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by Neeraja - 10/23/16 9:42 PM
For me it was all about feeling alone in the world and disconnected. Having to be needed by others to fill up the hole of emptiness. Instead of looking inward.

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38, 11 , 7

by Frodo - 12/06/15 5:08 AM
Hi Good People. 38,11,7 is my id number, since birth 27.01.1971. I have always been unlucky, really unlucky. So unlucky that i almost have lost my Whole Family + all my friends and jobs and so on

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RE:38, 11 , 7

by S - 7/22/16 12:28 PM
I was born on the 16th day of the 11th month in 1970. in my 38th year, I made a number of bad decisions regarding my family, my neighbours, and my farm business...that eventually led to our selling of the house/farm at #38 ---Road. unsettled upheaval has been my story ever since early 2011! Though raised in a city, I spent my best years at this rural address. The two bus services near my birth place on one side of the Atlantic were the #37 and #39. The same two bus numbers are the only two that serve my parents birth place on this side of the Atlantic. I was home at #38...yet unsettled...just wish I'd never left it!

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38, 30 hate?

by &e - 11/11/12 11:11 PM
I've been seeing this number for about 14 years now. Eventually my friends also started noticing it all the time. Every time I look at the clock it's ?:38. It shows up in sports games in scores and jerseys way too much to be ignored as well. There have been many other strange occurrences with it. I even find that when I see license plates or look at certain UPC/bar codes it is there or the numbers usually add up to it's sum. People say "well you're looking for it" and things of that nature, but I know this number means something to me, along with 22. My birthdate is August 22, 1983. 22 is my lucky numeber, and I thought 38 was an unlucky number for me. I have more recently tried to have a positive outlook on it. I always knew there was something special with it. I have been looking for answers in my life lately more than ever and read way too much into theories and hate those in power. I hope they don't have some strange control over us with our obsession with 38. It's good to know there are others out there that feel the same way I do with this magic #.

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RE: 38, 30 hate?

by M.M.S. - 6/18/16 11:05 AM
I have been seeing the number 38 for about 14 years to. It's freaked me out for quite sometime. Coincidence? No. Subconsciously looking for it? No. Sometimes I see it 5 times a day, not only digital clocks but everywhere. Last year my ex wife suddenly past away, she was 38 years old. I'm not sure how to take this odd, strange and creepy occurrence. I'm just glad to know...i'm not the only one.

RE:38, 30 hate?

by Gary 7 - 7/06/16 1:22 PM
I rolled into Trinidad, CO about a month ago. Immediately, I began to recognize the number 38 all over the place. The old steam powered train on display in front of the Safeway store is numbered 638. The first price on the menu at a restaurant called Lee's BBQ is $7.38 for a BBQ sandwich. What's weird about this is that all the other prices are pretty standard, like $8.75 or $9.00 or $7.99. I've never seen such a strange price on a menu. What possessed them to put such a specific price for an item? Or did they really have any choice? I doubt if they had any idea what they were doing at the time. Also, almost every hour on the hour I see the digital clock at 6:38, 7:38, 8.38 etc... It is as if my eyes are just being directed towards the clock at 38 minutes after the hour, without my permission or intention. It just seems to pop up in front of me and I am not looking for it. I also have been seeing the number 777 on vehicle license plates for many years in the same manner. I don't look for signs, but I sure the hell am getting them thrust on me no matter what. And all the cussing, questioning and plain disgust doesn't change a damn thing...I just keep seeing them.

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Brexit referendum date - 23/6/2016 = 38

by Gav - 6/29/16 2:32 PM
What does brexit date mean? There are some reports that this vote is fulfilling a biblical prophecy.

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Comment on Number 38

by Tsadeh90 - 6/19/16 9:04 PM
Although the meaning for the number three may not be as easily discerned by reading the Book of Genesis, additional study of the scripture reveals the meaning of three as "conform". In the third day God caused the dry land (ashamed land, Heb.) to appear by dividing the waters (see Gen. 1:9). The dry, ashamed land corresponds to our repentance and confession as we come out of sin into conformity to God's image. Paul said that we are "Predestin[ed] to be conformed to the express "image of the invisible God" (Col 1:15). So we should be conformed in all three areas of our being- spirit, soul, and body. A few more words conveying this same concept are "obey" "imitate", and "copy". Thirity ( three times ten) means "acceptably conformed", or if one is conformed to this world, "unacceptably conformed", but "conformed", nontheless ( Rom 12:2). The best example of god's use of this number is Jesus' age when He began His ministry-thirty. In the old testament, a Levite had to be thirty years old before he could become a... more...

