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Properties of the number 40






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32 Comments for Number 40 Symbolism, 40 Meaning and Numerology

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No. 40-40

by Melanie - 7/26/16 4:31 AM
Thank you for the depth of the meaning of 40.....I will look at some things differently ....

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by Rachid Ahmed - 6/04/16 7:27 AM
i just dreamed last night with the number 4040 everything was 4040 car plates house numbers on tv everything was 4040 does that have a meaning ?

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true meaning of Bible forty

by bukenya Emma muwonge - 4/28/16 9:55 AM
forty means deliverance of someone from something bad.cod after forty years Israelites were delivered into the promised Land

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The meaning of 40

by The Wizard of π - 2/28/16 3:12 PM
Check out my article about the meaning of 40 in Google plus, thanks!

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am an artiste my name is 4t dayz...

by kepha - 11/12/15 12:17 AM
I was trying to choose my artiste name & this is what I thought of...

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by lorenzo - 10/31/10 8:30 PM
40... I only buy the number 40 on the lottery. don,t know why......

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RE: 40

by Thinker - 9/18/15 4:51 PM
Yeah! How many times have you won ? Genius !


by Felix - 9/27/14 3:14 PM
The number 40 is was used figuratively by ancient Hebrews. It didn't actually mean a specific number, like a kid saying a million. So, 40 days and 40 nights really just means a very long time. It's easy to see how you can associate it with periods of waiting or testing, because its frequent that people have to wait a long time or are tested a long time. That is what the ancient Hebrews meant when they used 40 and thus that is what the Bible means.

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RE: Correction

by Plotophyte - 8/23/15 1:52 PM
It`s not what you think of , as a matter of fact this number has deep esoteric meaning. It means "4" main elements of existence connection with material world followed by "0" perfect digit or a place beyond material existence. It can mean wisdom, understanding of upper world. connection or transition...

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Thank You

by Peter Jabal - 4/23/15 6:33 PM
Really happy to have studied what 40 biblically means. It has given me more insight. I must say thanks.

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by SHAWKINS - 7/04/12 9:37 AM

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Re: thank you

by Anonymous - 8/04/14 12:07 PM
This past Saturday I just turned 40. The number 4 has always drawn me. I have noticed spiritual meanings for the number 40 within the past couple of yrs. About 4 months ago, many things seemed to go awry in my world just as the last post I read mentioned, from relations to health, to finances, to other things... Astrologically I have read that this is to be my BIG year. I have been excited to turn 40! And I had a woman tell me a few years ago she saw that the second half of my life would become more peaceful and easy. That my soul chose a rockier beginning this lifetime around. I am very eager and interested to see how this 40th year unfolds. I thank you all for the postings that I have read here. They have been helpful. Blessings.


by Morn - 12/02/11 4:32 PM
Have never understood how the obvious is overlooked! 40 derives directly from the period of 40 weeks = 40 x 7 days starting from the woman's last menstrual period to give the expected date if delivery of the baby, and as a unit if time has been so used for millennia! But then, later theologians of any religion probably didn't discuss their ideas with midwives and expectant mothers. Hence, the associations of 40 as a period of time with a period of preparation, incubation, sometimes trial, followed by a new and transformed beginning - it is a forward-looking number. The symbolism of 38 derives directly from this - the baby can be born any time from 2 weeks before to 2 weeks later, I.e. from 38 weeks, so 38 signifies the beginning of 'labour', the beginning of the new beginning - as in Deuteronomy, when Moses begins his preparations in earnest to invade Canaan, or in john's gospel when Jesus meets the man who has sought healing for 38 years. Also, in mark's gospel, count how many hours Jesus was dead. Mary (maureen) norrie

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RE: 40

by Anonymous - 7/10/14 8:02 PM
Thanks - good explanation!


by cool - 2/22/13 9:40 AM

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RE: cool

by Anonymous - 4/28/14 11:03 AM
Great job on Biblical Numerology "40"

40 meaning

by Anonymous - 11/06/13 11:56 AM
I thought that the #40 means death

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Divine Association

by Anonymous - 10/23/13 8:01 PM
40 is also the number of Ea in the Mesopotamian Pantheon.

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Great Information to Know

by King John - 9/07/13 12:54 PM
Great information to know about #40. Thank you for this; may God richly bless you and all those that help to keep this site running.

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40 in The Quran

by Asad AbdurRahman - 1/12/12 4:11 PM
40 is used 4 times in the Quran. 2:51, 5:26, 7:14, and 46:15

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by Elik Troconis - 8/01/11 2:58 PM
Hello; I read your article about number 40. I found it really interesting and I am citing it in a really important work. After congratulating you for the wonderful work done in all your website, I would like to know your name so that I can cite you correctly.
Thank you,
Elik Troconis.

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by RJ - 4/12/11 2:35 AM
why does life start at 40?

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by Biggy Biggy - 3/02/10 12:22 PM
Nobody has mentioned the 40 oz?

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RE: Incredible

by I'm only 37 So I'm Still A Young Buck! - 10/16/10 11:22 AM
Now, that's some funny stuff!

# 40

by armando - 9/16/10 1:07 PM
it takes the fetus 40 days to take form in the womb of the mother.
Very important cycle during pregnancy.

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RE: 40

by Sugarelf - 6/20/10 7:54 AM
negative 40 squares the circle....

-40F = -40C exactly....

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RE: 40

by Anonymous - 4/24/10 2:51 AM
Thanks for your message.

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by steve - 4/03/10 8:34 AM
awaken and the truth will be yours.a devinne being does'nt worry about falsehoods as the truth is within them.a million religeons a million stories a million beliefs only one truth.

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you are 40! lol

by vitaliy - 3/15/10 10:11 AM
i once been introduced to one psychic, so when i was shaking his hand - he stopped for a moment and them looked at me and said "you are 40!"... i was like, "what? what is that mean?", he said "i dont know, you are 40". LOL i still don't know what is that mean.
anyways, i read mane spiritual and religious literature, coming from VERY different sources, so they all agree that souls of the dead stay on earth for 40 days. the "energetic copy" of us starts to "fall apart" on the 3rd day, on the 9th it takes another form and on the 40th it disappears completely. :) i tend to believe it. :)

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40 days memorial service in christianity for death people

by Dr.Danielgunasekaran - 1/18/10 9:54 AM
most of the Christians commemorate the 40th day after the death of their beloved ones. they say that the spirit of the dead ones had been roaming around the beloved families and then on that particular day it permanently depart to the another world. the present Christians suggest the example of Jesus's post resurrection appearances to the disciple for 40 days and then His ascension occurs. like that dead Christians' spirit also does.. this could not be a probable fact . because jesus had already resurrected..but our saints had not resurrected yet .. then how can these christians dogmatise like this . some of them profess that Jesus is our role-model in this cretaria. stupid traditions..

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by Kristina - 2/07/09 9:38 AM
40 stands for squaring the circle - which can only be done in the womb!

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