pointing.

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by Anonymous - 3/01/17 11:54 PM
Was born on March 7th, but haven't started noticing this number until recently. Probably the past year. Started with simple things such as license plate numbers, time on the clock. Waiting number at the restaurant. I actually moved states, had an apartment on the third floor, 7th door. Got a job.. The road I take to work has mailboxes all starting with 37.
My favorite musicians release a song called 37.
The other night, my boyfriend & I were playing cards. He shuffled them, I got 37 and two kings.. Worst part is the 3 was a clover card. (March..& st. Patricks day)
My Wiccan friend let me draw tarot cards.. I got 37 twice.
Today in the car the song "brown eyed girl" came on. My aunt who passed away used to sing this to me. The car in front of me was 737 kem. The letters are mine & my aunts initials.
I feel very strongly that something is putting these numbers in front of me. I have no idea why,but I'd like to pretend to know. It's not a coincidence anymore, it's something that's been following me since birth and I'm only catching on now. I get nauseated when I think about this year being 2017. I'm almost to the point thinking I'm going to die next week.
It doesn't scare me, I'm more baffled than fearful. I'm not even sure I want to know why

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by Anonymous - 2/13/17 12:17 AM
Mark, the exact same thing is happening to me - all day, everyday. I'll even wake up it the middle of the night sometimes and it'll be xx:37. The number pops up everywhere else too. I'm getting tired of it but can't make it stop.

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The number 37

by Max Doan - 1/18/17 6:50 AM
It has been a year now, and I've been seeing the number 37 everywhere. I watch a video for YouTube all the time, and the number of second the video ends at is 37(ALWAYS)And my brother recently took 37 seconds to solve his Rubix cube. This all started when I had a dream, and I saw the number 37 in it. But I research and they say that 37 is God's number, and my guardian angel is trying to help me in life.

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RE: The number 37

by AJ - 1/18/17 8:56 AM
Same here


by G - 3/26/15 9:35 AM
So this weird phenomenon started around a year ago for me. Everywhere I look, i see #37. Like, for instance, time, 8:37, 12:37, 4:37 or the number plates of vehicles etc,. I really don't understand why and i'm freaking out. It's like someone or something supernatural is warning me or hinting me. It has to mean something. Has this happened to anyone else? This happens almost everyday to me. I'm worried. And also to mention, my ex girlfriend also had the her roll number #37. I just think it's a weird coincidence. (Is it really?)

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RE: #37

by Anonymous - 5/08/16 10:56 PM
It's a signal, brother. 👊 Look for people, places and things that you can invest in mentally, Physically, and Spiritually.


by Jonah - 12/10/16 9:47 PM
For me, I went to Mc'd today and my food order number was 37. My car broke down at floor number 3 at school and am always studying at floor 7. I frequent both floors a lot. I have been seeing that number way too often to not notice. A guy came to pray for me and told me not to focus on the evils in this world but spread the message of Jesus through my comedy. It's happening at a time when my stuff is at storage almost being auctioned but am confident that God will give me the money. I get the message that what the world lacks is Love and that I need to preach it in every way possible. I understand that despite the near death problems I have of not having a home and being alone at the most beautiful city are pointing to a great shift coming. I have to spit that word of love with all my energy. I understand that it's not a coincidence to be where am at right now. Brother gotta preach a message that will help people rise above most life problems and come to a place called utopia. Will they listen? God and the power behind me will work miracles. The human race will be saved through my suffering. Help me God as I tackle this journey..

RE: #37

by Anonymous - 1/12/17 12:22 AM
Just like 1111, 1234, etc. it is more about what we focus on.

What does 37 mean?

by I am 37 - 1/16/17 11:01 AM
This number has entered my life. What does it want?

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by Adept - 10/07/16 1:43 AM
37 is the number of Satan. Satan is God = 37

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RE: Satan

by Anonymous - 1/04/17 12:58 AM
They are reflections
37 73
12th prime 21st prime

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A sign from God

by LEE337 - 12/05/16 11:59 PM
Hi I see this number 37 & 73 everywhere, I do believe its a message to spread the word of the lord & time is running out quickly 37 x 73 = 2701 change the numbers round abit = the year 2017 also 2+1 =3 & 7 = 37 GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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Three Seven

by Joseph - 8/14/16 4:26 PM
Born March 7. 2 years ago I started seeing the number 37 everywhere; on receipts, clocks, license plated, tv commercials, conversations. I got worried because it's my DOB and really could not explain why this number was following me. I have some sort of understanding now but I still don not know how to preoceed. Any suggestions

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RE: Three Seven

by Alex - 10/31/16 1:19 AM
Hi joseph , i realy would like to talk to you about that , i was born on march 7 1984 , and this driving me crazey , i wish i can just let things go but its not working out with me

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by Anonymous - 10/24/16 7:10 AM
I see it everywhere. I'm a child

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It really is a number!

by 428 - 10/19/16 4:13 PM
I was sceptical at first, but it really is a number! I went and counted up from 0 and found out I do actually have to count 37. It must mean something. Also, the 37th Fibonacci sequence (counting from 0) is 39088169! That isn't a number though. I counted right past it from 39088168 to 39088170.

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by doesnt matter just help - 10/03/16 2:05 PM
i cant stop seeing the number 37 what does this mean please help thanks

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Chi Xi Stigma (666) as a symbol?

by Alexian - 8/04/16 11:17 AM
Oops, I had the subject and name crossed on the previous post.

One thing I noticed is that in the Greek Textus Receptus version of Revelation 13: 18, 666 is spelled out in three Greek letters. Could this be a blasphemous version of the chi rho symbol of Christ?

Another thing I noticed is that on the reverse of some of Emperor Nero's coins (and possibly other Roman emperors) has the initials EXSC, which I believe in Latin stands for "Given by the Senate" as far as I could remember. This could point to Nero (and Rome by extension) as the Beast.

There is a myth that Nero would be revived.

Perhaps the Antichrist will be a revived Nero or a descendant of Nero?

Just some thoughts.

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by Roman Emperor Nero's Birth Date - 7/31/16 6:05 PM
It should also be noted that Emperor Nero's birth date is December 15, 37 CE. The strange thing is December is the 12th month on the Julian calendar and the day of birth falls on the 15th equals 18. So 12=6+6and 15 is 1+5=6. 6+6+6=18, and 18x37=666. The Hebrew/Aramaic gematra of Nero Caesar (nrwn qsr) is 666.

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