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by Anonymous - 5/24/16 7:42 AM
I keep running into the number 38. So much that I've even prayed for it to stop, and that when it pops up I will sometimes joke to myself, "whoooooooa it's that number again!!" :)

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38 as dream symbol

by Sue - 4/26/16 11:00 AM
1 day ago, I dreampt of buying a rich and healthy cake , for 38.00 dollars .
The following nite , I dream I am in a temple , seeking advice on interpreting a new dream with the number 38 in it.
In my dream, I draw out the dream on a chalk board.
The Number 38 is circled at the top of the board . Below that is a cauldron .
I show this drawing to a spiritual women whom is praying to God all the time.
She says her grandmother could interprete this , as I proceeded to receive more information on the dream.
Lol~ it seems the more I focus on 38, wonder about it, seek about it , the more mysterious it becomes.

I began my new life way from my home town at the age of 38. A huge turn around in my life.
I am wondering if 38 could mean spirtitual destiny ?

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38/ be of service to God

by Anonymous - 3/06/16 11:56 PM
The only thing I am chosen for is to pray for people, be generous with not my, but God's money. To suffer and die for the salvation of the world, sinners. To very much, pray the rosary and get Holy Communion as often S I can. To be salt and light in the world with whatever people God puts in my way\life. To witness for the Catholic faith, purity, right and not wrong. Jesus, preserve us! Glory to God!😇

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RE: 38/ be of service to God

by leticia Wallace - 4/10/16 7:57 AM
Great answer

38, 83, 11, 86, 68 and 666

by Archangel - 11/29/15 9:41 AM
Now, I usually don't comment or posts but looking for answers I came across this site. I will tell a short story about what happened. Maybe this will help someone or prove that I am out of my mind :) Some strange stuff happened to me, involving the numbers 11 and 38. This led me to a woman. I have the number 3(and 5,7,12), she has the number 8(and 1,6). I tried to get in touch with this woman. I got presented with a bunch of puzzles or games, just creeped into my mind. In these puzzles or games I am god, she is the devil. I try to get into touch with her, eventually going to Switzerland. Thinking about it, Switzerland often uses the abbreviation CH, which is 38. I take a flight, my seq. number on the ticket, 38. I take a taxi to the place I hope to get in touch with her. The taxi fare costs 66.60 francs. 666. It does not work. I go to a hotel. I was staying the weekend. Ask the driver, bring me to a random hotel and what should I visit while here.. Brings me to a hotel, the shopping center next door has... more...

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RE: 38, 83, 11, 86, 68 and 666

by Anonymous - 3/16/16 4:59 PM
"Silversun Pickups - Nightlight (Official Video)" watch this video

38 and X

by "Cygnus" - 4/04/12 12:23 AM
I have only been seeing this number for a year or two, it started (silly as it may seem) in the videogame Fallout New Vegas, where you can optionally help out a man who is trying to help the world, from a casino called "The Lucky 38." Later, (in real life, not the game) when I got a new job running auto-welding machines to make mufflers, they put me in a department called "U38X." This combined with an ongoing reference I've been seeing (which is, X itself) is what stood out and made me realize it was in a lot of places.

I had recently looked up the constellation Cygnus because of something I'd seen on a documentary, and when I looked it up I found that it's part of the Northern Cross (X?). This combined with 38 being referred to as cosmic/celestial makes me think I'm on the right track, but I'm not sure where to go from here, nor has looking into this actually helped me in any way (that I know of)

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RE: 38 and X

by Anonymous - 3/23/13 10:30 PM
Now how about the number 24?

RE: 38 and X

by Anonymous - 1/31/16 11:45 PM
8 + 8 + 8 = 24. Kobe bryant went from number 8 to 24.three eights right? + Nba scoring record all time is 38 thousand.and.change. My mother and grandmother have thirty eights involving birthdates etc. I thought there was a curse on our family. Bad luck etc. I used to see the clock and all thE basic stuff. As you get more intune with it you will see it different ways. 1 1 1 8 . I will see now. Also very vital here.. 12 24 = 36. 12 25 = 37. 12 26 = 38. Christmas eve then christmas day then boxing day. I see these thirty eights extremely differently. People think I am insane (close people who have undeniable proof. I am playing a phone racing game/app while telling them about 38 and beat a stage in 38 secs. Thats what I deal with lol. Goosebumps trust me) Ultimately I still know very.little but am glad there are others out there

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3838 San Bernadino

by Anonymous - 12/06/15 5:19 AM
I guess there is a reason for why CNN had a story about a house with the adress 3838 where the police ransacked after the shooting in san bernadino. I guess its part of a code for something they want to do. Like bombing London, or something.

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by Maxx - 10/20/15 10:43 AM
It is happening to me also....
Even while reading this page on my phone my battery showing 38%... I often see this number with number 53...i don't understand this...I am writing this because i believe in numbers...

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RE: 38

by Anonymous - 12/06/15 4:53 AM
Hi. The number 55 and 555 is following me. What does that mean?

This number got me hooked

by Gaizka - 10/07/15 3:09 PM
I was reading all this, and when I saw the clock it was 23:05:55 23+5+55= 38

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No. 38

by Robyn Fenwick - 9/01/15 4:56 PM
So ... What does it mean in layman terms?

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number 38 appeared as a permanent identity number recently

by dazz quek - 7/28/15 11:53 AM
what is the meaning of getting this number at age 49

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Dreams 38

by Rue - 11/25/13 8:14 AM
I have lucid dreams,and I heard.a male voice say to me 38 or 83,repeating it for a minute before I woke up.At first I wanted to.let it go,but can not stop thinking about it and what could it mean.What does it mean!!!

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RE: Dreams 38

by Anonymous - 2/23/15 7:56 AM happened to me too....still trying to figure out the meaning of this number in my dreams

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Honor and Majesty surronds the Lord and Beauty is in His sanctuary

by Relic/Church Boy Nehemiah/Terrill TC - 2/21/15 1:32 PM
In 1976 it was the year of the new era.. also the year I was born.. Just leaving Heaven .. she would say.. I returned to experience that honor and Majesty surrounds the Lord and Beauty is in his Sanctuary. I returned back to the earth and Now as of today Feb.. 21st 2015 I am 38 years old!!! Gods number 38!! Terrill TC

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by Raymond - 12/07/14 9:05 AM
I was born at 4:38pm, my address was 38, for many years I have been seeing 38 all around me. For years it was confusing and strange. Now it has become spiritual and supportive. When I see 38 I think of God, give thanks for the gifts I have been given, and smile with gratitude. I am amazed at the scale of this occurrence in other people's lives. It is not nothing, it is something bigger than us that we are blessed to be a part of. Thank you all for your comments. This has been interesting and enlightening.

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RE: 38

by Anonymous - 4/10/10 1:01 AM

38=11 probably means seek the light. Light 29=11. This could mean humanity is at the 11th hour. Maybe you need to spiritually wake up and see the light in return sacred knowledge will become open to you and advance your spiritual growth. When this happens you will not be asking questions you will be providing answers. Study the sacred light code number 11 it is a master number. Do this in a spiritual not a material way, information will begin to open up to you. When this happens use the information for the betterment of all humanity.


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RE: RE: 38

by Secret - 8/17/14 5:42 AM
i can you this, the number 38 is a date... just like the number 27.. soon you will find out.

the number 38, also 11.11 12.12 any number sequences that can send you nuts!!

by doug - 8/02/14 10:56 AM
i watched a vid on youtube, about the future bombing of london and the london olympics, which all coincides withe number 38, which ended up bringing me here. i read all your stories and not realising that my door number is 38 :)

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by Anonymous - 7/01/14 4:36 PM
Guys! I've been seeing number 38 everywhere for about 3 years already,
Sometimes in combination 2-3-8.
If I'm looking to buy something- price 38£, or 3.80£ etc
Or bill in a restaurant today was £63,80...
Time- 38min past. Battery percentage on a phone.Inbox emails. Navigator miles...
I get used to it more-less already and i dont know how i feel about it...but I'm worried...
I found the Bible translation and it means loss of faith...

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RE: 38

by poisongas - 7/24/14 3:12 PM
Very unlucky, hidden dangers from opposite sex, death.

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The "INCAPACITATED" man of 38 years - John 5:5

by Laurie Lombard - 7/02/14 2:15 AM
Jn.5:5 speaks of a man who was incapacitated for 38 years lying next to the pool of Bethesda, which means, house of mercy. This man also represents the Church that is in need of grace (5 pillars), and has been lying incapacitated on his bed (comfort zone) next to the pool waiting for someone (Christ, the Man of grace ) to come to heal him of his affliction.

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The number 38 in scripture

by Laurie Lombard - 7/02/14 1:48 AM
Thirty eight represents "INCAPACITATED" in scripture. Israel's journey of 38 years, where they were totally reliant on God,commenced in Numbers 1:1 and lasted 38 yrsm (Deut.2:14)

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by JAR - 12/14/13 8:43 AM
This number keeps appearing to me's my name number. Frequently I've been seeing 34 and 43. I even saw 34 in a dream, I thought it was just cos I was thinking about someone (his name number is 34)but I don't get why it keeps reappearing, just cos he was on my thoughts. If we're both enlightened and depending on our relationship to one another can our energy waves somehow infuse like this...?

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RE: 38

by Anonymous - 12/14/13 8:44 AM
WTF, SEEEE it 43 againnnn, when I finally entered my comment...o.0

I have 38 when i compound all my ID numbers together

by Ako - 11/16/13 4:36 PM
I have number 38 when i compound all my personal ID numbers together. I haven't notice such things for years, but i have discovered a lot about numbers.
Numbers are sometimes the talkers.

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